339-The cliff of Gun Grand

 I shifted my vision to Shin's magical eye.

 It's the underground world.

 A series of cliffs stretching from the canopy to the earth, and there was a huge chunk of rock that couldn't be contained in a single glance.
 It is the cliff of Gangrund.

 Singh and Eldmead, who had descended to the land, were looking up at the towering cliffs.

'Kakkakkah, isn't it absolutely magical? On that day of calamity, the canopy that turned into an immortal divine body fell down, and yet such a wall is still there!

 In a panic, the canopy fell to the verge of crushing the basement.

 Even if Gadeisiola was at the highest point of the underground, more than half of the Gangrande's cliffs would naturally have been destroyed.

''Does this mean that only this immediate area is without a canopy?

 Singh says.

'I see. So this is what you mean? This precipice of the Gangrund is a canopy that has already fallen,

 A portion of the canopy fell as a tremor, piled up, and so built up the precipice of the gangrund here.

 If the top of it was hollow, then it would not have been crushed, no matter if the canopy fell on the day of the calamity.

'Perhaps a part of the ruined city of Eiltheve could be found here. Along with what you are looking for, my dear.

 Singh's gaze is directed to a hole in the cliffside.
 It would be the entrance to the cave Diedrich had seen in the future.

'Will demons or evil come out? Kaka-kaka, isn't it exciting! The memories of the Demon King left behind by Militia, the God of Creation. No, no, no, what is hidden there? To begin with.

 Spinning his staff around, Erdmeade poked it into the ground.

''That Demon King Anos, that man who went to the extent of his tyranny and laid waste to everything at will! You've lost your memory. Who the hell is that? No, how did you take away the demon king's memory!

 Not taking in the words of the Cutthroat King, Shin flew to the entrance of the cave in
It's a good thing that you're not the enemy, the enemy that stands in front of that man, isn't it? It smells nasty, it smells nasty, it smells nasty. It smells dangerous.

 Even as he flew after Singh, Erdmade shouted in an amused and irresistible manner.

'I can smell the Demon King's enemies.

 They landed at the entrance of the cave.
 If they turned their demon eyes to it, it went deeper and deeper than anywhere else.

''There are new footprints, aren't there?''

 Shin looked at the ground of the cave.
 Even with the naked eye, he couldn't see anything, but if he passed through the magic eye, there were footprints of magic power left there.

''Isn't it mostly the Knights of the Phantom Name?''

 Without hesitation, Erdmeade and Singh proceeded through that cave.
 It's dark inside and there are no lights.

 There was a possibility that the Phantom Knights might be lurking somewhere, but the two of them walked on to explore the surroundings, not caring about it.

''Cutthroat King. Do you know about the Phantom Name Knights?

Are you talking about the Knights of the Phantom, who were around 2,000 years ago?


 Eldmead walked on, tapping the ground with his staff as if he were investigating something.

'I didn't know the name of the Phantom Knights, but I had heard a rumor that there was a group of nameless knights. I heard that some of the powerful men of the demon race were killed by those guys. But they don't leave any evidence. It's not just a matter of time before you're able to get your hands on a new one.

The same people?

It's just a possibility and a rumor. But think about it. Even if you knew about it, you couldn't just tell us all about it because of your contract with Cerise, could you?

 Even if the sorcerer is destroyed, the effect of the Zekt continues.
 We'll just have to listen to what Eldmead has to say.

 For a while, the two proceeded through the cave and eventually arrived at the parting of the ways.

"By the way, the Demon King's right hand. Do you prefer to explore quietly and steadily or to explore loudly?

'If this is the enemy's base, there's no point in being quiet now. I'm sure they already know we've been infiltrated over there.

 Grinning, Eldmead laughed and spun his staff around.
 As particles of magic like confetti flooded out of it, it began to glitter in the cave.

 He had already let go of his hand, but the wand was spinning into a single one.
 There was a loud and lively sound of shakashaka shakashaka.

 The Cutthroat King held up his hands and gingerly spread them out to the left and right as if to stretch them out, and the number of spinning wands had increased to five.

 Eldmead clapped his hands.
 Then the number of wands spinning while emitting light increased to ten.

'A magical creature? I remember seeing them two thousand years ago.''

 Shin gave him a look that said, "Was it the Cutthroat King's?

''This is excellent at exploration. As much as it shows off, its information gathering ability is outstanding. But in return, you won't be able to get the information these guys got until they come back to you.

 It's a very useless magic for exploration purposes.
 You're going to explore it with an open mind.

'But. "Clap your hands and it will multiply.

 Eldmead claps his hands.
 Then the number of spinning wands doubles to twenty, scattering glittering confetti.

'Go ahead.'

 With a shakashaka shakashaka, the flew halfway to the left and right, splitting off into separate paths.

 Eldmead chose the right one at random, clapping his hands periodically with a pang as he went on. Singh walked next to him.

