332-Whereabouts of memory

'Hmm. Sounds like it's the one Militia left behind.

 The message would be based on the belief that I could save Arcana and use the with her help.

"Oh, look. It's vanishing.

 As Sasha had said, the writing on the wall faded and then disappeared.
 Arcana tried to shine the light of the , but it never appeared again.

'Did he know that he could use the Book of Traces too?'

 Arcana turns to me with a question.
 ''I suppose he's referring to the fact that the words '-- light--' were erased.

''Perhaps it was not Militia's will that this letter was erased. It's probably the work of the mad god Aganzon or something like that, which was written in the message that just emerged.

Was it tampered with?

 Misha asks.

'As well as the past that I saw in the Book of Traces, I guess. If you think about it that way, you can understand why Militia tried to convey it in such a roundabout way.

''Um, does that mad god Aganzon mean that he can tamper with a lot of things?''

 Sasha looks at Arcana.
 She shook her head as if she didn't know.

 It was Gorloana who answered the question.

It is said that Aganzon, the god of madness, is the god who drives all things mad, disturbs and alters everything. Because of his order, he was regarded as a god not to be worshipped. But though there are many legends, no one has ever seen him.

If he's a god that doesn't worship, that means he's most likely been in Gadeisiola, right?

 At Sasha's question, Gorloana nodded.

''Yes. Or perhaps one of the eight god selectors, the god of Ceris' selection, was the mad god Aganzon.''

 You interfered with Militia, you tampered with these letters.

Was Celis the right person to select?

'Perhaps ... but I don't even remember the name of his god. He must have seen it in the order of the Traces God, but the past is too vast. Without the power of God, it would be impossible to keep all the memories.

 Golroana must have used the power of the Trace God to search through a vast amount of her past in order to win the Selection Judgment.

 However, it is impossible for a human being to remember all of it.
 Does this mean that the memories that she kept with the power of the trace god disappeared with the disappearance of the god?

 Or, the traces were erased under the guise of nature after the trace god disappeared.

''Do you know the rest of the Eight God Selectors?

No, that too.

 You don't remember, huh?
 Oh, well, that's okay.

 Perhaps Aganzon, the god of madness, is Ceris, or perhaps the god of the last selection.

"Militia knew of the Mad God's existence. Militia knew of the existence of the Mad God, and that he was opposed to her. Therefore, he must have left a message for his own order to prevent it from being tampered with.

 Misha nodded her head curiously.

'What do you mean?'

The letters just mentioned did not emerge from the light of the Moon of Creation, but were created anew by the Militia order within Arcana. Without the falsification itself, the mad god's order would not work.

 Though they are of the same order, Arcana and Militia are different people.
 The only thing that could be left behind was probably the limit with this message. 

''The fact that the Creation Star Erial is a five-star is probably in preparation for tampering with it by the Mad God. In other words, if it falls into Aganzon's hands, there is a high probability that it will be tampered with just like the Book of Traces.

'It's possible that the mad god Aganzon was Ceris's selection god. Because he was able to tamper with the Book of Traces when he had Gorloana locked up in the High King's Castle.

 Sasha says.

'It's Ceris who's trying to hide Anos' past, isn't it? If that's the case, then the Mad God doesn't have a selector, so I'm guessing he's not going to mess with Senesis Aerial.

'It's possible that the remaining selectors had the same goal as Cerys. The Knights of the Phantom Name were once in Dillhade. They may have feelings for Militia and me, as well as Cerys.

 If Celis' actions so far hadn't been his sole decision, the battle wasn't completely over yet.

'We don't even know what the purpose of the Dark Lord's taking Viaflea was.

Hmm. Well, we'd better get our hands on Eyal as soon as possible. Where is the Western Empire Inzuel?

 Gorloana shook her head from side to side.

'There are many small nations under the ground, but I've never heard of one that calls itself an empire.

The Land of Earth.

 Misha says, and Sasha rolls her eyes.

