389-Demon King's martial arts

 A roar rang out, and the central camp laid out on the plateau was split in half.

 It pushed the God of War, Per Pedro, over and blasted through to the tail end of the army.
 As if they were being run over by the Demon King's advance, the gods were blown away in a flamboyant manner and smashed to the ground.

 <Per Pedro, who was hit by the Scorched Death Annihilation Brilliant Flame (Aviastan Ziara) into the bank, was flung away while being wrapped up in the flames and plunged his body into a gentle hill.


 With a muffled grin, he stood up.
 Its red-copper-colored armor was somewhat scorched, but it hadn't suffered much damage.

''Formation magic?''

 From a bird's eye view of this plateau, even though they are being kicked around by me, the God's soldiers are still maintaining their formation according to a certain rule.

 Although they are surrounding me, on the other hand, they are also taking up positions in completely unrelated areas.

 At first glance, that seemingly useless formation is actually a magic formation. Each one of them is part of the magic circle and activates magic to bring powerful blessings to the entire unit.

The "Encircling Order Law Formation (Arnesto)

 The formation magician's circle glows with a red-copper color.
 Its power would be the order of the god of war, Per Pedro.

"Nonconformist. "Nonconformist, no matter how strong you are, you cannot defeat a divine siege by your own strength. <The Arnesto receives only the law of war, and annihilates the rest. In other words, the many conquer the few. This is the order of war.

 Hmm. I see.
 It's not just a matter of counting the number of people in the dark and ignoring the difference in power, is it?

 I'm sure that within this magical formation, an order is in place that dampens the power of individual attacks against that army of gods.

"With only eight men, you'll never win a battle.

 The troops of the archer god Amishus nailed the arrows and fired at me in unison.
 I'm going to deploy the barrier of the divine fence against the arrows that rain down from above.

 However, the dark aurora was easily pierced and the arrows of the divine bow loomed above my head.

 <With the hands of the Jiao death annihilation brilliant fire burning flames (Aviastan Ziara), I destroyed it, but an arrow that slipped through it pierced my left arm.

''Hmm. It seems that protection is not the only thing that has blessings.

 They pull out the stabbed arrows, snap them and burn them.

 I'm sure you've heard of this, but I don't know what to say.

 I've got to say, I'm not going to be able to get my hands on any of them.

 His goal is warfare. He may be inviting you to join him.

"Your two boys have already been swallowed up in the siege of Arnesto. "You are reminded that strength is powerless before order.

 Per Pedro, the god of war, says.

 Turning my vision towards Ray and Singh, I see that they, too, are surrounded by an army of gods.

'Then let's give it a try,'

 Opening my hand and sending magic power flying towards the heavens, I draw a huge magic circle in the sky.
 Countless black magic stones appeared from there and began to fall to this place with great vigor.

  rains down on the plateau one after another, crushing the divine soldiers and gouging out the ground, creating a deep hole.

''To no avail.''

 At the same time as the War God's words, the swordsman gods Galmugundo and the other swordsmen crawled out of the hole and swung their divine swords.

 They rushed towards us and did not receive a single wound.

''Demon Black Thunder Emperor,''

 Black lightning blows out like a storm, reaping the gods with a thunderclap.

 Avoiding the divine sword of the swordsman gods that have been fleshed out yet again, he gouges out its chest with a hand of shining black fire. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who has done this.

 He gingerly lifted it up and lightly threw it at the spear god who was approaching behind him.

 Armor and armor collided and shattered into pieces.
 Inside the two popped gods, the Galmugundo that had pierced through the root source, couldn't get up and perish.

 The other spearman god was damaged, however, the swordsman gods that were cleaved off by the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd) stood up almost unharmed.

''Hmm. I have a pretty good idea.

 <In the Surrounding Order Law Formation (Arnesto), quantity is more important than quality.

 An attack by an individual against a large number of people is not very effective, but it is not so difficult to slaughter an individual and an individual.

 As for quantity, it's a matter of judging the number of sources.
 If that's the case, we should just destroy them one by one, but it's getting late in the day.

'Shin, Ray, stir it up.'

 I sent them a thought transmission, and I ran out.


