333-Connected feelings


 Emilia mutters with a look of remembrance.

''I remember seeing the name in a history textbook, but........ As I recall, he was a sibling of the brave canon...?

 Kasim nodded and said in a genuine tone of voice.

'Yes. I was reincarnated as an underground dragonborn. You are the dean of the Academy of Heroes in Gailladite, are you not?

 Wary, Emilia nodded.

'I'm not going to fight you just because you're a demon race. Times have changed.''

 Not moving from his spot, and keeping his hands up, Qasim says

'But there are those who cannot adapt to the changed times. The one who binds your companions, the Yugikai, and wards this city is one of them, Bomilus Heros, the wizard king who once ruled Midheids territory in Dillhade.

 Emilia raised an eyebrow, as if she had never heard of it before.
 With one case of Avos Dilhevia, the history of two thousand years ago had been lost in Dilheid.

Yes, he's a careful, cautious, cunning demon. He is a careful, cautious, cunning demon. As soon as he was reincarnated, he went into hiding and we believe he was investigating this time period.

What does a 2,000-year-old demon tribe have against the Yu Council?

"The Grimoire King is not a man who is motivated by resentment. His goal is probably to negotiate with the Demon King. That's why he's trying to get the magic tool called Genesis Aerial, which is supposed to be in this archaeological city.

 Emilia twisted her head.

''What are you going to negotiate with the Demon King for?''

''It's probably control of the territory. The Mage King Bomilus Heros hid his demonic identity and became the Marshal of Inzuel's army. He intrigued the Emperor, who had ambitions, and ruled the country from behind the scenes. He must have had his eye on the emperor's throne.

 Hmm. Two thousand years ago, I didn't have any contact with the Magic King, but for a demon race, he's a man with a down-to-earth approach.

''To put it plainly, the Mage King is against the parliamentary system of Azation. If it happens, it will weaken the power of the royal family.''

'You want to be king of the human kingdom? You're a demon race?

He believes that a good ruler is only worthy of being a good one. In time, he may intend to rule all of Azation and take back the territory of Midhays from the tyrannical demon king who ruled it himself.

 Two thousand years ago, Dillhade and Azation were both ruled by a strong man, at least a strong man.
 It's not hard to understand why they want to get Midheids back.

That's why we're going to negotiate with this kind of force?

''Inzuel had no other choice but to use force. If he disagreed with the brave council's decision, he would only be thrown out of the confederacy called Azation.

 It's reasonable.
 It's a decentralization of what was sovereignty to the Gaillardites.

 If the dictatorship of an incompetent ruler would end, few nations would oppose it.
 Was the Mage King's refusal to do so a plan to eventually become King of the Gailladites?

''But his ideas do not fit this peaceful time. As a brave man, I will defeat the Mage King. You will help your friends in the council. We have the same goal.

''I understand what you're saying. But it doesn't mean what you're saying is true...

 Cautiously Emilia said and used the magic of .
 The content is that they will cooperate with each other until they help their heroic council colleagues.

''Your suspicions are natural. It's rather reassuring.

 Kasim signs the  Showing a slight sense of relief, Emilia asked, "Where are your people?

''Who are your companions?''

''None. In order to defeat the grimoire king, you will need the strength of modern day heroes. I will help your friends first. If you think I'm trustworthy, then I want you to join me in fighting for the overthrow of the grimoire king.

 Emilia nodded.

'From what I've been able to find out, the men of the Brave Council have been divided into two parts and are being held in prison.

 Kasim draws a map with his magic.
 It would be of the building they are in now.

'In this Eiltheve magic fortress, here and here. Our current location is in this warehouse. At this time, the Mage King Bomiras is gone. The soldiers take turns watching and patrolling. That's it. If we know that, we can get to the prison without being detected.

 Kasim used his magic to indicate a route of travel.

'This prison is heavily guarded. Supposedly, key personnel are being held in it.

 Then Emilia said firmly.

'Then let us first break through the other prison. Three of the brave men in my guard should be trapped there. Thanks to them, I was able to avoid being captured by one of them. If we all work together after we are rescued, we should be able to break the other prison.

