392-Similar spirit

 After confirming that the divine door on the Nephius Plateau had disappeared, we had visited the Reglia mansion again.

''Ummm........I still can't remember any more.......''

 Sasha says, holding her head in her hands.
 She seems to have sobered up somewhat.

Do I need the help of alcohol again?

"Chuckle, Sasha, that's a totally bad drunk's line.

 Eleonor says teasingly.

'What?' I can't help it, I'll remember it when I drink.

But you know what? I'm surprised that Anos-kun's was given to you by Sasha-chan.

 With a relaxed expression on his face, Eleonor holds up his index finger.

''I thought I'd inherited it from Anos-kun.

Hmm. Well, it would be safe to say that the magic eye of doom that Sasha has now is mostly inherited from me.

 As he said this, Eleonor turned his head to look at me.

'Huh? Didn't the Destruction God Averniu give half of the to Anos-kun, and his power was weakened by the ?

"From what I've seen in the past, the Demon Eye of Doom I have is the right eye of the God of Destruction. However, the left eye is not in Sasha's possession, it has become a delzogade.

 Along with the right eye of the Demon Eye of Confusion that I replaced.

''Ah, I see. Now Sasha-chan, not only can't you remember, but you don't have the order of the God of Destruction?

........it seems so. Like before, it seems that if you go through the Ridiculous Sword, you can temporarily borrow the original power from Delzogade...?

 And also, it is far from its true power.
 To achieve its true value, we need to bring the order of destruction back into the world.

 That means breaking the seal of the Delzogade and restoring the God of Destruction to its original form.

 But if we do that, death and destruction will once again spread through the world.

'The armies of God,'

 Modestly, Misha raises his hand.

'Not destroyed?'

''Well maybe it was. Maybe that wasn't the full strength of the army because Anos forced the door open.

 Ray replied.

'Or maybe they'll spring up as much as they can, like the guard gods and so on.

 Singh states quietly.

 Per Pedro, the god of war, led the army. He is a little different in color from the other gods of order. The expectation that he has characteristics similar to the guardian god is not necessarily wrong.

''You said the world would be engulfed in warfare...''

 Misa, who had returned to her temporary appearance, has an uneasy expression on her face.

''Since it's Anos-sama, I defeated him easily, but what if the city or village is attacked by that army?''

You're in big trouble!

 Eleonor raised his voice to agree, followed by Sasha.

''Those guys didn't get annihilated by the ...''

 They have the art of turning magical bombardment into stone and an order in which the many outnumber the few.

 The only way the others will be able to fight them off is by increasing the number of those who fight, and countering the many with the many.
 And so the death toll will rise and the fires will spread.

'I will tell all the Demon Emperors of Dillhade to search for the divine door. I shall also notify Azation, Agaha, Gioldar, and Gadeisiola.

 If the gods were planning to march on earth, there is more than one gateway to earth.
 That army was an advance force, and it was possible that the gods were there for real.

 Especially in the areas where the Dragon's Eye could not reach and the areas where the magic field was disrupted by natural boundaries, such as the Thundercloud Volcano, it would be better to set up a warning zone.

 I'll send a 'thought communication' to the Seven Demon Emperors to that effect.

"Ahartohern should also be on the lookout.

 She nods as she tells Reno.

'I'll tell everyone to be careful. Some of the kids are pretty good at looking for that sort of thing, and I think they'll be fine.

"God's door will be pried open as soon as we find it, and the army will be destroyed. But if, as Singh predicted, they'll keep popping up, as many as they can, we'll have to take other precautions.

What's the plan?

 Sasha asks.

'Like, for example, riding into the divine realm to find the source of the magic that gives rise to the armies of order, and then cutting it off.

'Wow.....it's not a ploy, it's just a show of force...'

 Eleonor spills his words in dismay.

'Well, first we have to get to the door of the gods.

So, we're going to go look for her now?

I'll leave that to others. We'll look for Sasha's memories.

