329-Phantom Knights

 It was Dillhade, more than two thousand years ago.

 In the swamp, there is a demon race with a body of fire.
 The mage king, Vomilas.

You are the last of the Voldigords, doomed to perdition. Your mind was doomed long ago, and you are now a ghost.

 After saying that, Bomiras left.
 Without showing any pretense of being particularly bothered, Celis said to all the Phantom Name Knights.

''We're heading to the settlement of the Tseilon family.

 Like the wind, they rush out.

 Even though it was a scene from the past that the Book of Traces had recreated, it was still so skilled that an ordinary person could not see it. 

''Commander (Isis).''

 A man with a spear in his hand said while running at a tremendous speed.
 'Isis is one of the old words handed down to the demon race, which means leader.

''Is it alright?''

 Ceris took one look at the spear man and said.


''The Tseilon family's settlement is the territory of the Demon King Bomiras. To get there, we'll have to bypass a couple of wards, one of which we'll have to break through. Won't it be too late?

What's the point of taking a little time?

 There was no island to tame, Ceris replied.

''........Your wife must have just been holed up in the settlement of the Zeilon family. If you told her what happened, she would have been able to put a face to your face, as well as the Demon King. It's not too late. Even if I offer it to you...


 'Jeff ... the oldest word,' Cerys called out to the man.

'We are ghosts. What do I need to consider?

 The best (Jeff) closed his mouth and bit his back teeth.
 But he quickly bites down and says

 A moment later, Celis had drawn her Universal Lightning Sword in what could be mistaken as a lightning bolt.
 The tip of the sword was thrust at the tip of Ichiban (Jeff)'s nose.

'Shut up. You know the rules, right?

 Jeff nodded.

When we put on this cloak, we are ghosts without fetters. We have no name, no family. If we violate that prohibition, we become real ghosts.

 The man with the spear turned over.
 Then he said quietly.

''........Still, Master....

 The straightest of them all (Jeff) said to Cerys.

'What's the use of your power if you don't protect the one you most need to protect? We are, then, like real ghosts, aren't we?

 Relentlessly, Celis thrust the Universal Thunder Sword Gaudgemon into the neck of Ichiban (Jeff).

You little bastard. Stop chirping on your unripe whistles.

 Purple light gushes out.
 Already about five times the first (Jeff) has died, and each time he's been revived by .

I'm an expert, but my ideas are still young. "I've improved my skills so-so, but my ideas are still young, and I have no need for someone who can't be a ghost. Let it all end here.

 Slowly Ichiban (Jeff) places his hand on Gaudgemon's sword barrel.

"If you want to destroy it, that's fine but, Master. Let me tell you something. You are wrong.

 Ichiban (Jeff) tightens his grip on his sword barrel.
 His hand is burned by the purple light, but he still says.

''Demon King Bomiras is the most generous king in Dillhade. He does not like to fight and does not take the initiative to kill other demons. He is a compassionate king who shows mercy even to humans.

'Generous? Compassionate? Number one (Jeff), such a word does not exist in this Dillhade. The only thing that rules is power, eat or be eaten. They will trample your compassion and discard it like dust.

 Gulpily pushing the sword down, Ichiban (Jeff) spat out blood from his mouth.

''........Master. You are a coward. You are unable to trust others and expose your own weaknesses. Some things cannot be protected unless you join forces. In fact, you are about to let your own child-wife die....

What about it?

 Celis kicked off.

''What's the matter with ... your child and your wife, right ...''

'Kid. You might want to think twice about what Bomilas said.

 Ichiban (Jeff) clenched his teeth gingerly and endured the pain.
 He didn't seem to understand the meaning of Cerys' words.

'The last of the Voldigords doomed to perdition,' he said, referring to me. 'If you can't figure out what that means, if you can't figure out the answer in your own head, then you've been raised wrong.'

"...I am aware of that. I know that the Voldigord bloodline, which has been the root of destruction for generations, is not easy for its children to be born by natural matings.

 The best (Jeff) says, breathlessly.

 That's a fact. Hence, the Seven Demon Emperors were created by magic. After that, his descendants were tuned to be born through natural breeding.

''It's a miracle that your wife even conceived a child. If she gave birth to it, both mother and child would be in danger of dying! That's why he asked for the help of the Tseilon family and hid in their settlement!

 Blood flows from the hand of the first (Jeff) who grasps the sword, and a great deal of magical power gushes out.
 The blood-stained sword dulls its power, and bit by bit it slips from his throat.

You intend to trample the kindness of your wife, who risked her life to give birth to a child for you! She's just a tool to give birth to a ghost child and can be used and discarded as much as she wants!

