337-The Spirit of Magic

 ''Baboon,'' said the Demon King Bomiras in a mocking voice.

''Ignorance is a terrible thing. Two thousand years ago, there wasn't a demon tribe that could talk so much to this grimoire king. If he has that much magic, he can even become a tengu.

 With a bang, Bomillas' entire body flared up as if it was threatening.

''But Unu is still just a demon race with strong magical powers. It's only a matter of time before he or she is able to show off their talents. I'm not. This Bomilus is the future that the Unu will spend the next thousand or two thousand years studying and perfecting. You can find out the true power of a true demon who has reached the essence of magic through eternity.

 A crimson sun swiftly emerges from the various large and small magic circles drawn on Bomillas' flaming body.

You're not going to be able to get away with it. You will die if you move carelessly.

 I cast a counter-magic on Emilia and Laos, and I drew a magic circle.

"Receive my supreme Gio-Glaze!

 The robe of the Magus King fluttered.

 Countless large and small that emerged from his flaming body were shot out in all directions without aiming.

''You're a fool, Bomiras. Did you forget that it didn't pass?

 He fired the from head-on, setting the crimson , which was coming towards us, in black flames.

 Again, the jet-black sun did not stop and headed straight for Bomilas's body.

''Foolishness is unudue, Anosh.

 The robe that Bomilas wore shone darkly.

 When the roaring, blazing landed there, it was sucked into the darkness as if it were consumed by it.

 When a magic circle is drawn on the right hand side of Bomillas, the Gio Glaze appears from there and shoots out towards me.

Hmm. I see.

 With the right hand of the black Root Source Death Killing (Bevsud), it slashes through the Hellfire Annihilation Cannon (Geo-Glaze) and extinguishes it with anti-magic.

"So that robe is the Otherworld itself.

 I kicked the ground and approached the Magic King while avoiding the red sun that was shot out indiscriminately.

''There's no magic that can pass for a serious Yo.

 The flaming right arm swung down vigorously at me.
 As if to intercept the attack, I thrust out the fingertips of the Bevsud.

 The moment the jet-black fingertips bite into the palm of his flaming hand, his hand turns dark.
 My arm was swallowed by it.

"Black Otherworldly Demon Road (Dedrado).

 Bomillas' left arm draws a magic circle.
 What pops out of it is my jet black fingertips.

 I twist my neck to avoid it and clench my fist gingerly to confirm.
 <The finger that appeared from the magic circle of the made a fist.

 In other words, my finger itself wasn't controlled.

''Hmm. I've heard of this before. <"The Cloak of the Black Sea, huh?

 That robe he wears is, as I see it, the Otherworld itself.
 Even if you attack it, everything will be swallowed by that black space.

 Then, in the Dedra Dnedo, you can freely twist the inside of the black world, create a single pathway and construct a doorway.

 It's a good idea to have a straightforwardly protruding Bevsed, which will pass through the Black World and come straight out of the magic circle he has drawn.

You can't do anything about it even if you know. All of the attacks don't reach my body, they just pass through the black world.

 Once again, Bomillas unleashes his crimson Geophysical Flame Annihilation Cannon from inside his body.

 I'm not sure how many times I've been in the past, but I'm sure I've been in the past.

It's not hard to see why the inside of the black world is quite spacious, but how about the doorway?

 <I use the magic of .
 In the moment, a thunderous sound is made and the ceiling and walls are torn down.


 Lao muttered to himself.
 What I'm creating and lifting with my right hand is a huge demon castle that can't fit in this room.

''Oh dear, we can't let them destroy our fortress!

 As the grimoire king drew a magic circle, the room was swallowed by the
''Kuhaha, is this the time to be worrying about the fortress?''

 Doga gaga gaga gaga, destroying the sprawling room, slamming the Demon King's Castle into the bombilus as hard as possible.

''It's lukewarm.''

 <The spread wide and covered the Demon King's Castle.
 The darkness is so bottomless, it even gulps it down.

"This is the kind of wisdom that modern demons seem to have in mind. There is no end to the magic of this witch king.

 Bomiras points his right hand magic circle at me.

"The Dark Otherworldly Demon Road (Dedra Dreadnought).

 The tip of the huge demon king's castle appeared all of a sudden from there.

 Immediately afterwards, I held the tip with my left hand of my pale white "Forest Rattlesnake".

"Baboon, you've caught it well. But that's as far as it goes. I'm not going to be able to prevent my own magic from blocking my own attack.

 The Magic King said triumphantly and drew the largest multi-magic circle ever.

''That's a boy that's too good to kill. There aren't many demons that could fight me for this long, even two thousand years ago. If you swear your allegiance to this mage king Bomilus, I'll let you live.

I don't think you understand the situation, Bommilus. You're the one who's on the ropes.

 As the magic power gushed out, the Demon King's Castle expanded further.

What's up? <If we don't expand the Dark and Otherworldly Demon Road, we're going to end up at the exit.

 Bomillas doubled the magic circle of the , but with another guffaw, the Demon King's Castle swelled up and became three times larger.

''Is that the limit? Apparently the exit is narrower than the entrance.''

 <He let go of his hand, but the Demon King's Castle wouldn't come out of the magic circle of the Dark and Otherworldly Devil's Way (Dedorado Ned). It's too big, so it's grabbed inside the Black World and can't be taken out any further.

''But my Demon King's Castle has no upper limit.

 There was a sound of magic power shattering, and the magic circle of the was destroyed.

 The exit was unable to withstand the Demon King's Castle, which was growing infinitely larger, and it collapsed.

 The tip of the Demon King's Castle disappeared from the spot.
 It must have returned to the Black World.

''Well, now there's one entrance. This one, let's see how far it can spread.''

