342-One chosen by the three gods

 The magic sword shimmered.

 By the time the Scarlet Monument King spoke with great skill, Shin had already closed the gap between the two.
 He swung the Severing Sword Deltroz down at that huge stone eye, the Demon Eye God Janeldfock.

''Severing sword, the secret depths of 2-- .

 A high-pitched metallic sound rang out.

 The demonic sword that cuts off everything, the Severing Sword Deltroz.
 The secret depths of the sword were prevented by the majestic sword that suddenly appeared in front of the Demon Eye God Janeldfock.

 A demonic sword with a beautiful blade pattern floating in the air.
 It exuded a mystery that was enough to bring silence to the area.

 When the blade design flickers, a great deal of magic flowed from that alone.
 Divine order.


 As if proud of his victory, the Scarlet Monument King Gilisilis raised his voice.

''Unlike the Demon King, the god who chose me isn't alone, hey.

 Before he knew it, two selection pact beads were attached to his fingers.

''The Demon Sword God Hail Mary.

 With the words of Gilisilis, a shining hand is attached to that majestic magic sword.

 Just as light seeps from the sword, a doll made of light appears there.
 There isn't even a minute's gap in its stance as it holds the sword.

I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this. The magic sword in his hand is the Ryukouken Artocorusta. It's a true demon sword that cannot be beaten even if you have a collection of 1,000 magic swords.

 Gillicilis says in an exasperated tone.

'I see,'

 The breakaway sword Deltroz was met head-on by the Flowing Sword Artocor Asta with its sword barrel.

 Immediately afterwards, the doll of light - the sword of the demon sword god Halejiend is struck off, and Shin flashes the breakaway sword Deltroz at its neck.

 However, the sword is stopped snappily as if it was caught by something, and Hailjiend's breakaway sword reverses and slashes Shin's neck.

 Fresh blood was splattered, but he drew back and avoided the fatal wound with a single piece of paper.
 Shin's demon eyes stared at the ward that received the severed sword.

''Hmph, I told you that unlike the Demon King, the god who chose me wasn't alone, didn't I?

 Another one, the third selected pact pearl appears on Gilisilis' finger.

'Linnololos, the God of Wards.

 Shin's sword was blocked by the Order of the Warding God.
 A godly transparent cloth wrapped around the severed sword Deltroz.

 Beyond that, there was a lady with the cloth wrapped around her naked body.
 It's probably Linololos, the God of Boundaries.

'Go ahead. Leenololos, Hailgend. It's just a matter of showing the best swordsman in Dirhayd how to use his divine swordsmanship.

 The Scarlet Monument King shines the selection pact bead and issues an order.

 Then the Boundary God Linololos itself turns into a transparent cloth, stretching it out in all directions like a spider's web.

 It trapped Shin and the Demon Sword God inside its wards.

''The Kekkaifu of Linororos can never be broken from the outside or inside. The allies are given a blessing to withstand even the destruction of the world and the enemies are given a spell to block their movements.

 While Gilisilis twisted his expression in a goofy way as he explained, Shin slashed the boundary cloth that was entangled in the demon sword with the Severed Sword's Secret Depths 2 .

 With the returning sword, he fleshed out the Demon Sword God Halejiend and swung his sword down.
 In the space of a breath, the severed sword and the flowing sword collided repeatedly, sending countless sparks flying.

''It seems that being a Sword Technique God isn't an accomplishment.

 Shin's barrage of blows is accelerating fast, but the god who controls the swordsmanship is able to keep up with him without difficulty.

 Demon Sword God Halejiend. The figure is a shining doll.
 It doesn't speak, and it doesn't even have an expression. But the sword was speaking eloquently about something.

"The severed sword, the secret depth is four--

 In the space of a moment, ten thousand times, the blade of disconnection flashed.


 Against Shin, who used the secret depths, Hail Giendo uses his bare strength to dispel all the blades of all death.
 This is because Shin's speed is hindered by the Linororos' warding cloth.

 They exchange blades and blades with each other and slash their bodies, but the Demon Sword God is unharmed by the warding cloth. On the contrary, Shin was increasing his lacerations with each strike.

 At the end of the secret depths, the body of Hail Giendo wavered and shook.
 A faint rustle could be heard from the flowing sword in the doll's hand.

 A thin water mirror appears between him and his god.
 From the surface of the water that reflected Shin, a murmur could be heard again.

