388-Demon King vs. God's Army

 Divine armies lined up on the Nephius Plateau.

 Standing at the front of them is the god race, the god of war, Per Pedro, who is dressed in red-copper-colored full body armor.
 His red cloak mixed with gold glitter flutters in the wind, and he turns his gaze towards us from his full-face helmet.

''How dare you pry open the door of the gods with all your strength...''

 The words of the god of war, which were whispered in a small voice, accompanied by magic power, reach me at a distance.

''You are a foreigner to the world. You are an unmistakable non-conformist, Anos Voldigord. Your arrogance will lure us to this place and then bring the world to war.

 Foreign to the world.
 The one who spoke to me in my depths said something along those lines.

"Bringing the world to the brink of war," he said. "Bringing the world to the brink of war. How could I not know what happened to the Sun of Doom when it was floating in the sky?

"We are not like the individual gods of destruction. We are an army of firebreathers.

 Per Pedro, God of War, quickly raises one hand.

"Kempeishin Garmugundo.

 In a line of zap, a soldier with a sword moved forward.
 Their pale white armor was in sword-like form, and they carried a crystal-clear divine sword in their right hand.

''Spearman God (sohei-shin) Schnelde,''

 The soldiers on the right wing advance.
 Their pale white armor is reminiscent of a spear, and they hold a shining divine spear in their hands.

''Archer God (Kyuheishin) Amishus.

 The soldiers, mounted on horses, advance.
 The pale white armor is designed like a bow and holds a huge divine bow.

The Jutsuheihei Shin Druzok.

 The soldiers at the tail end of the line advance.
 Their pale white armor forms a magic circle of its own, and they hold the divine staff in their hands.

My army is order itself. My army is order itself, and no one can stop its advance.

Hmm. Are you saying you're different from the Watchtower who protected the God of Destruction?

This is it.

 Briefly, the god of war, Per Pedro, said

"All troops, advance. The enemy is only eight men. Crush them.

 As Per Pedro spoke, a yell went up, and the army of God began to march at the speed of their walk.

 All of them were in perfect step, and the earth shook with each step.
 The Nephius Plateau was shaking with the advance of the divine force's army.

''........Just a moment ago, I was thinking about how to close that door.......''

'I was also expecting you, Anos, to say that you thought it would open just because it's a door to God or something...'

 Misa and Eleonor let out a dismissive remark.

'The pus had better be drained out.

'That's what I've been told, but I'm not prepared for it...'

 I said to Misa, who was staring anxiously at the troops, "It's only a matter of two hundred men, and if we kill two hundred and fifty each, that's all we need.

''It's only 200 men, and if we defeat 250 each, that's all we need.

"Hmmm, I wonder if I can beat 25xx with my own strength? It's not very offensive, you know.

 Eleonor's voice was unstrained and questioning.

'I wonder if I, too, am not? With a true body, I might be able to do that, but....

 Misa says anxiously.
 As soon as he reveals his true body, though, he's going to say the exact opposite.

'It's okay,'

 Saying that, Ray smiled next to her.
 With a dazzling light, the Spirit God Human Sword appeared in his hand.

''If it comes down to it, I'll beat you for it.

Okay, you can have my 200 for free.

 Mischievously, Eleonor holds up his index finger.

''I'll give you Zesia's twenty-five hundred too!

 Ray chuckles at the two men's lighthearted comments.

'Then I'll take care of that one for you.

 Singh says as he keeps his gaze on that formation that God's army is building, keeping his guard up.


 While taking a few steps forward, Shin tells him over his back.

''I don't know if any parents would give their daughters to a man who can't even defeat a mere seventy-five hundred gods. That's just a generalization.

 He said in a cold voice, as if it were a continuation of his greeting.
 'Now there's no Reno,' his back said.

'Then let's take down a hundred bodies.

 Ray complies and steps forward as if to say he's going to accept.

'How about that?'

 Shin said quietly and glanced sideways at Ray, who was standing in line next to him.

''There may not be a hundred bodies left for you, so...''

 He was going to say he was going to take out a hundred and one of them first.

'You'll never know unless you try.

 Ray and Shin's gazes, which met for a moment, sparked.

''Hmm. It's an interesting sideshow. Then let me give you the signal to play.

 Saying this, I hold my hand over the void.
 With a bang, a purple light runs there, and it builds a spherical magic circle.

 I plunge my right hand in and tighten my grip.
 The purple light condensing in the palm of my hand, the purple light inhabits a vast amount of destructive power and scatters light on the plateau.

 I raise my right hand to the heavens, and with the spilling purple lightning, I draw a magic circle of ten.

 I'm not going to be able to get the same thing done.

 A series of magicians were unleashed with great vigor towards the army of gods advancing loosely across the plateau.
 Purple lightning quickly spread and covered the dispersing gods.

 The inside of the magic circle forms a solid boundary.

 There is no escape from it now.
 The only thing they can do is to withstand the overwhelming destruction of the purple lightning.

 The entire plateau was dyed purple and the air was filled with a crackling thunderclap.
 The raging purple light raged, and a light brighter than daylight still illuminated the area.

 With an eerie sound reminiscent of the apocalypse, the armies of the gods were consumed by the thunder of destruction.

 The light subsided, and a great deal of ashes were reflected in my clearer vision.


 Eleonor's voice leaks out as he pouted.

