384-Marriage negotiations 2,000 years ago

 The tense air blanketed the room.

 Sitting shallowly in a stump chair, Misa looked awkwardly at Ray next to her.
 He laughed back, as if to say he was fine, but his expression was somewhat harder than usual.

'I'm glad Shin's work ended early. Now that Kanon is here, we should all be together, right?

 Amicably, Reno says.

''Ah, haha, I mean...''

 With an awkward smile, Misa agrees.

 First, she would take care of Reno and Rey's rapport, and once the outer moat was sufficiently filled in, she would attack Shin, her main mission. The next step was to introduce them to the spirits of Ahartheln, or the plan that Misa would have drawn up had fallen apart brittle.

''Here you go,''

 Despite being inside the house, Shin walked in with seamless bodywork.
 Around him, four feathered teacups were flying.

 Floating in the air, the teacups landed on the desk and quickly closed their wings.
 It must be that kind of spirit.

'I'm Tilmunk, the spirit of tea. If you pour hot water into the cup, it will turn into tea.''

 He tipped the kettle and poured hot water into the Tyrmunk, and it began to turn brightly colored and smelled of tea.

'Here you go,'

 Ray bows his head lightly and grabs his teacup.

''But this is the first time Shin has made me tea, isn't it?

 Reno said in a good mood, and Ray, who was about to drink his tea, paused for a moment.
 He stared intently at the bright liquid.

'It always takes a toll on you in the house, you know.

Oh, umm. It's okay, that's fine. It's what I want to do.

 A little flustered, Reno excuses himself.

'No, I just thought I'd be happy to see you get off work early and brew a cup of tea for me when Misa brought Kanon over like this.

 Silently, Singh nodded.

'We'll have to be hospitable, you know.

 Reno laughed amicably at those words.
 However, his gaze that pierced through Ray was sharp enough to cut through his body with it.

 Ray laughed too, in line with the scene, but a serious color could be seen in the depths of his eyes.

''What's wrong, Ray Grandsdry?''

 Without losing his expression, Singh says.

'There's no poison in it.

 Ray gulped down his spit as if he had a blade at his throat.

''Haha, it's very unusual for Shin to make a joke like that.

 Reno looked happy, but Ray had to give a vague smile.
 The words seemed to be coming out of his throat now, wondering if he was really joking.

'You've never had Tyrmunk's tea either, have you, Kanon? It's delicious. There is a rumor and tradition that the taste and aroma of the drinker is most appropriate to his or her state of mind. The calmer you drink it, the better it tastes, the more relaxed you'll be.


 Ray says with an admiring air.
 He holds the cup close to his nose, as if enjoying the scent for a moment.

 Soooo, Singh casually raises his hand and makes a soft, void-gripping gesture.
 The water surface of the tea in Ray's hand shook as if he was upset.

'What's wrong, Shin?'

No, no, no, it's all right.

'Hmph, weird Singh. You know, Kanon. Shin sometimes does things that I don't understand. You might think that he's a stiff and inflexible person, but he's actually a bit of a natural.

 It may have seemed natural to Reno, but to Ray, who was familiar with the sword, he would have known exactly what Shin's gesture was.

 The sophisticated gesture was a technique for drawing the sword out of the magic circle in an instant.
 If only he was willing to do so, the magic sword would be thrust at Ray in the blink of an eye.

 Quickly drawing the sword in any situation or environment is a skill that a swordsman must master. Even Ray has enough practice.

 However, Shin's techniques were too refined.
 He specialized in that chair, in that situation across the desk.

 It's as if he was prepared for this greeting.

''Mr. Ray, I don't think that thing tastes good, do you?''

 Eleonor, who had been watching the situation from the puddle window, said.

''I wonder what happens when you drink in a nervous mood?''

 Sasha said with interest.

'You described it in the book Fairy Leelan. If you are nervous, the scent is soothing; if you are hostile or suspicious, it is sweet. When you are calm, it tastes supreme, a perfect mixture of sour, sweet and pungent.''

"Well, you're in big trouble! If you drink it and ask me what it tastes like, I'll know what you're going through right now!

 Eleonor raises his voice in concern.

'It's like assessing Ray's character while offering hospitality. That guy Sin has become a lot more parental-like.

 Totally smiling.

'But Shin doesn't want Ray to take his daughter away from him, does he?

 Sasha says.

'Yeah, yeah, I think so too,'

"So, for example, if it's not poison, do you have any sugar in that cup?

'Oh, and if Ray-kun says you're sweet, he's the one who thinks Reno-chan is hostile or suspicious!

"Misha, notice the trap...

