330-Birth of the Demon King

 The Ednas Mountains, where the soil is tinged with magic and where the raw materials for magic tools are mined.

 A mountain stronghold has been built from its slopes to its summit.
 This is where the settlement of the Zeilon family is located.

 Many of the Tsaylon bloodlines have retreated to the mountains. They don't have much contact with other demons, and contrary to their evil appearance and abilities, most of them are relatively gentle.

 The Knights of Illusion from Ceris onwards run up the mountain to the Queen's village at the top of the mountain, making full use of the magic of "Phantom Mimicry" and "Secret Magic" and hiding from the wards and evil eye that surround them.

 Along the way, a few soldiers were on the lookout.

 Just like the brave man Graham said, this mountain range must have already been occupied by the humans.

 <While hiding with , not letting their guard down, the Knights of the Phantom Name approached the soldiers while hiding in the shadows of things.

 When Celis sent a signal with her fingertips, the first (Jeff), second (Ed) and third (Zeno), who were behind the humans without a sound, cut their throats with the swords in their hands.

 The human soldier was caught off guard by the magic sword of the root killer, and without the ability to do anything about it, the human soldiers perished.

"Second Ed, done!

 As if to signal the destruction of the enemy, the second (ed) announces in a thought transmission (leaks).

"Third (xeno), done!

"Jeff, done.

 Two more followed.
 Once the obstacle was eliminated, they climbed up the mountain range again without a sound.

 The humans on guard perished one by one, without even realizing that the enemy was there, and their numbers dwindled.

 It was only ten minutes after the Phantom Knights arrived at the Ednas Mountains.
 The soldiers on guard had been wiped out.

 Breaking through the set-up fort, they approached the Queen's settlement.
 Soon, the noise reached the ears of the Knights of the Phantom Name.

''Oraa, what's going on! Try to say something!

 It was a village square.
 Many soldiers gathered there.

 The one who was kicked away by the soldiers and rolled on the ground is a woman of the demon race.
 Her name is Luna. She has flaxen hair and a swollen stomach.

 She must have a heavy body.

 Even at the moment she was kicked, but she was protecting her belly.

 Luna says as she squirms.

''Well after that you can do whatever you want...''

 The humans returned her words with a dark stare.

'Hey, you know what?'

 The words were so sticky that they stuck in your ears.

A little human village called Dana.

 Hatred spills out of his mouth.


 She shook her head.
 At that moment, the man kicked her in the stomach with his magic-filled foot.

''It's a human village that you demon clans burned! I had my own children. Two daughters and a son. Wait till they're born? So then!

 The man punches Luna in the face.

'Try to bring my boy back to life! Now! Now! You've done all you can, but don't talk about what's convenient for you!

 A number of hateful eyes surrounded her, glaring at her as if they were shooting through her body.

'Unintentional, demon child.

 It was a terribly alien voice.

 The one who spoke was behind the soldiers, a blonde girl.
 She was sitting in the air in a posture as if she were sitting on a chair, using the magic of .

 The magical power emanating from her entire body is on an order of magnitude different from that of a human being.

The humans here are all those who have lost their children to the demon race. Those words earlier were just adding oil to the fire.''

 Luna looked at the blonde girl.
 With a grim expression, she said.

''Well you're not human........''

"The God of Destruction, Averniew, they call him. Please get acquainted.

 Huffing, Averniu smiled.

''Even so, you will perish soon enough, though.

 As if that divine word was a signal, the soldiers drew their holy swords.
 The divine magic power emanated from them, and they all possessed the holy power to kill the demon race.

''Hey, I've got an interesting idea.

 A human soldier said with a face tinged with hatred.

"With this holy sword, I'll kill the evil demon child in your belly. I will keep you alive.

 Luna, who had been looking for an opening to escape, stood up vigorously and ran.
 However, the soldiers came around her and surrounded her.

"I will make you suffer the same way you demons did, and I will avenge my child. "I will do the same for you and your demons, and vindicate my child, just as you did for me.

 A mother trying to protect her child, or a mother stabbing her baby in the belly to kill it. Who is more evil? They are so driven by revenge that they can't even think about it.

