519-Epilogue-Peace Painting-

 The beautiful doors, open.
 The inside of the eight-winged building was a large, white-based space.

 The pillars, walls and ceilings were curved in a unique shape and decorated in various ways.
 The pure white walls were covered with many picture frames.

 However, there were no pictures, just frames.

I see. So it's an art museum.

 Misha nodded at my words.

 It's a very good idea to be able to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

''.........when I say museum, as I recall, it's a place to display items that are not intended to be sold or bought.......?

 Faris, walking next to him, answers Ximon's question.

'You didn't have one in Balandias. It's a place to collect and display works of art, paintings, etc., but it's also a place for the preservation of cultural heritage.

The Great Wall of Causes brought the cause and effect of war to Balandias. So I turned it into a museum. Instead of war, it will bring art and culture to Balandias.

 Misha explains in a matter-of-fact manner.

''This Causal Picture Building is surely worthy of the new Balandias.

 With a look of disbelief on his face, Zymon says, "Because the Lord God was about to be destroyed.

'Because the Lord God was on the verge of destruction.

 With the rebirth of the Militia world, the authority of the Creator God was also accompanied by love and tenderness.
 He was equipped with the power to create the world more gently in response to Misha's wishes.

''That doesn't mean I'm safe now, though.

 Misha nodded his head.

'It's a little better than the normal bubble world. In the world of Militia, the thoughts of all the people united to recreate the world in its entirety. Even though the Lord God was on the verge of destruction, Misha and the Demon King's Academy could not do that much by themselves.

 The fire and dew may slip away, though only slightly.
 The order is not completely stable.

 In some cases, it is conceivable that the integrity of the order could be disrupted again.

Enough. That's enough, for your advice and parting gift, Anos.

 Zymon says.

'With these wings floating on the new Barrandias, I will surely build a magnificent castle without the Lord God. When that happens, this brand-new picture tower will be filled with many paintings.

I'd like to be able to donate from my world then.

Yeah. This Causal Tower is a token of our friendship with Militia. I see no reason to refuse it.

 Zymon turned to Faris, who was standing beside him.

'As expected, it's lonely in a row of frames. Anyway. Why don't we paint one?'

'Yes. I haven't held a brush in my hand for a while, and I wish I could draw right away.

 With a smile, Faris looks around the picture tower.

'What would be the most beautiful thing to paint first? 'I still have a vague idea in my head.'

 Zymon held his tongue, as if he was troubled.
 He didn't know what to say.

''In other words ... it's not about ... well, it's not about cutting anyone and everyone. It's like figuring out when to draw your sword...?

 Faris chuckled.


No. It's also beautiful to compare a painting to a sword.

Yeah, right.

 Zymon exhaled in relief.
 At that moment, a small shadow appeared in his vision.

''I'll leave it to you........sir...!

 Flapping his chest, Zesia appeared in front of Zymon, clutching his palette and brushes. Next to him was Ennesone, holding a canvas.

 Ennesone placed the canvas on the floor with a slam.
 Zesia immediately began to paint with a brush dipped in paint.

'What are you painting?'

 Flapping his head wings, Ennesone looks at the canvas.

''It's a ... castle ... and I like gold castles ... better than silver castles ... and Enne ... I'm going to paint it too.''

 Zecia hands the brush to Ennezone.
 The two of them happily painted the castle, which they named Zesia Castle and Enne Castle.

 Zaymon and the castle demon tribe looked at the scene with interest.

''Ah. Even if they look at it too intently. It's just graffiti, okay?''

'Of what. Even the graffiti is precious to Balandias nowadays. I invite you to donate it.

 A look of seriousness on Ximon's face showed that Eleonor was not sure if he really wanted to.

If you need a painting, would you like me to donate a special one for you?

 As if on a whim, Ellen took out a picture from the magic circle.

You're not sure if that's what you're talking about? What if Balandias gets the art wrong?

 Quickly, Jessica said, "It's a piece of art.

It's an art form in a way. I think it's important to know that there are many different cultures.

What kind of culture is this? I don't want to see it.

'Kyah, it's just a picture of spring!

Wow. It's really a spring painting...

It's an amazing piece of work...

 From behind me, Nono and Maia stare at Ellen's painting.

'Kyah, kyah, ech.'

What's wrong with you? You drew it yourself, didn't you? Don't show me.

 The girls of Slapstick and Fun Union chase each other over Eren's paintings.

'But it's a rare thing in a world that doesn't have a single fragile painting.

It is said that the will of the world is strongly reflected in silver foam.

 I turned around and saw the ruling god Ottolu there.

