385-Heart, wake up, robbing the devil

 One day, it was a memory we both lost--

  At the heart of Surgieldnave.
 In that place where a deep darkness filled with destruction spreads, the God of Destruction, Averniu, holds her knees.

 With a single blink of an eye, she possessed a magical power that could turn the earth into a clearing, but she was trembling like a lost infant.

''It's Demon King Anos.''

 Anos answered Averniu's question.

''Demon King........Anos......?''

 The name is repeated by God in the form of a girl.

'....why is that?

 In an innocent voice, the girl spilled her doubts.
 The emotionally tenuous god seemed terribly innocent though.


How can you look into my God's eyes?

 Curiously, Averniu asked.
 The magic circle drawn on his eyes turned into a dark sun-wheel.

  Anos stared squarely into the divine eye that resembled Serge Eldonave.

 The God of Destruction, Averniu, stood up quietly.
 Then, in that place where it was all black, a pitch black ground appears.

I'm going to have to say that I'm not going to be able to do anything about it. I am only allowed to gaze at the end of things. All things cannot escape destruction in the presence of the god of destruction, Averniu. That's Providence....

 The girl looks down and weakly spills her words.

'Did you think you could not be destroyed because of the power of the gods to bring about the end?

 As Anos uttered that, Averniu quietly looked up.

 She was gazing at the Demon King's Demon Eye, which was dyed in keshi-murasaki.
 If she looked into the abyss, she could see the Darkness Cross painted behind it.

''........this can't be possible.......''

 Averniu says.

'The end of all, or perdition, is subject to the order of the destroying God. That is the reason of the world, the order of the world. Everyone, every living being, is equally subject to the order. One that can never be outside of that framework. To end up in the eyes of the God of Destruction is a fate that cannot be reversed...

Then the logic is simple.

 At Anos' words, the God of Destruction gave him a questioning look.

'I have only destroyed its fate.

 Averniu closed his mouth.
 That divine eye was staring straight into Anos' demon eye.

''Hey........Demon King.......Anos?

 The girl asks.

'Or is it the Demon King? What should I call you?

Call it what you will.

Well, my Demon Lord.

 In a light tone, Averniu called out to Anos so.

'What are you doing here?

I'm here to rob this world of the order of a god of destruction.

 The God of Destruction lifted his lips and narrowed his eyes.


 Suddenly, the God of Destruction began to laugh.
 Lasciviously, just a little bit, self-deprecatingly.

''--Ahahahahahahahahahahaha. Yeah? Oh, yes. Have you come to destroy me? Averniu, the God of Destruction?

What's so funny?

 <The Eye of Doom shines brightly.

Because I've waited so long. Because I've been waiting for this day to come.

 Rising up around them are gray particles.
 A great amount of ash light illuminated the darkness, filling it with more and more of the power of destruction.

 That relentless order was so unrelenting that even the Demon King Anos was forced to exhaust his magic power just by being there. 

''Hey. Can I talk to you for a little while longer? Or can't wait any longer?

 There was still some time before Surgieldnave would release the black sun again.
 Anos replied hawkishly.

''I forgive you.''

I've destroyed many. I have destroyed demons, men, spirits, and sometimes even gods, and the end of the world has happened in the palm of my hand. All the ends of the world have happened in the palm of my hand.

 In a good mood, Averniu begins to speak.

'Because, you know. People are broken and their roots disappear because of the order of the god of destruction.

 Because of the order of destruction, life does not last forever.
 Pursuing the cause of all deaths, you will always find the Averniu.

The same is true of the Sun of Destruction. It shines in the sky, and the light of its destruction scorches your people. Dozens, hundreds. Maybe even more.

 Anos just listened to Averniu's words in silence.

''You rode that corpse to this point, Demon Lord-sama.

 With a step, Averniu approaches Anos.

'You hate me? This god of destruction's order?


 Briefly, Anos replies.
 His mind would have been filled with the death and destruction of his numerous subordinates.

 We couldn't save them, so many lives.

'I will not forgive.'

 When the Demon King replied that, Averniu smiled happily.
 Then, she spun around and turned on her heel.

''Like I said before. I've been waiting for you for a long time. I was hoping that someone would come here. I've been hoping. As I said before, I've been waiting for someone to come here, someone who hates me, destroying, destroying, destroying. That they would slay Sergei Eldnave and be revealed to me. Over and over again, I give up.

 She speaks as she paces slowly.

'Because it's so boring. I've been alone all my life, and I can't talk to anyone in the sun with only this dark light. But that doesn't mean going out there won't change anything.