 The area was nothing short of noisy with the flashy lights of spinning wands and the sound of shakashaka shakashaka.

''Kaka, I've already been hit with fifty. Isn't the Phantom Knights excellent?

 Grabbing a single that had returned to his hand, Erdmade drew a map on it.

 The inner workings of the Gangrund cliffs had been revealed slightly.
 There were several red dots floating there.

'This light spot is where the wand was hit. It's where the enemy was hiding. Well, they're probably already moving.

No sign of him coming this way.

 Shin muttered as he felt a hint of magic power on his skin.

It's a trap. They must be planning to destroy the right hand of the demon king and this cutthroat king by framing them all together.

 If they thought they couldn't win in a head-to-head battle, the Dark Lord and the Spelling King might not be here.

"Kakkakkah, I have good news for you.

 Grabbing another one of the returned , the Cutthroat King said, ''I've found a strange room.

''I've found a strange room. <I have found a strange room with a weld that even the staff-seeking Hey Hey Do Hey can't check. There's a strong smell of magic in there. There could be a Founding Star Eyre there, but of course, it could also be a trap.

That's fine. If it's a trap, the sooner we cut it down and discard it, the better.

 Singh said plainly.

''Good, good, truly excellent. That's the Demon King's right hand, Sin Reglia. It wouldn't be fun if it weren't.'

 Erdmead claps his hands in praise of Shin.
 Somewhere, I heard the sound of increasing.

'Follow me.'

 <With the magic of , Erdmeade floated up and flew low through that cave.
 Shin was piquantly lined up beside it, running like the wind.

 Soon, a large vertical hole appeared in front of them.
 When they looked up, it went on without end.

 Or perhaps it led to the ground.
 Without a moment's hesitation, Eldmead ascended the vertical hole, and Singh kicked and bounced up the wall.

 From the several empty horizontal holes, the Cutthroat King chose one and went inside.
 Eventually, he reached a place where the end of the narrow passage widened.

''This is it.''

 The entrance to the building was warded and it was impossible to see inside.
 Various concealment and protection spells had been cast.

 Eldmaed grabbed the spinning and poked it with it, and in the blink of an eye, the staff burned out.

''It's dangerous.''

 By the time he said the words, Shin had already drawn his severed sword.
 With a step, he stepped in and slashed through the barrier with the barrel of his sword, which emitted a bottom-chillingly cold glow.

 With a bashful sound, the barrier shattered brittle.

''Let's go.''

 They step out beyond it.

 Shakashaka shakashaka, while making a sound, a number of come in and illuminate the area.

 What emerged was a large number of pillars.
 And there were countless bodies crucified there.

''All of them are of the divine race, aren't they?''

 The gods were tucked in there like specimens.

'It looks like most of the guardian god class?'

 Eldmead walked over to one of them and turned his demon eyes on it.
 When he peeled off the cloth that had been draped over it with his staff, a strange scar was left on its belly.

 It's a scar that drew a magic circle.

''What is it?''

"Kaka-kaka, that's the work of a madman. "Kaka-kaka, that's the work of a madman. He cut open the belly of a god and altered it. I don't know what the trick is, but it may lead to this. The same body Cerys Voldigord found 2,000 years ago in the village of Zeiron.

 The headless bodies that were laid out in the settlement of Zeilon.
 They too had signs of slashed bellies.

'So there are those who have been studying magic since that day. "So there were humans and demons there. And today, at last, even gods are experimental materials. The only thing that makes my heart beat faster is to think about what kind of terrifying power they had and what kind of forbidden research they were doing!

 In a fit of amusement and pain, Eldmead lifted his lips and then pointed the tip of his wand deeper.

'Come out,'

 Erdmead says, sharply.
 Singh had already turned his gaze in that direction, too.

''I know you're there. Let's see if you are qualified to be an enemy of the Demon King, this Cutthroat King.''

 With a flash, the tip of the wand shone, illuminating the light.
 A faint shadow of a person was reflected behind it.

 The Cutthroat King, in front of the strong enemy he hadn't yet seen, perhaps imagining the existence of someone who would be the Demon King's enemy, reveals a joyful expression.

''Well, well, well...''

 The one who appeared in front of them was a demon tribe wearing a flashy vestments and a large hat.
 That fellow's body was gelatinous, and his face was almost entirely lop-sided.

 From the toes of its feet to the top of its head, it looked terribly familiar.
 A man who had once sunk into the magical shallows of the Great Spirit Forest of Ahartheln.

 One of the four evil royalty was Gilisilis Dello, the Scarlet Monument King.

'I knew the Demon King's men would come, but not with you.

 Gillicilis said proudly while contorting her gelatinous face into a goofy shape.
 His entire body was filled with confidence.

I'm not sure if it's the same thing for me right now, though. Even if it's against the Demon King.

 With a terribly cold demon's eye, Erdmeade looked at the man.


 The Cutthroat King showed a face that was more disappointed than ever before.