331-If the world is peaceful

 The effects of the Book of Traces wore off and the past disappeared again.
 But they all didn't open their mouths immediately, they just wore heavy expressions on their faces.

 It was probably because my birth had been so horrific.

'Don't get so dark. It's a common occurrence two thousand years ago. If anything, I was lucky enough to have been born safe.''

 I think of my mother's face I saw in the past just now.

'This is the first time I've seen her face, and I must thank my mother for it.

 Then Misha said.

'Was Anos conscious?'

'I remember being born from my mother's body. It was a bad feeling.

 I can still remember the discomfort I felt.

But I didn't know what I was doing when I was a newborn. It was your defense mechanism that protected your mother. I have no memory of it. I don't even remember if Cerise was there.

But the past you just saw could be tampered with, couldn't it?

 I nodded at Sasha's question.

'There are several possibilities. For example, the man who was called the Commander (Isis) was someone who was not really Ceris. And the man was replaced by Ceris, who had altered the past. The difference in tone may have been to make the past add up.

 With Celis' usual tone of voice, the most (Jeff) would feel uncomfortable.

 His appearance was different, but, well, the Knights of the Phantom Name were hiding their true identity.
 It's possible that they wouldn't have much of a problem with him when he had a different face.

''Your brother's father was a different person, but to make it seem like it was him, did Celis take the place of the Commander (Isis)?

 Arcana said.

'That's most appropriate, but it does raise a question, though.

 Then Misha nodded her head.

'Is it easy to understand?'

Yeah. That's a bit of a poor way to hide your past. That would be like saying you're not my father.

 Hmmm, Sasha ponders.

'Maybe she hid something else to make people think she hid her real father?

It's possible. But what that could be, I have no idea at this point.

 Is it something to do with my birth?
 Or is it something else entirely?

''It would take a lot of power to replace the existence of a demon race from two thousand years ago. It's also possible that my father is Ceris, but he's altering the past and changing his tone.

In that case, what would it be for?

 Arcana ponders the question.

'It's because I've seen the past and I think my father might be different from Ceris.

But what would be the point in letting him think that?

 Sasha asks.

Sasha asks, "Well, it could be a trick. It's also possible that they tried to trap you by making you look for your father, who doesn't exist, for example.

It's likely that...

 She said in disgust.

'Or maybe that's the truth about Cerys. He used to be like that, and then he lost his mind when he became an agent and became the man he is now.

Couldn't it have been tampered with?

 Misha says.

'Yeah. It was impossible for him to falsify the past in a big way. But he can make you think he did. It's possible that he just wanted to make us suspicious of him, or something like that.

But that doesn't mean we're going to see the past in the present, does it?

 I nod at Sasha's words.

'Well, it's highly unlikely that he hasn't tampered with anything.

'As for Celis, suppose it was not tampered with. But what if it was possible to tamper with other parts of the body?

 Arcana asks this question.

"Something about the past has been tampered with. What has been tampered with in the past?

 He tampered with something about Cerise, and then hid it. It's reasonable to think so, but it's certainly possible that she wanted to hide something else.

"Hmm. There are two people in the past that I know of. One is Averniu. I thought my mother was murdered by humans. I don't remember him doing it.

She's from the Demon King's Castle?

 Misha asks.

'Yeah. 'Ah, this is Averniew. It's the demon king's castle now, you know. But this is the first time I've seen a blonde girl in the form of a manifestation. I remember the sun of destruction and the shadowy god it creates.

Hmmm, I wonder if we can ask the God of Destruction what it was like to be there?

"We cannot, as you well know, bring it back. That will lead to more destruction everywhere.

"...Oh, I see. Come to think of it, I guess....

 Sasha turns over with a look on her face, like she's said something stupid.

''Where's the other one?''

 Misha asks.

'It's number one (Jeff). 'That's the Dark Lord Eagles.'


 Sasha sounds surprised.

'Really? Because I wouldn't say that the Dark Lord is a bad person, but he's just heartless. The best (Jeff) is the only one in the past I've seen now who seems decent. It's true that the face looks a little bit like him, but you couldn't see him properly due to the mimicry, and he didn't wear an eye patch, right?

 Sasha looks dubious, as if she doesn't believe it very much.

'It's not that there's no possibility of tampering, but, well, people change when their positions change. If you throw yourself into a fight, your thoughts will change. If that was still the young Dark Lord, though, it wouldn't feel any different to me.

 Hmmm, Sasha ponders.
 I guess the current Dark Lord and the best (Jeff) can't connect.

'Anyway, since we don't know what's been tampered with, do you want to look further into the past?'

I'd like to, but you're not going to see any more of this today.

 As he said this, Gorloana nodded.

