559-Pushed by lust


 Luna's voice spilled out.

 Elwin's body disappeared, but the phantoms within it, the blue and vermilion cats, were not destroyed.
 As the fuzzy light gathered together, the two cats once again took on the form of cats.

''Spirits? No, no.

 A purple lightning runs through Celis' magic eye.

 It certainly catches the phantom beasts that should not be in the bubble world and slashes the two with the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords.

 However, the insubstantial Aoneko and Vermilion Cat cannot be destroyed.
 The two that dissipated changed like mud and clung to Celis' body in an attempt to possess her.

''It's dangerous.''

 Luna stood up and tried to shake them off with her hand, but stopped dead in her tracks.
 It was as if they didn't seem to be possessed, and the man was unperturbed.

''.........Ah, le?''

 Even looking at Luna, the Abyssal Princess of Disaster, with her demonic eyes, not even the slightest craving could be felt from him.
 Even so, the reason why he doesn't attract the phantom beasts is probably because he has an unwaveringly strong will.

''Woman. Do you know what this is?

 With a curious look on her face, Luna replies.

''Well, I mean, Aoneko and Vermilion Neko-chan are called phantoms, and they're not bad kids, but maybe they're being used by your grandfather...''

 Luna reached out her hand while explaining that she was not getting the point.
 Then the blue cat and the vermilion cat turned into their cat forms again and slipped closer to her.

 Luna was relieved that they listened to her, and she patted her chest.

''It would be a lot of trouble if I had to go back to my hometown, but I wanted to help you if I could.''

 Luna squeezed the two cats and looked at Cerys.

'Will you miss it...?'

"She is a foolish woman to have a beast that attacks her.

 The words stabbed her sharply in the chest.

 The fate of the Abyssal Princess of Disaster had not been cut off.
 Luna knew that was a foolish act.

''That's right........''

 Her eyes darken and Luna looks down.

'This world will eat or be eaten. Everyone is waiting their turn in the line leading to the underworld. If the enemy can't push you down too, then it's your turn.'

 At the man's words, Luna realizes.

 This bubble world is harsh, she says.

 It is to be expected.
 A small world with no integrity of order is raging.

 Death is rampant, and all life moves closer to perdition with the world.
 Even though it is not pursued by Ewezeino, it is not a paradise.


 So she said.

'....I think that's the time...'

 Cerys gives me a straight face and a sharp look.

 He doesn't say anything.
 But his gaze is, ''Will you go to your death yourself? Luna thought as she asked.

'We all die one day.'

 Celis moved her eyebrows slightly as she said it.

 The demonic sword ran like a lightning bolt.

 Luna found herself with the cutting edge of the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords thrust into its throat.

'You have something to do, but your emotions drive you? You are a fool, woman. There is no utopia where all self can be understood. The end of a fool is a senseless death.

 The relentless tone. The glare that was murderous.
 She laughed at Cerise's warning without backing down.

It's probably my way of life.

Then you're going to die. Fool.

 Tightly, Luna closed her eyes.

 Ceris drew a magic circle and stowed the Universal Lightning Sword in the center of it.
 He loosely turns on his heel.


 Luna was puzzled.
 Then, out of nowhere, a voice rang out.

''Don't worry. The Commander (Isis) seems to have taken a liking to you.'

  were deactivated and the one who appeared was a man of the demon race.

 The magic spear in his hand is the scarlet marrow pathetique, the spear made of bone.
 It's a spear made of bone.

'She's an interesting woman. If you can only interpret that to mean I like her.

 So says the man.
 His face is a shadow of Yggess's, but the mood is different, and his expression is somewhat masterful.

 The root of it is definitely that of Yggess.
 And yet, something more unfathomable than him can be felt.

 Above all, the magical power emanating from that pathetique was extraordinary.

It's not a good idea. Don't say another word.

Yes, sir.

 Celis' words were answered by the best (Jeff) with a straight face.

