341-The person closest to the abyss

 Eldmead lifted the edge of his lips slightly as he watched Gillicilis put his hand on the floor.
 He found something odd.

'Did you find it odd? <The sand in the Cutthroat Sandglass of Death has fallen completely. They say I should be dead by now, but I wonder why I'm not dead.

 The Scarlet Monument King drew a magic circle on the floor.
 Then the black aurora covered his surroundings and turned into a magical barrier.

 <It's the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen).
 Eldmead looks at the magic with interest.

'Did you think that was impossible? With my roots, this Demon King's magic, which requires a vast amount of magic, should not be able to be used.

 Slowly, Gillicilis raised herself up and stood up.
 The four walls of the wall (Benno Yevhen) that surrounded him completely blocked the curse of the Cutthroat Hourglass.

I told you. Cutthroat King, your magic is nothing more than a trick to scare the hell out of me. With such a thing, you can't possibly kill me, who is approaching the depths of magic.

 The Gilisilis's gel-like body quickly filled with magic, turning an ashen and poisonous green color.

 Peering into the abyss with his evil eye, Erdmeade laughed with amusement, cracking up.

''Fortuitous, fortuitous, the most fortuitous thing of all! You see, the right hand of the Demon King. That man who was so mediocre that that Greek squirrel was unrivaled in terms of the diminutive nature of his roots, was the
 Shin stated calmly to Erdmead, who couldn't hide his excitement.

''Your magic power has increased significantly since you were in Ahartheln, hasn't it?

'Yes, yes, that's right. But his roots were no more complete than they were two thousand years ago. There was no stretching at all. So what? The magic. Now, now, what the hell did you do?

 Gilisilis contorts his gelatinous face in a good way.

'Do you want to hear it?'

''Kakkakka, what's the point of asking Omae, King Scarlet Monument? At best, you'll be bragging about someone else's work as the result of your own magical research.

 The Cutthroat King's cheap provocation irritated Gilisilis, and he peeled his evil eye away.

''No, no, no, Girisiris. No, no, no, no. I don't mean to belittle you. I would love to hear what you have to say, of course, but there is no guarantee that you will be honest with me.

 As if to further get on Gilisilis' nerves, Erdmeade says.

'If you're going to sign a contract with me not to lie to me for the rest of the day, I'm willing to trust you--'

 The Cutthroat King glimpses the magic of the .

''Well, it's impossible. You can't do that," he said, "no matter how much you ridicule and bluff, you don't have the power to fight a head-to-head magical battle. It's different from the tyrannical demon king who will screw you over head-on no matter what kind of unfavorable contract you have.

 Just as he was about to emphasize the Demon King of Tyranny as much as this and retract the magic of the , the Scarlet Monument King sent his magic power flying and forcefully signed the contract.

''We can't let you underestimate me. Unlike you, I have no need to lie to you.

 Gilisilis gave a glimpse of confidence.
 Eldmead nodded in satisfaction and said

''Then let me hear it. Scarlet Monument King, how did you manage to obtain so many roots?'

You saw the bodies of the gods in this room, didn't you?

 In high spirits, the Scarlet Monument King began to speak.

''This is Celis Voldigord's research. That man had stepped further into the depths of . He not only inherited the power, but also further enhanced and evolved the magical power of the source. Those bodies are the mother womb for that purpose.

 A mother's womb for reincarnation.
 Perhaps the mother's womb in the settlement of Zeiron two thousand years ago is the same.

 Is that where Cerise got her hands on this research?
 Or is that a falsified past?

 I don't see the point in tampering with it at the moment.

It's called "maternal incarnation". This is a spell that promotes evolution by using the source of the mother's womb. I don't suppose you'd understand if I told you this, but it's the magic that causes the mother's mutation by inheriting the mother's womb's power or interfering with it.

 Gilisilis speaks eloquently, as if presenting the results of her magical research.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one," she says, "but the she was studying is still incomplete. It was possible to make humans and demons into mothers, but there were many problems with the gods. That's why that man came to me to ask me to complete it.

 <So, when he learned of the research on Maternal Embryo Reincarnation (Guijerica), Girisilis jumped at the chance.
 For someone who wanted to overcome his fundamental weakness, it would have been a godsend.

 Of course, Celis must have anticipated that.
 Although the Scarlet Monument King is as unsuitable for combat as it sounds, he has a massive amount of knowledge when it comes to magical research. He's not original, but he's solid.

