517-Wings to the Ginjo world

 Taking my hand, Faris slowly raised himself up.
 He looked as if a possession had fallen on him, but his expression quickly tightened.

''Your Majesty. The Immovable King is--''

 At that time, the flying castle ship began to shake with a rumble.

 Already, the irradiation of has stopped. Even if it is Zelidheavenus, as expected, the ship's body is at its limit if it is broken to this extent?

 No, it's not.
 I'm sure something is holding Zelidheavenus down from above.

 The reflection in the eye of the demon is a powerful magic, the authority of a god.

It's not a thing.........

 An eerie voice rang out.
 I turned around in its direction and looked up from the hole in the castle to look above my head.

 Floating there was the head of Meitiren, the king tiger.

'I won't, I won't, I won't do it to my lord. That's for the mistress. Faris is the wing that guides Balandias. He is the founder of the Silver Castle, the builder of my ideal castle...!

 Immediately, a arrives from Arcana.

It cannot be sealed with the Six Flowers of Treason. The king and tiger must be burning with life.

 It increases its light and uses that light to overcome the extinction of lights.

 The source of the king and tiger approaching extinction is trying to surpass even the Six Flowers of Treason, the weakness of the gods.
 It is no wonder that the gods of the deep world are unable to completely neutralize them.

''Zelidhavenus! Can you hear me?

 This time it was a 'thought transmission' (leaks) from Zymon. An urgent voice echoed throughout Zelidhavenus.

"Abandon ship and escape now! Lord Maytiren is going to use his divine howl!

 Immediately, the crew reacted and drew a  However, before they could transition, a silver claw mark appeared and the magic formula shattered.

''Wha...? Why....!

Stupid, why us?

Lady Maytiren! What in the world do you think this is about?

 The head of the king and tiger floating above his head grinned.

He said, "You will not escape, you will not escape. If you make an opening for a grain of sand to pass through, the misfits will take advantage of you.

 Far below Zelidhavenus, Meityren's body, which was being crushed by the Great Wall of Causality, blinked silver.

 As if in response to this, the pile of silver castles regained their light.

''Lord Meytiren! Grab it here, and the second Barrandias will not be free! You're about to destroy your own world!

"It's a small price to pay for Faris in exchange for a silver bubble. No one will get it. No one. The Lord is my mistress, Faris. Forever.

 Words filled with delusion spilled out of Wang Hao's neck.

''Idiot! In that position, even Faris will be involved!

 Zymon exclaimed.
 But Meitiren smiled wryly.

'If you die, you will break your ties with the nonconformist. And so the fire and dew of Faris will one day become the wings of Balandias again. Until then, we will wait. Maybe for thousands of years, maybe for tens of thousands of years.

 <A violent light similar to the Root Light Annihilation Explosion (Gavell) unravels the Six Flowers of Betrayal as fast as it can.

 <The Great Wall of Causation was distorted and transformed.
 The thing that was transformed was a giant tiger's head.

 Gogogogoh, gogogoh, gogoh. When its jaws were opened, the magic of the life-burning king and tiger gathered there.

''Now, join your mistress.

 Wang Hora said.

 It was the roar of a king and tiger that split the atmosphere.
 Countless silver bullet holes that shot through the sky appeared from its mouth towards Zelidhavenus.

 The power of the king and tiger to ignore the cause and force the result, no matter how strong the wards are, forces the result of the shot through.
 It would destroy everything in its path, regardless of its stubbornness.

 The crew of the Zeridhavenus could not even move on the spur of the moment.
 As the inhabitants of Balandias, they must have sensed it in their instincts.

 The authority of the Lord God of their own world, King Tiger Meitiren. In the face of his causal power, there is no way to avoid or prevent it.

 In other words, death is inevitable.


Be beautiful.

 A single magic brush was pulled out of the magic circle.
 Once he ran it through the air, a three-dimensional magic circle covered Zelidheavenus.

 Connecting the magic lines of him and the Demon King's Army (Guys), the two of them used collective magic to supplement the missing magic power.

''Show them. Show them your true wings!

 Closing his eyes for a moment, Faris focuses his attention.

 The sky is the canvas, and the broken wings of Zelidhavenus are painted in the blink of an eye.
 Longer, sharper, and above all, more beautiful than before.

 The outer walls, the gates, the ramparts, and the gun gates have been reclaimed.
 The flying castle ship, which had been half destroyed, was created in the blink of an eye by its magic.

 A moment later--.

 The causal roar, the swallowed Zelidhavenus.

 As if shot by a silver bullet hole, Zelidhavenus was shaken and disintegrated with a rattle.

 Ignoring the protection of the magical city walls, magical barriers, or any of the protection, the bullet holes destroy Zelidhavenus with the result that they are shot through.

