345-A betrayal and an unreasonable world

 It was 2,000 years ago, or maybe even earlier, Dillhade--

 At the foot of Mt. Goaner, a group of people were camping in the foothills of the Goaner Mountain, setting up tents and burning bonfires.
 They are cloak-clad demons. They are the Knights of Illusion.

 With their magic, it was easy to prepare a comfortable dwelling there with the Creation Architecture (Ibis), but they dare to use very little magical power.

 The reason for this is to thoroughly hide their existence.
 If you're not using your magic power, there's almost no need to worry about being reflected even in the demon eyes of a powerful person.

 Then another man wearing a cloak walked in.
 It's their chief, Cerith Voldigord, known as the Commander (Isis).


 The Phantom Knights of the Name continue to prepare for the encampment sluggishly, without being hush-hush.
 They are acting as if they are not in control.

''The Dark Lord Aegis Code, who rules the Goannell territory, is in shadow and form.

 As he placed the pot on the fire and cooked it, Number Two (Ed) said.

'My men are quite skilled. The city is safe and there is no room to get in. It's just a strange thing.''


 The third (Xeno) answered Ceris' question.

'There are those who know how the ghosts do it. That's probably why they don't let us have a tail.

 The phantom knights have infiltrated the Goaner territory and investigated the Underworld King Iges, who rules there.
 However, his true identity remains unknown.

 They are fed only false information prepared by the Dark Lord, and the entity disappears like a mirage.

'There is one among us who has broken the prohibition.

 The Fourth (Zed) said.

'You can't be a ghost, traitor.

 Celis stared at the phantom knights in the place with a cold expression.

 There was a sound of raking through the grass and flowers with a zap, and another nameless knight came there.
 It was Seris's disciple, Ichiban (Jeff).

''You're late, First (Jeff).

 Number two (Ed) said.
 However, Number One (Jeff) has a quizzical look on his face.

I'm not going to be able to do my job properly. I don't think he'll be able to do his job properly.

 Ceris said, and he turned his head in that direction.

'What do you mean? What research?

 Ichiban (Geoff) closes in on Cerys.

"The Underworld King Iges. Rumor has it that he is the king who rules over the Goaner territory and is the best magic spear user in Dirheid.

 Celis' words are met with a straight face by Ichiban (Jeff).

'You know as well as I do, don't you?'


The Dark Lord Yegus leaves the governance of his territory to his men and rarely shows himself. He is so thorough that even the second (Ed) doesn't know who he is, and he acts as if he knows our tricks. It seems that there is a fool among us who cannot be a ghost.

 Without losing his expression, the best (Jeff) listens in silence.
 Threateningly, Celis said.

'Do you have any idea, First (Jeff)?'

 I could see through his mind's eye, but the best (Jeff) responded nonchalantly.


'You came to Goannell territory and you went to town shortly afterwards.

 Ichiban (Jeff) doesn't move slightly and just returns his gaze to Celis.

'What have you been doing?'

 When he didn't answer, Celis continued.

'Are you wondering where the little bastard has disappeared to?

 Then, for the first time, Ichiban (Jeff) became upset.

'You know where Anos is, sir? Commander (Isis), you didn't think you'd do something?


 Saying coldly, Celis grabbed up Ichiban (Jeff) by the throat with her fingertips.

How many times do I have to tell you? How many times do I have to tell you? You're a ghost. I told you to stay away from that boy. How many times did you spy on me and come to see me?

 His throat was strangled, and even though he was suffering, Ichiban (Jeff) squeezed out the words.

If he stays with those demons who have no backing and no power, Anos will eventually die........

If you're going to die, that's it.

 He grabbed Celis's arm and said, "You don't need a powerless demon to be your own son?

"You don't need a powerless demon, even your own son?

No power? You are so stupid that you can't even look into the depths of your heart. That little boy is much stronger than you think.

 From the throat of Ichiban (Jeff), Celis let go of his hand and turned on his heel.
 He looks puzzled, and Ceris says to him.

'Follow me.'

 <Celis hides herself with and and starts to walk.
 Using the same mimicry and secret magic power (Nazira), the first (Jeff) follows him.

 They climbed up Mount Goaner incessantly.
 Soon, a rumbling thunderclap began to roar, and a scene of burning red lava flowed.

 It was also known as the Thundercloud Volcano, also known as the Raiun Ka Zan.

 The plumes of smoke blowing up from the magical crater create thunderclouds in the sky, covering the entire area of the mountain's summit with red lightning.

 These create a natural boundary and disturb the surrounding magical field.
 It is difficult to use magic here, and even the functioning of the magic eye is hindered.