 Looking into Shin's vision, divine spears were approaching from all directions. Blades that were about to shatter even a mountain into pieces with a single thrust struck with no way to escape, and the blast popped.

 Amidst the dust, one of the divine spears crumbled into pieces and a hole was made in the armor of the spearman god Schnelde, who was holding it in his hand. Blood poured out like a fountain.

 When the god fell to the spot with a wobble, Shin, who had escaped the siege of the spearman god, was standing behind him.

 In his hand, he was carrying a demon sword with beautiful ripples floating on it, the Flowing Collapse Sword Artocor Asta.

''Was it the
 Singh rushed forward at an unseen speed.

 The divine formation magic blocked and slowed down his legs as well, but Shin still advanced at a terrifying speed.

'It's useless. We are an army of order. We are an army of order, a perfectly ordered army, and no matter what we do, it will never be able to defeat our ranks by our own strength.

 The faster and farther he moved, the more disordered the encircling formation would be, and under normal circumstances, the encircling orderly formation would collapse.

 However, the divine armies, just as the God of War, Per Pedro, had said, move in perfect order and continue to hold their siege.

 They anticipate Singh's aim to disrupt the formation and try to block his path. He cut them down with Althokol Asta and ran onward.

 Divine swords, divine spears, and divine bows were unleashed, but all of them evaded at the verge and failed to inflict a fatal wound on Shin.

 Regardless of whether the divine soldiers are building a wall or not, one unit can be cut down with its sword. Even if you can't annihilate them, with Shin's power, it's easy to break through.

 And so, while cutting a path, he aimed at the center of the plateau.

 The other side of it--.
 Rei, who was on the left wing, is also advancing toward the center, just like Shin.

 A concentrated barrage of fire from the Gio-Glaze Annihilation Cannon is unleashed by the Artilleryman God Druzok, but the peach-colored cherry blossoms that shine on his back, fluttering in the air, are blocking the jet-black sun.

 Activating it, Ray uses the power of love to oppose the , running faster than the wind and slicing through the left wing's formation.

 He has seven roots.
 Hence, even though he was alone, the effect of the didn't work until there were seven of them.

''Now, how long can you continue the siege?

 Using the Jiao Die Annihilation Brilliant Flame (Aviastan Ziara) in both hands, I kick out the central camp and retreat.

 In order to maintain our encirclement, the right flank, left flank, and the two central ranks are getting closer and closer to a point.

 I've connected their forces with four straight lines to the center of the line.

No matter how they move, they will never be able to break the Arnesto. The Divine Formation has been perfected.

 The voice of the god of war, Per Pedro, echoed from the back of the army.

'Wasting your time, nonconformist.'

'You seem to be seeing through this, God of War. There's nothing more fragile than a perfectly ordered army.

"No tactics can be used against us, the order of the army. Much less such stale tactics.

Then try it.

 Without breaking our encirclement, the army of God, which had been divided into four camps, was closing in on a point on the plateau as if in pursuit of us.

 In other words, the troops of our allies were rushing at us from two or three directions.

 If we stop to avoid a collision, one of the three of us will be outside the Encircling Orderly Law Formation (Arnesto).

 Even if we try to slip through, at that moment, our troops, whose directions of travel are at odds with each other, will be in each other's way.

"I know what's going on in your head, Nonconformist. A perfectly organized army is easier to lead. The perfectly orderly army is easy to guide, and if there is even the slightest crack in the formation, you can break through it. That's the plan, but--

 The armies of the gods mingle--

 On the verge of this, part of the right wing camp became the left wing camp, and part of the left wing camp became the center camp.

 And part of the central camp became the right wing camp, causing no confusion and maintaining the siege order law formation.

 It was as if the army were a living entity.

"I told you. I told you, we are the Order of War. I told you, we are the Order of War, the God of War, the leader of the Army of Order!

 I stopped, and at my back stood Per Pedro, the god of war.

'There is no such thing as an army that escapes the siege of a god.

 Light gathers in his hand and a divine sword with a red-copper radiance appears.

 The divine sword is swung down with all my might, and I catch it with the hand of the Aviastan Ziara.