''The Silver Castle World of Balandias has become a world where castles are powerful and warfare is respected by its will, King Tiger Meitiren. Because of this, many of the lives that are born are the castle demon race. Their ability to unravel paintings and other objects is weaker than in other worlds.

'Was the Lord God depriving the inhabitants of Balandias of their art?

'The Lord God is the very will of the Little World. The flow of the world to the will of that God is the order of the Silver Water Holy Sea.

 I suppose it was according to that order that Faris was forced to choose to break the brush.

'There is a great bias in most small worlds. It determines the abilities and nature of the inhabitants, as well as their culture. The Militia world, however, is likely to have very little of that bias.


 As he walked alongside me and walked through the picture tower, Ottolu explained.

''The Falling Sword used in the Silver Water Order Battle, is that a magic sword that was born in the Militia World?


''By analogy, based on the authority of your Lord God, Eques, that magic sword should not originally exist in the Militia World. Even if it did exist, when the world evolved, it would have been mixed with another magical power and would have leaned towards the attributes of the Lord God.

 Zymon was surprised by the presence of the falling sword.
 He was just curious.

''The Falling Castle Sword is a magical sword with limited attributes.

 Limited edition, huh?

That's a new one. What's that?

It refers to having only a single order and attribute in magic and magical tools. Among them, it would be a very specific, limited attribute, specialized only in bringing down castles.

In that story, is Evans Mana a limited attribute?


 That is a holy sword that specializes in defeating tyrannical demon kings. That's why it's not very effective against the truly holy ones, the gods.

 Well, in this Silver Sea, it seems that it is meant to destroy this Arzenon's lion of destruction.

 I'm not sure if they're going to be able to do anything about it.

"Every little thing created in a small world always has a little influence on the order of its master god. There is no magic tool or inhabitant in the Silver Castle World of Balandias that is not tinged with the order of construction.

 Even if nine nine-tenths of them were demonic swords that possessed the property of fire, as long as they were born in Balandias, the remaining one-tenth would have the property of building castles.

 Hence, the limited attribute of fire would not be born in Balandias.

''In other words, only the limited attribute of castle-building can be born in Balandias. In other words, in the Holy Sword World of Hyphoria, only the same limited attribute of building a castle can be created as the Spirit God and Human Sword Evans Mana.

''That's right. Therefore, in the Militia World, originally, only the limited attributes of the order, the gears, owned by the Lord God Eques were supposed to be born.

 'There can't be a falling sword that specializes in bringing down castles, can there?

''We have not been able to identify a Lord God with the order of falling castles, even in Pablo Hetara. As long as it is a limited attribute, even the shallow ones can affect the deepest ones. However, the limited attribute that is Balandias' weakness should not have existed in the Silver Water Holy Sea.

 That must be why Zymon was so astonished.
 To them, the falling sword Mesbelleta was something that should not exist in this sea.

"Does that not puzzle you?

'It's very rare, but there are a few possibilities. If you know why, could you tell me?

'I told you it was a mistake. Like King Tiger Maytiren, Eques should be turned into a useful tool. Simply put, the Militia World is not under the control of the Lord God.

 For a moment, Ottolu closed his mouth.
 It didn't fall into any of the possibilities that came to mind, or something like that.

''........Such a silver bubble was not supposed to exist.......''

Do you understand now?

 Once again Ottolu shushed her.
 After a moment's thought, she opened her mouth.

''Ottolou has confirmed it. The Militia World is following an unparalleled evolutionary path in this Silver Water Holy Sea.

 Ottolu removed his gaze from me and looked around at the .

''Although located in Balandias, this picture tower has magical forces from the Militia world working in it. Perhaps an unbiased, colorless order. Perhaps it means that King Tiger Meitiren has been created and recreated as the property of the Militia World.

 It was inevitable because Misha had created and recreated it.

It was too good to be true.

 She looked back at me, silently.

'What's the matter?'

"...there is no world in the history of Pablo Hetara that does not have the benefit of the Lord God's will, nor a world that has acquired the Lord God of another world. The problem is that we don't know if there is a problem.

Ha-ha. No wonder. But if you keep talking like that, you'll never be able to stop worrying.

If we are going to follow the principles of Pablo Hetala, it is Ottolu's job to respect the head of state's decision.

 As a god of arbitration, Ottolu seems to be neutral.
 I wish the other world heads could say the same, but now, I wonder?

"Pablo Hetala needs information. Would you mind if I checked this picture gallery?

Do what you will.

Thank you for your help.

 With a bow, Ottolu walked away.

'Misha. Where is that thing?

This way.

 I followed Misha as I walked through the picture tower.
 Sasha was standing next to me with a strange look on her face.