 Like a drop of water falling into the mirror, a single small ripple stood on the point of the severed sword Deltroz he held in his hand.

 Immediately afterwards, the breakaway sword Artocor Asta is thrust out through the water mirror.

 Shin struck it away with Deltroz, but the thrust released by the demon sword god, however, without an inch of error, pierces the cutting edge that had just rippled out.

 There was a clink.
 Like thin ice cracking, the severed sword Shin was holding in his hand shattered, and all the fragments left behind spilled out of his hand.

 It was slashed to pieces, even the root of it, and would be impossible to regenerate, even if it were to lose time and give it magic power at the earliest.

 The demon sword was destroyed.

''........The secret depths of the Flowing Destruction Sword.......''

 When Shin opened the magic circle, the hilt of the Zanjin Sword Gneodros appeared from it.

 However, when he thought he heard the rustle again, a water mirror formed in front of him.
 Immediately after it made a ripple, the Flowing Collapse Sword Artocor Asta was slashing through the storage magic circle.

 Shin's hand, which was slashed apart at the same time, was bleeding, but still moving.

 Quickly jumping back, he turned his steely gaze to Althokol Asta.
 It was too weak for the blow that had destroyed Deltroz.

 Perhaps it was the secret depths that destroyed only that one point that rippled.


 There was a joyful smile on his face.

It's as good as settled over there. It means that they have found out who is more competent in the same swordsmanship, the demon king's men and my men," he said.

 While standing over the stone eyes, the Demon Eye God Janeldfock, the Scarlet Monument King Girisilis said.

''Kakkakka, isn't that premature? You are so smug in your own power that you won't look at your opponent. That's why you always lose.'

 Eldmade's hair changed to gold, and his demon eyes (eyes) emitted a fiery red glow.
 On his back, particles of magical power gathered and formed wings of light.

 As he let golden flames rise from the palm of his hand, the divine sword Lord Yuie was created there.


 The Lord Yuet, which was ejected vigorously towards Shin, however, was snappily stationary in the air before it could touch the Leenololos' wards.

''You're too late. <''The Demon Domination Slavery Subjugation (Emperum Didier) is almost complete!''

 When Gilisilis extended his hand, the divine sword Lord Yueyeh flipped around and turned to face Eldmead.

''God's magic power, even with the divine sword, there's only obedience before .

'Kakkakka, I see. As expected of the God of Magic Eye, Janeldfock. The reason why he is able to construct such a complex magic formula is because he borrowed the god's magical eye.

 Gilisilis twisted his gelatinous face in displeasure at Eldmead's point.
 It must have offended his pride.

''Even if you can understand it in your head, you can't see the technique with your magical eyes.

It's not a pretty sight to sore losers. Your help is not forthcoming. <When you've completed your empelum didia, you'll be my dog. I'll just say "doggie" to you.

 Gilisilis used his slavery magic to send Lord Yuet flying.
 The Cutthroat King ducked it on the verge, but the blade turned around and pierced his chest from behind.

''Until then, you can at best torture them.

 The Cutthroat King laughed, even as he stabbed his sword into his chest.

''You haven't finished it yet?''

What's that got to do with it?

 Exasperated, the Scarlet Monument King said.

''No, no, it's just that Omae's magic is not suitable for real battles. Drawing such a large magic circle on the wall and on top of that, it takes a long time. What's more, there's no redundancy in the magic circle. If you break it just a little bit, that will stop the activation of the Demon Domination Slavery Subjugation (Emperum Deiya).

Are you sore losers again? If you think you can stop it, try.

 'Cuckoo,' laughed Erdmeade.

'Where are you looking? You've already done that.

 Gilisilis reacts inexplicably.

'Come on. Come on, come on, come on! See every inch of this Cutthroat King's body with your prized Demon Eye God!

 Gilisilis's gaze turned grim.
 Yes, it was indeed strange.

 Despite the fact that Lord Yuye had pierced Eldmead's body, he hadn't shed a drop of blood.

 Not even a single drop.

 Extending his hands out in a grand manner as if it was a show, Erdmeade drew out the divine sword Lord Yueyeh that was stabbed into him and released it.

 There was still not a drop of blood on his chest or on his sword.

''Let me explain to you the rules of play!

 With an exaggerated gesture, the Cutthroat King points to Girisilis with his staff.

