391-Devil's God Eye and Destruction God's Eye

 Two thousand years ago--
 <The center of Serge Eldnave.

 A blonde girl is huddled on her knees, drifting fluffily in the darkness.

 In the indistinct space, the position of her head and feet were switched over and over again, as if she were being swept by the wind.

 Occasionally she would open her eyes, throw her gaze into the darkness and let out a small sigh of relief.
 She looked terribly bored.

''It's not coming at all........what.......you forgot.......''

 She blurts out a small blur and buries her face in her lap again.

''I don't know if you're going to come soon or I'm going to destroy you I don't know...''

 At that moment, a ray of light shone in the center of the dark gloom rising up.

 Raising her face vigorously, that girl, the God of Destruction Averniu, her expression lit up.
 Instantly, a black earth was formed in the darkness.

 From the light that poured down, a man dressed in jet-black attire emerged.
 It was the Demon King of Tyranny, Anos Voldigord.

 As he landed on the dark ground, he walked straight to Averniu.

 The God of Destruction, whose cheeks loosened and was about to run, but he shook his head, stopped, and turned away disinterestedly.

 With a twang and a bored look on her face, she waited for Anos to walk up to her now and then.

 Eventually, when he got there.

Hmm. You're so drunk, Demon Lord, coming inside the Sun of Doom so many times.

 Feigning disinterest in her body, she kept her back to Anos.

'I don't come to see you with a date or a drunkard.

 At Anos' words, Averniu turned over and let his cheeks relax.

''I can't just leave you alone, you know.

Yeah? I didn't ask you to come see me.

 With a twangy tone, the God of Destruction said.
 As if looking into the abyss of such a girl, Anos let his demon eyes shine.

Hmm. You have learned to control the order of destruction quite well. The Surgieldnave also maintains its shadow state without emitting a black sun. You don't need my help anymore.

Maybe it's because someone forced me to take my lips away.

I'm sorry. If you hadn't been paying attention to me, the cause-caused spell robbery wouldn't have been triggered.

 Averniu's lips twitched and he said disapprovingly.

'I don't need you to apologize to me, though. A kiss would be like a dog bite to God.'

"So be it.

 If he really didn't have any teeth, the wouldn't have been established, but Anos never mentioned it.

''Come to think of it, I wrote that letter the Demon King-sama mentioned before.

 As Averniu draws a magic circle, a letter appears in his palm.

 Presented to him, Anos takes it with one hand.

'It will be a good souvenir.'

Hey. What kind of god is Militia?

 Averniu asked, as if curious.

 Slightly, Anos smiled.

'Well, what kind of god is he?'

You don't know?

 She said, a little surprised.

'I'd like to know.'

Hmm. Yeah. So that's what I'm doing.

 Averniu gives him a gentle look.

'I'd like to meet her. 'To Militia.'

 She mouthed that and spun away.

'It's funny. You are so close to each other, and yet you can't even see each other because of the order. Then why are we sisters?

 Slowly, Averniu walked through the darkness.

''What a way to tell the Demon Lord.

'Averniu. I have something to tell you today.

 At Anos' words, she stopped in her tracks.
 With her back turned, the girl of the God of Destruction turned around with only her face.


I want you.

 Her cheeks turn vermillion and her eyes become round.


 With a serious expression on his face, the Demon King tells her emphatically.

''Give me your body, its roots, order, and Averniu, the god of destruction, to me.

 With a slightly upbeat expression on his face, the God of Destruction turns his body to Anos.

''Instead, I'll grant your wish.

 After staring at him and thinking hard, Averniu said.

''........It's not enough. <'' alone is not enough.''

 Gently, she places her fingertips on her own chest.

''The Demon King wants to take away the order of this god of destruction. So completely that the world will change.

 Anos nodded.

You have mastered order," he said. But perhaps it is because of the gods that you are unable to reach the fundamental order in which destruction exists in this world. Whether you want to or not, there will always be destruction in the world and its God's eye will reflect despair.

  was able to control the black sun as it released the black sun, and Averniu was able to control it.
 Nevertheless, if that God's Eye looked into the earth, everything in its vision would equally destroy itself.

 Above all, the order of this world, where people die easily, has not changed at all.
 Instead of Surgieldnave, another one will only destroy demons, spirits and humans.

But if I, no god, have you now, I can take away the fundamental order of things. <If you defeat the Sun of Doom and the God of Destruction, the destruction in the world will be minimized. Those who should die will not die, and those who should perish will not perish. And after that, there will surely be peace.

Do you want me for peace?

I can't stop thinking about it.

 'Hmmm,' she said, turning her gaze to the Demon King.

'Most of the preparations are already in place. All that's left is your will.

What if I say no?

I'm not going to tell you.

 Hmph, Averniu laughed.

''It's a can't help it, Demon Lord.

Unfortunately, I'm greedy.

 She puts her fingertips to her lips and taps them lightly against her lips as she thinks.

'Fine. It would be irksome to give them away for free, so let's play a game. I'm going to give you one of my possessions if the demon king wins. What do you think?

