383-Regalia's hospitality

 I took one look at the big tree mansion they had entered and said.

'I guess we'd better come back out. We can't afford to disturb Ray and the others.''

 Misha nodded next to me.

'Yeah, yeah, I think that's a good idea too. I'm not sure what kind of story you're going to tell, but...


 When Zecia appealed to him, Misha patted her head good-naturedly.
 Zecia's smile peeked out as she was pleased with herself.

'Sasha. You can meet Reno later. Let's head to where you want to go first.''


 As soon as she said that, Sasha headed straight for the big tree mansion.

''Sasha-chan, you can't go that way!

It's not fair............

 Eleonor and Zesia speak up.

 Alongside Sasha, I grabbed her hand.

'I told you we'd see Reno later.

Because I'm worried about Ray and Misa. We have to make sure they know how to say hello.

 Sasha moves her feet slowly towards the big tree mansion, but she doesn't move forward at all because I'm holding her hand.

''It's so far...''

 They're not far away.

It's not like he's your enemy in the making.

Uh ... what. Doesn't Anos worry you?

What are you worried about?

'Because if Ray doesn't get Reno to accept him, their love is over. It's just too sad. I don't want to be in love with someone who doesn't want to be rewarded for it.

 Hmm. I can't decide.
 Is this really a thought from two thousand years ago or is it just Sasha getting drunk?

 It could be both, though.

Well, but I can't see how Ray wouldn't be accepted by Reno.

Mother of God, you heartless witch!

 With a magic circle in her eyes, Sasha stares at me intently.
 The same magic eye that counterbalanced that tumultuous magic eye tightly.

It's no use. Do as you please.

Yeah. I'll do what I want.

 Letting go of her hand, Sasha approached Oki's house with a vigorous, yet wobbly gait.

 She was about to knock on the door, but she stopped dead in her tracks.
 She's thinking about something.

'Hey, Misha. You're not going to bother me if I come in here normally, are you?

 She turns around and asks Misha, who was behind her.


Can't you see inside?

 I turned my magical eye into the big tree.
 However, my vision was shrouded in mist and I couldn't see anything.

 Is it the power of the spirit?

Hmmm. Hm. This is indeed the home of the great genie Reno. Even with my magic eye, I can't see through it.

Hmm, so there's a gap then?

 Sasha walked in a circle along the large tree.
 From a cursory glance, there were a few windows, but if you peeked through them, you would be intuited in the blink of an eye.

 <Do you want to use
Need help?

 I suddenly heard a familiar voice.

 A mist drifted in front of me, and it took the form of a small fairy.


Do you want to?

"Greetings and greetings.

I'm intrigued.

 The one who showed up was Titty, a prankster fairy.
 They were happily flying around Sasha.

''I want to take a peek.

 Sasha said proudly.
 'Couscous, couscous,' laughed Titty and the others.

'Come on,'

Come on.

You can take a peek.

What I'm good at.

 Titi and the others fly through the air, aiming for the top of the big tree mansion.

 Following them, we too fly through the thick leaves and branches of the tree, flying (fresse).

"Let the drilling begin!

"Shenanigans, Shenanigans, Shenanigans.



 Titi and the others were shouting with joy, sticking nails into a large tree and canning them with a small stick.
 Watching them, Sasha asked.

'Wouldn't that just stick the nails into the tree?

 'Couscous,' laughs the fairies.

'By the way,'

"Put a nail in the wood.

If you do,


 Water showed up on a piece of wood framed in a circle with nails.

'What is this?'

"Puddle window.

If you put your face in the water, you can see inside.

Take a look.

Like this.

 Titi and her friends put their faces in the water that had formed in the trees.

 Sasha mimicked them and put her face in the water.

 It's a good thing that you're not going to be able to get a good idea of what you're looking for.

The same goes for Zesia.....

 With a twinkle in her eye, Zesia put her face to the surface of the tree.
 Like Sasha, her body fell into the water.

''Hmm. Let's go.''


 Me, Misha, and Eleonor, in turn, fell into the water, face to face with the surface of the tree.

 I'm not sure what the principle was, but it was wide open inside.
 I could see Sasha sticking to the bottom of the water.

''Oh, it's Rei-kun and Misa-chan!''

 Eleonor sends me a thought transmission (leaks).

 It seems that there is a transparent, glassy membrane at the bottom of the water, through which one can see what's going on inside the house.

'Can't you see it from the other side?'

 Misha asks Titty.

'It's okay!'

I think.


I'm good at hiding.

 Titi and the others answer that.

 Well, there is no indication that Ray has noticed us.
 As long as nothing happens, we should be fine.

 I move next to Sasha and look out of the water to the mansion.

 The interior of the mansion is decorated as if the interior of a large tree had been used as a home.
 Many flowers and plants grew from the wooden walls and were beautifully decorated.

 There was a cocoon-like bed, a fire clock that ticked with precision, a crystal shelf, and other things that I was not used to seeing in Dillhade.

 There was a large wooden desk and a stump chair, on which Ray and Misa were sitting.

''Uh....soooo, I said they'd be here soon, but they're late...''