 Kasim nodded.

'Let's do it that way.'

 <Using the magic of the , Kasim tried to keep an accurate time.
 After approaching the door and waiting for a while, he cast the magic of < Root Source Mimicry (Nars)> on himself and Emilia.

 After disguising himself as a small root source that resembled a mouse, he opened the door and they ran out.

 After running left and right without hesitation through the stone passage, Kasim entered the shadows of the pillars and stopped in the shadows of the pillars with a snap. A soldier on guard passed by, keeping a watchful eye on the direction of travel.

 After a certain amount of time had passed, Kasim and Emilia began to move again.

 Following the placement of the guards and the timing of their patrols that he had examined, sometimes advancing, sometimes stopping, taking a detour, the girls came to the front of the prison without being noticed.

 Two guards stood erect and immobile in front of the sturdy-looking iron door.

'I'll take the bait, sir.

Yes, sir.

 Immediately jumping out of the shadows, Emilia rushes to the two guards.


 It was right after the realization and the soldier drew his sword and was about to return fire.

''........but ha........''

 The two soldiers fell forward.
 In the moment that he turned his gaze to Emilia, Kassim took the two men's backside and stunned them with his bodyguards.

''Nuno-binding ward seal (Je Nelou).''

 The holy cloth wrapped around the soldiers, restraining their bodies while blocking the magic to the outside world.
 Taking the magic key that one of them had, he inserted it into the keyhole of the prison.

 There was a click, and the key opened.
 When he opened the door, there were about ten people from the heroic council inside.

 Lao, Heine, and Ledriano, students of the Brave Academy, were also there. 
 They were all bound with magical handcuffs.

''I am Kasim the Brave. I'm here to help the Brave Council.

 As Kasim used his magic, the handcuffs placed on the humans of the heroic council were removed.
 They showed a moment of alarm at the appearance of the strange man, but when Emilia entered, their expressions changed to one of relief.

'Another sentry will be here in a moment. Hurry, come this way.

 Those who had been trapped in the prison stood up and began to move.

 It was then that Emilia approached Kasim.
 Then he took the sword that he was carrying at his waist and drew it.

 --Huh? --

 <Through the , Emilia's doubts were conveyed to her.
 With her sword, she slashed at one of the heroic council members who came running.

Emelia, what are you--

 Emilia's sword stabbed into the heart of Lao, a student of the heroic academy who rushed over to the school.


  flames swirled inside him and burned his internal organs with its anti-magic.


 With a thud, he crashed down the Laotian coast.

"Dean Emilia, what the hell are you doing?

All things being equal, I won't let you get away with it!

 Angry shouts come from the members of the brave council.
 But Emilia doesn't answer.

''Don't want to be helped, you mean?

 It was the brave Qasim who said sharply, "You're the only one who didn't get thrown in jail for that.

It's why you were the only one not to be put in jail. So you were only a member of the demon race, the Mage King.

 --No, no--

 <Through the Bell of Thought, I heard Emilia's mind again.
 Neither Kasim nor those in the Council of Heroes would hear her.

 --My body moves on its own. I can't speak. Why? --

That's right.

 As if something was controlling her, Emilia said.

''The goal of the Tyrannical Demon King is to have complete control over the humans. With the formation of the brave council, the powerful people have been gathered here. All that's left is to clean up and that's it.''

 Emilia unleashes the .

''Kook! That Zekt was a camouflaged version!

 With anti-magic, Kasim is able to repel the black flames.

 Even though she made a "Zekt" that she would help until she saved the congress, Emilia is disobeying the contract.

 In other words, she must have decided that the Zekt she used is a fake.

It's the same one who believed in you! Times have changed!

 Kasim shouted as if to appeal to him.

'You would take the life of your student to obey the demon king and that's what you want! That's what the bond with them was all about!


 It was none other than Qasim, who uttered his voice to the indignant Qasim.
 It was Lao who was stabbed in the heart and prostrated on the floor.