I'm fine.

 Averniu's eyes narrowed.

''What's the game?''

Okay. Well, if the Demon Lord brings me what I want, then the Demon Lord wins.

Yeah? What do you want?

 Averniu pointed to Anos' right eye.

''I want your magic eye. Your beautiful magic eye.''

 In a mischievous tone, the God of Destruction says

'What do you think?'

You can have it.

 Averniu rolls her eyes.

'Are you sure?'

You want it, right?

'Yes, but...'

 It was probably just a simple prank.

 Averniu thought that the Demon King's magical eye, which could even kill the God of Destruction's God's Eye, was a power he couldn't afford to lose.

 Hence, it was insistent.
 She wanted to see him in trouble.

'No two words.'

 As he magically floated Averniu, Anos then put his hand around his head, revealing a demonic eye tinted with annihilation purple. In the depths of the eyes, there was a dark cross painted on the abyss.

''If you give me this, I win. I'll take your right eye.''

 The floats in both of the God of Destruction's eyes. Those eyes were shining black, in the shape of a dark sun wheel.

''Hey..... What is the name of the demon king's eye?

 Averniu asks, as if it had just occurred to him.

'What do you do with names and such?'

I just wanted to know.

"I named it 'The Conjuring Eye'.

"Hmm, what does that mean?

"Chaos and destruction. This evil eye's power is based on the essence of destruction, but it's so chaotic that I can't see the bottom of it. No matter how much I look into it, I can't see the bottom of it either. No matter how much I look into it, I can't see the bottom of it, and even if I wanted to, I couldn't see the world if I opened my eyes properly.

 The power to destroy even those things that cannot be destroyed.
 Even this is just the aftermath of the magical eye of confusion. 

 The world will start to collapse and become chaotic as soon as you open your magical eye, even if you try to see the true power.
 Even the so-called Demon King of Tyranny couldn't bring himself to find out what would happen if the eye was opened.

 Hence, he suppresses his power to the extreme and releases it.
 By doing so, the Magic Eye of Confusion releases its power to destroy order.

''It's the evil eye of witchcraft.

If you're not sure, you don't want to?

No way. Since the Demon Lord has agreed to give us the opportunity, we'll take it.

 Silently bringing their faces close together, the God of Destruction and the Demon King gently laid their right eyes on top of each other.

 Annihilation purple light and dark glow mixed together, and particles of magic power rose up.

''You know what, Demon King-sama?''

 In a calm voice, Averniu says

'I feel like so many thoughts have been flooding in here since you first looked at me.

 She places a thin fingertip on her left breast.

I feel as if I have learned a lot of emotions, feelings I never knew. I think I've learned a lot of feelings I didn't know existed. I thought my God's eyes always saw only despair, and that the world was sad and that it was always crying.

 The mingled light was absorbed into each other's bodies.

 Slowly, the two separated their bodies.

 Anos's right eye had a black divine eye, and Averniu's right eye had a demonic eye that was tinted with annihilation purple.

''But is it different? Would your magical eye see anything differently? I don't know, but you said you'd grant me a wish, right?

Ha, ha. You're losing a bet, and you want your wish to come true.

 Averniew was puzzled.
 With innocent eyes, she asks.

'Is something wrong?'

That's good honesty.

 With a snap, Averniu blinked and adjusted her magic eye.

 As the magic power moved from her right eye to her left eye, both of her eyes turned annihilating purple.

 However, no dark crosses float in the abyss of her eyes.

''Huh...? I won't have the same demon eyes as the Demon King...

It was split in two, so that's about it. You may be able to generate your own power for a while, but the God's Eye of Doom that you gave me almost lost its order.

 The magic power of the divine eye that was in the right eye was transferred to the left eye as well, and the dark sun wheel, the symbol of the , disappeared.
 Instead, both of Anos's eyes had magic circles drawn on them.

 He produced a magical flame in his hand and stared at it and drowned it out.

''Hmm. The power to destroy is weakened, but as an anti-magic, it is incomparable. It's easy to control and seems useful.

Compared to the Eye of Confusion, right?

 Anos laughs in affirmation.

''Let's call it the .

How about this one?

 Averniu points to his own Keshimurasaki-tainted magic eye.

''The Demon's Eye of Kemurasaki is fine.

It is what it is.

 Blinking with a snap, the God of Destruction switched his magic eye.
 The eyes that were dyed annihilating purple returned to their original color, and this time, a magic circle was drawn there.

 <It's the Magic Eye of Ruin.

 A giggle escaped my lips.

''We're matching.

 Averniu smiles, happy to see him.

''Oh, yeah, so. I'm just going to continue my story from earlier.......if it comes true.

 As she remembered, she said, "I want to walk the earth and see something other than sorrow this time with my Demon King's demon eyes.

'While walking on earth, I want to see something other than sorrow this time with the Demon King's evil eye.

 With a flowery smile, she looked at the hope.

'Where this world is smiling.'