 Sasha folded her hands as if in prayer.

'What? There's no need to worry about that.


 Sasha asks.

'I'm sure it's a complicated parental figure. I'm sure there are some thoughts of having your daughter taken away from you. It's a good idea to make sure that you have a good time.

 At my words, Misha nods insistently next to me.

You are my right hand man. I'm not going to play any tricks. It's a good idea to find out what the depths of Ray's life are by means of straightforward hospitality.

''Hmm, but looking at Shin-sensei so far, it doesn't seem like he's congratulating Rei-kun and Misa-chan on their relationship.

"If it hadn't been Ray who brought Misa, or maybe Singh would have bent himself over and blessed him for Misa's sake right away.

 Curiously, Eleonor twisted his head.

'What do you mean?'

 I huffed.

'Yeah, looks like, that means that Shin's guy has no small amount of expectations. I'm sure that even if I stood up to him with all my might, Ray would still surpass it. After all, that man is the only person who has ever defeated Shin with a sword technique, albeit only once.

 Perhaps it was a joy for Shin as well.
 The fact that the person Misa fell in love with was Rei.

I'm not sure how much he is aware of this. I'm sure that Shin wishes to become a man who can trust his daughter's happiness with his heart.

 In any case, I'd like to congratulate him sincerely and send him off without deluding myself. It would mean that he was a man who might be able to accept such parental selfishness.

I'm sure you're not the only one. I've admitted to Ray-kun a lot, so that's why I've raised the bar.

"I am sure that Ray wants his father's approval with all his heart. Therefore, to refuse to acknowledge him wholeheartedly with all one's might is the greatest hospitality to him.

 As if convinced, Eleonor nods his head.

''.........Misha, is the world harder for people who are expected to do things? Is that a good idea?'

 When Sasha blurted out that, Misha said.


''Uh........I'd rather have it easier.......''

"Sasha will be fine.



 Sasha smiled happily, but said, 'Huh? Does that mean I'm not expected to be...? I questioned.

''Well, I'm sure Rei will be hungry now that he's here. Just because Shin's appearance was unexpected doesn't mean he's not going to do something like start over again.

So, maybe?

 In response to Eleonor's question, I said with conviction.

'Of course, you are willing to decide right here and now. Say hello to me.'

''Whether Ray's greeting will pass or Shin's hospitality will prevent it, the game is up for grabs!

 Sasha stated with a tense manner and watched them closely.

''Zesia also........has something to say........!

 Zesia, who had been unable to come into the conversation until now, raises her hand and insists on speaking.

''That tea.........!

"...What about the tea? What's going on?

 With her eyes as a plate, Sasha looks at the tea in Ray's hand.

''.........Can Zesia drink it too.......!

 Sasha looks like she's been shrugged off.

''Hmm. I'll get it later.'

"I promise....

 She laughed happily.

'Oh, look, Misa's moving!

 Eleonor says.

 Misa gulps down the tea in her teacup with a gulp of tea that doesn't even burn, and places it on the desk.

 Looking at her, a little surprised, Ray said

'Were you thirsty?'

Yes, I see. Can I have one for you, Mr. Ray, if you like?

 Quickly sensing Shin's intentions, Misa had such tact.
 If she didn't let Ray drink the tea, she wouldn't have to worry about his state of mind being known.

''Come on. You're not being silly. I'll make you a new cup of tea for Missa.

...Yes, I'm sorry...

 Mass winces as Reno is pissed at her.
 She's flailing around, but Ray gives her a kind look.

 Then he drinks a teacup of tea.

''It's delicious,''

'Good. Sometimes people don't enjoy Tilmunk's tea, you know. I think it's just a matter of heart. But you don't have to worry about that in canon?

 Taking another sip of tea, Ray took a sip and set it down on the desk.

'By the way--'

 With a sharp gaze as if filled with murderous intent, Shin asks.

''What did it taste like?''

 Ray looks at Singh with a smile.
 There was an uncharacteristic tension between the two of them.

''Oh, that... Tyrmunk's tea is just the way I feel--'

 Missa's mouth moved with a snort.
 For some reason, she hadn't been able to find her voice.

'Mass? What's going on?

 Leno asks.

'Oh, that? Um, that's funny. T--

 I can see it.

 Just as Misa is about to give Rei some casual advice about Tyrmunk's tea, there is the figure of Shin slashing through his words with his looting sword.

 In an instant, he deploys his magic circle and releases his blade as soon as he pulls it out, and as soon as he slices through, he stores the loot sword in his magic circle.

 Apparently, he had gained considerable training.

''What did you taste like, Ray Grandsdry?''

