386-Strange rift

 Images from two thousand years ago faded from my mind.

 I looked at Sasha and she turned away in a tremendous rush.
 It seems that she can't remember any more.

''Hmm. I was in love with the God of Destruction, Averniu, and I've awakened his emotions and made him control his own order.

 Then Misha said.

'How could a god of destruction with a budding heart defy the order of destruction?'

 I nod.

 Love and kindness are the weaknesses of the gods.

 I'm sure it's not necessarily wrong to say that God himself has the power to govern his own order by acquiring them.

I'm sure that at that point in time, Averniu was just beginning to grow a heart. I was only giving him the final push.

 In addition to the budding heart, the God of Destruction, whose power of order was weakened by , was somehow able to resist it.

 Averniew is the god of destruction.
 If he tries to destroy it, he may exert more power.

 If it's not possible, this could be a trigger for an even more destructive order to grow in power.
 That's why I chose not to destroy the God of Destruction, but to make him my ally.

 The main reason for this is that she refused to be destroyed.

''Hmm, I'm curious to see the rest of what happened after that. Can't you remember, Sasha-chan?''

 Eleonor said.

'I don't know what happened. That's it! That's it! That's it!

 Sasha complained, her face turning red.

 Misha nodded her head curiously.
 As if she had noticed, Eleonor held up his index finger with a pinprick.

''We're not talking about the rest of the kiss, are we?

 More and more, Sasha's face turns red.

''Wow! No, no. I was just kidding. My anti-magic is not as strong as yours, Anos.

 In a hurry, Eleonor tries to quiet Sasha.

 However, it seems that his voice doesn't reach her at all.
 With an expression tainted with shame, Sasha's magic eye glistens.

''.........Wow, Sasha, you're still drunk......''


 Just before Sasha's emotions were about to explode, Eleonor turned away and ran away.

'I've been robbed, I've been robbed! This isn't a kiss, it's a cause-related magical power grab!

''Ouch, that hurts! Sasha-chan's eyes are piercing you.

 Eleonor flees as if swimming in the water, and Sasha chases after it.

 <Unable to resist the stinging sting of the Magical Eye of Doom, Eleonor unfolds magic letters around herself.

 She manages to surpass Sasha's gaze by stretching holy water and using the activated

 Zesia said happily.

''And I got it back after my reincarnation!

"Hmm, what do you get back?

 Sasha's magic eye became more and more tainted with doom.
 It's a good idea to have a look on your face.

 The moment she averted her magic eye with an exasperated look, a pissy crack appeared in the water that was traced by her gaze.

 It's not just a matter of time before you get to the point where you'll be able to get a good idea of what you're looking for.


 Ray turns his demon eyes still to the ceiling.

''........It was louder than before, wasn't it.......?

 Misa says.
 <'It's likely that the magical eye of doom has taken over and weakened the effect of Titty's peephole.

'Is there someone there?'

Don't worry about it. It's just Titi's prank.

 I replied.

 Ray froze for a moment, then turned loosely to Mass and smiled.

'Sounds like a prank by Titty,'

Oh, that's strange, isn't it? Didn't I just hear Anos-sama's voice, Anos-sama's voice?

 Then Titty and the others appeared in front of my face in a huff.

'They found us!'

He's out. He's out.

Tease me.

I'm done.

 In an instant, all the water turned to mist and the puddle window disappeared without a trace.
 Our bodies were thrown to the ceiling and dropped as they were.

 <We control our posture with our flight (fresse) and land on the floor with a thump.

"Sorry to disturb you.

 Missa looks at all of us as she looks at us all with a pout.

 Mass asked, as if afraid.

'You've been watching it? You guys? All the time?

Just not all the way. Just a little bit. Just a little bit. What's up, Misha?

 After a quick blink, Misha nods with a kokoku.

 Nodding to imitate her, Sasha opens her mouth.

'Yes. That's right, just a little bit, I only saw Ray and Misha go into the house together and then try to kiss her!

Hurry, it's all there to begin with!

 Mass's cries echoed through the house.

 Covering her red face with her hands, she turns over in embarrassment.
 Gently patting Missa's shoulder, Ray turns his gaze to me.

''Is something wrong again?''

'We know that Sasha was Averniew, the God of Destruction. But my memory is not complete. I'm trying to retrace her memories.


 Ray looks at Sasha.
 For some reason, she was patting her head good-naturedly, as if to comfort Misa.

'If you can get help from the spirits, it might be easier to trace your thoughts.

Oh, so you're here to see me.

 When we turned toward the voices, we saw Shin, who had been swept away by the water, and Reno, who had flown back through the window.
 Reno was waving at us as if he hadn't seen us in a long time.

You're just in time, Shin. You should talk to Anos about what happened earlier.

 So she said to Singh.

'My Lord, your word takes precedence.

Hmm. What's going on?

 When asked, Singh replied in horror, ''I just received a message from the Seven Demon Emperors.

''Just now, I just received a from the Seven Demon Imperial Elders. He confirmed that a strange rift in space has formed on the Nephius Plateau.

 Misha and Eleonor look at each other.

'Can't look into the abyss, they say.

 So you don't know what that rift in space is.

''I heard that no matter what magic you use, it can't be closed. Even a concentrated barrage of magical bombardment by the Seven Demon Emperors can't affect it in any way.


The rift in space has widened over time. When it was first discovered, it was about 100 meters across, and now it's four kilometers across.

 That's definitely weird.

What does four kilos sound like?


 Eleonor said and Misha nodded.

''How is Old Seven Demon Emperor doing?''

'We have left the messenger, and for once, we are away from the Nephius Plateau. I was trying to analyze the rift in space and find a way to destroy it, but there was nothing I could do about it, so they contacted me.

 The fact that the events that couldn't be followed by the Seven Demon Emperors were unruly events means that there was definitely a mythical grade magic at work.

 It was also a high-level magic, even in the age of myths.

''Please advise.

You're in charge. Oldmead and I will...

 It was then that I--

 Zar, I heard a ringing in my ears.


 Misha looks into my face.
 I raise my hand lightly, not to worry.

 If I focus my attention inward, the noise echoes in my skull again with a zer.


''-- Are you sure?''

 A word that stroked the inside of my head, sticky.

'Leave it to me, are you sure?'

Hmm. Who the f*ck are you anyway?

 When I ask that question, Ray and the others look at me with tense expressions.

''Soon the door will open. The door to despair. The time will come when the price of the peace you have obtained will be paid.

 The guy doesn't respond to my words, he just goes on talking one way.
 Didn't you hear me? Or are you not going to listen?

"Soon, soon, soon - all the doors will open and you and your demon king's army will be swallowed up in the fires of war, along with all you have to protect.

 Zaa ... zaa ... zaa ...
 A loud noise echoed in his head, and then it came to a stop.

 I listened, but I couldn't hear anything anymore.
 The unpleasant sound in my head had vanished.

I've changed my mind.

 I say to my men who are looking at me.

I've been having a lot of tinnitus lately," I say. "My ears have been ringing incessantly lately," I say, "and I don't know what they are. He says the world won't be kind to us. He says we'll be swallowed up in the war.

 They are silent, listening to my words.

'Apparently it has something to do with a strange rift that has formed on the Nephius Plateau.

 I will draw a magic circle of transference for this place.

"Come with me. "Whoever or whatever is plotting against you will expose you for what you are.

 Smiling wryly, I said.

'I'll have it carved into your skull what happens if you defy the Demon King's army.