338-Action begins

 The flaming body of the grimoire king Bomilas quickly turns to ashes and falls to pieces.
 Half of his body had already been burned off and he was unable to fight properly.

 The fire of the Aviastan Ziara is spreading every second, and it has finally spread to the source of his fire.

Now, Bomiras. If this continues, you will perish.

 The magic circle of the Zekt is thrust in front of him.

"Sign this contract. "Sign it and tell me who killed you 2,000 years ago. Or tell me what you know about the Genesis Aeryal and I'll put out half your fire.

 It means that to put out all the fires, we must speak both ways.

 Bomilas, who was about to destroy them all, laughed, however, with a baboon, scattering the fire sparks from his mouth.

'Do you want to know the name of the one who killed me? Is that the life of the Demon King?''


Failing to reincarnate and losing one's memory is pretty pathetic for a tyrannical demon lord.

 Seeing that Bomiras signed the
"Tell the Demon King. Two thousand years ago, the person who forced me to reincarnate was Cerise Voldigord. It was you who sent it to me.

 Hmm. You say incomprehensible things.
 However, it's not a lie as long as there is a .

"Does this mean that the Knights of the Phantom Name were under the control of the Demon King?

"You thought the Witch King was a saintly boy? The demon king and them were aligned in their goals.

 As if to argue, Bomilas said.

The nameless knights were like ghosts, burying those who opposed the Demon King from darkness to darkness. They didn't even let the Demon King's heart know or realize this fact. This is the dark side of the Demon King Anos, who has risen to become the ruler of Dirheid in a short period of time.

 You don't remember.

His hands are too dirty to speak of peace. What do you think, modern-day demon? Don't you think?

Hmm. You want to plant a seed of doubt in the Demon King?

 <In accordance with the Zekt, I will extinguish half the flames of the Brilliant Flame burning Aviastan Ziara.

"I'm trying to tell you that I'm a man who easily buries those he once favors as soon as they're no longer needed. I'm not sure I'm a king who deserves to be remembered.

You know what? You have a lot of nasty things to say to a man who's been called the Demon King of Tyranny.

 At my words, Bomilas contorts his flaming face.

'I took sides for peace and buried them for peace. What's the problem?'

 Bomiras was speechless.
 He probably didn't expect to be told that by the modern-day demons who are accustomed to peace.

"If you are driven by compassion and can't destroy the people you once had under your command, then you have no right to speak of peace.

'The descendants of a bloodline that only spreads destruction are the ones who asked for something unworthy of their share. Among the Voldigord, Demon King Anos is an abomination. He was born of destruction, the poster child of doom. It is nothing more than an abominable disaster that does not fit within the framework of the demon race.

 The weakened still burned his entire body, and the Demon King's face crumbled to pieces.

''You may tell him/her. The tyrannical demon king with the power to destroy this world. No matter what ideals you claim, you cannot escape that fact.

 Instead of answering the other question, Bomilas just burns away. 

'If he truly wants peace, he will soon find that he has no choice but to destroy himself.

 With those words, the last piece of paper burns up and turns to ashes.
 <The dimensional prison (azeisis) was released and we returned to the room we were in.

"....Did he die...?

 Emilia asked in a fearful way.

'It is destroyed. You may move now.

 After releasing the anti-magic, Emilia walks over to me and turns her gaze to the ashes of Bomilas.

''........To destroy a two thousand year old demon race so easily.......Anosh-kun, you really are a genius, aren't you......''

You taught me a spell that allowed me to burn myself out. Otherwise, it would have been very difficult to destroy that fiery body.

 They call me the Demon King.
 If I had known I was the Demon King of Tyranny, I would have been a little more careful.

 But even with that in mind, it's a bit of a cakewalk.
 I'm destroyed, but that doesn't mean he's the real thing.

 It's also rash to suddenly attack without measuring the enemy's strength.
 It's also the kind of guy who's been lurking around without taking any action.

 In any case, don't think this is the end for you.

"We've paid the dewlap. Come on.

 Yes, if you send the  And so, the students of the Demon King's Academy were transferred here.

 Ray, Misha and Arcana's figures are also there.


 Ray walks up to Emilia and Laos.

'Anos has asked me to cooperate with the Council of Valor. We have three main objectives. The first is to rescue the Valiant Council. Then, to subdue Inzuel's army and find out who the mastermind of this incident is.

''........Isn't the Demon King that Anosh-kun just destroyed the mastermind?

I believe it was one of the ringleaders. Just not necessarily anyone else. Neither would the Emperor of Inzuel.