'Inzuel....you don't have that in Dillhade, do you?

Azation. It's one of the Confederated States of America. It was a country with a history of about 3,000 years, located in the west of the continent. It is said that they built their castle and city on the old ruins that originally existed. There were once humans who were excellent at magic, and before the rise of the Gailladites, it was one of the most powerful countries in Azation.

 I drew a magic circle and used my magic to create a three-dimensional map.
 One for the ground and one for the underground.

'Arcana. Where's the precipice of Gangrund that Diedrich was talking about earlier?

 Arcana quickly pointed and made the snow and moon flowers dance.
 Soon the map of the underground was completed and the cliffs of Gangrund appeared there.

''Hmm. I'm sure Cerise already had a hunch about the location of the Founder's Era.

 The cliffs of the underground gangrand and the Imperial Inzuel on the ground glow red.

''Is this...?''

 Sasha let out an exclamation of surprise.
 Just below the Imperial Inzuel was the precipice of the Gangrund.

''He must have guessed that Militia must have left me something to pass on her memories. If we search her magic, we'll get there eventually, even if we don't know where she hid it. And there's plenty of time for that.

So it's after the tampering, right...?

 Sasha looks down as if discouraged.

'Not necessarily. Even Militia knew that I would not be reincarnated until two thousand years later. Then it's possible that he was just about to keep it until then.

 Referring to the cliffs of Gangrund as depicted on the map.

''Militia left the founding star Erial in the western empire of Inzuel. It would be quicker to go there from the ground rather than going all the way from this cliff. The reason why the Knights of the Illusionary Name established their base here could be because they couldn't reach Erial overnight.

 Then there's still hope.

''Once on the ground. The remnants of the Phantom Knights are also a concern. We'll look at the precipice of the Gangrande, but at the same time we'd better investigate the Empire to the west from the ground.

 As he says it, he turns his gaze to Gorloana.

'Yes, tell Diedrich that.

I understand.

Let's go.

 <He drew a and transitioned out of Aebelast Anzeta.
 As it was, I aimed at the ground with .

''Hey, speaking of which, is that okay?''

 'What?' says Sasha.


'It was written in Militia's message that if the world is at peace, we shouldn't seek the past. I destroyed Celis, and as long as you can deal with the remnants of the Phantom Knights, you don't need to know the past, right? It doesn't say how to end a selection hearing there, does it?

"Hmm. Sasha. Is the world at peace?

 She held her tongue for a moment, then she said.

''I think it's peaceful. Compared to what we saw in the Book of Traces earlier, two thousand years ago.

Then perhaps we can make it more peaceful.

What more would make you feel better?

You said it was over. What's the end of it? Is it really over? If we can find out, we might be able to save something. If we can save it, the world will be one step closer to peace.

 Sasha laughed dismissively.
 Next to her, Misha smiled.

'That's very Anos,'

Your idea of peace is an endless supply.

 I laughed too, haha.

'Two thousand years ago, though, I just hoped the battle on earth would end. Now that it's over, I've learned that there is still tragedy. When I got to the depths of the earth, I wanted to end the conflict that was going on there.

 Sasha was right, it was one thing after another.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but I'm greedy for all the trouble I put my men through.

I know you want to help your brother.

 Arcana said.
 Huffing, Sasha smiled.

''I'm troubled by the Demon King-sama's greed.

I'm here to help. Anytime.

 Misha gives me that push.

 We flew through the canopy and returned to the ground.
 I immediately send a thought transmission to my staff and the students of the Demon King Academy.

I'm sorry for the holidays, but I need you to gather in Delzogade as soon as possible. You are not unreasonable.

 When I told him that, he used .
 The place I got transferred to was the Delzogade Demon King's Castle and the Throne Room.


 When I called out to him through a thought transmission, an old man with a long white beard, the Seven Demon Emperors' Old Man Melhayes, appeared at the transference (Gatom).

''Do you have any information about Imperial Inzuel?

 Then Melhayes looked surprised.

