335-Two thousand years ago demons and modern demons

 Emilia and Laos were advancing cautiously through the magical fortress of Eiltheve.

 However, it was a thinly guarded section of the city.
 While working through the soldiers on guard, they reached the room they were aiming for just one step closer.

''.........there.......it's true that the wards seem to be somewhat weak......''

 While lurking in the shadows, Laos looked at the room he wanted to be in.
 Outside, there were two soldiers on guard.

 They are alerted to the surroundings without any guards.

''Chi......... As expected, they can tell that we've already escaped, can't they? It's not likely to take you by surprise, but the holy sword is stolen from you...

 There is no place to hide as far as the soldiers on guard are concerned, it's a straight road.

 By the time we defeat the soldiers, there is a high risk that their location will be communicated to the entire army via .

The longer it takes, the worse the situation becomes. Let's go in the front door.


It's a pretty thing compared to a dragon.

 Ha,' laughed Lao.

'It must be!

 Lao swiftly jumped out of the shadows and wore flames on both arms.

''The Great High Holy Flame (Syfyo).''

 The soldier shouted in a panic as he narrowly avoided the blazing sacred flames.

''Teh, enemy attack! The brave council that escaped from the prison...

 <Before she could call for reinforcements via thought transmission, Emilia rushed over and slashed its throat with a knife.

"I won't let you.

Oh, my God!

 She burned the soldiers who drew their swords as a counterattack with .
 The two soldiers were silenced in the blink of an eye.

 Emilia stuck to the door while Lao was wary of the surroundings.
 She turned her demon eyes to the inside and listened.

 She couldn't see through the inside, but she would be able to understand the magic power.

''There's someone in there. Maybe it's a human...

Are you an Inzuel soldier?

It's not very magical for that, sir.

How many?

I'm alone.

 They look at each other.

Then we have no choice but to go. For now, we're just going to have to subdue that guy inside and call for help from Dillhade and we're good to go.

Yeah, let's go with that.

 Emilia grips the doorknob. It seems to be locked. She drew a magic circle and said.

''Anosh-kun, please...''

 I assisted the magic, and with a click, the lock was unlocked.
 Emilia gives Lao a quick look at him and opens the door.

 He immediately jumped into the room.


 Lao pounces on the figure in the room, wearing armor of fire, without a second thought.
 It's a ward that is activated by assembling the opponent.


 On the verge, Lao stopped his hands.

 Sitting in the room was a long-haired girl who was gagged and her arms were bound with magical handcuffs.


 The girl gets teary-eyed and gives Lao a frightened look.

''........this is........ What do we do, Emilia?

'There were guards outside, and like the Brave Council, they must have been captured by Inzuel's army. Let him out.

 The girl jerked back as Laos crouched down.

'Don't worry. We're not the enemy. We're the Academy for the Brave.

 With that, Lao removed her gag.

''.........Oh, thank you.... I am the First Princess of the Inzuel Empire, my name is Corona Inzuel.

The First Princess...?

 Emilia looked at Corona suspiciously.

''If you ask me, it looks familiar, but why is the First Princess, Corona-sama, being held by the military?

 Then she made a grave expression.

''Well I've heard it, I........''

What do you mean?

I was trying to somehow communicate that to the emissaries of Gailladite...

 Caught, so to speak.

"My father is being duped. General Vomilas. I've seen it. I saw his body turn to flame. He's a demon. He must have done something to my father.

''.......Other than being a demon race, is there any evidence that Bomilas has tricked the Emperor?''

 When Emilia asked, Corona showed a puzzled look on her face.

''It's........specifically.......but my father, who was so kind, would have done this.......''

 Whenever an unexpected disaster comes, it's tempting to blame it on something.
 Even if there is no hatred between them, it is understandable that they would think that the foreign demon race is the cause.

 But it is not necessarily true that Emperor Shapps did not have ambitions from the beginning.

''Please. Will you take me to my father? I'm sure I'll be able to convince you.

Anyway, let's get to a safe place first.

 Lao grabs the magic handcuffs on Corona.

'You might get burned a little, but you'll have to be patient.

 With a bang, flames rolled up and he burned through the chains of the cuffs.
 Her expression twisted in pain for a moment, but she endured hard until the handcuffs were removed.

''.........Ah.......Thank you......''

 Corona stands up, taking the hand that Emilia offers her.

'Another one, looks like it's in the back.'

 She turns her gaze to the other door in the room.
 The wards are weak enough to make it clearer in that one.

'Corona-sama, do you know what room this is?'

'No, we don't come to the Demonic Fortress...'

 Corona said apologetically.

''I can't feel any human magic inside, so I don't think it's a problem.

If you're making this much noise and no one comes out, you'll be fine.

 Emilia and Lao exchanged such an exchange and approached the door at the back.
 Cautiously, she opened the door.

 Inside, there was no one there.
 It was just an ordinary room with chairs, tables, and furnishings.

 They patted their chests in relief.

''........Anosh-kun, we've arrived. How's it going?''

"Hmm. Good job. We'll send you a rescue.

 I'll analyze the magic environment of the place through the "Bell of Thoughts". Since the warding is weakening, we can just about make it.

 <If you use the magic of transference (gatom), a magic circle will be drawn in the room.
 It was at that moment that the area in front of my eyes momentarily turned completely white.

