336-Magic King's Warning

 The diffused flames gathered in one place again, forming a human shape.
 Once the magic circle was drawn, an old-fashioned robe was wrapped around Bomilas' body.

"A modern-day demon race, you say?

 Bomilas opens his mouth, his magic eye glowing.

'You're going to say it's hard to believe,'

It's more surprising than hard to believe. I'm getting used to this age of magic. But it's not impossible. The demon race is as strong as you are. The demons of this era, where everyone is vulnerable, is what's so extraordinary.

 Easily, Bomiras accepted that I was a modern-day demon.
 Is he not aware of anything, or is he pretending not to notice?

Anoosh Porticolo. A powerful demon of our time. I have a proposition. Will you listen to it?

Say it.

 In a very serious manner, the Magus King opens his mouth.

'Do you want to be under my command? I do not naturally like to fight. But the sparks that come from the fire must be removed. The fools must be punished. Above all, this is a perilous time. Much more so than two thousand years ago.

 The face of the flame smiles.
 It's like a flame burning.

Hmm. If you really don't want to fight, I have a better idea.

What's your offer? What can I do for you?

"I hope you'll be in charge of the tyrannical demon king. Nowadays, demons don't like to fight. Humans don't like to fight, either. The Great War is over and the world is at peace.

 'Baboon,' said Bomilas, laughing at it, spreading the sparks of fire.

Peace. It's not just a matter of time before you find yourself in the middle of the night. How can this dangerous world seem peaceful?

 I quieted my smile and he looked at me with a sharp look in his eyes.

'The ruler of the time after I left. Anos Voldigord, the tyrannical demon king. That's Anos. Can you really trust the Demon King Anos?

 You want me to trust you, right?

'I don't see the story. The answer is that I'm standing here.

There is one individual who can destroy the gods, spirits, demons, humans, and the world at any time. Should we really call it peace?

 Bomiras asks with a serious face.

''If the Demon King of Tyranny causes a whim, the world will be destroyed at that point. Alright? O modern-day demons! Peace is not something that can be built on such a dangerous foundation.

 Then Emilia said.

''I think the Demon King of Tyranny is far more peaceful than you trying to restrain the Brave Council with all your strength.

"You do not understand, demoness. I don't like to fight, but they are demons from two thousand years ago. I have no desire to be a messenger of peace. But there is a line that should not be crossed in the world. It's not just a matter of time before you get to the point where you can't ignore the threat.

 When Emilia glares at herself, the Magus King tells her to admonish her.

I've never taken action after my reincarnation. I'm not sure if there are any other people in the room. The underground dragon men are also troublesome. I'm sure that if you move carelessly in this world where they are present, you will be destroyed in a heartbeat.

 Sparks of fire rose and danced from Bomilas' entire body as he spoke quietly.

That is the balance of the world. There are areas that can't be managed by the thoughts of individuals, and that's why it's a deterrent to conflict. But what about the Demon King of Tyranny? That one doesn't care about balance, it could destroy the world if it wanted to.

If you're not willing, you're not.

 Emilia said sharply, and Bomiras immediately refuted her.

The fact that you can do it is not the point. The fact that you can do it is not the point. The brave council wants to abolish the royal monarchy of Gailladite and advance the parliamentary system, don't they?


 He suddenly changed the subject, and Emilia affirmed it in a confused way.

'Why?' It was probably because the royal family of the Gaelidites had dictated to Azation and conducted a foolish government. But it was never the beginning. Over the years, the royalty had become corrupt. Who can say that the demon king of tyranny will not do so?

 As soon as Emilia fumbled for an answer, the Magus King immediately opened his mouth.

''Isn't that simple enough? There is a great magic in this world that can destroy the world. And the activation of the magic is entrusted to the will of an individual named Demon King Anos. Doesn't Unura, a modern day demon race, understand this? How horrible that would be.

Hmm. So what are you going to do?

 I asked him, and he responded immediately.

'There are many ways to do it. For example, Dirhade could have a parliamentary system instead of a monarchy of tyrannical demon kings. Of course, it's not just a matter of construction. They could distribute the Demon King's power to the selected excellent demon tribe. Only when each one of them has the power of the Demon King and acts as a deterrent to the other can true peace be realized.

 True peace.
 That's a plausible statement.

It's also questionable that the Demon King of Tyranny has only ruled Dirheid himself and is pushing for a parliamentary system in Azation. Until the institutions of the state are fully entrenched, the power of Azation will decline.