You will answer my question. You have 10 seconds to answer. Your attack will only work on me if you answer it. I'll write down your answer on the card.

 From his silk hat, Erdmade takes out a black card.

'If you hit it word for word, Omae's attack will be reversed and it will strike at Omae himself. You are limited to three questions. If you don't guess the answer once, I will die as punishment.

 Erdmade spun around and hid the cards in his hand, revealing them again.
 The black cards had been increased to three.

''With the order of Heavenly Father God, as determined by the Cutthroat King Erdmaed.

 He lifted his lips and said in amusement.

'God's play is absolute.'

 The Cutthroat Death King's play magic that seems to have eaten people.
 It's likely that he is using the words of the powerful Heavenly Father God to achieve his magic formula.

''It's a boring magic. Guess my answer? <I don't know if you can guess every single word because you can't lie with the contract, Zekt. If you miss three times, you die.

Let's get on with it, shall we? First question, Guilicilis.

 Completely ignoring Guillicilis' words, Eldmead said.

'Give me the full name of the great demon race that you actually admire, are jealous of, and therefore want to surpass,'

 Gilisilis exclaimed and stared at Eldmead with his evil eyes.

'If you're not there, just say you're not there. 'Yes, of course, word for word. It's not the same thing as 'Anos Voldigord' and 'Anos Voldigord Hey! That's a bit of a problem for this Cutthroat King, indeed.

 With a croaky throat and a laugh, the Cutthroat King sent magic power with his fingertips to the black card and wrote the words.

''As a matter of fact, I've already heard the answer from the future god Nafta and the prophet Diedrich. Well, it's getting harder and harder for those two to predict, but in this situation, ninety-nine percent of the time, Omaha's answer is already decided--

 For a moment, Girisilis's magical power wavered as if she had expressed her agitation.

''--That's a lie! Now, three seconds left. Time is running out, it's your punishment.

The answer is...

 While opening her mouth, Girisilis releases magic power from her entire body.

''--I can't keep up with this kind of silly games!

 <To prepare for the Cutthroat King's Reasoning, Girisilis invokes the Demonic Slave Obedience.

 If you enslave the Cutthroat King's Yugi magic, the game itself will not be possible.
 He saw that before he could guess the answer, he could do whatever he wanted.

 I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what I'm talking about.

You're not going to be able to get your hands on any of them. I've said over and over again that your magic is nothing more than a scare and a bluff. As I have said many times before, your magic is nothing more than a scare tactic and a bluff.

 Right now, the magic power of Girisilis has entered the Cutthroat King Yugimedran, and she is enslaved by the Demon Domination Slavery Submission (Emperum Deiya).

 In a triumphant manner, Girisiris's gelatinous face twists and turns squishy and mocking.

 But right after that, the activation of the Demon Domination Slavery Subjugation (Emperum Didya) stopped.

 The magic letters drawn all over the room, the light disappears in a huff.


 The Scarlet Monument King spilled his voice in a daze.

''Impossible.........The technique should have been perfect.......Why isn't it activated? What the hell did we do wrong...? The theories and techniques I've constructed were flawed, etc...

'Oh, come on, man. Are you still talking like that?

 The Cutthroat King walked out and grabbed the staff that was spinning near the wall, the .

 When the light was turned off, the magic letters on the wall that had been projected were gone.

...! Foolishly, with the Demon Eye of the Demon Eye God, how could I, this me, make such a simple oversight.......

''With the Demon Eye God's demon eye, it can't be unnoticed. That pride turned into blind faith when the name of the Demon King was mentioned. ''Because!''

 Dunking his wand, Erdmeade said in a high voice.

''Because you have longed for, envied, and twisted that fearsome demon king, and harbored a pitch-black desire for him.

 Eldmead pointed at the Scarlet Monument King with the tip of his staff.

''Inevitable, inevitable, it's not just inevitable at all! No matter who you are, you can't be unsettled in front of that demon king. The moment I asked you the question, you didn't want to tell me the answer. As long as you say it, you've won. This cutthroat king can be easily defeated. Ah, but, but, but, Scarlet Monument King.

 With a grin, the Cutthroat King sticks out the words.

''You're going to have to admit defeat to the Demon King from the bottom of your heart.

 Taking out three black cards and increasing and decreasing them, Erdmeade played with his hands.