 The landscape of the room seen from Emilia's field of view changes in the blink of an eye.
 Chairs, tables and furnishings disappear, and a magic circle appears on the floor, walls and ceiling.


 Just as Laos was about to turn back, the door in front of him also disappeared, replaced by a wall.

'What the hell, the door just disappeared!

 He thrust out his fist and unleashed the Great High Holy Flame (Scipio), but the magically strengthened wall was solid and didn't budge.

"Emiliea, what do you--

 As I tried to ask for her instructions, Lao was immensely disappointed.

 What was in front of me was the magic circle of the I had drawn.
 It was the entrance through which Dillhade's rescue was sent.

 The red flames that covered it in a sphere were burning with a gurgling sound.

''I'm going to extinguish it! Otherwise, the moment of transition--

 Emilia draws a magic circle and creates ice in her palm.

"Holy Eight Flame Wards!

 The ice emitted by Emilia attacks the ball of fire, and Lao's
 But it's as if it's ineffective.

''It's a fragile thing. The demons and heroes of today's demons and heroes are far worse than they were two thousand years ago.

 Voices echoed.
 Lao and Emilia look around them, but they can't see any shadows or shapes of the enemy.

"Where are you looking, I am here!

 A spherical flame enveloped the magic circle, and there floated a creepy eye and mouth.

''Totally. Is this what a flying summer bug in the fire is all about? <How could you not be aware of the fact that the boundary of the Sacred Field of the Sealed Realm (Lo Maesis) is so weak?

 Emilia's gaze soured and she looked at that demon race.

''Demon King........is it Bomilus?''

"Master Left. You are the weakest demon of our time. I am the grimoire king, the master of magic.

 Emilia bit her back teeth at the sudden appearance of the mastermind.

''Weak man. I have a suggestion, will you not listen to me?

 In this situation, Bomillas was unexpectedly underhanded.
 While being wary, Emilia asks.


My body is a different space, full of fire. <Those who jumped through the gates are still alive, just barely. Become my men. If you do so, I will spare your lives and the lives of these fools who have trampled upon my soil.

 The small room becomes terribly hot due to the flames of the bombilas.
 Both Emilia and Lao are forced to exhaust themselves just doing so.

''I am under the control of the Demon King of Tyranny. Do you mean to draw your bow to the ruler of Dillhade?

Do not take advantage of your subordinates. If you want to be on equal terms with me, try to speak for yourself, and not with the Lord. That's what being a demon is all about.

 The raging flames, the demon eyes floating there, emit a cold killing atmosphere.
 The pressure from this made Emilia close her mouth.

 I think he realized that unless he showed his strength, he would not be able to communicate.

'I don't need to think about it. "I don't need to think about it," she said, "but you have two choices. You can either join my crew and survive, or you can be consumed by the flames of Bomilus, the grimoire king, along with all the others you have called here.

 Emilia doesn't answer, carefully searching for a chance to win.
 Seeing this, Vomilas laughs with a baboon, spreading the flames.

'Silly thing. Do you still think you have a chance to win after being so easily caught in such a simple trap? If it was the Demon Race from two thousand years ago, it would definitely not have transferred to this place.

 Bomillas' flaming mouth twists in mockery.

'Good? O degenerate demon race. If you don't know the difference in strength and intelligence, I'll teach you by myself.

 From the flames of the sphere, an arm grew out of the flames of the sphere.
 Bomillas plunged his flaming arm into the flames of the sphere himself.

''Carve the power of the true demon race into your eyes. He will grip and burn each and every demon that transmigrates here.''

 Gulping, Bomilas grasped the flames' hand.

'First of all, there's one. 'Here.'

 Bomilus pulled the hand of the flame out of the sphere flame.
 Then he slowly opened that hand.

 There was a doll there.
 The face was lop-sided, with the words 'Fool' written on it.


 The moment--

 Bomillas' flaming body bursts open and a demon race equivalent to six years old appears from within.

''Hmm. If it's a demon race from two thousand years ago, it would never transfer to this place, right?

 The flames that flew off gathered again and formed a human shape.

''It's a very old set in stone, Demon King. You can't possibly have this much of a trap. It's as if he's asking you to move on.

 The flames turn into a full human form.
 The crimson demon eyes floating on its face look into my abyss.

''........Ho. It seems that some of you have a few bones. Which, let's rub it in.

 Bomillas draws a magic circle with his arms.

"If you have withstood this spell, I will allow you to say your name in front of me. Taste it for yourself. It has been said that Dillhade is unrivalled in the history of the Gio-Glaze.

 The magic circle drawn with both arms is combined into one.
 The red Gio-Glaze is shot at me from the gunport constructed in the center.

I'm not someone who needs to be named. If you want to know what it is, I'll tell you.

 Laughing wryly, I draw a magic circle.
 The jet black Gio Glaze was fired from there.

 The red sun and the jet-black sun ravaged each other, scattering flames.

 It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to find a way to get the best out of it.


 Bomillas' flaming body was consumed by the flames and burned to its jet blackness.

 Unable to resist, the bombilus retreats as countless sparks of fire.

".........who are you.......?

 I say my name proudly.

"Anosh Porticolo. A modern-day demon.