 With a devilish look on his face, Singh asks again.
 I can't believe he's asking about the taste of the tea.

"It's moderately sweet and--


 Shin's eyebrows twitch up and down.
 The hand that tries to grab the air even feels like it's about to draw its sword.

''It's moderately sour--''

 With a snap, Shin's hand stopped.

"And yet it has a spicy, tangy flavor. It's very delicious.


 The sound of gnashing of back teeth echoed in my ears.

'That's good to hear,'

 Singh put his hand down.

 Under the circumstances, Ray relaxed and drank his tea.
 It was no ordinary gallantry.

 Or maybe it was because of determination.
 You can see the strong desire to be willing to die rather than have doubts about your lover's parents.

''I accepted Shin's hospitality head on........''

 Sasha says.

''Yeah, he came to say hello to his girlfriend's parents and he's in a very normal state of mind. With that, you'll have to admit that Shin-sensei has a lot to live up to.


 Misha pointed.

 I look at Ray and he has perfected his residence. 

'Sin, Reno,'

 Turning to them, Ray says.

'I came here today because I really wanted to tell you both something.

 Shin's words of impeccable sincerity were met with a grim expression.

'I'm in a relationship with Mass.

 Contrary to Reno, who has a warm expression on his face, Shin returns a cold gaze as if a blizzard is blowing through.

''Yes, I said it! Don't let Singh kill you!

"Way to go, Mr. Ray! That's what boys are for!'

 Eleonor and Sasha make a scene.

'Not yet,'

 Misha pointed out.
 Ray had his hands on the desk.

'Could it be that this is all at once...?

 Ray said, with his head down.

'I'm serious. I'm just like you guys--'

Ray Grundley.

 Pitter-patter, Shin said, and stood up.

 He put his hand into the magic circle he had drawn and took out a sheet of magic paper.
 He flicked it with his fingertips and sent it flying to Ray's hand.

 He looks down at the magic letters written on it.

'Hmm, what is that paper? It looks like a magic tool?

 Eleonor asks me.

'Hmm. You have brought out another good old fashioned thing. It's a blood relative.

 Misha nods her head.

'I've never heard of it before.'

Two thousand years ago, marriages were mainly performed in zecto. Marriage was predominantly for reasons of family continuity. But some people do fall in love. It's fine to fall in love, but there were many cases where the families had already decided on a bride.

 It was very common for clans of ability to marry their children to each other, or for clans that could compensate for their weaknesses to go hand in hand with each other.

 Nowadays, though, it would be very difficult to think about it.

'That's when a blood letter is used. That magic paper has almost the same effect as the Contract (Zekt). I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this as well.

"Wow, I have a really bad feeling about this.

'The point is that the parents and relatives who oppose romantic marriages bring up a bloodline saying that if they have the power to kill you, they can allow you to marry them. This is called marriage bargaining, but in a nutshell, it's a duel for your life with marriage.

 It is unreasonable to say that in order to be with your lover, you have to kill their parents and relatives.

It seems to have been used exclusively to bury tramps who have no idea which horse's bones they belong to.

"How dare you greet me...

 Sasha blurted out.

'You still haven't paid back what you owed me two thousand years ago.

 Shin said coldly to Rey, who was staring at the bloodline.
 It was probably when he lost to canon once.

''What do you think, how about we try to have one real death match from now on?''

 I don't think we're dwelling on the defeats of 2,000 years ago now.

 In fact, it's the opposite.
 I want to make sure that the battle was not Magre.

 I can't make up my mind.
 That's why I hoped he would do everything in his power to take Misa.

 He said that if he entrusted his daughter to a man who was stronger than he was, he would have to do it by himself.
 It's a very good thing that you're able to get the most out of this article.

 Of course, if it was in the age of mythology, that thought is a bit behind the times now, if not in the age of mythology.


I don't mind.

 Ray stands up, just as if to respond to that clumsy thought head on.

 In all sincerity, if you bow your head, both Reno and Misa will be there. Shin couldn't have stubbornly refused to do so, could he?

 Still, Ray took his feelings as a father.
 He chose to accept those clumsy feelings.

 Man to man, there are some feelings that can be conveyed without saying it.

'We can't afford to make a mess in here, so why don't we use the backyard?

 Unusually, Singh's expression breaks out.



 Ray opened his magic eye.

 So swiftly that even he couldn't see the moment he pulled it out, the demon sword with a beautiful blade sentence floating in Shin's hand was in his hand.

 The Flowing Collapse Sword Altocor Asta. A swing with the power of the demon sword god was pointed at Ray without mercy.