'What shall we do? That phantom cat, from what I've seen, it seems to become violent by taking a human body...?

I'll put a collar on it.

 Ceris looks up at the sky.

'Time's up. He's coming.

 That was the moment he uttered it.

 A light shone on the thick rain clouds, splitting them in half.
 Day turned into night, and the Artiel Tonoa appeared in the sky.

 A silence envelops the world.
 At that moment, it felt as if time had stopped.

 Snow, moon and flowers fluttered down, and a woman came down with the moonlight.

 She was a goddess with long silvery white hair tied up on the right side and a soft face.
 It was the god of creation, Elenesia.

'Long time. The Last Voldigord.

 A serene voice spilled out.
 It was like the sound of a gentle bell.

'How is your heart?'

 Asked softly, Elesia continued her words.

'Will you make a pact with me, fight the Selection Judge as a non-conformist, and maintain order in the world? Or will you continue as before and destroy the divine race? Let me hear your answer.

What is a phantom?

 At Ceris's question, Elesia was silent, as if she had been struck with a blank stare.

'There's the cat,'

 She shifted her gaze to the blue cat and the vermilion cat.
 Staring intently into the abyss, Ehrenesia replied.

''I did not create this creature. It was the work of a man. It seems that a change has occurred in the spirits.''

'No substance, make the human body a vessel. Create.

 Elesia nods.

 Gently, she held up both palms and released the snow and moonflower.
 With the authority of its creation, the cat's body was constructed.

 As the vessel underwent various magical changes, the blue cat and the vermilion cat soon began to approach with interest.

''It's not rumor and lore. It's the heart. A thirsty heart.''

 Seeing the vessel that the illusory beast could easily possess, Elenesia finished creating the blue body hair cat and the vermilion body hair cat.

 Then the blue cat and the vermilion cat collapsed like mud and devoured that cat's vessel as a prey spirit cup.

 It immediately bared its craving and glared at Luna.



 Without a moment's pause, Celis placed the jet black collars on the two cats.

 The two cats, which were about to run wild with craving, fell to the ground and fell asleep.

 <You are being shown your dreams in the shackles and collars, Nedonneria's.
 When you've given birth to a child, you can't escape from it.


 Luna was speechless, her gaze just glued to him.

 The same was true of the Creator God who had easily created the Prey Spirit Cup, but he who had easily put the phantom beast he had incarnated to sleep with ease was not an ordinary ability.

 It's impossible for the demon race in the shallow world to do so.
 Although this is the bubble world, he is as powerful as the inhabitants of the deep world.

 Perhaps this world is on the verge of ending.

 The root that moves closer to perdition increases in power.

 In the same way, the bubbles approaching the end, on the verge of bursting, have released their final radiance and given birth to the owner of power beyond the pale--

I ask you again,

 Eleanesia says.

'How is the answer?'

I have a condition.

What's that?

 Celis gathered her magic power at her fingertips and drew a magic formula in front of her.

 It is .

 However, the details of the magic formula are slightly different from those of the Militia world.
 It's incomplete.

"Help me complete the 'Reincarnation (Silica)'.

 Ehrenesia looked at the magic formula sadly, then at Ceris' face with those same eyes.
 Then she quietly opened her mouth.

''........The last Voldigord. Please listen to me. You have a strong root of destruction, and your power is so strong that it surpasses us, the Order, the God Race. But even with your power, the Nonconformist, this miracle cannot be accomplished. If anyone dies, that's where it ends.

 There was no incarnation in the world yet.

One, this world was not created so gently. One, this world was not created so gently, and it needs more non-conformists to interfere with order than you do. One, you don't have much time left.

I will not say it again.

 Celis said with her strong, purple-electric eyes.

'Lend me your strength, God of Creation. It is not over yet. Even if this body will decay, the battle will continue. This hand I have extended is the possibility of the next deadly battle to come.

 They were harsh words, like lightning.

'It leads to one thing after another, and one day it will surely arrive. It will drive a wedge in the stupid order of this world. It is the harbinger of doom.

