387-Warfire Smoke

 The greenery stretches as far as the eye can see and the yellow flowers bloom brightly all over the place.
 Swaying gently in the breeze, the petals of the flowers are tinged with a weak magic power as they dance in the sky.

 This land suitable for the growth of the Nephius flower has been called the Nephius Plateau by the demon tribe since ancient times.

 In the sky above the plateau, several owls were circling.
 One of the Seven Demon Emperors was the messenger of Melhayes.

 As if to mark it out, many magicians appeared on the Nephius Plateau.

 <With the magic of
''........Is that.......that......a rift in space......?''

 As soon as we took in the sweeping view of the plateau, Mass spilled out in amazement.

 I can see a crack in the ground on the other side of a gentle hill decorated with flowers and grasses.

 It's a very long chasm that spans from the height of the trees to the ground and is quite long in width. I'd heard it was about four kilometers long, but it was already five kilometers long.

I thought I'd be able to see it, but it's more than I expected, it's not a normal chasm. There's probably something behind it, but I can't even see the magic power.

 Ray turns to me.
 I shook my head from side to side.

 Even with my demon eyes, I couldn't see inside.
 The chasm in the space was just dyed pure white.

I don't know what kind of magic it is, but if you can't see anything from this distance, it's probably not complete yet. Whatever you plan to do, if you try to make your magic work, it will reveal itself to you.

Should we destroy it first?

 Eleonor asks.

 That noisy voice said it would swallow us up in warfare, but what do you think?

'If that's what avenges Dillhade, we don't have to wait too long, but we don't have to believe it foolishly.

 On the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised if there was someone who wanted to break that thing.

Do you want to go inside the chasm?

 Misha suggests that.
 Certainly, if we get that close, we might see something.

Let's go for it.

 <When I was about to jump up with my flight (fresse), Sasha grabbed my sleeve.

''Hey, Demon Lord. What are you guys talking about earlier?

 Sasha has a strange expression on her face.
 'Come to think of it, you're still drunk.

'It's that crack in space over there.

A breach in space?

 Sasha turns her gaze to the far side of the plateau.
 In the meantime, he draws a magic circle of detoxification and tries to sober her up...

"Demon King. It's not a breach. It's a door.

 He snapped his hand to a halt and discarded his built-up technique.

'Do you understand?'

Because that's the one from the firmament of the gods. It's called the Door of the Gods. The entrance that was blocked off with the Benno Yevhen.....well, what was it? The ... gate of the God Realm? Yeah, yeah, I think it's similar to the Gates of the God Realm... maybe...

 Sasha explained in a tracing fashion, tracing the thoughts and remembering the memories.

'The azure of the gods?'

 Misha nods her head.

'It's an alias for the God Realm.'

 Singh replied shortly.

''Hmm. So that means that's the door to the azure sky.

Yeah. God's door is a one-way street, so you can only come to earth, from the other side.

 Is it the work of the god race?
 If so, does the voice that resonates directly through me belong to some god?

 In any case, it's rare to see it move so flamboyantly on earth.

'Does it mean that the gods will come down without building a door that big to get through?

 Carrying a smile, Ray stared at the huge chasm in space.

'Or maybe that's how many of those god-people are coming.

 Shin said, and Misa let out a dry laugh, "Haha........

Well it doesn't sound like it would be much good either way...

Sasha. When is that door going to open?

 Misha asks, and Sasha's mind wanders.

''I have a feeling it's going to take a few more days........?

 I was about to say halfway through and she turned her gaze curiously to me.

 It's because I had drawn a huge magic circle ahead of me.

I'm sure you'll be able to find out what's going on. I'll just have to check it out a bit.

 A huge, jet-black sun appears from the magician's gunport.

"The Gio-Glaze.

 The jet-black sun, shot out like a comet, pulled in a tail of black flame and accelerated as fast as it could.

 A moment later, the Gio Glaze, which made a sound and pressed into the center of the divine door, lost its brilliance and turned into a giant stone.

 The geo-glaze, which had become a stone, was split into countless pieces and fell to the ground as if it had been cut into pieces by something else.

"Any bombardment is just a crushed stone in front of us--

 Turning my demon eyes, I saw a single shadow of a person in the crack in the space.

''--Don't rush to death, king of the demon race.

 The atmosphere trembled at the cold voice.
 Although it was hidden by the divine door, there was still an enormous amount of magical power flowing out of the figure.

''Hm. Are you a god race?''

I am the God of War, the God of War, who leads the armies of order, the order of war. I am Per Pedro, God of War.

What do you want?


 The god of war replied shortly.

''Nonconformist. I will swallow the world into warfare to put the order in order that you have disturbed.

Disturbance? Hmm. The deprivation of the order of the God of Destruction, as the gods often proclaim?