''I'm sorry. Now that there are no trace gods, the power left in the Book of Traces is small, and it is limited to two times to go back to the past this far away. With each additional past, i.e., with each passing hour, the power of the Book of Traces will be restored, but it will take a week for the next time the past is seen.

 Sasha says.

'I tried it a while ago, but I think it was because I took it away from them once, and when they did show up, they didn't bring the Scythe of the God of Time with them.

 He's the guardian god for the order of time.
 It's only natural that we don't want to disturb that.

'So, Viaflare is gone, we can't see the past, and there's no other way to find out about Militia?

Looking for Yeejus?

 Sasha and Misha say.

'Hmm. It's a good thing that Viafleur is with us, too. I'm sure he knows at least which parts of the past he just saw have been tampered with, but he has his own reasons for doing so. I don't know if he'll talk about it honestly.

 But you don't have another clue.

'Gorloana. You know the secret letters written between the stone monuments of Aebelast Anzeta, don't you?

 Gorloana nodded.

'Do you know which god that was written by?'

''No..... We even found out that they were written in the Koshin script, but the trace gods kept it a secret because it was a text that should not be passed on to anyone but the gods.

Then you'll come with me to Everest Anzeta now? We may need the Book of Traces.

I understand.

 Once we got out of the prison with the dragon's cry, we drew the magic circle of  Bishop Milano, who was about to see it off, noticed something and called out.

''Please wait. We have received a .

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make the most out of it. It's not too long ago that a magic line was drawn in Agaha and Geordal.

''Please connect it.

 Gorloana said, and the
'What's wrong?'

 Then Diedrich's voice rang out.

'Sorry for the urgent communication, Pope. I just had a glimpse of the future where I saw the Knights of the Illusion. We have found what appears to be their hiding place. I'm about to inform the Demon King as well.

 Nafta's divine eye no longer reflects all the future, yet there is still a future that appears vague.

'If it were me, I'd be here.'

"That one's just right. There is an underground wall called the Gangrund's Precipice, which is an enormous wall connected to the canopy. It seems that they've built a cave there and the Knights of the Illusion are hiding there.

Was there any sign of Yeejus or Caihiram?

'I didn't know that much. I just saw those guys in the full body armor from the example going into the hole in the gangrund.'

 I don't know what the purpose of the Knights of Illusion is now that Celis is destroyed.
 But I can't just abandon them now that I've found their location.

I'm sure we'll have to find out where she is. I'm sure you'll be able to find out what's going on there, but there's something I want to find out first. You will have to wait a little while.

Yeah. Well, I'm sorry to hear that you've been so busy.

 Diedrich breaks off his conversation and we put our magic power into the magic circle.
 <When I used my magic, my field of vision went completely white.

 In the next moment, a great number of stone monuments appeared in my eyes.
 Today, there seemed to be no sign of the students of the school district.

 He walked straight to the wall and touched his hand there.
 When a flash of light was emitted, the words floated on the wall.

"-There is infinite night, eternal nothingness...

 I read the sentence out loud again so that others can understand it.

 --I read it out loud again, so that others would understand.

 -- to gently light the night that has no beginning.

 --The sun will not rise on earth, and destruction will not come.

 -- life is not born and the world stops.

 --It's either order or people.

 --The answer is, you know.

You're the only one who knows.

 Everyone falls silent as they consider the implications.

'According to Arcana, Militia expected me to come to the depths of the earth. Then these letters could be read as a message from her to me.

 Is it order or people that matters?
 It's an odd phrase for an ancient divine script that only the gods can read and understand.

 Ordinary gods would say that order is important to them.
 I don't need to mention it.

"Gorloana. Any little detail will do. Can't you see anything?

I don't have much strength left but I'll try as best I can...

 Gorloana opens the Book of Traces.

The past becomes a trace, inscribed in the book that my God has left behind. Oh, this is the miracle of the Great Trace God. The past is inscribed in the Book of Traces, the second book of traces. The Book of Traces, second movement, "Traces of Ziaraff.

 Then, underneath the last sentence, a new letter was inscribed.

 --The Light--.

 And it says.
 If Militia is addressed to me, I don't have to think about what light it is.


 She nodded dutifully and held up her hands.

'The night comes and goes, the day passes, the moon rises and the sun sets.

 The Artiel Tonoa floats outside of Averast Anzeta.
 Its light penetrated the building and illuminated the walls.

 Then a new letter emerges there.

 --For the sake of peace, if it becomes necessary...

 --The past that you have forgotten is locked away in the star-creating Aerial.

 --Innsel, the Empire of the West, in its ruins.

 --Aeryal has five stars...

 -- beware of tampering with it by Aganzon, the god of madness.

 -- but believe me --

 -- if the world is at peace, don't seek that past -- if the world is at peace.

 -- because it's all over now --