''Signals are usually annihilated, aren't they.......''

 Misa says, as if she was dumbfounded beyond surprise.

 A moment later--.
 Something flew in front of her.


 A huge arrowhead was held against the tip of Mass's nose.
 But it didn't hit her just in time.

 Shin grabbed the arrow from the divine bow with his left hand and blocked it.

'Magic has been turned to stone.'

 Misha said.
 In the next moment, ashes flew up.

 From within it, the army of God appeared.

''All armies advance. We will divide the demon king's army and destroy each one of them.

 Per Pedro, the god of war, gives the order.
 They split up into four groups and began to form up to surround us.

''Hmm. ''Hmm. It's something that only God's army can do. <''Even the ash-burning, violet-reducing, lightning-fire electric field has been turned to stone 80% of the time.''

 Most of that ashes were originally shiden that had been turned to stone.

 About two hundred of them were destroyed.
 I'm sure that if this many soldiers were to come into the city, the damage would be extensive.

I'm not going to be able to say that I'm not going to be able to do anything about it. I'm not going to be the only one who can do that.

"As you wish.

Yes, sir.

 Shin and Ray kick the ground and head towards the soldiers advancing towards us.
 They would be able to close the gap between them in an instant, but that's the same thing, even if they are heading in the opposite direction.

 While slowly closing in on them in time, they are changing their formation and checking us.
 If you look into the abyss, you can see strong magic emanating from the formation drawn by the army.

 There is no doubt that something is going on.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make use of it.

The only thing that can be done is to make sure that you have the right information. Do not be divided.

 When Misa put her hands above her head, darkness flooded out of it and enveloped her.
 The darkness that covered her was followed by countless lightning bolts.

 Lightning dispelled the darkness, revealing her true body.

 She wore a betel nut black dress and six spirit wings on her back.
 She gracefully brushed back her deep-sea-like hair and said, "What do you do, Anos-sama?

'What will you do, Anos-sama?

It's obvious.

 Instead of going around, I look at the two lines coming straight at me.
 He draws a hundred magicians in a circle toward the eight hundred soldiers.

 Instantly, countless arrows of jet-black sunshine and divine bows flew from the soldiers in the center.

''I won't let you do it!

 Eleonor constructs a shield on the spot with .

 Zesia unfolded two large magic mirrors on the outside, as if to sandwich the <4 genus ward seal (de Igeria)>.


 <The magic reflected in the was duplicated.

 The number of De Igeria, which are multiplied countlessly by the mirror, have built a solid ward on the spot.

''It's not the God's army that's messing with my Demon Lord.

 Sasha stared at one with the and self-destructed the attacking divine bow arrows and the .

 The attack, which had weakened in power, was daringly blocked by Eleonor and Zesia's .


 The shoots wildly from one hundred gun gates.

 The jet-black sun that descended on the army of the gods, however, the moment it invaded the wards constructed by the Jutsuheijin Dolzouk, everything turned into a block of stone.

 The Sword Soldier God (Kempei Shin) Galmugund wielded his divine sword and the stone was carved into small pieces.

''How about this?''

 Misa releases the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd).
 However, the black lightning is also blocked by the wards of the Jirasd gods, and in the blink of an eye, it turns into a rock.

 Immediately, the stone is cut off and falls to the ground in pieces.

It seems to be a magician's technique that can turn a magic bombardment that is far off in time into a stone. But--

 Softly, Mass smiles.
 In the next moment, the soldiers in the front row were wrapped in black flames and hovering in the air.

''You can't prevent magic at close range.

"Brilliant flames of burning death.

 While Misa created an opening with the black lightning, I approached the center of the camp in a single step and flung away the Sword Warrior God Galmundo.

 I'm not a fan of the "geo-glaze", but of the "geo-glaze" that was released by the "Veneziara" as a magician's weapon, and the black flames shining on my right hand.


 I kicked the ground and my body turned into a flash of light as if.
 I smashed through the central camp, which was crowded with divine soldiers, without any bargaining.

 Dozens of swordsmen and spearman gods, Galmugundo and Schnellde, are all blown away, and broken divine swords and divine spears flutter in the air.

 <Although they had surpassed the ashlar purple annihilation lightning and fire electric field (Lavia Gigue Gaveriizd) by turning it to stone, if they were exposed to even the slightest bit of that annihilation's purple lightning, they would not be unharmed.

 He lightly cleaved the exhausted God's soldiers and thinned out to the red-copper full-body armor-clad God of War at its center.

''It's a foolish plan for a general to ride alone.

 My fingertips of the Brilliant Flame of the Burning Death Annihilation Brilliant Flame (Aviastan Ziara) are met head-on by the God of War, Per Pedro, with his red bronze hand.

 The shining black flames raged wildly, but were suppressed by the divine anti-magic that swirled around them.

The many conquer the few. This is the Art of War. This is the Art of War. No amount of force can stand against righteous order.

It's the old order, it needs to be rewritten.

 As it is, I gingerly push the God of War past him and kick the surrounding army with his body.

 Stomping my feet on the ground and putting all my strength into it, Per Pedro is trying to stop my assault.
 If my feet stop, at that moment, the armies will thrust their divine blades at me en masse.

 But I can't stop them.


 His God's eye and my evil eye crossed, causing sparks to fly out.

''I'll lead the demon king in overrunning the multitude. I am the God of War.