558-Purple thunder

 In the Silver Water Holy Sea, fourteen thousand years ago.
 Before the creation god Militia was yet born, the name of that bubble world was Ehrenesia.

 In other words, a discrepancy in time exists between the Silver Sea and its small world.

 From the point of view of the Militia world, it was more than 700 million years ago - and
 It began in the land of the demons, Lakafarseit, a love story that could not be put into words.

 It was raining.

 Luna Arzenon woke up when she heard a sound that sounded a little different from what she was used to hearing.

 A cloud shape she had never seen before, a different sound of rain than usual.

'Bubbling world...'

 Luna muttered to herself.
 She thought she could come to her destination.

 She put her hand to her reddened abdomen.

 Her clothes were stained with blood, but the wound was sealed.
 The Evans mana that should have been stabbed was nowhere to be found.

''Thank you........Baroness.......''

 The Spirit God Man Sword is a holy sword that is immensely powerful against Arzenon's Lion of Perdition.

 Of course, it has a reasonable effect on demonic and phantom beasts as well, but it is not as effective as its special effect against the Lion of Perdition.

 Lebrahard thought that there was no guarantee that Luna would be able to destroy the fate of the Abyssal Princess of Calamity with the situation where she had not been able to find the bosom phoenix.

 Hence, he cut off the fate of her being a resident of Eavezeino.

 If she did so, the bosom phoenix would be able to lose sight of Luna, and as a result, she would be able to escape the fate of being the Abyssal Princess of Disaster.

 If they pretended to have destroyed Luna in front of the Phantom Beast Agency's eyes, and her fire dew in Ewezeino also disappeared, Dominic and the others would have to give up.

 Since entry to the bubble world was forbidden, they shouldn't be able to discover it by accident.

 The reason why the Spirit God Human Sword was missing was because it was not in Luna's womb, but was stuck in the Abyss of Craving.

 If the connection between Luna and the was severed, then the broken sword barrel should be in Ewezeino now.
 All in all, she thought about it.


 Luna hurried up and listened.

 She heard an eerie voice mixed in with the sound of rain.

 What fell from the sky with the rain were two indefinite beasts.
 They were the phantasmal beasts that Luna had always called the vermillion cat and the blue cat.

 The two of them turned their faces to face each other in the shape of a cat.

 Luna braced herself.
 Raindrops spilled down through her hair.

'What do I do...?'

 The fact that they were insubstantial phantoms was probably why they had been able to chase them so far without being caught by Pablo Hetara's surveillance.

 As Parrington had said, the two animals had a craving for dependence.
 They must have been dependent on Luna and chased after her.

 If they stayed here, there would be no problem. But there was no guarantee that the dependence would last forever.
 She couldn't send her back to Ewezeino.

 Perhaps this could be her grandfather Dominic's plan.

 Maybe he was making her dependent on Ao Neko and Vermilion Neko so that if Luna ran off somewhere, he would be able to find her.

''Come. Aoneko-chan, Vermilion Neko-chan........ Come live here with me. Hey.''

 Luna reaches out to the two animals.
 That's when.

 The sound of footsteps rang out with a thud.

 When she turned around, there were armed humans there.


"Not them.

No, his magic is different from the norm. This is not an ordinary person.

 A man with a holy sword steps out.

My name is Elwin, a hero of Ivesfon. I ask you, demoness. Who are you? You're not a member of the Phantom Knights, are you?

 The moment the brave Elwin said his name, the demon eyes of the blue cat and the vermilion cat flashed suspiciously.

''.........Run away.......!

 Luna shouted.

 In the blink of an eye, the blue cat and the vermilion cat melted and turned into an amorphous body like mud and attacked Elwin.

 But he did not react as if.
 He couldn't see.

 Their demon eyes were not equipped with the power to see the phantom beasts.


 The mud of the blue cat and the vermilion cat entered its body as if to invade Elwin.


What's the matter? What the hell is going on?

...She did this...?

 At the moment the three remaining warriors held their swords towards Luna, Elwyn swung his holy sword at them.

''Nah, Elwyn--''

 The voice is drowned out by the blow.

 The warriors were swallowed up by the devastating magical power, leaving not a speck of dust in their wake.
 The earth was gouged out and the trees behind it were cut down across the board.