 Jizzy Jizzy Jizzy, magic and magic power rage each other, and wind pressure is generated around me and him.

''It looks like we've run out of ideas, nonconformist. Two of your men also stopped in their tracks.

What are you talking about?

 Chuckling wryly, I lay the in my right hand.

"Take a good look. "Take a good look at this, the formation you guys have taken has perfected my tactics.


 Furthermore, the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jilasud) was layered on top of him, and when he pushed back the divine sword, Per Pedro, the God of War, put all his strength into it, as if to counter it.

"You think we can understand such a lie...!

 He grabs me by the shoulders with his left hand.

"Let go of me!

 Obeying Per Pedro's orders, Druzok, the God of War, unleashes a concentrated barrage of fire from the Gio-Glaze.

 As if intending to be burned by the flames himself, the God of War grabbed me by the shoulder and wouldn't let go.

 A jet black fire engulfs me and Per Pedro.

''It's lukewarm.''

 <Immediately after extinguishing the Hellfire Annihilation Cannon (Geo-Glaze) with the Devil's Eye, I dust off his legs and break his stance.


"How could the God who leads the armies of order not know of this tactic I used?

 I twist the divine sword in my grip with his whole arm and hold it down.

''It is in vain to try to defeat this body. We are not individuals, we are an army.

Hmm. I don't think you understand. Let me give you some answers.

 He takes the divine sword and throws it away.



 Per Pedro, the god of war, emits an unexpected voice, and I hold up my palm and wrap it in the

"You're the ball, God of War. You are.

 He looks at the god of war, who is wrapped up in the spherical and raises his hand.


 <When I pushed the sphere of the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen) as hard as I could, the god of war, Perpedro, flew away faster than light.

 I collided with the divine soldiers who were surrounding me right next to me, and Per Pedro's flying path changed. The soldier of the god that collided with me was bounced off with the same vigor and collided with another god.

 And so, like a billiard ball, the divine soldiers collide with one divine soldier after another, bouncing them off.

 If it's individual to individual, the effect of the will be minimal, and the attack will pass.
 And since the number is judged at the source, a collision by a reloaded god is judged as an attack by that god.

 Of course, there is more than one collision.
 The gods that are blown off will be blown off again, and then the gods themselves will be blown off too.


 And so, they draw a complicated trajectory and fall one after another into the hole I just made with my Gear Glaesus.

 The army of gods on the plateau was wiped out in the blink of an eye, and finally, the god of war, Per Pedro, fell into the hole with a thud.

 The formation was completely broken, and the effect of the siege order law formation (Arnesto) was no longer in effect.

The army was in perfect order. It's a perfectly ordered army. But--

 I grin and look down at the guy who fell into the hole.

'That's good for billiards,'

 Per Pedro's magic eye flashed from behind his tattered helmet.

''It is a diversion,''

 Staggeringly, the God of War raised his hand and looked at the sky.

 Turning his evil eye, he saw countless shadows far above this Nephius Plateau.
 They were the armies of the gods mounted on white horses.

 They must have used all the troops here as a diversion and sent a separate force into the sky.

''Our objective is to spread the warfare. The air force formed in the sky will burn the city of the demon tribe. Even if you realize it now--

Did you think it was too late?

 With a light snap of his fingers, magic power flickered.

 Far above the gods who were camped in the sky above them.

 The one that appeared was the Demon King's Castle Delzogade.
 At the bottom of that castle, the dark-colored long sword, Venuzdnoa, was gleaming darkly in the lower part of the castle.


 Arrows and magical artillery shells are fired at Delzogade from the gods of archery and artillery.
 One after another, they land, but the castle doesn't budge.

''Do you want to try to see how far your formation can get through to Venuzdnoa?

 With his eyes on the Demon King's Castle, he draws a magic circle of .

 The moment he was about to shift there...
 A figure streaked past Delzogade.

 Her golden hair fluttered and she was slowly descending.
 It's Sasha.

 Hmm. What's going on here?

Hey. My Demon Lord.

 She gently touched her hand to the ritual sword floating in the air and smiled gracefully.

''May I have it back for a moment? My surgeeldnave