 The armies of the Order could be a substitute for the God of Destruction.
 Knowing Averniu two thousand years ago could lead to information about them.

 What was supposed to be destroyed did not perish, and therefore the god of war tried to bring warfare to the world.

 If we could do something about that, the gods would not attack the earth anymore.

'This is why, Reno. 'That's why, Reno, my memories of being Averniu, the god of destruction, seem to bring back memories of Sasha. I just wanted to see if I could find a spirit that could be of some use to you.

'Memories and memories... wait a minute, I'll think about it now...'

 Reno is mumbling the name of the spirit while mumbling and thinking about it.

''Ah........could there be.......? But really, I don't know if it's...

Okay. What kind of genie is that?

It's called a sojourning spirit, Pentan. Pentan is so unusual that anyone would think they've met him before.

 Another unusual genie.

''It's a spirit that can be found anywhere and anyone can see it. Follow me.

 We followed Reno out of the Reglia mansion.
 We continued to walk down the walkway, which was covered in leaves.

''The rumors and lore about Pentan are a bit different, after all.

 Leno explains to me as I move my feet forward.

'When we're together, he says he's encountering something new that he's seen somewhere before. What's it called, that kind of thing, um...?

Déjà vu?

 Misha says.

'Yeah, that. It's déjà vu. Deja vu makes you feel like you've seen it before, or experienced it before, even though it's your first time. Why do you think that is?

 Misha blinked with a snap and twisted her head.


I'm sure it's just my imagination.

 I said, and Leno nodded.

'Yeah. Anos is right, it's probably just my imagination. But, you know, there's this rumor about déjà vu. It's that you feel it when you see an event from a previous life you've forgotten.

 'I see.

'That's just a déjà vu rumor, not Pentan's rumor and lore, so it's a bit distant and not a sure thing. But rumors give the spirits power. Maybe any of the déjà vu you remember from your time with Pentan is really an event you experienced in a previous life.

'Sounds like it's worth a try.

I know, right?

 Reno pointed in front of him. 'There's a lot of grass and flowers.

'There you are. 'Pentan.'

 There was one pair of boots on the floor there.
 Only the one for the right foot, and the left boot was nowhere to be found.

''Hmm, is that a genie?''

"...the boots........look.......!

 Eleonor and Zesia approached the boots with interest.

 Then, with a pop, baby Dora emerged from the boots.

''........it's a tiger........!

 Zesia said with a big smile.

'Hmm. It's strange. I feel like we've met for sure.'

 A baby Dora's pentane, wearing full-body boots, spread her paws and hacked at the sky.
 It was an enigmatic move, but even that felt oddly familiar.


 She nodded dully.

 Eleonor and Zesia stepped back and Sasha approached the pentane.

 Then, the boots bounced out of the way and looked away from Sasha.

'Huh? Hey, hey, why are you running away?

 Sasha hurriedly chased after him.

'Maybe he'll take you to a place where you can feel the déjà vu,'

Then we'll try our hand at things. Singh, you will go with Reno to Ahartheln. Look for the divine portal in the spirit world.

 Kneeling quickly in front of me and hanging his head, Singh said.

'My thanks to you for your generosity.

If you have any questions, you can always use your leaks.

 We parted from Reno and Singh, and we followed Sasha.

 If we got too close to them, they might reach Déjà vu, Misha and others, so we walked in the street, watching them from a distance.

 Eventually, Pentan came to the Demon King's Academy.
 Entering the castle, the tiger, wearing his boots, went deeper and deeper.

 As he stopped in front of the second teaching hall, Sasha opened the door.


 A voice echoed from inside.
 Eleonor peeked through the door into the room.

'Huh? You got detention, huh?

 Naya was in the training grounds.
 She seemed surprised by Sasha and Pentan, who suddenly walked in.

 Coolelou, and Tomogui in her arms, glanced at the tiger in his boots.

 He seemed unsure whether he could eat or not.

'It's your day off, what's going on?'

 Sasha visits.

