344-Inherited curse

 Me and Jiste walked towards the thirty-second vertical hole guarded by Iges.

 I've been carefully observing the city, but it doesn't look any different.
 It's a peaceful scene that is commonplace everywhere in this age of magic.

 It's not as if there are any voices expressing anxiety about the war.

 Perhaps the people do not know that Inzuel's army has captured the House of Heroes and is about to rebel against the Gailladites.

 In a world of peace, no one wants to fight as they please.

 Nevertheless, if you are going to turn Eirtheve into a battlefield of your own, the least you can do as a king is to tell them.

 If you don't do that, then there is no will of the people in this battle.

'Jiste. Do you have any idea what you owe Caihiram?

 Nodding, Jiste said.

'Perhaps you mean Master Kaihiram's master. 'Do you know him, Master Noor Dorfmond?'

 I've heard that name before.

"A chief of Dolfond who was proficient in spell casting. He had a second name, Master of Magic. I met him once, but by then he had cursed himself so much that he was nearing the end of his life.

 Perhaps this is why Dorfmonde's bloodline did not show much flamboyance during the Great War.

 They didn't have anything to do with humans or the demons, and they just stared into the depths of their own magic.
 Such scholarly demons are rare.

I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to find out if I'll be able to find out if I'll be able to find out if I'll be able to find out if I'll be able to find out if I'll be able to find out if I'll be able to find out if I'll be able to find out if I'll be able to find out if I'll be able to find out if I'll be able to find out if I'll be able to find out if I'll be able to find out if I'll be able to find out if I'll be able to find out. He is the odd one out among the bloodline. He refused to make Dolfmond's power known to Dirkirkheid, which is why Master Nolu cut him off from the group. Master Caihiram accepted the curse that he would never be allowed to call himself Dolfmond for the rest of his life and threw himself into Dirheid's conflict.

 So he took the name Kaihiram Jiste and rose to the position of one of the four evil royal families, the Cursed King.
 Well, I don't know when Jiste's personality appeared.

''After the end of the war, after the Demon King was reincarnated. The castle of Dolfmond was suddenly flooded with spells of all kinds and they began to destroy them. The curse that had been suppressed was flooding out of its roots as Master Noll's life was about to end.

 Nord Dorfmond has been cursing and testing himself to study magic.

 Its roots, passed down from generation to generation, are impregnated with a curse from birth.
 It may have a strong resistance to the curse, but in the face of annihilation, it may have finally become uncontrollable.

'Before he died, Master Noor told his disciples. When the time comes, he wants someone to curse him to death so that the curse will not cause trouble for the people of Dirheid when his life is up. He said he wanted me to inherit the curse that he had spent his entire life looking into the abyss.

 It's a line that is typical of an old master who was dedicated to the abyss.

''But. There were many disciples of Master Noll, but no one in the castle was able to stop the curse. The curse that had consumed Master Noll was stronger than they had expected, and in no time at all it had swallowed up Dolfond's castle. They had no choice but to flee.

 It's not surprising.
 A curse that Nord Dorfmonde has been accumulating all his life.

 We cannot stop him with half-hearted determination and strength.

Lady Cahillam found out and wanted to return to Dorfmonde's castle. But he was lost. He said he couldn't fulfill Master Noor's will because he's insulated. Someone who can formally inherit the name and magic of Dolfond must stop Master Noll.

''Hmm. But all the official disciples were unable to stand up to the curse. It must have been very frustrating.

 Jiste nodded.

'Master Kaihiram visited Master Noor's disciples and burned them to fulfill his will. But everyone was so frightened by Master Noor's curse that they didn't go near the castle. The eldest disciple said to Master Khairam: "If you don't seek fame, you will not be able to get it. "If you hadn't been chasing after such fame, none of this would have happened.

 Giste gives him a sad look.

'Kaihiram-sama just wanted to show off and show off the magic of Noor-sama to the world. He was like a child, so he didn't really understand Master Noor's life of seclusion. In fact, I just wanted to tell you that my master is amazing.

 He's a very demonic man to even become a member of the Four Evil Kings race for that reason.

''Kaihiram-sama didn't say it out loud, but he regretted it very much. He could only look at the castle of Dolfmond, where the curse was advancing, from a distance. That's when the Dark Lord came to visit me. The Dark Lord came to visit me.

 Smiling thinly, Giste said.

''He said it would be a nuisance to have a castle spreading curses like that. I told him to help me destroy the curse.''

 That was typical of the Dark Lord.

''Of course, there's no way Kaihiram-sama would agree to it right away. The two of them signed the Zekt and fought a duel. If the Dark Lord wins, Kaihiram will help destroy the curse on Dorfond Castle. If Kaihiram-sama wins, the Dark Lord will become his subordinate.

So the Dark Lord has won.