'What's the matter?'

''No, I was just about to consult with Anos-sama about that Inzuel.

 With a polite manner, Melhayes replied.
 Prompting him with a look, he began to explain.

''I believe I have already told you that a heroic council has been formed, led by the men of Gailladite, about Azation becoming a parliamentary system.

 Sure, you heard it right.
 It's a group of people who are at the helm of the new Azéon.

'They have gone to the leading nations of Azation to arrange negotiations about it, but we have just received word from Igareth that the brave council that went to Inzuel has not returned on time.

Hmm. <What about leaks?

I can't get through. <We tried to approach it with the Gatom, but it seems that the wards that the brave men were so good at in the past are now in place and we cannot enter the country.

 <A ward to stop the Reaks and Gatoms...

It's called Lo Maesis. I don't think there are many people left who can use it today.

 After all, the
........it could be a reincarnated hero. Or it could be that the demon race from 2,000 years ago became able to use it because they were reincarnated as humans.

 Melhayes says in a heavy tone.

''We could use all our strength to get inside Inzuel, but we can't move about without a fight, as there's a possibility that the Yugikai is being held hostage.

 It's true. We need to find out what's going on inside.
 <If it's the Sanctuary Saint, the magical eye can't penetrate it very well.

When did the Quorum of Wisdom enter Insuel?

'A week ago. We were planning to stay in the ruined castle town of Eiltheve, so there's a good chance we'll be there...

 Not sure, you mean.

'Hmm. I was just about to go to Inzuel, but it's troublesome. If the demon tribe enters the country without thinking about it, it could be dangerous for the people in the council of honor.

On your left, sir.

 It's bad timing.
 No, too bad is more like it.

 It's too good to be a coincidence.

"We'll just have to take a transference to the middle of the road and hide in plain sight, won't we?

I'm sure they will be focusing on the boundary of the Lo Maesis. As long as we can't get inside with the Gatom, as long as we keep a tight rein on that, we won't have to worry about them sneaking in.

 Sasha's gaze turns steely.

'Do you want to disguise yourself as someone who's been in and out of Inzuel?

 Misha suggested, and Sasha said.

'A peddler or something? But if they're holding the Brave Council, who will be allowed to enter the country? I'm sure you're well aware of the possibility that the Geiradites or us will infiltrate the area.

'We have information that those heading for Inzuel have turned back. They will probably be restricted in and out of the country.

 Sasha twisted her head as if troubled by Melhayes' explanation.

''I wish I could at least find out what happened to the people in the courageous council.......but it wouldn't be hard to find out.......''

Hmm. I got it.


 While Sasha stares at me as if stunned, I draw a magic circle.
 <The remote clairvoyant (rimneto) reflected a certain person's vision.

 The place is a stone room. It's dimly lit and dusty.
 It looked like a warehouse.

"Whose vision is this?

 Arcana asked curiously.

''The Dean of the Brave Academy is also participating in the heroic council. He's a demon named Emilia.''


 And when Sasha speaks up, Misha opens her mouth.


"It looks like he's mastered it. It depends on the magic power of the sorcerer, but even under the influence of Lo Maesis, if you go through the Bell of Ideas, you can just barely connect the magic lines.

 Vision is moving slowly.
 He seems to be walking around with his breath in his mouth.

 It looks like they haven't been captured, but I'm not too optimistic about the situation.

Can't you talk to him?

The Bell of Thought is a magical tool that the wearer calls upon. In normal times, but in the realm of Lo Maesis, one must ask for help from the other side.

 There was a noise and Emilia turned around vigorously.

 A strange face was reflected there.
 It's a man with ash blonde and short hair.

 He wore holy armor and was wearing a sash.
 Emilia backed away cautiously.

'Wait. I am not your enemy.''

 The man held up his hands to show that he was not hostile.

''I am Qasim. I'm Kasim, a brave man who belonged to the army that defeated the Geiradite Demon King two thousand years ago.