 But it will not crumble.
 As soon as it is destroyed, its wings will be born anew.

 And that's not all.
 <The damage that the Causal Bullet Great Wall Tiger Cannon (Hayes-Belmut Yeliyade)> inflicted on Zelidhavenus was clearly smaller.

 Perhaps this was the trump card of the King Tiger. From the panic of Ximon and the others, it would seem that they could destroy the entire technique of
 On the contrary, each time Zelidhavenus is drawn anew, its wings become more resistant to the "causal bullet Great Wall and Tiger Cannon" (Hayes-Belmut Yeliyade).

 The silver castle world of Balandias, where causality is piling up.

 Just as it's easy to break down the stone walls of a castle, it's easy for a king and tiger to break down cause and effect.
 As long as he was able to correctly recognize the cause and effect--

 If you pile stones on top of each other, it becomes a castle.

 In the same way, Meitiren probably thought that if he layered paint on top of it, it would become a painting.

 But he couldn't stop trying to shoot his magic brush through it.
 <Creative Art Architecture (Astrastella) doesn't need brushes or paints.

 It is a painting created by Faris's imagination.
 Therefore, if you want to destroy it, you must be aware of Faris's imagination.

 And that was something Wang Hora could not do.
 No matter how much cause and effect he traced, no matter how much his right to look into Faris' head, there is a realm he cannot understand.

 There is no art in Balandias.
 He may know how to build a castle, but he doesn't know how to paint.

 Far from being a functional beauty, Faris's artistic wings must have made him feel as if he was ignoring cause and effect and taking a leap.

 It's not a matter of how many stone walls are piled up, it's a matter of flying at will, as if he is flying at will over heights that cannot be reached.

 Perhaps that's why the king and tiger sought and clung to Faris.
 To make up for an imperfect world.

''Oh.........! Farris ... that power, the Lord ... if he becomes the head, the mistress will be even more ...

'It's time you admitted defeat. All you have left is the source of its demise.

 I flew out of Zelidhavenus and flew to the towering Tiger Head Great Wall.

''Shut up! I won't ... I won't ... I won't ... Faris ... the Lord is my mistress ... never. I will never, ever.... give it to the Lord!

 A silver bullet hole shot through my body.
 A moment later, in the sky of Balandias, a disastrous solar eclipse shines in the sky of Balandias.

''Remember, Meitiren,''

 From far up in the sky, Sasha pointed the God's Eye of Doom at Wang and Tiger's castle.
 A dark light gathered in the eclipse.

"Excessive greed will destroy you.

 The light of doom that destroys only the King Tiger and his castle falls on the .

 Even so, with an extraordinary persistence, Meityren continues to fire a silver bullet hole at Zelidhavenus. But the roar of the causal roar cannot reach his wings at this time.

 You can find a lot of people who have been in the industry for a long time.

 The head floating in the air let out a frustrated voice.

 <The vanished cleanly.
 The head of the king and tiger came down in a huff and attached itself to the headless body that was about to perish.

''It's a pity, but I guess this is it. ''Remember, Militia World. Remember, you misfits of the Demon King Academy! I will not forget this hatred, this anger. My world will now be a hungry tiger, intent only on destroying the Lord. I do not know if my people suffer or the world perishes. I will chase after you, chase after you, and chase you to the ends of hell, and devour you to the bone.......!

You could have saved yourself a lot of trouble if you had just surrendered instead of being a sore loser.

 I took the king tiger's back, grabbed his hair and clutched the light of doom with my right hand, which was stained by the evening darkness.

 It wasn't that Sasha finished shooting . I grabbed it with my "grasping magic hand (Rayon)".

 If it were an ordinary small world, the light of the God of Destruction Averniu's apocalypse would be enough to lightly destroy it.

 I thrust my fist out with all my might, aiming at the source of the guy.

''--Wait, wait, hey, it's coming down! Aaaaaaahhhh...!

 Through the body of the king tiger, at the center of its root, .

 The light of darkness illuminated the Second Balandias, and darkness enveloped the place.
 All of the annihilation was concentrated at the root of the Maytiren, shattering it to tear it apart into scattered pieces.

 Slightly, the darkness cleared.

 Little by little, little by little, the vision becomes brighter and brighter, and then it regains its original color.
 The doomsday eclipse, which had been coloring the sky with misfortune, had disappeared.

 What was left at my feet was the wreckage of the fellow, which had almost all been reduced to ashes, and the tiger's skull, which had managed to retain its original form.

 It is still alive.

"We can't help him now. It is in the best interest of Barandias that you do not surrender.

 He included that to Maytiren's skull.
 Then he turns his attention to the guys in the distance who are watching him.

''It's done. "It's done, demon of the castle of Barandias. You are welcome to come over here. We'll go over this once and for all.