340-Clown magic

"The Cutthroat King.

 Gillicilis said, her gelatinous face twisted into arrogance.

'You're still the same, aren't you?'

 Huh, Eldmead sighed exaggeratedly.
 He turned his back on Gillicilis, then turned to Shin.

'What a cunning and horrible trap! 'It's a great surprise to me that I've been caught off guard by such a disappointment, or rather, if the person who drew this script is the one who did it, great!

 Grumbling and twisting his gelatinous face, the Scarlet Monument King's demon eyes were filled with rage.

''I'm telling you that your thoughtless carelessness in dismissing me as insignificant is the same as ever!

 The walls, floor and ceiling of the room are covered in ancient script, and the walls, floor and ceiling of the room are covered in a blue-white light.

"The Noavus.

 It was the magic that had defeated the Scarlet Monument King himself in Ahartheln.
 Black lightning fangs thundered as they ferociously attacked Eldmead, biting into his shoulder.

''How do you like the taste of the ancient text magic developed by the Demon King? To me now, imitating his magic is a no-brainer.

 Its fangs were thrust into the Cutthroat King's body as it scattered black lightning with bumblebees.
 While receiving the attack, he stared at it with a face like it was nothing.

 With a look of satisfaction, Girisilis says, "I know, Cutthroat King.

I know you, Cutthroat King. "I know, Cutthroat King, that you have obtained the power of the Heavenly Father. Now, show me. I'm a being that surpasses even a god.

 With his hands outstretched, the Scarlet Monument King put his magic power into the monumental stone.
 <The Annihilation Black Lightning Annihilation Fang (Ji Noavus) ate through Eldomade's anti-magic and pierced his body.

''Hmph, what's going on? If you don't do it soon, you'll get bitten at the root.

 Eldmead runs a hand over his silk hat.

'You say that, but isn't Omae a pre-careless problem, Scarlet Monument King?

 The Cutthroat King threw the silk hat away with his magic and made it swivel in the air.
 <The Cutthroat Hourglass of Death fell to the ground around Girisilis, building up a death curse.

''An inconvenient curse that will not take effect until the sand has fallen is meaningless.

 Saying that, languidly, the moment Girisilis contorted his gelatinous face, a dumb sound sound sounded and smoke covered the Cutthroat King.

 As if it was a magic trick, a pigeon fluttered out of the smoke and a duck tiptoed along.

'Are you a
 Without moving, Girisiris waved his arms wide and let the bite the walking duck.

''A walking duck and a flying pigeon. Naturally, everyone would have flown away as a fast running pigeon, but thee who ate a man. The correct answer is ducks, huh?

 As the bachi and black thunder fangs devoured the duck, there was another popping sound and a plume of smoke.

''After all, your magic is nothing more than a trick to scare the crap out of you. You can't even call it magic. You are not my enemy," he said.

 At the moment Gilisilis said this, another pigeon flew out of the rising smoke and a duck started to walk away.

'How many times have we done this?'

 <The Black Annihilation Fang takes a bite out of a duck.
 Then the pigeon that flew away disappears.

 A clunking sound could be heard at the spot where the duck had been, and smoke rose again.

 <The duck and the pigeon appeared again, this time by the "Smoke-like Scrolling Bitter Bird (Pon Polapo).

''I saw that magic two thousand years ago, Cutthroat King. "I saw that magic two thousand years ago, Cutthroat King," said the Cutthroat King, "and the idea is to make you think that no matter how many times you attack, there is no point in attacking, so you will stop attacking. But that lowly cloaking spell only makes it look like you're not eating the damage while you're eating it. That's your kind of sneak attack, huh?

 While saying this, one after another, Girisiris attacked the ducks that appeared with the Smoke-Like Scrolls and made them use the Smoke-Like Scrolls again.

If you buy enough time, the sand in the Sandglass of Death will fall off. That's what they want you to think, but it's too bad. <You can't use your magic tools while you're transformed by the smoke-bombed bitter bird. I'm sure that if you deal with a curse that can't be triggered without knowing that it is, you will take advantage of the opportunity.

 Giggling and distorting his gelatinous face, Girisilis makes his demon eyes glow.

''I can see it in my magic eye. An inexperienced magic formula, everything, thou art full of make-believe.

 Laughing at the fact that he could see everything, Girisilis turned his magical eyes to Shin.

''Do you want to just watch, Sin Reglia? If only the Cutthroat King revealed his divine body and thou and I could work together, we might be able to defeat me now.