 Clearly, the magic power of the humans of the bubble world is beyond the magic power of the bubble world.

 The words fall out of Luna's mouth with surprise.

''........the same as the hunter nobles of Hyphoria......the prey spirit cup.......?''

 Phantoms possess creatures, but they can never control their bodies to their will.
 They do not incarnate. 

 This is because they can counter craving with craving.

 However, there are races in the many small worlds that are extremely poor at craving.

 Such is the case with the hunting nobles of Hyphoria.

 About sixty percent of the phantasms, mainly the lower class ones, obtain their bodies by eating their roots from the inside out, and have a clear will to do so. They are able to incarnate.

 That vessel suitable for phantom beasts was called the Preying Spirit Cup in Ewezeino, and many phantom beasts were fond of attacking and eating it.

 Of course, there were only a few vessels that could withstand the phantoms, and their bodies would be destroyed in a few months.
 However, the phantoms that tasted the cup would have a strong desire for another body.

 This relationship between the Prey Spirit Cup and the phantom beasts was the beginning of the long-running battle between Eavesino and Hyphoria.

 In an instant, Elwin moved in front of Luna's eyes.

 The two phantoms, the blue cat and the vermilion cat, had already used that brave man as a prey spirit cup, giving him flesh.
 The man was not Elwin at the earliest.

''Kill.........my property.......!

 Even the holy sword was contaminated, and it was already as good as a demonic sword.
 With that devastating sword, the Aoneko Vermilion Cat slashed at Luna's abdomen.


 With a scream, blood poured out and the demon sword snapped off with a bang.
 The sword barrel was swallowed up by her womb.

 Luna was sent flying with the momentum of the slash, bouncing off the ground several times before falling on her back in a puddle.


 The Aoneko Vermilion Cat picked up the holy sword that the human warrior had dropped on the ground.
 She put enormous magical power into it and swung it at the fallen Luna.

 However, she was stunned.


 Slightly but surely Luna feels the in her womb.
 The sound of home, echoing in her ears.

 She should no longer be a resident of Eavesino.
 But the rain has not stopped.

 She lies on her back in a puddle of water and the rain pours down incessantly.


 The sword was dyed with craving and turned into a demon sword and was thrown at Luna.

 Without a second's notice, it closed in on her and red blood wet Luna's cheeks.

 But she felt no pain.
 A single demon tribe stood there and caught the demon sword even as it pierced her palm.

 His purple hair and demon eyes dyed in keshi-murasaki.
 It was a man wearing a cloak.

''........Who are you.......?

Ghosts don't need a name.

 Faster than a reply, the incarnate Ao Neko Chu Neko rushes in on the human.

 The man tucks the Ten Thousand Thunder Sword Gaudgemon he carried into a magic circle that looks like a scabbard, as if it were an iai-drawer.

But those who go to the underworld should at least carve this name. Phantom Knights, Commander (Isis)--

Run.....away...! We don't live in a world that can defeat a phantom--

 Purple electricity from the dark clouds that rose, striking the magic circle's sheath.

 The magic power released by the electrically charged magic sword is of the class, no - or even more.

 All the lightning swords, the secret depths pick up--

 -- .

The "Annihilation Sword King" Garderahypt.

 I slashed through the heroic Elwin who rushed in and slashed him with the universal lightning sword drawn from the magician's sheath.

 A lightning strike struck the wound.
 The lightning bolt of destruction that ran only at the point of the slash destroyed the body of the brave Elwyn in an instant.

 The man, Celis Voldigord, loosely turned around while wearing a bee and purple electricity on his body.

'Strange magic. Woman, what is your name?'

 He couldn't answer right away.

 The ominous sound had stopped.
 It was raining.

 And yet, she couldn't hear the rain anymore.
 More, louder sounds were echoing throughout her body.

 Then, from her sitting position, Luna looked up at the man's face.

 It wasn't that there was no lightning in Ewezeino.
 It was a commonplace disaster in the world of the calamitous abyss, where rainy days were commonplace.

 Still, at this moment, for the first time in her life, she saw a glorious, dazzling purple lightning.

 It was big, loud, and unstoppable.

 The purple thunderclap rang in her distant heart -