 A rushing stream resounded.

 A thin water mirror appears between Shin and Ray.
 With a pop, a drop of water fell, and seven ripples were made on Ray's body reflected in it.

 A moment later, Ray had summoned the Spirit God Human Sword Evans Mana in his hand.
 Still, his expression was tinged with frustration.

 The ripples on the water mirror, the small murmur that echoed in his ears.
 Shin's stance and the mighty magic power without even a minute's gap.

 Even if you use the Spiritual God and Human Sword to break the fate of the 100 destinies, you cannot escape the fate of destruction.
 The secret depths of the Ryuzu Sword can cut down even Ray, who has seven roots, in just one fell swoop.

 Rei must have smelled such a scent.

 Above all, the most terrifying thing is the murderous atmosphere. I'm not going to do it. This is the reason why you can't get rid of it.

 Or perhaps it's even more so than when he faced me, the Demon King.

The first thing to do is to say, "Oh, that's impossible! Shin-sensei, you're not going to give up your daughter at all...!

"...but it's okay, right? You wouldn't go that far, would you?

 Sasha asks me.


Not really. Which one is it?

 Eleonor and Sasha are paying attention to their every move.

''The Flowing Collapse Sword, the secret depth is one-- . You can see what I mean. We don't need to clash swords together.

No, no.

 Confident of victory, Ray said to Shin, who was about to draw his sword.

 This go-ai killing, the chance of victory is equal to zero.
 Knowing this, the brave man tightened his grip on the holy sword.

''I've always challenged you to a desperate fight.

No thanks. That's what I'm talking about........!


'Stupid, stupid! Idiot Singh!

 It was Reno who puffed out his cheeks, triangulated his eyes, and yelled at him.
 Using the power of the eight-necked water dragon Linyon, he pushed Shin through the window of the mansion and into the backyard.

'After all, Kanon came to visit me, why are you all about the sword? It's a good time to be friends with Misa, but with Shin's attitude, he's going to drift away. That's why you'll be disliked by Misa as well!

 Sitting on top of the water dragon, chasing after Singh, who is being swept away, Reno looks pissed off.

''.........No, Reno, this is a nuptial intercourse bobbing......!

 Right as he was about to speak, Reno was pouring a lot of water into Singh's mouth.

This is no way to marry. Idiot! Idiot! What if Kanon gets mad and says enough is enough? How can you be responsible for that? What are you going to tell the Mass?

 Singh was stifled by the spirit of nonexistence.
 She was unfamiliar with the culture of the demon race. She probably doesn't know about the bloodline or marriage negotiations.

''........He's not such a small man,''

I'm telling you, if you take advantage of canon like that, you'll run out of steam.


But no, no. The answer is, yes. It's a sermon, sermon. Did you think I wouldn't notice by sneaking around and slashing the words of the Mass earlier?

 Shin shushed.
 But Reno glanced at him.

'You knew you had to learn to pull the sword out faster.

No, no, not like that.

I know everything about you, Shin. You can't tell lies like that. You need to feel sorry for yourself.

 Their voices faded away.
 As it was, the water flowed everywhere with them.

It's a mess.

 Ray and Misa looked in the direction they had drifted off in, half stunned.

'This is our first time greeting each other and I'm afraid I'm being a bit hasty.

 Saying that, Rei stows the Evans Mana inside the magic circle.

''Uh, nah, what were you going to say...?''

 Shyly, Mass asks.

'You know what I mean?'

Wow, I don't know what you're talking about. If you don't say it out loud, I don't know anything about it.

 Blushing, Missa turned away.

'I'll tell you when you turn around,'

It's true--

 When Misa turned around, Ray's face was in front of her.
 Their lips were about to meet when they were so close to each other.

'That was close,'

"...What did you try to do...?

Don't you get it?

 With a sigh, Mass says.

''Well I won't know unless you tell me...''

 Turning over and looking up, Mass looks at Ray.
 Their lips were about to meet.

'Wow, that's awesome. You know, Sasha-chan--'


 When Sasha shouted out as if she noticed something, the magical eye of destruction appeared in her eyes.

 A crack appeared in the puddle window and Rei and Misa stopped dead in their tracks.
 They stared at the ceiling, wondering if they heard voices.

'Sa, Sasha-chan? What's the matter with you all of a sudden?'

 Eleonor asks.

'I remember... maybe...'


 Those eyes were pale and white again.

''........Someday.......somewhere......I feel like this happened to me......''

 Sasha draws the magic circle of as she searches for her memories.

"A long time ago.........2,000 years ago.......

 Images from the past that came back to life are going through our heads--