 With a huff of laughter, Averniew said, "I have only despair and sorrow in my God's eye.

In my God's eye, there is only despair and sorrow. In the eyes of the God of Destruction, only the end lies in front of him. If I walked the earth, the world would be destroyed in one night.

 The girl spread her arms wide, as if playing with the rising grey particles.

''Hey, Demon Lord, you said you hated me, right?''

 Averniu asked and continued.

'How does it feel to hate?'

 She asks, mockingly.
 But the look on her face reminded me of an innocent girl.

'I wonder if there is joy and gladness before hatred? But I don't know that either. I know how joy and happiness can turn into anger and then hatred can be born out of it, but...

 With her hands folded behind her back, she spins around to look back at Anos.

'All in all, I don't know.

 With a smile, she says

I'm afraid it's all going to perish. They say flowers are beautiful, but what do they look like?

 Averniu reaches out and the gray particles form a shape that resembles a flower.

'They say mountains are majestic, but what size are they?'

 This time the gray particles turn into a shape that resembles a towering mountain.

'Where's the house? Where's the bed? Where's the chair? Where's the book?

 One after the other, the gray grains of her mouth mapped out the shapes of the things she had mentioned.

 But every one of them was somehow damaged and distorted.

'I wonder what a kiss would look like?'

 The gray particles create the figures of two men and two women.
 The two shadows come close together, but they collapse in the middle.

I know nothing. I know nothing but the sight of very strong people fighting, but my God's eye can barely see them. Blood, tears, fights, and screams. And that, too, will soon be over.

 She states in a cold voice and face.

'Hey, tell me, Demon Lord? Why are we still alive? Nothing ever ends. It will end one day. Then it won't matter if it ends today, tomorrow, or in 100 years time.

 Averniu glances at the place, and the distorted mountains and flowers shatter and return to their grey particles.

'Do you think there's any hope? Do you think there's more to it? Then you're a hell of a funny breed. There's nothing left to do. I feel like an idiot for not knowing that and trying so hard to live.

 When the God of Destruction swung his hand to the side, gray particles flew up in the air.

The world is not laughing at you. "The world is not laughing at me, because I am watching it. In my God's Eye, I see only the end. There is always only sadness. There is always, always, always nothing but tears left in the world. That's the truth.

 Turning her gaze provocatively, she said.

'Hey, Demon Lord? I don't see how you can change that. Can you destroy me, Averniu, the god of destruction?

 Catching the girl's gaze as she stared at him, Anos replied.

'No construction.'

 For a moment, Averniu's eyes narrowed as he looked as if he had been struck by an emptiness.

''You are so arrogant, Demon King-sama.''

And you, my dear, you're still Militia's sister.

 Averniu gives him a curious look.

'What do you mean by that?'

'The order of destruction will bring an end. According to you, everything is destined to come to an end one day. The world does not laugh, only sorrow is there. But if everything is going to end, is there not nothing there?

 With a look of puzzlement, Averniu looked at the Demon King.

''Why are there any tears left?''

 Demon King Anos smiled wryly and assured him.

'The answer is simple. You, gazing at the world, are weeping at its end.

What about me? I am the author of the destruction? Are you sure you don't want to destroy it? Haha.

 Holding his belly, Averniu, the God of Destruction, laughs aloud.

''Hmph, hmph, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

 He looks happy and joyful.
 It was as if they were saved.

 Somewhere along the line, that laughter was mixed with melancholy and turned into sobs.
 Averniu says in a voice that sounds like he's laughing or crying.

 Silently, she walks towards Anos.

'Hey, have you ever heard of love?'

The words.

'There were so many things I wanted to know. I wanted to know about the shape of the flowers, the grandeur of the mountains, the joy and the happiness. But I will never be able to see them in this God's Eye.

 The girl, who told him plainly, yet still seemed to be crying.

'But you see, I thought that if there was someone very strong, maybe I could see him.

 The girl's eyes narrowed as she caught sight of Anos in her vision.

'I thought we could talk. That person must have a grudge against me and will come to destroy the order of the god of destruction. He's coming to stop the sorrow of the world.

 With her strong eyes, she stared at the demon king over and over again.
 Each time she gazed at him, the God of Destruction smiled.

 <A man who will not be destroyed even if he gazes with the God's Eye of Doom is standing there.
 Something other than the end is definitely there.

 It is an unmistakable miracle for her.

I'm going to fall in love with that man. I am in love with that person, because if there is such a person, there is only one. There can be no one else for me to be in love with.

 Averniu paused beside the Demon King.

