520-Prologue-Cruising Tyrant-

 14,000 years ago--

 A dense sea of trees was moving through the silvery sea.

 Numerous plants, mainly trees, were rooted and growing in the land, which was no bigger than a small island.

 The surrounding silver water had created a spherical space to avoid the sea of trees.
 If you elaborate your demon eyes, you can see that the roots of magic power that penetrated the bottom of the earth and spread out like wings were sucking in the silver water.

 It's a ship.

 The Jukaisen, Aioneiria. It was a terribly unusual ship, even in the Silver Water Holy Sea, where a wide variety of small worlds and numerous magic-savvy monsters lurked.

 No ordinary plant could live in the silver water.
 However, the tree sea turned the silver water into magic, breathing in the light of the silver bubbles and using them as nourishment.

 Deep in the tree-sea of Aioneilia, a huge magic circle was drawn with the magic power gathered from the silver water, and there was the master of the ship.

 He was a tall man, wearing a cloak of evening darkness. If left to nature, his silver hair, long enough to touch the earth, defied gravity as it drifted in the wavering water.

 He was Noah, the Two-Rate Pretender, one of the impenetrable territorial seas in this Silver Water Holy Sea.

 He looked up at the top of his head.

 The Sea of Trees is night.
 Ioneiria is creating a landscape.

 In the jet-black sky, the Aurora Borealis of the Seventh Article shone coldly.
 Its lights descended deep into the treeline, causing two shadows to float on the ground.

 They belonged to the Two Rite Pretender and the other, a steward who was waiting by his side.

''The Pretender.

 Ronculus said.

'Is your mind made up?'


 Looking up at the Northern Lights, the Two Rite Pretender says.

'I must repay you for the favor I owe you in my childhood.

 He stretched his gaze outward, far away, beyond the Aurora of the Seventh Article.

 Ronculus' expression was mindless as he listened to the Lord's words. The Two Rite Pretender must have understood that. He lowered his gaze and turned to the steward.

'Do you think I will fall behind, Sir?'

 His tone is unpretentious.
 His words were full of unwavering pride.

 Ronculus stared into the Lord's achromatic eyes.

'My Lord, undefeated and noble, is the free wind that blows on this silver sea. There is no defeat for the Two-Way Pretender who has continued to cross any death line with a smile.

 He held his tongue for a moment, and then Ronculus said again.

 However - and.

 The Two Rite Pretender just waited silently for the rest of the words.

''........However, what is placed on his (or her) person is a curse for eternity. It is the power of the presumptive Lord to stamp out its shadow. But it is not a curse that can be broken. If it is to be lifted, you must literally hang on to the source of the curse and go beyond death and destruction.

 Ronculus repeated the words.
 He hoped the Lord would discourage him.

'There is a way,'

"....the famous one called the Inviolable Territories challenged it, and was defeated and did not return...


 Quietly, the Two-Way Pretender says.

'I am in your debt. I only go to repay it.

"Though a thousand walls of death stand against Him?

It's a stupid question.

 Ronculus is at a loss for words.

 This was the first time that he, a faithful steward, had disagreed with the Lord's decision.
 Ronculus couldn't hold the Lord back any longer.

''........Then, presumptuous--''

Without the Two Overlords, this whole area of ocean will fall into the hands of these bastards, Pablo Hetara.

 As if to silence Ronculus' words, the Two-Level Pretender said.

'Don't wait.'

 The Two-Way Pretender commands his own steward.


 Or perhaps it was his order to keep the steward from offering him an offering to hell.

 Ronculus knelt on the spot and bowed deeply.

'Yes, sir--'

 Suddenly, a violent crash sounded, and a massive earthquake rang out in the tree line.

 Another ship suddenly appeared in the direction of Aioneilia's progress.
 Aside from its speed, standing in the way of the vastly heavier tree ships was nothing short of deadly.

 Normally, it would only crush you, but the ship that had broken into your path was somehow able to hold on against the Aeneilia.

 Immediately afterwards, the aurora borealis in the night sky shattered into seven pieces.

 The tree ship rapidly lost speed and the area was enveloped in darkness.

 Ronculus flashed his magic eye.

 The bandits were quick.
 In the meantime, they have already invaded the inside of this tree ship.

''We will eliminate them.

 Ronculus stands up and removes his right glove with a light bite.


 Announcing briefly, the Two Rite Pretender called out to the other side of the darkness.