'This is it. But that's not all.

 In a harsh tone, Per Pedro, the god of war, raises his voice.

'The world has leaned too far toward peace.'

 Quickly, Per Pedro raises his hand.
 Then hundreds of figures appear on the left wing of the rift in space.

'Therefore, the armies of God will solemnize it.

 Hundreds more figures will appear, this time on the right flank.

"The king of the demon tribe, who crushed all the seeds of war that should have happened. Anos the Nonconformist. You have scattered the flowers of war that should have blossomed in the world.

'If there's a poisonous flower that kills people, I suppose it's only human nature to pick it up before it does, isn't it?

"but the world will not tolerate it.

 I laughed off the word and said.

'I don't know. Maybe that's what the world wants. You know, the god of war. Isn't that just what you've been led to believe?

'No.' The armies of God are in order. Believe it or not, it is not worthy of belief. In other words, this decision is a providence that cannot be reversed.

 Haha," I laughed again.

There are many gods with a lot of wise mouths to feed. It's a good thing that there are a lot of smart-mouthed gods these days. A person like you is a breath of fresh air.

 The god of war, Perpedro, closes his mouth still and glares at me.

'You haven't seen anything like that since the Heavenly Father God Nausgaria? I'll be d*mned if I don't know what happens to him.

 Without taking his words into consideration, the God of War uttered a stern voice.

''I declare war.''

Oh. To the Demon King's Army?

'No.' The armies of God bring equal warfare to all living things. Our warfare is inevitable. Every man, every spirit and every demon will be consumed by the inevitable flames of war.

 I see.

"Those who cannot fight, are condemned to battle?

This is it.

 Briefly, the God of War stated.

'Do you think I'd let you?'

The smoke of the fire of war has already gone up. All resistance is useless before the armies of order, and the fire of God will surely burn the whole world. Nonconformists. Regardless of the fact that you and your demon king's army stand in your way, there is nothing that can stop God's march.

 God's door, and in that pure white space, a further doubling of figures appeared.

'We are not individuals, but the sum total, the army of order.

 Gogo, gogo, gogo, an eerie sound resounds, and the rift in space widens more and more.
 The door of God is opening. As if to fill in the gap, many more human figures appeared behind the rift.

'Far from the azure skies of the gods, the doors to his land are opening, and a bridge of warfare is being built that will sound the war boots. Soon, the armies of our gods will reach the earth. That is when the world will burn in the fires of war, Anos Voldigord the Nonconformist.

 Misa looks at the door of the gods with a stern gaze.

''........It's not one hundred or two hundred........if that many of the divine race came to earth......''

You're in big trouble!

 Eleonor hisses out.

'That is all. You will enjoy a brief moment of peace. I hear the sound of your military boots, until the day you do.'

 As if to say that the declaration of war was over, countless figures disappeared in a huff from the back of the room.

 I said to the back of the god of war, who was about to turn on his heel, "Where are you going, god of war?

''Where do you think you're going, Gunjin?''

 Pitter-patter, and Per Pedro stops in his tracks.
 I draw a multiple magic circle with my hands.

"Will the armies of order be able to run with their tails between their legs in front of the enemy?

'I told you this is a declaration of war. You are not even in front of my army yet.

 In response to my provocation, he says firmly, "We are now far away, in the azure of the gods.

"We are now far away in the azure of the gods. Good news for you, but it will take some time before the forces of the Order's army can open the gates to earth.

 The God of War stared at me through the divine door.

''Prepare your army, demon king. Soon, you will bring the war of despair to this world in front of you.

 He turned on his heel briskly.
 In a haze, the figure disappeared.

'I see. Very well.

 You'll be able to see that you're not alone.

 With the pale hand, he grasps the rift in space at the back of the plateau, above and below it.

 An eerie sound is spirited out of the wood.
 It's as if a divine door is creaking.

".........What are you doing.......?

 Surprised, the God of War turned to me and said these words.

I thought that you guys would want to bring the war to the world as soon as possible. I can't afford to wait for the army to arrive any time soon.

 I grabbed the door of God with a firm grip and tore it open.
 A sound as if the atmosphere was going to burst is heard throughout the plateau.

"I'm going to pry it open.

"....na........... ...!

 <With his right hand upwards and his left hand downwards, with all his strength and magic, he swings out.

 A pure white light is scattered, and the crack in space widens as if it were being torn further apart, then it bursts and dissipates.

 The light gradually subsides.

 If one elaborated on the demon eyes, the gods that were only human shadows were clearly showing their appearance.
 The door was completely opened and an army of gods was revealed in this place.

''Hmm. That's roughly two hundred thousand.

 I went to the armed forces and beckoned to them lightly.

'Come on. I'll kick your ass.