"Commander (Isis).

 Ichiban (Jeff), who was watching the situation, couldn't resist and sent out a .

''Commander (Isis), your wife is........ I can help you now.''

 But Celis did not answer.

''You're going to sit back and watch like this!

''........It's a strange story. Why would you destroy the Luna you kept alive at this time? It seems like they know we're lurking here...

"No reason can reason with a man driven by vengeance!

Is that true? Was there no one who encouraged that vengeance?'

 Celis just calmly analyzes the situation at the moment.
 She turns her demon eyes to the Destruction God Averniu and looks into the abyss.

''That guy should have been destroyed, though.''

"Now is not the time for that. I have to help. If you won't, I will.

 Celis looked at the buildings in the settlement.

'Take down number two (Ed), number three (Zeno) and number one (Jeff). Using Luna as bait, we'll see how the enemy comes out. That's my wife. I'll make sure she's well taken care of.


 Immediately, Ichiban (Jeff) was seized by two phantom knights.

''Master, you have no blood or tears. ''You have neither blood nor tears...''

 Not paying any attention to what Ichiban (Jeff) said, Cerise said.

'The others continue. If they are pretending to be unaware, we will search the building first. If the Zealons are still alive, it would be better to release them and let them join the battle.'

 Ceris walked past the scene and went to the mansion used by the Queen of the House of Zeiron.
 She deactivated the magic contraption and entered.

 The smell of blood filled the air.
 There was no sign of any living thing. There were no humans either.

 But there is a place where magic power overflows.
 Celis and the Knights of the Illusionary Name walked cautiously and arrived at the room.

 I quietly open the door.


 The Knights of the Phantom Name, who had never changed their complexion until now, raised their eyebrows.

 The headless bodies were lined up in a row.
 They already had no roots and had long since perished.

 Zeiron's bloodline originally had no head.
 The heads they usually have were taken from humans.

 It is rather natural for a body to be headless, however, there was a human body in there as well.

 And the head is still missing from that human body as well.

''........It doesn't sound like the Zeilon family cut off the human's head........''

 Number Four (Zed) says.

'If that's the case, then whoever occupied this place wouldn't leave the bodies unattended.

 Ceris turned her gaze to the room.
 There were various magic tools and a magic circle painted on the walls, floor and ceiling.

 The bodies of the Zeilon family's demon clan all had their bellies ripped open.

''It's as if they were devoured from the inside...''

 He touched his hand to the scar.
 I could see the slight residue of the magic circle.

''Have you been doing some magic research?''

 Ceris proceeded to the back of the room.
 There, she found the body of the Queen of the House of Zeiron.

 Only her body, which belonged to the demon race, did not have a torn belly.

''Gu, gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

 A scream roared. A human one.
 At Celis' signal, the Phantom Name Knights left the mansion and turned their magical eyes to the square ahead.

 One soldier was burned by the black flames.

''........................You evil demon race!

 The man shook off the black flames with his anti-magic and approached Luna in a single step, thrusting his holy sword into her swollen belly.

 Crackling, the holy sword cracked.

 An enormous amount of magical power poured out from inside Luna's stomach and snapped the holy sword with a snap.
 Jet-black flames burned the human.


 Luna mutters.
 She was either teased by the soldiers scattered around or bleeding from all over.

 Hence, she might have gotten angry.

''.........Stupid......where is this magic power in this woman......''

...a baby....

 One of the soldiers said, as if he had seen something terrible.

''Now, before I could see the flames, I heard an embryo movement, I saw magic... the demon race in my belly is using magic...''

Idiot! It's not even a baby. It's not even born yet! Do you mean to say that he is already powerful enough to fold the holy sword and burn us in that state...?

 The soldiers sent to Dillhade are the best of the best.
 They are all the best of the best, even among humans.

 That's why their astonishment is unfathomable.

''If........if that's really the case, how much more so if they grow up.......''

 The sound of gulping and spitting could be heard.
 The eyes of the warriors there were set.

They must not be allowed to give birth. That woman's belly is the incarnation of an evil that will swallow the world into warfare...

For the sake of peace in the world, I will destroy it here, even if it kills me.