 He must have expected to be useful in research that already has a foundation of .

And at last I have perfected the magic that leads to the depths of the abyss, the gijerica.

 Contorting her squishy, gel-like body, Girisilis scattered particles of magic power.
 It was indeed accompanied by a power like a divine order.

''Do you understand? I searched for a mother womb worthy of its own root. That's how I remodeled that god's belly and was reborn. The being closest to the abyss of magic that crossed the power of the demon race with the order of the gods. That's this Scarlet Monumental King - no, let me dare to say it,

 High-pitched Girisilis raised his voice.

''Beyond the Demon King of Tyranny, the one closest to the Demon Abyss. With Gilisilis Dello, King of the Abyss!

 Pointing his fingertips at Shin and Eldmead, he draws a magic circle.

It's not much of a challenge for you to be under the control of the Demon King.

 He said as Guilisilis' body seemed to emit light.

''Order magic .

 A dazzling ray of light is fired from his fingertips.
 Shin saw through it, which was approaching at light speed, and dodged it, but Eldmead took a decent hit.

 And a happy squeal goes up.

'Did you see that? Even the order of the brilliant light god Diosseria can be used as magic by me now. In other words, you can do this kind of thing too, huh?

 Drawing a magic circle over his entire body, he said proudly.

'Orderly magic !

 A moment later, his body began to move at the speed of light.

'Hmph, can you see it? My figure moving at the speed of light. It's not that I want to show you this kind of churlish magic. It's just that this is just a set-up for the ultimate magic we're about to show you.

 Gilisilis moves around at the speed of light, releasing from his entire body and carving magic letters of light all over the room.

It's different from the magic of a demon king that only destroys. This is a magic that will change the order of the world. All magic, all magic, enslaves and follows me. This is the closest order magic to the abyss. Its name is Demon Domination Slavery Subjugation (Emperum Didya)!

 <As the magic circle drawn by the took effect, the faint magic power in the air gradually began to gather on the Scarlet Monument King.

''Behold. All the demons, all the magic, the moment they nipped at me. It will soon reach the root of you and hang its head on this Me. Not to the Demon King, but to this Abyssal King, Gilisilis Dello, to swear absolute obedience--Gobyoo!

 Girisilis, who was moving around at the speed of light, was blown away at the speed of light.

 The Scarlet Monument King, who was slumped by Shin's foot sweep and crashed into the wall, had his body skewered by the Severing Sword Deltroz the moment he tried to raise himself up.


Anything else you'd like to ask me?

 Lightly blocking Gilisilis' movements, Shin looked back at the Cutthroat King.
 Perhaps sensing his anger, Erdmaed shrugged as if he didn't mind doing what he wanted.

''Gilisilis Dello.

 With cold eyes, Shin looked at the Scarlet Monument King.

''Profane remarks such as surpassing my you, you deserve ten thousand deaths.

 A flash. With his severed sword, Shin sliced through the root cause of Gillicilis.
 In an instant, he revives with .


 From the side of the revival, Shin severed its root source, and Girisilis revived again.


 The Gillicilis, whose root source is divided into seven parts, can be revived as many times as it wants in as long as all of them are not destroyed in an instant.

 However, Shin didn't mind and continued to swing his magic sword.
 Its speed far exceeds the speed of light and is accelerating rapidly.

 In one breath, it counted a thousand, and in the next moment, it accelerated to double and now it was already over five thousand.
 His magic power had turned into nothingness.

''Severed sword, the secret depth is four--''

 In the blink of an eye, the blade of disconnection is wielded ten thousand times.

"Ten thousand deaths.

 <Exceeding the regeneration speed of the , Singh cut the root source of Gillicilis into a multitude of slices, causing it to dissipate on the spot.

 A moment later, he turned his steely gaze to the side.

 There was a huge stone eye there, emitting divine magic power.
 It was a demon eye. It stared at Shin with Guillory.

 Without needing to look into the abyss, it was clearly the divine race.

 Gilisilis's voice rang out, and his gelatinous body appeared from within his stone eyes.
 On his fingers, the pearl of selection shone.

 He must have summoned a god and had himself rescued on the verge.

''Kakkakka, what, Scarlet Monument King. Are you the last of the eight god selectors?''

 The Scarlet Monument King answered Eldmead's question as if he were boasting.

''Since the Demon King was selected, it's only natural, hey. I am one of the eight god selectors. I was chosen by this Devil's Eye God, Janeldfock, to be the seeker.