'If you don't destroy the ship, you won't be able to say hello--'

 The sound of footsteps echoed.
 The one who quietly appeared from the darkness was a young man of the demon race.


 With a grin, that young man, Amr, laughed.

 The red glowing demon eyes and the black particles rising from his body, that alone showed his uncommon magical power.

 Ronculus, who was on alert, immediately put the glove back on his right hand when he realized that the intruder was Amr.

''First Demon King, by the tyrant of devastation, be in a good mood. If it is possible, I hope that you will not destroy the ship of the Pretender by mischief in the future.

Forgive me. I never asked you to wait for this. This guy.

 Amr pointed lightly at the Two Rite Pretender with his thumb.

 He huffed and laughed.

''It's been a while. When was the last time you saw Sir?'

It's only a couple hundred years or so.

 Amr answered the question of the Two Rite Pretender in a casual manner.

''There was a rumor that he was dead?''

 'Where and what were you doing?' the Two Rite Pretender asks imploringly.

''You don't look too surprised by that.

It can't be true.

 Kudos and Amr laughs with amusement.
 Then he spoke out his answer.

"I've gone to see the Zetka.

 The Two Rite Pretender responds with a straight face.
 At the far bottom of the Silver Water Holy Sea, in the world that has reached the depths of the abyss, is a vortex that swallows up all things, an extinction vortex.

 Or it is also called the Great Vortex of Malice, once it swirls, it easily swallows up even a small world, the great calamity of the Silver Water Holy Sea.

''It's about the Lord. You must have surpassed it.''

No, not yet. It's not going to be easy. And it's not exactly what I expected.

 The Two Rite Pretender turned his interested eyes to the First Demon Lord.

''As always, Sir, you do some interesting things.

That's my line.

 Amr's gaze shoots through the Two Rite Pretender's achromatic eyes.

''I heard that, Noah. I hear you are going all the way to destruction?

I just want to return the favor.

What makes you think you'll make it back in one piece? You think we're just gonna sit back and watch you die for nothing?

Do you think I'm defeated by anyone but my lord?

 The two gazes of the Two Rite Pretender and the Tyrant of Destruction meet head on.

 After a few seconds of silence, Amr points his fingertips at the ground.
 With the light of magic power, a line was drawn on the earth.

''Cross this line.

 An enormous amount of magical power erupted from all over Amr's body, causing the sea of trees to rattle and tremble.

''Amr-sama, that's about the extent of your antics. The reason for doing such a thing--'

Back off, Ronculus. The anxious tyrant will want to know what I'm capable of now. If it turns out to be unwarranted, he'll send me off with a smile.

 The Two Rite Pretender draws a magic circle.
 Then, Ronculus sank down as if he was sucked into his own shadow and disappeared from the scene.

 He hid it so that he wouldn't get hit by a stray bullet.

'Noah. You're not licking your arm, are you?

 Black particles swirled around, and the trees in the sea of trees were reamed away with only the release of magical power.

 At the same time, the roots of the trees that served as wards are partially blown away and the silver water outside pours down like rain.

''It is you, Sir, who has become so weak to strike down the Exhalation Vortex, isn't it?''

 As if in response to the Two Rite Pretender's provocation, the Tyrant of Devastation returned a wry smile.

''Do you want to give it a try?''

"Black heptagram (demed eve)

 The Two Rite Pretender drew a black seven-pointed star in front of him.
 A tremendous eruption of magic power violently shook the Tree Sea Ship and stirred the air and magic field.

''The High Bullet Flame Demon Cutthroat Artillery (Doguda Azzedara).

 An azure fixed star clad in a black seven-pointed star roared out and shot out at the devastating tyrant.

''You've surpassed the Black Hexagram (Demed Ila)? It's still tremendous.

 While saying this, Amr is drawing a magic circle in front of him.

''This one too, I'll show you magic you didn't know you had.

 The magic circle overlapped and formed a turret.
 At its center, black particles raged and drew a seven-fold spiral.

'Let's go.'

 A blur, the apocalyptic fire appears.

 As Amr circled the turret, the space through which the apocalyptic fire had passed perished and turned to black ash.
 He used it to draw a magic circle.

 The blue stellar star released by the Two Rite Pretender struck there without mercy.
 No, he received it.

 The impact, which would have destroyed an ordinary small world, violently shook the Tree Sea Ship, and the black and blue particles rivaled and sparked each other.

 The First Demon King. Amr, the tyrant of destruction, smiled fearlessly and said--

Egil Groene Angdolor.