"I don't know who or what he is, but this is not the kind of guy who would do something like that.

 Emilia, this time, thrust her sword into Lao's throat.
 Still, he said.

 The only person whose faint voice reached me was Emilia, who was beside me.
 She pounced on Kasim as if motivated by something, but the sword was effortlessly tormented and kicked away.

 Kasim picked up the fallen sword.

'All of you! Another sentry will soon be patrolling the area. Get out while I hold them down.

 Led by Kasim, the people of the heroic council left the prison.

 When Heine, in a pensive manner, tries to approach him, Ledriano restrains him with his hand. He lifts his glasses with his index finger.

 They looked at each other and then said.

'Is that what you really mean, Emilia?'

 Ledriano asks.

 --no --

 A voice in her mind leaked out, but her mouth didn't move.

''........Heh. I knew it. After all, that's what the demon race is like.......

 Heine said tossingly.

'Quickly, you two. Unfortunately, we don't have time to treat him.'

 With a meaningful glance at Emilia, Ledriano and Heine left the prison.

''Evil demon tribe. Remember. After the Mage King, we will surely defeat you too.

 After saying that, Kasim closed the door, locked it and left from there.

''........Mr. Lao......''

 Emilia gives me a huff.

'My voice...'

 As soon as her body is able to move, Emilia runs to Lao's side.
 She casts a recovery spell, but the wound, however, does not heal.

 It's probably the power of the sword that first pierced your heart.
 The number of holy marks is increasing rapidly.

'....I can't........heal........

 Lao's hand moved slightly and touched Emilia's face.

 Emilia gulped down a tear and bit her lip.
 Then she stopped the recovery magic and drew another magic circle on Laos.

 She cuts her fingertips and drops a drop of blood.

'Listen to me carefully, Lao.

 He stared at Emilia's face, looking pained.

'I will kill you once.'

 The delicate recovery magic that cures the stigmata is not yet available to Emilia.
 She must have thought that she could only kill it once and revive it with .

''.......the success rate is not very high, but.......''

It's not a problem, but...

 Lao opened his mouth with a calm expression.

''Before I go on........can I tell you one thing.......?''


 Emilia pours her magic power into the magic circle.

Of course.

 As if she trusted Emilia completely, Lao surrendered herself.
 She poured out her magic power with all the force of her body and completed the .

 She takes out a knife from the retractable magic circle and places it on Lao's chest.

''Let's go..........''

 Emilia's hands trembled.
 With her current magic technology, the success rate of is something like 30 percent at best.

 Laos grabbed Emilia's hand, which was trembling and unable to make up her mind.

 Nodding, Emilia gave a determined look.

 Then, she stabbed the knife into her left chest with all her might.
 With a snap, Lao's body trembles.

''Please. Please. Come back.''

 Emilia's thoughts of exercising the magic of single-mindedly spill over.

 --I made a mistake once--

 --I can't fail anymore.

 --Not again.

 --Please come back.

 --I want my student back.



 Emilia takes a breath.
 's magic circle was activated.

 With her magic power, if three seconds passed, the probability of being able to revive her would be equal to zero.

 Lao keeps his eyes closed and the wound never heals.

 Drops of tears spill out, trickling down.

'Help ... someone ...'



"...Mr. Anosh....

"Hmm. Finally, you called. We've been expecting you, Emilia.

"................ .........eh.......?

 <Emilia was stunned by Anosh Porticolo's voice that was uttered in the .

 If she assisted Emilia to 'revive' (Ingal) through the magic line that was completely connected by her calling Anosh, Lao's wounds would be healed in no time at all.

 Laos has come to life.
 <The resuscitation (ingal) has been successful.

 While looking at the scene, Emilia speaks to the as if she was confused.

''.........Anosh......you.......? Why? There should be warding...

Did you think that a warding would be enough to stop me from communicating my thoughts?

I can't...

 Emilia seems relieved, and a tearful smile appears on her face.

''I told you to fix your language like a demon king...''

 The spilled tears turned to joy.