 Celis stared coldly at a furious Ichiban (Jeff).

'Yes, don't be angry,'

No, Master. You'll have to answer this one! I am grateful for the debt of gratitude that I owe you for picking me up when I was dying. If I wanted to repay that, I would be prepared to become a tool in the name of a ghost. But even if it is a tool, I want to wish for my husband's happiness at least!


 At Celis's

 Unable to endure the situation, Ichiban (Jeff) fell on his back on the spot.

'Did you hear the words? I'm telling you to be calm. Anger leads to death and destruction--

 Celis thrust her ten thousandth sword into the fallen man's heart.

'Like this,'

 Purple electricity runs all over Ichiban (Jeff)'s body with a bumblebee.


Why, I don't know, number one. We are ghosts. We have no anger, no sorrow, no joy, no pleasure, no pleasure at all.

 Breathless, the man said.

''.........Then what.......for.......?''

Be a ghost, number one. All those doubts will be gone.

 Closer to his face, Cerys whispered at close range.

'No doubts. There is no need for doubt. I don't want that to be there. It is the ghosts that destroy what they want to destroy. You know what I mean, Jeff.

 As if to destroy the root of the problem at any moment, Celis turns her magic eye on Ichiban (Jeff).

''........I don't know.......''

 Cerise's magical eyes emit a cold glow.

You were abandoned by your parents. I thought you'd be disappointed in the world, but maybe I was wrong to pick you up. You are not fit to be a ghost.

 Pulling the demon sword out of the first (Jeff), Celis raised herself up.

'Don't think you can pull it off. I picked you up. You will perish for me.

 He stabbed his spear into the ground, and using it as a wand, Ichiban (Jeff) staggered to his feet.
 As he turned on his heel, he said to Celis' back.

'I have no intention of getting out. Not until I prove you wrong.

 Cerys smiled happily.

'Follow me. Follow me, my back. If you will sooner or later know despair and still not change your mind, I will destroy you like a ghost.

 A noise ran through the air and swooshingly they were gone.
 Not only did they disappear, but the landscape of Dillhade disappeared as well, and the vision returned to the prison.

'The effects of the Book of Traces have worn off.

 Gorloana said.

''........Hey. They called you Commander (Isis), for all intents and purposes, it's Ceris, right?

'Looks like it. It's not just the appearance, but the magic as well. There aren't many people who can use that much magic, not even 2,000 years ago.

 'Hmm,' said Sasha, twisting her head.

'Isn't my personality totally different? The tone of voice and all that.

 That's certainly not what we've seen from Cerys so far.

'There are a few things I can think of,'


 Misha points to the Book of Traces.

'I saw an order other than the trace gods.

 That being said, I turned my magical eye to it, but there was nothing unusual about it.

What about now?

 Misha shook her head.

'For a moment. Anos was looking at the past and I was looking at the Book of Traces.

 Hmm. It's a good thing, isn't it, as expected of Misha?
 It's a good thing that you don't have to go through the trouble of exploring.

I'm sure you'll be able to see the past in the book of traces, and you'll be able to focus on the past. In that moment, the book of traces is made to work with magic power, right?

 Arcana asks.

'What order is this?'

'I don't know, but I can imagine. Gorloana was captured by the High King's Castle. I think it's reasonable to assume that Cerise has tampered with the book of traces to prevent me from discovering her past.

So what was different about Cerys' personality earlier?

 Sasha asks.

'I suppose it could be a result of tampering.

 Then Gorloana twisted her head inexplicably.

'But what we are seeing in the Book of Traces is the past itself. It is not something that can be so easily altered. Even if you change the past, it is something that will be undone by the order of time.


Only when the power of the Book of Traces kicks in, that is, when we see it, will the past be different.

 Therefore, there is no change in the present.
 That's probably how he's trying to keep me from knowing the past.

''........From the order of the trace gods, falsifying the past is not an easy thing to do. In other words, it means forcibly interfering with that person in the past.......For example, Demon King, if you try to change the content of this trace you are currently talking to me about, it would require the same power as brainwashing you.

 Apart from the power to falsify the Book of Traces, if you don't have the power to brainwash me, that falsification cannot be established.
 Of course, it's impossible to brainwash me.

In other words, it's more difficult to falsify the words and actions of a powerful person. But if the person is on the side of the person who is trying to change his or her words or actions, that's a different story.

Does this mean that Cerise has tampered with her old self?

It's a possibility. Let's see what else is going on.

 Gorloana nodded.

'Let's do it,'

 With that uttered, Gorloana opens the Book of Traces again.
 When he chanted, the past appeared here, along with the light--.