''I've waited a lot, a lot. I've waited so long that I've lost my mind. I've destroyed many, many, many.

 She stared up at Anos.

'You came.'

It's not love.

Is that so?

"I'm just in love with love.

 As if to mock himself, Averniu laughs.


 She exhaled in a huff and said.

'Still, it's love. This is the best I can do, the best I can do.

 Averniu touched his slender fingertips to Anos' face.

'I have been destroying and destroying and destroying. That has been my order since the day I was born. I no longer need to destroy anything.

 Vermilion, vermilion, that divine eye shines.

''Isn't it?''

 In the deep darkness, an overflowing gray particle, there was an enormous vermillion light.

Oh, it's about time. <The Sun of Doom will light up the earth again. I'm sorry, I can't stop it either. This is the world order.

 Sluggishly lowering his hands, Averniu exposes himself.

'Come in.'

 She closed her eyes and showed no resistance.
 But Anos remained staring at her, not moving.

'What's wrong? We don't have time.

 As if to ignore Averniu's question, Anos still did not move slightly.

''Hey ... are you listening to me? You've come to destroy me, haven't you?

'I said I was here to take away the order of the God of Destruction. I didn't say I was here to destroy you.

What are you talking about? How can you do that without destroying...

 In a moment, the darkness disappeared like a reversal, and the sky was reflected around Anos and Averniu.
 From the outside, you could see that the had changed from a shadow figure to a sun-wheel of darkness.

''After scattering the end so much, don't think that you can pass away easily. You'll have to take responsibility for that.

 The darkness begins to blink.
 The light of doom, the black sun, was about to be irradiated towards the ground at any moment.


May your demise be complete.

"I can't do it. God is order. You can't go against Providence...

I don't want to hear your excuses. Just do it.

 Averniu exclaims.

'A trivial punishment. Come on, Averniew. Why should I be subjected to such unreasonable demands for order and providence?

 With a strong anger inside, Anos says.

'Just a little. Resist me. Use it as a wedge to unleash your commandments.


Are you satisfied that you're only looking at one person in that god's eye?

 The black sun filled the perimeter of the surgeeldnave.
 The light of doom flickered and wavered.

'Walk the earth, admiring the beautiful flowers, the majestic mountains, the city with its shops and houses, the various wares that line the eaves of the shops, and if you want true love, push aside the trivial order.

 Clenching his fists, Anos said emphatically.

I'll show that god's eyes a smile.

I am...

 <The Sun of Doom is filled with magical power.
 The black sun, which destroys all things, dyed the sky black.

 The ground was not scorched.
 The light of that doom poured down to the inside of Sarge Eldnave, illuminating the Demon King.

''........Hahaha. If you do it, you can do it........

 Despite being scorched by the black sun, the Demon King reaches out his hand to Averniu.

''Even here and now, there's one thing I can show you.

My Lord...

 Her breathing stopped.
 The demon king had taken the girl's lips from her.

'Get a good look at me,'


That's a kiss.

 Averniu's divine eyes were wide open as she kissed him on the mouth.
 Her emotions seeped out of the sun wheel behind her eyes.

 A magic circle was deployed to cover the two men's bodies.

 It is the "cause-and-effect magic power robbery (Gaga Gyeoniyol)" that takes the opportunity to focus the magic power and thoughts on itself.

 The demon king created the opportunity by kissing him, and then assumed part of Averniu's power to destroy him.

 As if to rebel against the disturbance of order, the black sun raged and attacked the demon king's body, scorching his body to bring about an end to its roots.

 The Demon King's blood seeped through and the irradiated black sun rusted away.

 The root of annihilation and the order of destruction.
 The forces of the same annihilation and destruction rival each other, and a vast amount of destruction abounds in that place.

 It was a powerful force that could destroy the earth and still be worth it.

'App. Your thoughts will set you free.

 They stared at each other with their divine eyes and demon eyes, and destruction and annihilation intersected.


 Slowly, magic power flows out from Averniu's lips, and the order of destruction subsides as if guided by .

 Tokun, Tokun, and so on.

 Instead, the sound of the girl's heart echoes loudly.

 As the black sun disappears, the heartbeat becomes fiercer and louder and louder in her ears.

 And so, how long has passed?

 <By the time the returned to the shadows again, the heart of the God of Destruction was playing a high-pitched tune that sounded like an appeal for love.


 Loosely, Demon King Anos let go of his face.

 With a huff and a smile, he said.

''Behold, I have destroyed the unreasonableness. I have destroyed your unreasonableness.

 Blushing and turning over, Averniu averted her gaze.