After leaving the Magic Fortress, we were heading south through the ruins city of Eirtheve.

''I'm sure you've been watching because of you, but it seems that the Scarlet Monument King has barely been informed of anything other than the magic of ,''

 <In the Thought Transmission, Eldmead's voice echoes.
 After enslaving Gilisilis, the Cutthroat King extracted the information he knew from him.

"Hmm. Just as I suspected. You've been put to good use by Cerys.

"But the magic of the Guillicut is very interesting. Even the Guillicium has gained such magical power! What is Cerys Voldigord up to and how will she create the Demon King's enemies? Just thinking about it--Ugh!''

 I can hear the Cutthroat King grunting as he struggles to breathe.
 But he looks vaguely happy and eerie.

 Undeterred, he says, ''Or.

Or perhaps. Or it could be that you're already born!

 It's messy.
 It's annoying to have a monster who's lost his master wandering around there.

''Viaflare said that he reincarnated the tyrannical god Galvadrion in his belly and turned him into a high dragon.

Oh, wait. Let's check it out now. I'm having a hard time with this guy, all he does is say "one". Should we get him to open his mouth a little bit?

 The Cutthroat King blurted out like that while doing it himself.

''I see........I see....

 He's probably searching for the memories of Gilisilis directly.
 Eldmead explained after muttering like that.

''As I stared at it, it's . Viaflare's belly was altered, giving birth to the High Dragon. It seems that depending on the combination of the mother's womb and the child, the characteristics given to her at the time of reincarnation are different.''

 So Via Flare was the mother's womb that could reincarnate the Tyrannical God into a High Dragon?

I don't think that's all there is to it.

'Indeed, indeed. The Dark King Yeges, Cæsar King Caihiram, kidnapped Veerflare. That's what you think, Demon King. Viaphlea is the mother's womb that gives birth to something. <The reason she was reincarnated as a dragon was merely a byproduct of her being reincarnated as a mother-to-be!

 Erdmeade raises his voice in an excited tone.
 It's as if he's asking for a yet unseen enemy to be born.

'I can smell it, a dangerous smell, it's not wafting in the air, carcakkakkakkakk!

Catch Viaflair first. It's likely she's on the precipice of Gangrund. Go with the star-crossed aliens to find them.

"...Before that, huh? Oh, I see...

 When Eldmead was reluctant to reply, Singh said shortly.

''Yes, sir. What about the rest of the Phantom Knights?''

You're in charge.


 <Cut off the thought communication (leaks).
 At that moment, I saw a black haze between the people passing in front of me.


 At my voice, Misha, Sasha and the others stopped.
 The black haze turned into a demon race with six horns.

''It's Kaihiram........''

 Sasha braced herself and turned her magic eye on him.


 He said it.
 The humans around him looked back at him for a moment to see what was going on.

 Slowly, the demon tribe walked towards us.

I need to talk to you. I'm going to have to talk to you, demon king. Can you allow me to meet him?


 It was Misha who muttered.
 She was right, the root of the Curse King now belongs to Jiste.

 His personality must have switched.

''Please. I need you to help me save Lord Kaihiram. I'm not lying. <I'll even make a contract with you. I'll tell you where the first star is, and I'll tell you where the first star is. Please, at least listen to me.

 Giste appeals in an earnest voice.
 Misha stares at her and gently grabs my sleeves.


 I suppose he's talking about Jiste's feelings.

 Hmm. Well, with Jiste's personality, I wouldn't be too alarmed.

Come on.

 With that, we moved into an unpopular alleyway.
 Jiste followed quietly.

'What happened to Kaihiram?'

 While saying it, I use the contract (Zekt).
 It says, "I'm not going to lie to you.

"He's asleep at the moment. "but I don't know when I'm going to wake up.

 Jiste signed my
"Um........where's the Demon King?

Yeah, it's me.

 <Using the magic of , he returned his body to the equivalent of sixteen years old.
 Jiste rolled his eyes in surprise.

''So, what's up with the kaihiram?''

''........Oh, yeah. Well, did you know that the Dark Lord was in the unnamed Order of Dillhade?

 Giste cut him off like that.
 Nodding and offering an affirmation, she continued to explain.

'I heard the Dark Lord say that the ghosts must be buried in the dark as ghosts. He said that the ghosts of the nameless Order are still wandering around this time period, and he just can't let that happen.

Does that mean Cerys Voldigord is still alive?

 Giste shook his head from side to side.

'I don't know. I asked him if he meant Cerys Voldigord, and he said it wasn't the Dark Lord. But he didn't give me any details, so I don't really know who that ghost is. But I heard that the Dark Lord has been looking for this ghost for 2,000 years. That's why he also helped Cerise.

 Have you helped an unwilling party to bury a ghost in the dark?

'I think that's why he was in Ahartheln, looking for the ghost.

Did you finally find that in the ground?

I think it's probably true.

 Ghosts of the Phantom Knights.
 Then there is no doubt that Celis Voldigord is involved.

''........Kaihiram-sama said that the Dark Lord will lose.......''

You mean this ghost?

 Giste nodded.
 Even Yeges is not an ordinary demon race.

