334-Preparation for infiltration

 Lao wakes up and awakens awkwardly.
 I spoke to Emilia via a thought transmission (leaks).

"Get out of there before the guards arrive. <"Get out of there before the guards arrive.

 Emilia draws a magic circle on the door. She assisted it and sent her magic power to it, and with a click, the door was unlocked.

'Lao-kun, we're going. As soon as they realize we're gone, they'll come after us, so we'll leave as much as possible.


 Opening the door, Emilia and Laos walked out of the prison cell.
 They proceeded cautiously so as not to run into the soldiers.

 Emilia says while peering at the situation from the shadows.

''You should go back to the warehouse first.''

I understand.

 Emilia and Laos headed back the way she had come from.

 With no guidance from Kasim, they were forced to coma some guards along the way, but somehow managed to get back to the warehouse.

'Can you produce a map of the place?'

I had a look at this earlier from Qasim the Brave.

 Emilia pulls out a map of the magical fortress of Eiltheve.
 I glowed red at that one point.

So if there's a magic wire connected by the Thought Bell, does that mean it's possible?

"Just in time.

 Emilia and Lao stare at the map.
 They must be trying to figure out how to get to the place.

''As long as we can reach it, we can send a rescue. I've already sent word to the Demon King.''

 Well, that's me.

This place probably wouldn't be so heavily guarded...

Then let's get the hell out of here. When help arrives from Dillhade, we'll meet up with Ledriano, Heine and the others, explain the situation and we'll be done with it. Earlier, you were being controlled by magic or a magical tool, weren't you?


 Emilia gives me a puzzling look.

''But when on earth did you receive the compulsion spell I have no idea.......''

"Hmm. I'll look into that.


 After saying that, Emilia and Lao left the warehouse and aimed at the weakest part of the wards.
 The was cut off as Emilia cut off her awareness towards us.

''--What I was looking at was halfway through.

 <Removing my gaze from the , I turned around and saw Ray there.
 Singh, Eldmead, Misa, Eleonor and Zecia are also gathered there.

"Didn't Emilia-sensei make a 'contract (zekt)' with Kasim?

Oh, I see. <The loa sect.

 Ray nodded and explained to those present.

''Unlike the , it's a spell that exerts a compulsion on the one you signed and makes you perform the act as contracted.

"You were going to make it look like the magicians of the Zekt?

 Misha said, followed by Sasha.

'You mean with the terms of the contract...? It was content to cooperate with you until you saved the brave council. But it was Emilia-sensei who used the in the first place.


'How could you tamper with someone else's magic without them noticing, that's not...'

 Sasha makes a huffy expression.

''You mean ... the mad god Aganzon?''

Hmm. It's possible. That man may be the last person to be selected as the Yagami.

 You can only see it through Emilia's magic eye via the Bell of Ideas. The order of the god of madness and the magicians disguised as Zekt were unable to peer into the depths of the order.

 The same is true for Ray. He didn't even see the moment of the Zekt.
 Nevertheless, he took a shot at Qasim.

'What made you think it was Qasim?

 I asked Ray, and he replied.

'That's the way he is. Kasim wants to undermine the idea of being a brave man.'

Why? Because Qasim is a brave man too in the first place, right?

 Sasha asks curiously.

'He wasn't going to be a brave man. He had a title, but it wasn't what he wanted. In truth, Kasim was supposed to be chosen as the Spirit God Human Sword to lead the army to defeat the Geiradite Demon King and fight the tyrannical Demon King.

You didn't get picked and you were jealous.

 Ray nodded.

'Kasim was better than I was back then, both in sword skills and in heroic magic. He worked that hard for it, you know. Defeating the demon king and ending the war. He used to say that he would renounce himself and his greed for the sake of his people and become a true hero. Everyone believed that Qasim was worthy of being a brave man.

 He said with a sad expression.

''But the Spirit God Human Sword chose me. From that day on, Kasim gradually changed.''

 In a heavy tone, Ray continues to explain.

'He began to do nothing but tarnish the reputation of the brave. It is said that he often said behind the scenes that it was impossible for a powerless person to be a brave man. During the great war, my commander, the army for the defeat of the Geiradite demon king, was also involved in infighting.

''It's a crazy thing to do when you're dealing with demons.

 Ray nodded with a bitter look on his face.

'Eventually, Dr. Gerga figured it out. Kasim confessed, you know. He said he would drag down the brave man and ran away. The doctor and I went after him. Everywhere he went, he was spreading the bad news of a brave man with this kind of tactics. In the end, it was the teacher who destroyed him or her.

 Couldn't kill it all.

''Wait a minute. So if what happened to Emilia-sensei just now was the work of Qasim, then it means that he tried to make the tyrannical demon king think he was the enemy and dismember the heroic council, right?

 Sasha said as she ran a hand over her head.

''Perhaps they want to show us that the brave men have killed a demon race that is friendly to humans,''

What are you going to do with that...? In the first place, it's not the same whether there are any more brave men or not. The Great War is over and we are not the enemy.

 For a moment, Ray had trouble answering, then he said.

''Well that's true. Maybe times have changed, but Kasim hasn't changed. Maybe I drove him crazy.

I don't think it was Mr. Ray's fault.

 Mass says.

'At least if I was stronger than Qasim, he wouldn't feel unreasonable.

Hmm. Well, we'll see about that.

 Ray turns to me.
 I make eye contact with him and say.

I said, "Don't let anyone else get to you. Beat him fair and square to the point where he cannot complain. Show the body of a foolish man who can only pull the legs of others down, who is truly brave.

 Ray nodded clearly.

'Thank you.'

 Then Eleonor ticks up her index finger.
 She says with her usual smiling face.