''No thanks. If you think the Cutthroat King is fighting back, you won't be long.

 Grumbling, Gillicilis twisted her gelatinous face in displeasure.

'I know, I know his tricks. I know what he does. I've been boiled before. That's how he pretends to be something he's not. I was fooled once, but that's not magic. It's magic when you create something that doesn't exist!

 Saying this, Girisiris devoured the duck with his Black Thunder Fang.
 But this time there is no smoke, the duck just disappears.

"Couldn't resist, did you turn it into a pigeon? So, I guess it's time to move on, huh?

 As if proud of his victory, the Scarlet Monument King made the bite the pigeon.

 Giggling, as the black lightning fangs ate through the pigeon, it turned into a particle of magic power and disappeared.

 The Cutthroat King was nowhere to be found.

''........I see. I see. The first time I used
 Gilisilis turns his gaze to the ceiling.

'That means it wasn't a decoy, but the main body, hey.

 Out of the corner of his eye, a pigeon was perched.

''If it hits you squarely, you are not worthy of fear. You can't develop much magic, but that doesn't mean you're familiar with magic swords and tools. You can't develop much magic, and you don't know much about magic swords or magic tools, but you are very good at getting help from the people you have brought up. He is a clown who only praises the Demon King for his cleverness.

 Two each appear on both arms of Gilisilis.

''You are an embarrassment to the four evil royal families!

 The four black thunder fangs thundered out a terrific thunderclap of jizzy jizzy and ate the pigeons on the ceiling, tearing them to shreds.

 However, the Cutthroat King did not appear.
 The pigeon just disappeared as a particle of magic power.


 The Scarlet Monument King inexplicably turned his demon eyes to his surroundings.

 There were no pigeons or ducks.
 And Eldmead was nowhere to be seen.

''I see.''

 The Scarlet Monument King turned a sharp gaze at Xin.

''God-hiding spirit Gennuru, it was, wasn't it? So you hid the Cutthroat King while pretending not to touch him, Xin Reglia.

 With the disconnection sword sloppily lowered, Shin doesn't hold it up, but just looks back at Gillisilis.

''Well, I don't mind. Then that's it, I'll just take care of thee first.

 Spreading his arms wide, the Scarlet Monument King held the on either side.

''It seems that your magic eye (eyes) can only reflect magic power and magic art formulas.

 Singh says quietly.
 Gilisilis laughs at the boring thing.

─ It's enough to show that much, you know. You will not have time to look at anything else in order to get to the depths of magic.

'You were to retire to the magic workshop or something. You never went into battle.

 'Hmph,' laughs Girisilis.

'Have you lost your nerve, Demon King--'

 Girisilis's mouth snapped up, as if he had lost his voice for a moment.
 Both of his knees snapped, and he got down on the floor with his hands.


 The Scarlet Monument King turned his gaze to the that was around him.
 The sand had fallen off and the curse had been activated.

''It can't be........It can't be......There's no way the Cutthroat Hourglass of Death can be used with a sorcerer in a different space......My understanding of the magic formula........ It can't be wrong...?

'Cuckoo. If you know that much, isn't it as if you've already answered the question, Girisilis?

 Eldmead's voice rang out.
 It was from within the smoke of the that first rose up.

 Suddenly the smoke was swept away by the wind and there was the Cutthroat King with his staff in the air.
 He threw his staff with a thunk.

...? When did it happen...? What timing.....no, what magic did you use...? <Gatom? It's different. <Reiner and Nazira? No, I didn't miss it. Gennuru is out of the question. If that's the case, then in the last two thousand years, they've developed a new magic that can steal my magical eye.

He's been there since the beginning.

In the beginning... or maybe it's...

 When Shin said that without a care in the world, Girisilis was astonished.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one," he said, "because you misunderstood that I had become a duck or a pigeon, and pointed the Black Annihilation Fang in a misguided direction.

 As if he had finally realized it, Gillicilis's expression was tinted with humiliation.
 He let go of the Black Annihilation Fang that he had made her bite.

 The condition that the curse is not triggered until the sand has fallen, and the restriction that the magic tool cannot be used while transformed by the are also invitations that Erdmeade dares to expose.

 Where the enemy has taken measures against it and is at ease, to trick them by various means.

'But, Scarlet Monument King. If I'm a clown, aren't you a good guest? If I show you a new trick, you can fool me as many times as you like.