'Yes. So, reluctantly, Master Caihiram went with him to Dorfond Castle. Truth be told, he was happy to have an excuse. He was insulated, and as a disciple, I can't stop that curse. But he said he lost the game, so he had no choice.

 Maybe he was waiting for someone to push him back.

''After sending the curse that flooded Dorfmonde Castle all over the place to the other dimension with a magic spear, the Dark Lord told Master Kaihiram to do something about the strongest curse. It was the curse emanating from the body of Master Noor.

 Cutting off the words once, Jiste continued again.

'Lord Kaihiram accepted the curse at its own root, and then destroyed the root of Lord Noor with his own curse. Then the final curse went into effect. Master Noll whispered. "Splendid, my pupil. My magic will curse you for the rest of your life.

 It would have been the ultimate compliment sent to his disciples by a master who aimed to reach the depths of curse magic.

'Hmm. I see. Even the Spear of the Dark Lord could have sent it to the edge of the dimension.

 Giste nodded, smiling.

''I suppose so. I think that the Dark Lord could have actually buried the cursed castle of Dolfmond by himself. But he went out of his way to call on Master Kaihiram. When he realized that, he asked me why I was doing the Dark Lord a favor.

What did you say?

 Giste said, with a calm expression on his face.

'It just happens,' he said.

 It's the usual Pluto.

'But afterwards,' he said, 'it seems that Noor Dorfmond was hoping that you would come to him at the moment,' and he showed me the dhid-atem. I saw the cursed words floating on it.

I think I know what to expect.

 Giste said.

'It said 'Caihiram Dorfmond' on it.

 Nor Dolphmond knew who his disciple was who could stop him.

 On the verge of his end, he hoped that he could forgive Caihiram and take over his spell.

'The Dark Lord went to Castle Dolfmond alone at first. When he saw those letters that emerged when he caught the curse being released from the castle, he turned back.

 So that's why he invited Caihiram to join him.
 I guess Yeges was an Yeges too, and he didn't want to say it was for the Curse King.

I guess he didn't want to say it for the Cursed King," said Kaihiram-sama, who had inherited the curse. The Dark Lord said just one word to Kaihiram, "You have survived the war. He said, "An inexperienced apprentice can't understand the heart of a master who has lived through a time of war.

That's what you owe Cahillam, isn't it?

'Perhaps, but I think it's the only way. What happened to Master Noll was very important to Kaihiram-sama. I'm sure the Dark Lord has something just as important to do as Kaihiram-sama did at the time. I think there's something I really need to do.

 Is that what it means to bury a ghost?
 Is it just to bury them, or is there something beyond that?

 You'll have to ask her.

Big brother.

"Here's something that looks like Sousei Aerial.

 A arrives from Arcana and Eleonor.

 Immediately, I shifted my vision to Arcana's magic eye.

 It was a place to go through a vertical hole in the ruins.
 It was like a temple set up underground.

 Standing in a row was a stone gate with an arch.
 Just beyond the gates were gates, which were spaced evenly and endlessly.

 After passing through all the gates, there was an old mural painting.

 It's the night sky.
 It's not a painting, but the mural is the night sky itself.

 There is a single blue star in the center of the painting, and the stars scattered around it twinkle.
 The stars create a divine ward, as if to protect the blue star.

''Hmm, maybe this blue one is the founding star Erial and they were trying to dig it out here somehow?''

 Eleonor looks at the fixed magic circle near the mural.
 Comparatively, it was newly painted.

 The magic circle had a set of techniques to break the ward of the mural without breaking it.

 If you look at the warding formula with your magic eye, it seems to be a mechanism that allows the Founding Star Erial to fly somewhere by breaking it with all of its strength.

 Therefore, the powerful wards must be broken over time, or so it seems.

''With the use of Militia's order, the warding can be broken.

 Then Arcana said.

''We can deactivate it by using the Artillert Noah, but the Magus King will know about it.

I'm fine.

I'll do what you say.

 Arcana held her hands above her head.

'Night has come and gone, day has passed, the moon has risen and the sun has set.

 A divine order is at work in the archaeological city of Etiltheve.
 The sun is slowly setting and day begins to turn into night.

 When darkness closed in on the outside, the Moon of Creation floats in the sky and the moonlight shines into the dazzling vertical hole of the ruins.

 Then, the Moon of Creation appeared in the night sky of the mural.
 When you think it emitted a gentle light, the lights of the stars scattered around it disappeared and only the blue stars remained there.

 As Arcana reached out her hand, that blue star, the Genesis Erial, jumped out of the mural and settled into her palm.

'The memories are sealed away.

"Let's see.

 With a curt nod, Arcana said.

'The memories of the stars blink, and the light of the past reaches the earth.

 When Arcana's evil eye looks into the star of creation, a scene from the past is reflected in it.