''Hmmm, I have no idea since I came halfway through, but what are you doing now?''


 With a crisp expression, Zesia shows her enthusiasm.

''We will now head to the Inzuel Empire on the continent of Azation. You will find five magic tools called the Genesis Aerial left behind by Militia in the archaeological city of Etiltheve, presumably. They contain my lost memories.

Wow. Things are gonna get real fast before you know it.

 Eleanor says in a frightened tone.

'However, there are those who seem to be trying to interfere with it. The same may be true of Kasim the Brave, Bomilas the Magic King, and the Knights of the Phantom Name. We don't know which of them are clear enemies, or how many of them there are, at the moment we don't know in detail.

Anyway, I'll just go to Inzuel, blow up all the people who are in my way, and get that Genesis Aerial?

 Eleonor asks with rough recognition.

'Help the people of the Brave Council.'

 Misha explained matter-of-factly.

''And one more thing. We discovered the hiding place of the Phantom Name Knights in the cliffs of the Gangrund, directly below Inzuel, in the depths of the ground. They are most likely involved in this case.''

Would you like to split up?

 Singh said.

'Aye. Singh, you and Eldmead head to the precipice of Gangrund right now. There you will find out what the Phantom Knights have been up to.

"As you wish.

'I'll pass on the information I've got so far. You can check it out later.

 I told Singh and Eldmead, as well as the others, about the past I saw in the Book of Traces and Militia's message via
''Kakkah, come to think of it, you've been calling your students as well.''

 <While drawing the magic circle of the Gatom, Erdmeade said, "It's not going to be fun again!

"It's going to be interesting to see what happens next!

 When Eldmead transitioned from this place, Shin also used to follow him.

''Hey........what are you going to do by calling the kids from the academy......?''

 Sasha asked, as if she had a bad feeling about it.

Hmm. I think they are all gathered in the training hall. We'll talk about the rest there.

 Saying so, I draw the magic circle of .

 The students were already seated and waiting for us when we transferred to the second training hall in Delzogade.

 The Demon King is calling.
 I'm sure they rushed to be late.

Sorry about the holidays. I'm sorry about the holidays, but something slightly awkward happened.

 As he said this, tensions spread throughout the classroom.
 In the tense atmosphere, one of the students opened his mouth.

".........Hey, I've got a bad feeling about this.......

...Me too, it's like I can't stop having a heart attack or something...

''Well that's the thing...''

...of all things...

 Sneakingly, the students muttered.

'Hmm. I guess some of them get the idea. That's not so important. It's a bit of a problem with the Insuel Empire on the continent of Azation. The Quorum of Bravery has been captured by the Inzuel Army. The ringleader is thought to be the two-thousand-year-old Demon King Bomilus. Also Qasim, the hero of the army to defeat the Geiradite demon king, is an enemy.

 I briefly informed them of the current situation, telling them briefly that Kasim was trying to deceive the Brave Council, that the full extent of the enemy was still unknown, and that the Genesis Aerial was still unknown, and I said.

''First of all, we will help the Valiant Council.''

 The students' faces cloud over.

'And we will find and capture or destroy the ringleaders of this racket.

 The students' faces grew increasingly cloudy.

'In parallel, we will find the founding star Aerial left behind by the creator god Militia.

 I connected the magic wire of the Demon King's Army (Guys) to them and transmitted the wavelength of Militia's magic power through the Thought Communication (Leaks).

"If you find a magic tool that is similar to that magic wavelength, retrieve it.

 The students all listened to the explanation with grim expressions on their faces.

'Oh, and I'm not going. Follow Emilia's instructions when you're there. I'm expecting some good news.

 The students' faces clouded over as if they couldn't be any more.

''........You're not coming, seriously? Even though Ray and Sasha-sama are there........

''The heroic Kasim seems to be a pain in the ass too... Doesn't the heroic council think we're the enemy...?

'Just when you think you're finally back from the depths of the earth and life is back in peace, now it's the civil war in Azation...'

 The students blurted out.

'Those who lack confidence can withdraw from the program.

 I said so, but no one raised their hand.
 Rather, I cringed even more.

''You're the guy who's going to make me withdraw from life the moment I raise my hand...''

I don't know. I'll give you some confidence, maybe?

'If the Demon King can't come, then there's more trouble on the horizon, right? Dr. Singh and Dr. Eldmead are gone too. That's what it means. Those who decline will be given a special, even more grueling actual battle, right?

 They peeked out a gut-wrenching expression as they faced their fears.

''Well no matter what kind of enemy I'm talking about it's better than a tyrannical demon king...''

''Haha, haha. It's okay, it's okay I've been practicing my magic for the past month like I'm dying for this to happen.

Me too. I know there will be more. It's prep, prep. For not dying... haha...

 More than half of the students had a look on their face that said they had no choice but to do it.
 It seems that some of them are starting to understand it quite well.

Then, we will wait for a while until Emilia goes to a place where she can use the Transference (Gatom). Anosh will do the rest via the "Bell of Ideas". Prepare yourself for infiltration.

 I used the magic of and and disappeared from the place.

"Anosh, that guy was here--

I'm here.

 When I called out to them, the student looked back at me in surprise.
 <I was the equivalent of a six-year old body with reverse growth, and I had appeared.

"Well, you've been hiding again........don't surprise me.......

I'm sorry.

 Take your own seat.

'Are you going with Anosh?'

 Ray asked in a whisper.

'There's also the matter before Emilia. The enemy might be caught off guard.

 Then he cast a spell on me, "Nars," and changed the source of the spell so that I can't recognize it as that of the Demon King.

 Each student has taken out their own magic swords and tools and is preparing for battle.

 It wasn't long before Emilia arrived at the place.