 Even if they were to challenge a higher-ranked opponent, they would not be foolish enough to fight without a chance of victory.
 It's a good thing that you're able to have a good idea of what to expect.

''The Dark Lord is prepared to defeat you even if you stab him in the back, so he said it's his turn then.


 Giste nodded with a thoughtful expression.

'You mean to take the place of the Dark Lord?'


 A curse of kaihiram would be able to draw the enemy's attacks to its body.
 There may be some curse magic that could be used as a substitute.

'Kaihiram-sama says he owes the Dark Lord a debt of gratitude. He said he owes him a debt that must be paid back, even if it costs him his life.

'I didn't know you two were so close,'

 Giste chuckles.
 But there was something warm in his smile.

''Kaihiram-sama is a selfish, unselfish and untruthful person. But he has a lot of trouble, but he's really very righteous.

 Do I owe you enough to make you decide to give up your life?
 I'm curious.

''I think I get it. The point is to find and destroy the ghosts before the Dark Lord and the Curse King do, right?

 Kokoro Jiste nodded.

'I thought surely the Demon King could do it.

''Why doesn't this demon child called the Dark Lord rely on his big brother?''

 Arcana asks.

'Seris and the Knights of the Phantom Name are an obstacle to peace. They should be an obstacle to your brother, too.

''Hmm, come to think of it, yes. As long as our goals are aligned, the Dark Lord is always willing to help us, so why wouldn't he enlist Anos' help for that?

 Sasha twisted her head in wonder.

''The Dark Lord said that he couldn't just ask for the Demon Lord's help.

Does that mean it's good to be someone other than Mr. Anos?

 Eleonor asks.

'The rivalry.........!

 Zecia forced her way into the conversation, though she didn't understand it.

'He said that's the role he inherited. He said that two thousand years ago and even now, the path of the demon king and the path of the ghosts never crossed.

 That's a sluggish thing to say.
 Maybe I'm just trying to smoke Jiste.

''The truth is, if I tell the Demon King about this kind of thing, Kaihiram-sama will be angry with me... but I feel like if I don't do this, we'll both really die.

 Giste says with a worried look on his face.

'Don't worry. We'll help you both.'


 Nodding, Jiste laughed.

''Thank you, Demon King-sama. I'm sorry, always and always.''

How do we find him?

 Misha asks.
 'The ghosts, I suppose.

"As for the Knights of the Illusion, there's a clue that goes back 2,000 years. They witnessed my birth. That's what Vomilas told me. At least I'm not the only one who thinks they're related to me. If we can remember that, then we can track the ghosts.

''Well, so what we end up doing is the same thing, and we're going to find the Genesis Aerial first?''

 Sasha asks for confirmation.


 Turning to Giste, she opened her mouth.

'The Genesis Aerial is buried in various parts of the ruins. It seems to be taking a long time to dig it out. The Curse King and the Dark Lord have been told to protect it.

To whom?

''It's the Magus King. It seems that Lord Bomilas is working with Ceris, and even after he's gone, the Knights of the Phantom Name are still working together, as they have been since he left.

 Hmm. The Dark Lord's orders?
 It's reasonable to assume that cooperating with Bomiras will lead to the defeat of the ghosts.

''But the Magic King was blown away by Anos-kun.

 When Erionor holds up his index finger, Zesia gives him a look of pride.

''Erial is........Zesia and the others.......!

 Then Jiste shook his head from side to side.

''Maybe the Magic King-sama hasn't been destroyed. He has an alter ego that separated his fiery body. If the alter ego is destroyed, the root of the grimoire is transcribed into another alter ego, so they need to destroy all the alter ego's to be able to completely destroy it.

If I die, I'm going to be transcribed and that means I'm not the same person.

 Sasha says.

'Hmm. Well, if it's the same personality, same magic, it's the same for us.''

 Sure enough, he had taken measures against destruction?
 Two thousand years ago, he was just called the Magic King.

''Where is the location of the Genesis Aerial?''

'The one Lady Caihiram was told to protect is the twelve vertical holes in Eiltheve. I'm afraid that's where the security is lacking right now.

 That's why there's no Kaihiram.

''And the vertical hole in the thirty-third, which is where Master Yeejus is. Also, I heard that the Founding Star is buried in a mural in the ruins at the far end of the castle.

 The seventh vertical hole heard from the First Princess Corona.

 The twelfth vertical hole guarded by Caihiram.

 The thirty-second vertical hole guarded by Iggess.

 The fresco at the innermost part of Ettiltoheve Castle.

 If there's one on the precipice of the gangrund where Singh and the others are, this makes a total of five.

Rey and the others are the closest to the castle. We'll take down the others first.

 I drew a map with my magic, and there Jiste marked the location of the vertical hole.

"Eleonor, Zecia and Arcana, head to the twelfth vertical hole. Misha and Sasha, head to the seventh vertical hole.

 Each of them nodded persistently and began to act.

'Arcana-chan, let's cheer up and do our best together!

''I'll try my best...''

 Eleonor, Arcana, and Zesia are leaving.

'Be careful,'

I mean, we don't even know if there's a planet of creation in the place we're going.

 Misha and Sasha ran towards the seventh vertical hole.

'Giste. You come with me.

 He walked out loosely and said over his back.

'I'm heading for Yeejus.