''Cutthroat King-sensei said he's going to teach me how to study when he's free. Oh, but I don't have any commitments, and I can't come when I'm busy, so I might not be able to come today...''

 As she said it, Naya hurriedly erased the many words on the chalkboard.


 Then the pentan stopped moving with a snap.
 For some reason, Naya left the second teaching ground as if to escape.

''I'm sorry to interrupt you! Ah, Anos-sama!''

 The moment I leave the teaching grounds, Naya sees my face and shouts out in surprise.

''Shh, excuse me!

 She bowed her head and ran off.

'Huh? I wonder if they were waiting for Dr. Eldmead...?

 Curiously, Sasha asks herself. 
 When she looks at Pentan, the spirit has stopped moving, after all.

 It's almost as if its purpose has disappeared.

''Hmm. There seems to be something in what was written on that blackboard.

 I draw a magic circle on the blackboard from outside the classroom.

 <I used the Time Manipulation (Levide) to turn back the time on the blackboard.

''Hmm, that's the content of yesterday's lesson?''

 Eleonor says, staring at the blackboard.


 Sasha raised her voice.

 Out of the corner of her eye, on the blackboard, apart from the magic letters written in class, the names of Erdmeade and Naya are written.
 Covering it was a drawing of a magic formula that she didn't recognize.

'I've never seen that before. What's that? 

The umbrella wizardry.

 Misha replied matter-of-factly.

'It's an unusual but lousy technique. From the looks of it, it doesn't seem to be able to activate magic, does it?'

 I looked at Misha and she nodded her head.

'Love spell.'


It is said that the two people who write their names on it will be joined together.

 Then Eleonor turned around and held up a finger.

'But more often than not, when you two are so close, you get teased.

'Hmm. So, your friend drew that yesterday after school and made fun of you for forgetting to turn it off. I'm sure he remembered today that he forgot to turn it off.

'Haha, so that's why you came to the academy in a hurry?

 Misa says.

'Oh, it looks very likely. I think Eren and the others are going to do it.


 Well, the brushstrokes on that matching umbrella magic circle are Naya's.
 He must have painted it today in this training ground.

 It's a spell.
 It's a good idea.

 It's not just a matter of time before you're ready.

"Looks like your pentane has disappeared.

 As if he was right and had done his job, the figure of the spirit with the boots on has disappeared.

''This........looks familiar.......''

 Sasha muttered.
 I asked as we entered the training grounds.

'Is that a matching umbrella?'

Yes. It was first written by me as a prank 2,000 years ago.

 With that uttered, Sasha runs off.

Follow me.

 We followed Sasha as she left the training grounds and ran as fast as she could.

 After running for a few minutes, she stopped at the entrance to the underground dungeon.

 On the blackboard attached to the wall, there are precautions for using the dungeon.
 Sasha stared at the blackboard with her < Devil's Eye of Doom>.

 In the blink of an eye, the blackboard shattered into pieces, revealing an old wall behind it.
 On it, as if it were graffiti, a pair of umbrella magic circles were carved into it.

 At a glance, one could tell that it was written quite a long time ago.

''I knew it.......this is my.......Averniu's prank writing.......''

Is it possible that the symbol for the matching umbrella that was on this wall before the blackboard was added to the building spread as a love spell?

 The words on the umbrella have been scraped off, so I can't see what it said.

 I cast a time-manipulation (levide) spell on it.

It's a good idea to have a good time with your friends.

If we can find out what was in the book, it might help you remember.

Yeah, I know, but that's the thing, that's the thing, that's the thing, that's the thing, that's the thing, that's the thing, that's the thing, that's the thing, that's the thing, that's the thing.

 Time on the wall goes back in time and Averniu's name is inscribed there.

 And the other name--.

Me and... that...?

 --it said "Militia".

 Sasha looked at the two names on the matching umbrella with a sincerely curious look on her face.

 Misha blinked with a snap and blurted out.

'Did Averniu like Militia?'

Are you kidding me?