''Omae didn't want to do just that. I was so full of thoughts about the Demon King that I took my magical eye off the magic eye for a moment. You're going to be able to find out what's going on. I can't admit to being a demon king, and there's only one answer for you, who can't lie.

 Eldmead turned the card over.
 The words on it--.

''No answer.'' You may think you've just barely preserved your pride by not answering the question, Scarlet Monument King. Don't you think that Anos Voldigorde and the ogre who can't easily answer the question with a simple answer would praise and be jealous of that demon king more than anyone else?

 As he says it, the Cutthroat King uses his staff to undo the magic circle on the wall that he rewrote.

''Your attacks will be returned to you.

 <The Demon Domination Slavery Subjugation (Emperum Deiya) to the Cutthroat King Yugi True and False (Eldomedran) bounces back to the Scarlet Monument King himself.

 In other words, Gilisilis is enslaved to Eldomed.

Hey, Greece. <How long will it take for the Demonic Domination Slave Subjugation (Emperum Didya) to take effect?

 With a change in blood and a messy mess on his face, Girisilis shouted.

''Heh ... Hail Giendo, Leenololos! In less than a minute, I want to do this thing!

 Gilisilis turned his gaze towards the god and was speechless in the next moment.

 A single thin water mirror formed between the Demon Sword God Halejiend and Shin.

 A ripple appeared on Shin's right chest, and against the Flowing Sword Artocor Asta that flashed in a moment's time, Shin moved forward unarmed and grabbed the hilt of it.

 It was as if he knew how the Demon Sword God's blade would be wielded.

''Standing in the water mirror is the ripple of destruction.''

 Grasping the hilt gingerly, Shin poured all his magic power into the Flowing Sword.
 He snatched the magic sword from Hailjie End, who was about to retreat, with ease.

 It was as if he was following the flow of water.

''You are a wandering sword god, seeking a wielder. Let me take on that soul.

 Shin's magic power sharpened and twisted the Flowing Sword Artocor Asta.
 He gave in to that magic sword and showed it to show it, swinging it with all his might.

 That's when.
 The puppet of light - the Demon Sword God Hailjiend loses its brilliance and collapses on the spot with a thud.

 The light that overflowed out of the doll's body was absorbed by the Flowing Sword Artocor Asta, as if returning to its original abode.

 The magic power released by the demon sword jumped up tremendously.

''........What.......what.......what are you doing, Hailjiend? Do you intend to descend to the servant of the Demon King, the god who made a pact with me!

"Where is a magic sword to serve a master who can't even use a sword, no matter how many pacts he has with you?

 At those words, Girisilis was stifled.

''Not to mention the order of the magic sword. It's only natural that you would choose a suitable bearer.

 So the main body of the Demon Sword God Halejiend was not that glowing doll, but the Flowing Sword Artocor Asta.

 They talked with swords and Shin could see it.

 The Demon Sword God is unable to use words.
 It's likely that Gilisilis had no idea what the god was looking for.

'What? You useless bastard! This is the most useless thing in the world! Leenololos, Janeldfock, kill all these guys!

''You seemed to think that the Demon King's right hand was merely inferior to a god's swordplay.

 The water mirror seemed to appear in front of Shin for a moment, and then, slightly, a murmur resounded.
 The magic sword in his hand slashed through the two ripples that had been quietly erected.

 The transparent cloth that Linororos had changed into shattered brittle, and the Demon Eye God Janelfock, who had rushed at him, collapsed like thin ice cracking.

 The two gods had perished before the Flowing Sword Artocor Asta.

''As you can see,''

 Slowly, Shin walked over to Girisilis and pointed the Flowing Sword Arthokor Asta in his face.

''It seems that ten thousand deaths aren't enough for you.

 A water mirror appeared between them.
 Gilisilis' gelatinous body shuddered as if tainted with fear.

''Kaka, so much for threats, Sin Reglia.

 When Singh turned around, the Cutthroat King grinned and laughed.

''Isn't it time to go?''


 Gilisilis bent her knees and held her head down to endure the headache.

 <Demon Domination, Slavery and Submission (Emperum Didier) is activated, and the chains of servitude are bound between Greekiris and Erdemaid.

 No longer can they resist.

"You're a dog, Girisilis.

 As he said this, the Scarlet Monument King's gel-like body turned into four legs in a flash, and his tail grew out.
 A magnificent dog was there.

''What was your reply?''

 One," barked Girisilis, and wagged his tail.