''Hey, what's that thing?''

'Kostoria and the others, the lions of Arzenon's destruction are after my mother. I've put Iggess on the guard, but they are the inhabitants of the deep world. Although they have the protection of Eques, we don't know what's in store for them.

I know that, but what does it have to do with this picture gallery?

 Misha opens the door.
 There was a painting in the room.

'Huh? This is the only place that has a proper picture in the frame.

 Sasha turned her attention to the painting.
 The painting depicted a tiger baby with silver body hair.

'So, what do you mean--'


 Gasping, Sasha looked up.
 The little tiger in the painting howled and moved prettily.

''Could it be........like Eques.......?''

'If he senses the cause and effect of the battle, he'll jump out of the picture and take a stand and be a shield for your mother. It would buy us some time.

 I held the painting in my hand.

"And my mom likes cats.

It's a tiger.


 The baby tiger in the painting howled threateningly.
 I coldly looked down at the scene with my .

 In a thin voice, the little tiger purred.

'It's a cat,'

...either way, but...

 Sasha blurted out in dismay.
 'Nyah,' said Misha to the little tiger in the painting.

'It's time to go, Faris.

 I hear footsteps and I turn around.
 Faris walked quietly towards me.

'Where to?'

'Dillhade. I want you to see how our country has changed in two thousand years.

 When I said that, Faris was flabbergasted.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find out what's going on in your mind.

'What's wrong?'

No, sir. Sure, I saw it. Just now.


 He walked past me, his eyes questioning me, and stood straight in front of the wall.
 It was high, wide, and white as a canvas.

'Even if it is far away, Your Majesty, behind you and your men, indeed, I have caught a glimpse of the reborn Dillhade.

 Drawing a magic circle, Faris pulled out his beloved magic brush from it.

 He felt his mind sharpening.
 The soul of the creator, never shown in the midst of battle, was laid bare there.

 It was quiet and yet warm.

 He had said he had a vague idea of what he should paint, but Faris's mind was already full of images of what he should paint.

 After all, this is what he is best suited for.

'Oh, is it beautiful, this world.

 Particles of magical power gather and Faris quickly runs his brush through them.

 As if by magic, the walls of the art gallery are layered with layers of color.
 The three colors are skillfully blended together to create various different colors.

 The colors eventually take on contours and become visible.

 It only takes a few seconds.
 Faris sweats like a ball and breathes on his shoulders, as if he had poured his entire being into that moment.

''-- How do you like it?''

 He turned around and knelt in place, curtsying.

'It is in the picture of peace that I made a promise to His Majesty the Demon King two thousand years ago.

 Painted on a wide wall of canvas is a single path.
 It's a warm, fanciful path that seems to depict somewhere in Dillhade and nowhere else.

 A large group of demons walked there.

 Misha was there. Sasha was there.
 Sin, Ray, Misa, Arcana, Eleonor, Zesia, Eldmead--.
 All of my men are following the same path together.

 At the center of it all is the Demon King.
 He is smiling. Together with my men, shoulder to shoulder, on the path of peace, I was smiling in the picture.

 With a face as calm as a saint's, a face I've never seen on the surface.

'That doesn't sound like me,'

 Sasha hemmed and hawed her head, and Misha shook her head shakily.

 Faris was still waiting for my next words.

'Someone told me that absurdity and brutality are prevalent in the Silver Water Holy Sea. Isn't a world like Balandias unusual?

'It's not all beautiful. The philosophy of Pablo Hetara is the calm of the Silver Sea. That's what we hold up and hope for because the surface of the sea is raging.

 Faris answered frankly.
 You can imagine from the look on his face that he has seen the world.

I like this painting. I like this painting and I would love to see the next one.

 He kneels down, and I tell him.

"What can I do for you?

"The sea. "Stand by me, burn this back into your eyes and draw it on the walls of the Hall of Causes.

 I raise my hands and point to all the blank walls in this room.

'Now I'm going to show you the calm of the silver sea.

 Looking up, Faris let his magical eyes shine. It's the same as it was two thousand years ago. He wished for a picture of peace, and now that it has come true, he can't help but want to paint a picture of even more peace.

 The moment when the silver water holy sea shines beautifully.

"No matter how many times I am reborn, my soul will always be with me.

 Again he hung his head and said, as if to pledge his allegiance.

'I will paint for you all my life, Your Majesty.

 He will paint these blank walls more beautiful than anything else.
 He will make the colors I never imagined would appear in a way I never thought possible.

 He will make the real thing look more real, like a flap of wings in my imagination.
 How would Faris Noyn, the creator, spread his wings on the canvas and fly?

 I couldn't help but look forward to it.