390-Order of destruction

 The gods floating in the sky instantly change their formations with orderly movements.

 It may be to increase the speed of their march, or it may be to draw a magic circle of on their bodies, and magic power overflows with vigor.

 They would intend to fly through the airspace and break away from the effective range of Venuzdnoa.
 The moment that formation magic circle was completed, however, Sasha glanced at the divine race below her.

 The divine army came to a snapping halt as the machine was preempted.
 They are like frogs staring at a snake, they are afraid and fight, unable to move.

''Hey. Isn't that good?

 Sasha is poking Venuzdnoa with her fingertips, somewhat happily, as the thoughts and memories of Averniu come back to her, sobering her up.

 'I guess it's worth letting him try.

'If you don't want to involve the others, I don't mind.


 Sasha grasps the reasoning sword Venuzdnoa.
 I worked on that sword to obey her words.

'The Demon King has given his permission. Return to your original form, Sergeeldnave.

 She spun her sword barrel around and the cutting edge was pointed far into the sky. When she let go of her hand, Venuzdnoa flew further into the sky.

 Then, black particles begin to rise in that sky.
 Next, it covers the dark long sword in a spherical shape.

 The figure of the Ridiculous Sword disappeared as it was smeared by the darkness, and there was a shadow sun floating in the sky.

''Hey. Do you know?

 With her twin-tailed hair fluttering in the air, Sasha turned her back on the < Sun of Destruction>.

'No matter how much I close my eyes, my vision reflected behind my eyelids, they all called it the sky of destruction.

 <The Sun of Doom remains in the shadows.
 But as long as it remains in its airspace, the order of destruction exerts its power.


 After confirming that Sasha had ascended into the sky, the divine army took the opportunity to disperse from the scene in all directions.

 The formation magic would increase the speed of the retreat to the extreme.

 The perfectly ordered army would take an extremely smooth retreat action, and with a speed that far exceeded the magical power it possessed, it would fly through the sky and escape from the control of the shadow sun.

 And it also served as a march to the cities and villages of the demon race.
 If they could pass through the airspace at that speed, they would reach their destination in less than a few seconds.

 Their aim is to involve the world in the fires of war.
 They will burn mercilessly, even those demon people who cannot fight.

 We could go on and on, but they couldn't escape.

 Even though they had already flown a full circle around the world, the Nephius Plateau still stretched out below them, and the shadow sun was still above them.

''You can't escape the with such diminutive wings, you can't escape the . The order of this sky is broken. The only people who can fly free are my Demon King and his followers' drawings of Zelidhavenus.

 A dark light illuminates the sky.
 It quickly engulfs the army of God.


What's wrong with you?

Averniu, God of Destruction.


 The swordsman gods, the spearman gods, the archer gods, the artillery gods, and the artillery gods all speak out to Sasha, "Why do you defy the order, God of Destruction!

'Why do you defy the order, God of Destruction! You are the Order of Destruction! Why are you trying to upset the world order?

 Far away on earth, the god of war, Per Pedro, shouted.

"Do you wish to instill in the nonconformists some unwanted admonition?

Oh yeah, I remember. Now I remember. I used to hate that.


 Sasha smiled.
 She smiled, just like Averniu, the god of destruction.

I told you that I always hated order. ─ I always said that I hated order, but order was my commandment. The demon king has freed me from that commandment.

 Sasha had in her eyes and stared at the God of War below her.

''Hey. Are you satisfied with that, Mr. War God? You say you bring warfare to the world as a military order, but is it really your will?

"We have no will, only order.

Hmm. Yeah. You poor baby.

 A dark light covered the sky.

 The God of Destruction has turned into the Demon King's Castle Delzogade. Perhaps because Sasha herself does not possess the order of destruction, the remains a shadow, and its power is far from what it should be.

 Yet imperfect as it is, it is indeed the black sun, the light of Sergei Eldnave's destruction.

When I opened my eyes, I always saw despair in them.

 In the darkened airspace, with a defensive formation in place, the divine army barely survived the black sun's irradiation.


"Firefly Sae, drink up, god of destruction...

 Sasha flies through that sky of destruction, where living things are dying out, and reaches high, high up to the side of the Surge Eldnave.

