The castle demons are flying towards us.

 The leader is Zymon. The neck that was cut off by Sin was somehow connected by first aid, and although it is not yet fully healed, it seems to be fine if you just move.

 He landed right in front of me.
 The castle owners are right behind him, and the castle demon tribe is lined up behind him. 

''Did you say........settle it?''

 Zymon opened his mouth quietly.


''The silver water pecking order battle is a complete defeat for Balandias. Now that they've taken the school's insignia, I can't fight anymore. The head of the school is bowing down, the Lord God is in such a state, how can it be settled now...

Your heads of state have not yet bowed down.

 I turned my gaze above my head.

'Yes, Faris,'

 Faris descends gently from Zelidheavenus.

''Did you see it coming?''

 He landed beside me.

'What do you mean?' In fact, Faris is loyal to you...

That means Faris is not the head of Balandias.

 Zymon looked at Faris with a huff.

'Is Cartinas.........?

I'm sorry, Zymon.

 Faris drew a magic circle, and a single frame appeared there.
 The picture painted was of Cartinas, the Immovable King.

 It's a portrait of an anguished face, but it's raw and looks like it's about to move.

The painting is enclosed in a frame.

 If Cartinas had been destroyed, the head of Balandias would be vacant at that point.
 With the Lord God Meitiren at his side, Faris would have been the head of the headship immediately.

 But in the end, he hesitated.

'You will be the ones to settle this,' he said. "The battle for which you risked your lives for the world.

 <If I used on the , the Cartinas in the picture opened its eyes.

''........This, this.......? I'm the first one to....

 He puts his hand on the frame and tries to get out, but he can't move from there, as if he's hit an invisible glass.

'It's going to be tight. I'll let you out now.

 He reached into the frame and grabbed Cartinas's chest.


 With all his strength, he pulled the Ākou out of the painting and threw it on the ground as it was.


 While falling on his buttocks, he glares at me with eyes that are lit with anger.

''Hmph, you should have just taken the fire and dew as it is, but you are greedy.......! I've never heard of the saying "He who runs after two hares will not catch a single one...!

 While saying this, Cartinas draws a magic circle.
 Then, from outside the wards that Ottolou has put up, something flies towards you.

 Five picture frames.
 It is the castle left behind by Master Karzen and other comrades of Faris.

'Hahahahahahaha! I was ready for this to happen, ready to be used at any time! Farris, you know what you're doing for defying me, don't you?

 Cartinas draws himself and the five picture frames with a magic circle.

'Meitirenss! I forgive you for what you did back there! First of all, I will beat these guys. I will show you why I am known as the Fudo King.

 The six magic circles are all missing half of them.
 It looks like it's a jutsu that can be activated by a pair of people, the Lord God and the Headmaster.

''Now, you will regret it, nonconformist. My seriousness is only rivaled by the Balandias Castle Ship Unit alone. If you use those five great castles, you are invincible!

 The half-magic circle makes Cartinas wear a castle-like armor.
 It quickly grows into a giant, towering castle.

'What is it, Meityren? What a waste! You can't kill a head of state! Don't forget, I'm perfectly capable of boiling or roasting you! Give me the power, now!

 The Fudo King pours magic power into the magic circle.
 However, of course, the other half of the magic circle that was missing will not be filled.

''Zymonk! What do you people do to each other? Get that guy! I'll kill the whole clan!

 The sharp gazes of Zymon and the others pierced Cartinas.

''Uhm? What is that look on your face? Are you sure? Are you going to kill me? Are you going to kill me?

 Zymon and the other castle demons neatly turned their hands to Cartinas and drew a magic circle.

''Fudo King Kartinus. Thanks to you, many of your comrades in arms have departed.

 His voice was low, unassuming, and full of righteous indignation.

'For the people's sake, if we lose our pride. I persevered, but I gained only a little power and a bad reputation for my people. The people can't get on with their lives, and you, the head of the state, are lining your pockets! I don't need such a king anymore!

 <The rigid-bullet explosive cannon (Veilobosm) was fired all at once towards Cartinas.


"Evil King Cartinus, I will avenge you for the peace of Barandias! Tenchu!

 The magic bombardment landed one after another, and the castle of Cartinas, which was in the process of being built, collapsed in a flash.

 This is the most stupid thing you've ever done in your life as far as the levelling of Barandias? I have been chosen to do the will of Balandias. Then the path I have taken is what my world wants!

 Even though the castle was half destroyed by the explosive flames, Cartinas is still very strong.

''Meitirenss! Come on, let's go. Let's go overrun these guys with my seriousness!

Hmm. You know what you've been calling me to do?

 I lifted the tiger's skull that was lying on the ground.

'--You mean this one by any chance?'

 At the moment that Cartinas was startled, he was subjected to a concentrated barrage of
''If you miss it so much, I'll give it back to you.

 The castle's armor was stripped off, and he threw the king tiger's skull at the feet of the guy in the flesh.
 As soon as he saw it, he let out a loud cry and the Immovable King sat down.

 The eye of the knothole skull and the demon eye of Kartinas, which was as good as a knothole, met.

 Unspeakable voices and the sound of unmatched teeth.