 It's inevitable, though.
 As long as we are building a new system, the old system is inevitably more efficient until it gets on track.

If the Demon King truly wants peace, he must develop a deterrent force. If the Demon King truly wants peace, he must develop his own deterrent power, i.e., strengthen his brave men, build up his army, and build up his forces against the Demon King. There will be no room for parliamentary rule if they push for it.

'With your way of doing things, it's almost as if you're talking about going to war.

 Emilia said sharply, and Bomilas laughed as he scattered the flames, "Baboon," he said.

'I'm saying it would still be more peaceful if we were at war. Why can't you see that you are a fool? No matter how much you build up your army, you can't reach the Demon King. By Unu's logic, the Demon King is just existing, it's like he's trying to start a war.

There is a difference between an individual and an organization.

'Yes, it's different. An individual would be of a worse quality. The Demon King has power. Only he is the only one with power that is too huge. Why would a man who wants peace have such power? The power of the Azeon nation has been diminished, so why won't it give up its own power?

 As if in alarm, Bomilas asks, "Is there anyone in this world who can destroy the world?

'Is there one in the world who can destroy the world, and can you say that he will never destroy the world?'

 As if in denial, Vomilas shook his head widely from side to side.

''The answer is no. Modern day demon race. This is not the time for you to give in to the Demon King Anos just because he is strong. We must work together as a unit to deter him. We must unite the world and create an army that can stand against Anos. Gods and spirits, demons and humans, all working together, it will finally come to pass.

You have a point.

 I send word to the grimoire king Bomilus.

"But you are not idealistic enough. Bringing the world together as a deterrent? It sounds pretty good, but it prepares the world for conflict, and peace is a laughingstock.

If that's the case, then the Demon King is a contradiction in terms. That fellow who claims to be a peacemaker has the power to destroy the world.

'If the Demon King of Tyranny is trying to destroy the world, but the world will not be held together simply in the name of deterrence. Rather, won't this result in you inviting conflict?

Don't you see that we'd rather have a fight.

Not a good story. If you want a deterrent, you have two options.

 I turned my magic eye on him as if to find out what Bomilus meant by this.

"Rely less on the world and more on you as a deterrent. Or at best, humor the tyrannical demon king so that he doesn't want to destroy the world. By my reckoning, the latter is the closest to peace.

 A baboon," the grimoire king said, laughing it off.

"You want me to be in a good mood so that the demon king won't throw a tantrum? It's typical of the demons of this era that they would put the fate of the world in the hands of such a vague thing.

Your hardened idea that power can only be opposed by force is quite unlike the demons of two thousand years ago. But you must remember that.

 I looked at the mocking Mage King and said.

'If you seek peace, believe in love. That is the only way you can reach your ideals.

You can't be preaching to the choir just because you have some power. Don't push your luck, my little minions. I'm Bomilus, the grimoire king. It's true that I'm not as powerful as you. If I were still alive, Dirkheid would not have let that tyrannical demon king rule over me so easily.

 I certainly didn't have to fight Bomillas.

 But it's strange.
 The fact that the cause of death of the demon tribe that had so much power and ruled over Mid-Haze didn't reach my ears in that era.

 Or it may have something to do with my lost memories.

''Who did this to you?''

 Exasperated, Bomiras contorted his flaming face.


'He must have been killed before he fought the tyrannical demon king. I ask who did this to you?

 The flames of Bomillas' entire body surge as if he's been reversed, or as if he's gone wild.
 The magic eye of the fire burns abominably, and he glares at me.

'Be respectful of your mouth. You don't have many options for Unu.'

 Scattering firebrands and flapping his clothed robes, the Demon King spread his arms wide.

''Will you acknowledge my wisdom and power and be a deterrent to the world? Or you can turn tail and run home and bring the tyrannical Demon King with you. Whichever you prefer, you may choose.

 Magic circles of various sizes floated around Bomilas' body.
 It shifted into a combat stance.

 Magic power turned into scattered sparks of fire and overflowed from its entire body.

Hm. In that case, I'll give you a choice.

 While staining both arms with , I look into the magical abyss that Bomilas is describing.

'Do you want to expose your hapless appearance and confess the cause of your death two thousand years ago, or do you want to be trampled like a rag and trampled to death? Or do you want to be trampled like a rag and spit washed up about the founding star Erial?

 I present the choices allowed to the grimoire king, Bomilus.

Choose. Whichever you prefer, I'll give you a taste of it first.