'But not now,'

 Sternly, Sasha held out her arms.
 Her body was sucked into the Sergeeldnave, and soon she disappeared completely into the shadows.

I have been reborn as a demon. It was the Demon King who gave me life.

'God of destruction.......Abel.......niyu.......'

That's an old name now. My name is Sasha Necron. Witch of the d*mned and your personal servant.

 The sun of shadows shrank rapidly and the blonde girl appeared there.

 The Sun of Ruin, the Sun of Ruin, which has condensed to the extreme and become small, resides in Sasha's left eye.

I was born and raised here. I was born and raised here. I was born and raised here, it's not all that pleasant, but it's a wonderful place. It's not all fun, but it's a great place to be. And then there's life. Everybody's laughing. So, you know, I don't know if it's God's army or order or whatever, but if it's going to swallow this country up in warfare.

 Sasha brought the entire airspace into view and glared at it with a snap.

'I'm going to show you guys some real despair!

 The shadow sun in the left demon's eye reverses and turns into a dark sun wheel.
 That's exactly the appearance of the < Sun of Ruin> in full manifestation--


 Knowing that they can't escape, the army of God now flies towards Sasha.
 But it's the same as before. No matter how much they fly through the air, they will never reach her.

 As if the strength of the two sides are that far apart, the position of the troops is always under her eyes, and they can't even get close, let alone surround her.

 And so, from far above, the moment Sasha took a glance at the army of gods, only their bodies were consumed by the darkness.

 The black sun, which is originally irradiated indiscriminately, is completely controlled and only they, illuminated and destroyed.



"The Army of God...

 Even the anti-magic through the defensive formation could not prevent its destructive gaze, and in the blink of an eye, the divine army was scattered across the sky.

 The rest of the army that had fallen into the hole called the hole in the ground was also illuminated and destroyed by the black sun.
 Even the red copper armor of the god of war, Per Pedro, has already been swallowed up by more than half of his armor in the dark light.

"You cannot escape, no matter how hard we try to destroy you. "No matter how you destroy it, you will not escape.

Sorry to hear that. I forgot all about it.

Then remember. Then remember, every living being has a conflict. That is the order, reason and providence of the world, that is the destiny. It doesn't matter how many times you block the door or destroy it. The door will open again and the sound of military boots can be heard. With that as a beginning--

 The black sun shines darkly on all of Per Pedro, and he comes to his demise.
 In the meantime--

The world will be on fire.

 The God of War said those last words.

''I wonder if he doesn't know?''

 Smiling, Sasha said.

'Fate is something to be screwed up.

 She looks back at her back.

'Hey, Anos.'

 From the corner of my eye, I was there, having been transferred through the Gatom.

 The darkness quickly disappeared and the sky regained its blue.
 Sasha flew over to me in a fluffy way.

Hmm. Is that the eye of the god of destruction?

Yes, the God's Eye of Doom. I borrow power from Derzogade through Surgieldnave.

 That divine eye that had been turned into a dark sun-wheel returns to the shadow sun.

''I can only use about half of its power right now, and I can only maintain it for a few seconds.

 Sasha stared gently in front of her eyes, and a sword of shadows appeared there.
 The sun of shadow disappeared from her eyes, and the Rational Destruction Sword Venuzdnoa appeared in front of her instead.

 <The returned to its usual .

''You remember?''

Ummm, I'll be back in a bit.

I think you've been talking pretty much like Averniew, haven't you?

 Sasha twisted her head around and held her forehead in her hand.
 The gesture was typical of her.

'I wonder why? I guess I felt like that. Maybe the armies of God resembled the God of Destruction so much that I used to have my way with them?

 She says thoughtfully.

'But then I remembered about this evil eye.

 Sasha floats in a sitting position and looks at my eyes.

"Why do I have the same magical eye of destruction as Anos?

Oh. Why?

 Sasha sends the image to my head via thought transmission.
 I send it to Shin and his men via magic wire.

My God's eyes, which only saw sadness, were met with a small smile by Anos.

 Hmph, Sasha smiled and said teasingly.

''My Demon Lord, you know.''

 <The memories she recalled came through her telepathic communication.

 Images from 2,000 years ago flashed through my mind.