'Ki.........kisa......how.......is this.......' ...Ha.........?

Don't you see?

 He walked loosely to him and I rose lightly to my feet.

'I destroyed it.

 Gulping, he stomped on the king and tiger's skull.
 As if the giraffe had gone cold, Cartinas turned blue.

''Well, I'm still barely alive. As you know, it's only a matter of time before the Lord God is destroyed, even if you surrender.''

 Instantly he came clean and Cartinas straightened his residence.

"I take my place at the gates of Militia.... From this day forward, we, the Barrandiath Castle Squadron, will be known as the Militia Castle Squadron and become your vassals...!

 Seeing the end of the Lord God, Cartinas said simply.


 I put my face close to his and turned my magical eyes to expose his true intentions.

''In a militia world where there are only non-conformists, did you think it would be easy for you, a conformist, to rise to the position of head of state?

It's not like there's anything wrong with me.

"I don't want a fool like you under my command. All I want is Farris's fire and dew and those five paintings.

 He gently draws a magic circle with his fingertips.

'I'll tell you what happens to Balandias.

Wait ... wait ... no ... no ... no ... no ...

"Godless bubbles in a silver sea, a bubble world.


 <With a shot of the Jail Flame Annihilation Cannon (Geo-Glaze), Wang Tora's skull exploded.

 Looking at the scene of his own ambition burning out, Cartinas let out a scream like a decapitated cry.

 With eyes that seemed lifeless, Cartinas stared at the black flames in a daze.

''.........ta, please........''

 Weakly, the words spill out.

''King Tiger...! Save Maytillen!  

 Rubbing his forehead on the ground, the Āngu fell flat.

'What will your subjects and people, who have been treated like pawns in the past, do to you?

 I said as if I had no intention of taking up that demand.

'The little world you kicked off in the Silverwater Pecking Order War will be looking for you with blood on their hands once they find out that Balandias has become a bubble world.

 He continues to hang his head on me, shaking and bobbing.

''........this will destroy even Balandias........''

 Without the Lord God's blessing, the world will not be consistent in order and the fire and dew will overflow outward. The destination is the end of the world.

''.........only that.......the destruction of even the innocent people is all to blame for this I, myself.......''

Yeah? Are you ready to start over?

 With a bang, Cartinas looked up.
 He made an auspicious expression as he laid out a series of transparent lies and said

Of course, of course. That's why I beg you to spare Maytillen...

'The world turns without the Lord God. Just like my Militia.

 His face went pale as a wave quickly receded.

'To live as an inhabitant of the bubble world you have looked down upon. If you have no gods or silver castles, if you are naked and still have a heart for your country and the world, and your people recognize that, you will be the head of Balandias again.

 I said, "Don't give the world to a boring god.

"Don't give the world to a dull god. Win it. If you love this world.

 The sound of footsteps echoed roughly.
 The castle lords were standing behind the immovable Kaltinus.

 When I turned on my heel, they immediately started to seize Kartinas.

 The ropes bound his body and Cartinas was bound in a flash.

'Head of Militia, Lord Anos,'

 Zymon stands in front of me.

 Behind him were the three castle owners.
 Perhaps they were the three who were driving Kamrahi.

What? I just didn't like it that much.

"Your Majesty.

 Faris turns his gaze to me.

 I smile at Faris, who advises me to take it away for the sake of Balandias.

"You're still not a fighter, are you?

 Faris looked up overhead and followed this body with his gaze as if he was confused. Soon, in his field of vision, I saw Zelidhavenus spreading his wings.

 Faris lowers his gaze.
 Zymon is at his side. He looks up at Zelidheavenus.

'A beautiful castle..... Maybe this is the first time in my life I've ever felt a castle is beautiful...'

 As his gaze was drawn to the wings in the sky, Zymon spilled a few words to his comrade standing beside him.

It's a great thing to be a sorcerer. I'm not the only one who can't do anything but fight.

 Faris rolls his eyes.

'I believed we were like-minded. But you weren't like me, were you?

 Faris gave him an apologetic look.
 However, Zymon quickly bowed his head.

''I'm sorry........Faris.... I put a heavy burden on you.

 Again, Faris's eyes were filled with surprise.
 He shook his head repeatedly, as if in denial.

'....No. No, Zymon. I carried it on my back by my own choice. I couldn't just stand by and watch all of you with your straight, beautiful, clean and honest hearts get hurt. I chose to become a warrior myself. Nevertheless, I betrayed you at the last minute, and in the end I ended up with Cartinas--

 As if to interrupt his words, Zymon puts his hand on Faris' shoulder.

'Hey, my friend. I was the weakest. I should have been strong. If you were strong enough to draw freely, you wouldn't have torn your heart in two.

 Zymon says with a serious face.

'This is my fault. I should have been the head of government. 'You would have,'

 As a creator, Faris did not have to be strong.
 As a warrior, Zymon had to be strong.

 But now that he realized his mistake, he was not weak enough to blame Faris.

We'll start over. From the world of bubbles. Hey, fellas!

 Zymon turns around and says to the demons in the castle, "Let's start over from scratch.