'You are the last Voldigord. There will be no more.

 Elesia speaks the truth in a nutshell.

 His end was near.

 The root of the Voldigord's destruction, its power, is consuming him more and more every day.
 There is no respite to keep it in check.

The ghosts shall not die. "The ghosts shall not die until they have destroyed the foolish world.

 Luna wasn't sure what they were talking about.

 The only thing she could tell was the word non-conformist.

 One who bears the fate of defeat and stands against the reason of the world.
 But it seemed somehow different from the non-conformists I've heard before.

 Nonconformists are the ones who disturb the order and become the avenging enemies of the world.
 That's what is told in the Silver Water Holy Sea.

 They are doomed to be defeated by the Lord God and the conformists, and they are supposed to be pure evil.

 And yet--
 The man in front of me is staring at the distant future of this world with his endlessly straight eyes.

'I will leave you a
 Ehrenesia cast her eyes down once.
 Then she looked straight at Cerys again and said

'I believe in your victory, and I will be your god. The Last Voldigord. A miracle that God cannot perform on this earth.

 A selection pact bead appeared on Ceris' finger and it lit up.

''Summon it at any time. <''God's Seat Heavenly Gate Selection Summoning (Guara Nate Forteos). Then I can descend to earth.

 Moonlight pours down on Elenesia.

 As the figure became transparent, the Moon of Creation faintly disappeared and night began to return to day.
 Once the sun shone on the scene, Elenesia was nowhere to be found.

'Let's go,'

 Soon after, Celis walks off.
 Ichiban (Jeff) followed silently.

Oh, wait, wait...!

 The words were poking out of her mouth before she could think. 
 Luna struggled to wrap her head around how to explain it.

''Well... I, well... I'm... I don't have any body, and I suddenly wandered off, so I didn't know what to do left or right...''

 Not taking her up on it as if she didn't have a problem with it, Cerise and Ichiban (Jeff) start running.

 Luna chases after them as quickly as she can, as they are quickly out of sight.
 She picks up the blue and vermilion cats that were lying on the ground and runs with them in her arms.

 Maybe she should have looked for a place where she could live more peacefully.
 But without knowing why, she was running.

 Her own craving is strong and compelling.
 She must not leave him.

'I'm sorry, wait. 'The last Mr. Voldigord!'

 <Celis and Ichiban (Jeff) disappear with .

 However, Luna, who is from the Deep World, is able to track them.

 First (Jeff), who thought he could quickly shake her off, turns to her with a surprising look.

''You're not an ordinary demon race. There seems to be a situation?'

 Ceris ran even faster in silence.
 She jumped from cliff to cliff, pushing her way through the roughness of the magic field.

 Luna desperately chased after the two of them.
 Her physical abilities were not that great, but her body was strangely light since she came to this world.

 It's probably because it's a bubble world.

 Celis and her best friend (Jeff) use the to fly away from the bottom of a cliff where the wind is blowing.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find out what's going on in the world.

 A slight voice could be heard from within the womb.
 I used too much magic and almost connected it with the Abyss of Craving.

 The moment she hurriedly suppressed it, the flight (fresse) was cut off and she fell headfirst into the abyss.

 It's unlikely that the womb of disaster will be controlled in time--

 Just when I was ready to crash to the ground, my arms were pulled back gingerly.
 Celis was lifting Luna up.

 The two cats that spilled out of her arms were also floating in
"What's germinating in that belly?

 Sensing an abnormality, he looked into Luna's abyss with his demon eyes.

''........No, this is.......different......''

 When Luna wasn't sure how to explain, he said.

'Can you bake bread?'


It's a big family. I don't have enough people.

 A few seconds of silence.
 Luna finally understands the meaning, and a big smile appears on her face.

'Yes, I'm well trained as a bride!

 Celis, who hadn't lost her stern face before, was taken aback.

 In the distance, the best (Jeff) was laughing.