 The huge demon castle I'm creating from my right hand is more than halfway inside the greatly expanded darkness, the Cloak of the Black World.

 I'm going to expand it further.

 The moment the castle swells up, the cloak of the black world expands even more and tries to envelop my body and attack me.

 I kicked the ground and jumped back, and the darkness swallowed up the castle.

It's a shame," he said. There were people who came to the same conclusion as you two thousand years ago. It's true that the weakness of the inexhaustible space of the Cloak of the Black World is its doorway. As Unu thought, if you try to expand the doorway beyond its capacity, it will break.

How nice. It was nice of you to reveal your own weaknesses.

 'Baboon,' laughed Bomiras, scattering the sparks of fire.

It's easy to see when you look into the abyss. It's not just a matter of how you use it. I wouldn't let them do it without a fight.

Yeah. But, unfortunately, I'm not looking for any weaknesses.

 I hold up three fingers.
 Bomiras looks at me, puzzled.

'What's that? If you're begging me to wait three seconds, well, I won't think about it.

''Triple. Every second, the Demon King's Castle you swallowed by the Black Realm will expand three times.

 Perhaps imagining this, Bomilas' expression turned into nothingness.

''Well, how big is the Demon King's Castle now?''

Guess what? Three times a second? In a matter of tens of seconds, it will become a demon castle far bigger than this world? How can such a bluff be accepted...

 At the same time as the words, the that Bomillas wore was torn apart into pieces.


 Softly, softly, a scrap of cloth from the cloak fluttered down to the floor.
 It had already lost its original power of the other world.

 I'm going to be able to take advantage of the moment when he was dumbfounded and stick out the fingertips of the

'Looks like even the Black Realm couldn't fit into my Demon King's Castle.

 The guy barely avoided the kryptonite at the source of his roots while his body was pierced by the flames.
 Then he rose into the air as if to keep his distance.

''If you answer my question with a clean slate, may I promise not to destroy you?

 'Baboon,' the Demon King sneered.

'You are so proud of yourself. Look around you.

 In the room of the Azesis, where I wielded the Demon King's Castle and it was torn to shreds, a number of crimson suns are floating in the room. It's the first thing he fires from the Gio Glaze.

"Two or three moves ahead. This is the battle of two thousand years ago.

 Flames ran from the red sun and a number of were connected by lines.
 They are building a blazing three-dimensional magic circle in this place.

 The heat rays from the many large and small Gio Glazes were showered on the body of Bomillas.

 The flames flared up even more intensely and turned into the brilliant sun itself.

"Is it frightening, young demon race? Are there no words for it? But I can understand what you're thinking. <The Gio-Glaze is the highest level of fire magic. You didn't know there was a magic that goes beyond that. It's obvious to me why that hasn't been conveyed to you before.

 Bomiras spreads his arms out, spreading the firebrands.

"You should be honored. "All the men I have shown this magic to have perished. I was chosen to be one of them!

 With a gurgling sound, the bombillas transformed into a sphere, transforming itself into a true geo-glaze.

 A shimmering flame that distorted space and turned into a sun fell toward me.

"Know the essence of magic. <Jiao death annihilation brilliant fire burning flames (Aviastan Ziara).

 I draw a hundred magicians and fire the Gio-Glaze.

 The jet-black sun, which has turned into a brilliant flame of annihilation-annihilation-brilliantly brilliant, burns all the way up to Bomilus and disappears into the void.

"Baboon, trembling, your aim is off, Anoosh Porticolo.

 I stabbed my right arm
 The red glowing flames cling to me, scorching my black fingertips.
 <The magic of the Bevsud is burning.

''It's useless. <''I am invincible, having been transformed into Jiao Die Annihilation Brilliant Flame (Aviastan Ziara). No amount of magic will ever be able to counter her.

Hmm. Well, how about this?

 The jet-black sun that I shot out drew a magic circle, and the heat rays gathered at my right hand.

''Hee hee hee! Guess what. It's a brilliant thing that you've built up your technique to that point, but you should have seen the abyss more often. <It's a magic that can be used only because of this flaming body, the Jiao death annihilation brilliant fire burning flame. No flesh and blood body can control the flames.

You better look into the abyss.

 The jet black sun dwells in his right hand as he gingerly puts his magic power into his fingertips.

"Jiao death burning brilliant fire burning flames (Aviastan Ziara).


...What is this........?

 <The right arm with the concentrated power of the Jiao Death Burning Brilliant Fire Burning Flame (Aviastan Ziara) gouges out the burning sphere of Bomilas.

 The brilliantly shimmering jet black flames burn his body in a flash.

''.........baaaah, that's ridiculous.......! Why is the
 The flames are set ablaze by the black "Jiao Die Annihilation Brilliant Flame (Aviastan Ziara)" and Bomilas' flaming body is instantly transformed into ashes.

You'll be able to see that Bomilas is a master of magic. <It's true that he's better than the Gio-Glaze.

 I pulled his arm out of his body, and Bomiras' flaming body reverted to human form and fell to his knees with a thud.
 With his head hanging down, he said.

 It was inexplicable.

"It's just an improvement on a flaw in the formula. It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to use it. It's also the origin of magic.

 The crimson glow that Bomilas' body was wearing disappears.

 His was burned up by the hands of this black flame.

''........modified.......good........? The essence of magic that I have arrived at after repeated reincarnations and thousands of years.......the unu you just saw?

"This age of magic is based on what the demons have been building up since ancient times. The grimoire king and the tyrannical demon king, the end of our ancestors' many deaths and many years of study, we will arrive at the end of the abyss.

 The flames continued to burn, and the source of the bombillas continued to burn.
 <The fire of the brilliant flames of Aviastan Ziara is unquenchable.

 Until it consumes its target.

This is the path taken by the modern demon race, the Demon King's Academy.