 Nodding with a divine face, Emilia asked.

'What's the other one?'

The task is to find the Genesis Aerial, which is believed to have been left in this ruined city by the creator god Militia. There are five Aerials. The memories that Anos lost are sealed in there. Perhaps Inzuel's army is also looking for it, or has already found it.

 Emilia pondered and then said.

''........Corona-sama, the First Princess of Inzuel, might know something....... I'm waiting for her in that room over there.

 The door disappeared, leaving it a wall.
 Ray called out the Spirit God Human Sword Evans Mana and flashed it at him.

 With a gurgling sound, the wall that was cut into squares collapses inward.
 When I looked at it, I saw a girl, Corona, staring at me as if surprised.

''Don't worry, Corona-sama. We've succeeded in calling for help.

 Emilia walked through the hollowed out wall.

 At that time, particles of magic power flooded the original room.
 As if to warn her, Emilia and the students of the Demon King Academy elaborated their magical eyes.

''The has become stronger.

 Misha muttered.
 Sasha held her head in her hands as if she had a bad feeling.

''Hey ... could that be?''

Hmm. We can't use Gatom in this place anymore.

I can't go home...

 You cannot call for help.
 So it's a double trap that leaves those who have moved on alone.

"The enemy still has some strength.

 As far as we know, the enemies other than Bomiras are Inzuel's army and the brave Qasim, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are other demonic tribes from two thousand years ago as well.

''Well, we'll get this done on our own. What about Sousei Erial?

 I turned my gaze to Emilia and she asked the First Princess Corona.

''Didn't Emperor Shapps tell you anything about the magic tool called Genesis Aerial? Or have you been looking for something like that lately at the ruins?

 Corona turns over slightly and thinks.

'I remember seeing a group of soldiers enter the oldest ruins of Virgina. It was a large group for examining the ruins, so I wondered...

 Hmm. That's weird.

"Where are the oldest ruins?

The further underground you go in the ruins of Eiltheve, the older you will find. There are 47 vertical pits in the castle town that can be entered through, but the seventh pit is the one that connects to the oldest remains.

 Then Sasha said.

'But there are five founding stars, right? Do you think it's all there in its oldest remains?

 Misha blinks with a snap.

'There's no point in dividing it into five.'

'Misha's right. It's reasonable to assume that there are other places.

 I looked at Corona and she said apologetically.

'I'm sorry. I don't remember anything else...'

 Well, we've found one likely place.

We could split up.

'Me and Mass, along with Dr. Emilia, will go after Qasim. We'll rescue the council of valor and subdue Inzuel's army. And Emperor Shapps as well.

 Ray said.

 I've told the other students to work with Emilia as well.
 Inzuel's army is human soldiers. They are human soldiers.

So we'll just have to find the rest of the creation planet?

 Sasha said.
 'Besides her, Misha, Eleonor, Zesia, Arcana and I will be the ones who will be exploring the Genesis Erial.

'Corona. Which is the seventh vertical hole?

 Emilia complains next to me, "Language!

 I lightly listen to her and draw a street map of Eirtheve with magic and show it to Corona.
 As for the map of the city, it is available to the public, but unfortunately it doesn't even include the numbers of the vertical holes.

'Here it is,'

 It's the farthest vertical hole from the magical fortress.
 That's where I marked it with my magic.

Then, Emilia. I've been told by the demon king to leave the command of the students of the Demon King's Academy to you. I'm sure you'll be able to get out of this predicament with the help of their strength.

I know. You, Anosu, don't be too proud of yourself. You're just like the Demon King in that way. You're stuck in the middle of nowhere. And politeness. It's bad luck to be an azéon. It's not that I'm not a good person, but I would like to be careful in front of other people. Okay?

 So, Emilia says petulantly.

 She has been nagging me about this and that since I started attending the academy, but I don't feel bad about it now, strangely enough. 

''I'll keep it in the back of my mind.

 When she said that, Emilia rolled her eyes, as if she hadn't expected it.
 She smiled slightly, as if she were happy.

''You promise?''

 With her at my side, I opened the door to my room.
 There were no soldiers in the area.

 <Even if it was a magic formula that automatically strengthens the "Lo Maesis", they must have known we were here because they made so much noise.
 Do they think that they can't compete with your half-hearted forces, so they are waiting for you somewhere?

 Well, that's good to know that it's easier to move on.

I hope that's the last thing you'll ever have to do before you leave things unfinished two thousand years ago.

 Line up next to me, Ray whispered.

'We both are,'

 We split up on the spot and headed in different directions.