Let's go! Kill! For the sake of the world! For the sake of justice!

 The humans attacked at once.
 The holy blade in his hand gleamed dazzlingly.
 The next moment--

 With a thud, a fetal movement resounded.

 Then they were all consumed by the jet black flames.

''What, this flame cannot be extinguished........It's stupid, do you mean to say that the wards that block the power of the demon race are useless?

What is this unbelievable, what is this........what is this evil power?

 In the blink of an eye, all the humans present turned to ashes.

'Hmm. Voldigord's bloodline, was it?

 'You don't seem to care much about dead people,' said Averniu, the god of destruction.

''The proximity of the destruction has increased your magical power, hasn't it?

 That crimson divine eye is turned towards Luna.

 Then a jet-black flame appears in front of her and stands in front of her like a wall.
 As if to protect her mother.

 But that divine eye easily destroys the flames.
 Flames appeared one after another, but all of them disappeared in the blink of an eye.


 Luna mutters.

'It's okay ... it's okay ... you just use your strength to be born ... your mother will always give birth to you ...'


 Averniu said.

'You will perish. So will the child. In the eyes of the God of Destruction, everything will perish equally.

 The moment all the jet-black flames were extinguished, Luna ran towards the God of Destruction.
 She maintained the magical power she supplied for Anos, but also scraped her own roots and stirred up her magic.

 Darkness began to spread around them.

 A darkness, where no light at all can reach, comes there.
 It was complete darkness, where no smell, no sound, not even the evil eye could reach.

''That's too bad.''

 In the darkness, indeed, Averniu turned his gaze to Luna.

'I told you that all would perish equally.

 The moment that divine eye shimmered in crimson, Luna's belly was sliced open by her gaze.


 Gulping, she falls to her knees.
 Still running her hands over her belly to protect it.

'You ... the rest ...'

 With Averniu's divine eye, the darkness of the is cleared.
 However, only behind her was a pitch-black darkness left behind.

 Like lightning falling from that dark cloud, a purple lightning rushed forward and Gaudgemon pierced Averniu's heart.

 One spherical magic circle, and nine possible spherical magic circles, Cerise drew in Averniu's body.

 Jijiji, a violent purple light raged inside the God of Destruction's body.
 Aiming at the source, Celis hurled all the annihilation magic she could find at its source.

''The Annihilation Ten Purple Electric Field Lightning Sword (Lavia Neoldo Galvarijzen).''

 A vast amount of purple electricity will annihilate the body of the God of Destruction and its roots.

'The God who controls destruction will not be destroyed. I am already destroyed.'

 The next moment, the girl's figure perished without a trace, as she thought a number of purple lights, which expanded and twinkled like stars, were released from her body.

 The color of the world returned from purple to its original color, and silence came to it.

 There was no sign of Averniu's revival.
 At least, not in this place right now.

 After calmly confirming that, Celis walked loosely to the fallen Luna.


 She spilled the words breathlessly.
 The root of the God of Destruction's divine eye will not be able to heal.

 Celis just stared at that figure in silence.

''........Is there anything you want to tell me?

 The first one walks up to him.

"Say something to him! Master! Mercy to the dying, at least!

 Cerys said.

'To the wife of a ghost, that is what I wanted to become.

 Ichiban (Jeff) stared at Celis with a mixture of disappointment and anger on his face.

'It's okay, number one (Jeff). I was happy.'

"...but my Lady but that would be too...

 Slowly Luna shakes her head.

 Ichiban (Jeff) just looked at Luna, unable to find the words to put on, and just looked at Luna.
 She wasn't long now. Looking into that abyss, he could see it at a glance.

This is it.

 With tears streaming down her face, Luna still smiled happily.

''........Thank you.......''

 For whom was it gratitude?
 Slowly, its roots perished, and then she closed her eyes.


 Luna died as she ran her hand over her slashed belly.

 Black flames roared up as she gave birth as the nameless knights looked after her form.

 A baby's hand grasps the mother's hand in a powerful grip.

 With the destruction, it was born into the world.
 With the love of a great mother.

 That was the moment of the birth of the Demon King Anos Voldigord.