 The two men pushed their way through it and came to the crater.
 You can find a lot of people who have been in a position to do this.

''Commander (Isis).......how far.......?''

 That's when Ichiban (Jeff) asked.

 As the magma erupts like a fountain, a demon whale, Dirahemir, swims in the magma and is thrust upwards.

'I got it!'

 A young voice rang out.

 The six year old who leapt out of the lava with great vigor was Anos Voldigord.
 He put magic power in his hands and lightly pierced the body of the demon whale Dirahemil, which was flying in the air.

 In this way, he releases into the demon's body.
 It was a magical power that was so powerful that Demon Whale Dirahemil, whose home is the magma sea, could be burnt in the blink of an eye.


 The first (Jeff) looked at him in surprise.

'A wise man, even a child, knows what he's in for. The boy knew that you were watching him, so he hid his power and sharpened his fangs.

 Two thousand years ago, in Dirheid, the weak could be attacked and killed at any moment by any unreasonable person.

 Being strong and wise is the best way to survive.
 If you didn't hide your power, as the Knights of the Illuminated Order did, even the strong would be hunted in a heartbeat.

 Anos must have been aware of this even as a child.
 That's why he was sharpening his fangs in this thundercloud volcano, where his evil eye was disturbed to prevent people from realizing his power.

''That little boy is gradually mastering the power that he was born with at the root of annihilation,''

 Ceris utters this and turns her gaze to Anos.

'Endearingly so. In a few more years, he'll be a handful that can't even hide like this to see.'

 Immediately after that, Ceris's gaze soured slightly.
 Anos turned around.

 That magic eye clearly catches the nameless knight.
 <This is despite the fact that he is using .

"Who's there?

 Anos asks.

 Even Celis, let alone Ichiban (Jeff), could not hide her surprise.
 Hiding their appearance and keeping their magic power secret is the magic that these Phantom Name Knights are most adept at.

 Even a strong man from two thousand years ago would not be very aware of it if he was not alert and prepared.
 It's a good idea for a child who is not old enough to know about them.

 Even Ceris's calculations lightly surpassed his own, and he had already reached that point, not just in a few years.
 He was no ordinary talent.

'First (Jeff)'

 Ceris says in a small voice.

'I'm sure of it. That boy is the vessel of a king. He will surely be the ruler of Dirheid...

 Celis gave him a dark look, as if that didn't make him happy.

"You stay there. We haven't identified the number of people yet.

 So nailed to Ichiban (Jeff), Celis goes down to the crater where Anos is.
 He deactivated .

 Staring at Ceris as he appeared, he said proudly in a young voice.

'Identify yourself.'

She's a wandering ghost. No name needed.

 As usual, Cerys replied.

'What do you want from me?'

 Stopping a few meters away, Ceris confronted Anos.

'Kid. I'm going to educate you.


 Anos kicked off, but Celis continued.

The magic you spotted just now is the Phantom Mimicry and the Secret Magic Power (Nazira). You will be able to use it in your body whether you cry or scream. You must hide your power. There are so many pariahs in this demon land who seek out the source of their talents.

Are you one of them, or are you a ghost?

 Celis uses the magic of
"Shut up and follow me. "Shut up and obey me. If you have that much magic in your eyes, you know you can't beat me.

 Anos tore the fragile
''I refuse.''

 Kicking the ground and approaching, Anos thrust his fingertips out to Ceris as hard as he could.
 He grabbed it with his jet black fingertips and crushed it with his jet black fingertips.

 Fresh blood splattered from Anos' fingers.

'I tell you to obey.

I said no.

 Anos thrusts out his left hand, but it, too, is grabbed and crushed by Celis's
 No matter how strong, a child who does not know how to fight would make a sound with that.
 But Anos didn't look frightened and stared at Ceris with his demonic eyes.

 He said, "The boy.

'Kid. Don't you want to know what happened to your parents?

 Slightly, Anos showed interest.

'Your mother and father,'

Do you know?

It's one of the reasons the pariahs are after us.

Say it.

I'll tell you this when you're in control of Dirheid.

 The two sides stared at each other with sparks in their gazes.
 Eventually, Anos quietly withdrew his hand.

 As he healed his wounds with his recovery magic, he said.

'Ghosts. Tell me one thing.''

 Ceris is silent, staring at Anos' face.

'Are you the one who's always looking at me?'

"Words are not afraid to lie.

 As if to shake her off, Cerise says, "Don't believe anything, just look into the abyss with your evil eye.

"Believe in nothing. Look into the abyss and see with your evil eye. Then you will know that this world is ruled by betrayal and injustice.

 He didn't even try to reveal that he was his father, staring at Anos with a cold expression on his face.