Let's start over in Balandias from scratch. Our wings have taught us that we can stand up to even the Lord God's authority! Even the Lord God's authority can stand against us! And the former head of Militia, the tyrannical demon king Anos Voldigod, taught me. We can stand against the order of the world and defeat even the Lord God, he said!

 The castle demon tribe nodded with sunny faces.
 They nodded their heads, as if to say, "This is the beginning of Balandias.

'Let's build a new castle. A castle that will not be ruled by a foolish king or a strong god! A wonderful world full of paintings and beautiful castles, not just fighting! And so we will invite the wing that led us here, Ginjo Sosei, to join us.


 The castle demon clans join their voices.
 And so they gather to Faris.

''Lord Faris, even if you return to the Militia World, do not forget about us.

'You are still the wing of Balandias. You fought for us until the castle demon tribe woke up. I will never forget this debt of gratitude.

Be at ease, my child. "Rest assured, we are proud masters of Balandias. We are not so gullible as to be disheartened by the sight of a man of valor with a sword in his hand, despite being a creator.

 They were all trying to send him off with a smile, so that Faris would not have the guilt of a traitor.

 I want to paint, and the lament of Faris, who crumbled and fell on that spot, must have struck the hearts of the castle owners and inspired their souls. Their warrior spirit.

 I let my voice fly to them as I looked down at the bonds that Faris had forged so far.

'A reborn Balandias is about to embark. From my world of Militia, let me give you a parting gift.

 The doomsday eclipse was floating in the sky of Balandias.

 It has reversed and is now emitting a red and silver light.

 <This is the lunar eclipse of Genso.

"Three-sided World, the Cosmic Celestial Sphere.

 Misha's voice echoed in the heavens and a red and silver moonlight fell.

 The bones of King and Tiger Meitiren turned to ashes, the crumbling fragments of the Great Wall of Causality were being recreated little by little by the power of its creation.

''Just a little bit further, let's go!


 In the red and silver moonlight, the wings of the stork dance in countless ways.

 <The thoughts that are created by the are countless love and kindness.

''Ray, I know you're having a hard time with the holy sword, but you'll have to work a little harder!

I know, I know.

 While releasing the power of the Spirit God Human Sword Evans Mana, Lei transforms the love and kindness created by Eleonor into .

'Kaka, while you're at it, take your hope with you!

 The engine room eldmead grabbed a shovel in place of the fallen can-burners and threw the coals into the fire chamber with great vigor.

 The flames swirled violently along with the magic of the gods.

 Eques' voice echoed.
 The waterwheel and windmill of the Demon King's train spun vigorously, and Balandias' despair was transformed into hope.

''The world of kindness begins here (ar-ant-) (Eltonor).''

 The Second Balandias was dyed red and silver.

 Just as she did in the Militia World, Misha, with the power of the Creator God, arranged the order of Balandias and gently recreated King Tiger Meitiren and the .

''- I have confirmed that King and Tiger Meitiren is gone.

 The ruling god Ottolou, who was watching the situation from above, said.

''Ottolou hereby declares the victory of the Demon King Academy. With the Lord God extinguished, the ownership of the Fire Dew of Balandias will be transferred to the Militia World.

 <The gentle world begins here (Ahr antoh)," he said, probably disqualifying him from being the Lord God because Maytiren had been created and recreated into something else.

'I don't want it. It belongs to Balandias. Just give me back the fire and dew of Faris.

'If we recover all the fire and dew on Balandias, Militia can also reach the Deep World. Are you sure?

I'm fine.

'Yes, sir. I will abide by the decision of the headmaster who destroyed the Lord God. Is it possible for you to retrieve the fire dew on your own?

 I turned my gaze to the Eclipsed Moon of Genso.
 As expected, I couldn't tell the dew from the fire.

"Farris's dew is not here.

 Misha said.

'I think it's the first Balandias.'

Hmm. I suppose we'll have to go there.

No problem. The distance is great, but the order is still there.

 Ottolu drew a magic circle and inserted a screwball into its keyhole.
 Turning it three times, the magic circle was opened, and behind it, a light of fire and dew was seen.

'Please take it, sir.

 Red and silver moonlight poured down, and the fire dew was slowly being sucked into the .

''.........This is........?''

 Ottolu stared at the ground in wonder.
 A cog appeared behind his divine eye.

''........The power of the Lord God that should have been destroyed.......? I'm pretty sure I confirmed the disappearance of Maytilen...?

Watch this. See how you fill up that bucket hole.

 The red and silver moonlight subsided, and the in the sky disappeared.

 The re-creation of Balandias was over.

''........The sky.........''

 Zymon muttered on the ground.
 The castle owners all looked up above their heads and stared at it.

 Balandias reborn.
 The canopy disappeared, and there was an endlessly blue sky that never existed before.

Zymon. That's...

 The two men open their eyes.

 Floating in the blue sky are eight huge wings. To be more precise, it is a building in the shape of a wing.

'Hmm. What did you create, Misha?

 The flying Sasha and Misha descend to my position.

'Do you want to take a look?'

 I nodded and looked back at the castle demons on the ground.

''Come with me. Come with me and see how the Great Wall of Causes that ruled over you has changed.