 From earlier, Mass had turned her head repeatedly toward the other room.

 She was fidgeting, shaking her legs and rearranging her hands repeatedly.

'Can't you calm down?'

 When Ray asked, "Ah........", Misa's voice came out and she looked down.

''I'm sorry........ After saying such a big thing earlier, when it comes down to it, I'm more nervous than you are........

 The first time I saw Misa laughing forcefully, Sasha clenched her fist.

"Hang in there, Misa. I'll be there for you.

 It seemed like he was getting emotional.

If you're in danger, I'll use my magical eye of doom to take care of it.

 How will you destroy it?

It makes me feel much less nervous than I am.


 Curiously, Misa looked at him.

''You're showing Mass too much cuteness,''

 Giggling, Ray lets out a cool smile.


 Misa's face turned bright red and she turned over again.

You should see us as we are.

 Ray gently lays his hand over Missa's hand that was on the desk.

'You don't have to mend it, it's fine.'

"Uh ... uh ... well ...

 Slowly, she looks up and Misa's gaze is sucked into Ray's eyes.


 Misa laughed as the tension released slightly.

'It's strange. I feel like I can handle anything when Ray-san tells me to.

I'm not afraid of anything, either, when it's just you and me.

''Haha I'm a bit... embarrassed but I'm happy...''

 He said, blushing, and Mass took his hand in both of hers.

'Yes, yes. I did a good job of releasing her tension. It's a little distracting, but I'll forgive you for today, Ray.

 Sasha blurts out her thoughts from above.

'I like it,'

 It's not possible to say anything to the straightforward words of Rei, but Misa was bashful and just nodded her head.

It's a very good idea to be able to have a good time. I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this.

 With a bang, Misa speaks her hand from Ray.

 If you look at her, you can see a girl in a dress right there.
 Her hair was as blue as a lake and her eyes emitted an amber glow.

 She was Mass's own mother, Shin's wife, the Great Spirit Reno.

''Here it comes........it's a sudden first strike....... ''Hold on, Ray........''

 There seemed to be a battle going on in Sasha's head called greetings.

'No, no, no. This is, um, not the same thing. I was just trying to make it up to you because I was nervous, and Ray-san was not, you know........

 Standing up, Mass is trying desperately to excuse herself to Reno.

'Don't be so upset. It's just a joke.

'Ah ... yes ... yes ... yes, you're right ... haha.

 Missa laughs awkwardly.

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that you have to be careful about what you say.

 Sasha said, sweat on her hands.


 Reno laughs at Ray as he stands up.

'It's been a while. You don't come to visit me at all, so canon has always been a guy who doesn't come unless he has something to do. That's the kind of person you are.

We met at the Demon Lord's Second Coming ceremony.

'No excuses. I was so flabbergasted, I didn't get a chance to say much.

 When Ray chuckled, Reno smiled serenely.
 Meanwhile, Misa was looking at their faces in turn, curiously.

'Huh? Huh? Have you met your mother and Mr. Ray?

''Because, two thousand years ago, spirits and humans fought against the Demon King's army together. The representative of the humans, the heroic canon, came to ask for help from the spirits of Ahartheln. I was the one who spoke to them then.

I fought with Anos once in a bout with him.

 Ray says.

'At the time, I thought I was done for.

 Mass looks at Reno with a stunned expression on her face.

'Huh? You know that humans and spirits were working together, so I thought I knew for sure...

 Laughing in annoyance, Ray looked at the Mother Great Spirit.

'I knew it was a good idea to make it clear to someone I used to know that you're dating your daughter.

I'm disappointed that you've already been robbed of your lovely Misa. And in canon. I didn't know that a brave man could be so quick.

 Still, Reno stared at Ray.
 He could only chuckle, awkwardly.

'Haha. But I'm glad I'm canon rather than someone weird. If it was someone like Shin, I'd have a hard time, and in that respect, Kanon is fine.

'What the hell is that........ I've lost my nervousness.

 Reno and Ray turned their warm gazes on her.

 A very calm air enveloped the mansion of the Great Spirit.

 A girl who witnessed such a peaceful scene from a puddle window said.

''What is this........''

 Sasha slammed her fist on the bottom of the water and shouted in .

"It's a race...! 'What kind of greeting is there that goes on such a paved road?

 She grumbled, as if to say that she had lost her support.

'Come on, let's sit down, you two. Let me make you a cup of tea. Oh, did you know, canon? It's the first time that Mass has ever brought someone with her. When I asked her to bring a friend, she didn't seem to be able to bring one. Did she want to bring someone with her at first?

What are you talking about, Mother? You don't have to say anything else!

'See, I thought I'd show you how cute Mass is,'

 Reno smiled as he teased his daughter.
 Mass was embarrassingly small.

'Some stories do pile up, don't they? Come on, sit down.

 Ray smiled and nodded, urging Mass to sit down.

 That's when they were about to sit down in the stump chair again - the

'I'll make you a cup of tea once in a while. Reno, you may sit down as well.

 As if to break the harmonious atmosphere, a man appears with a cold voice.

 It was Shin Reglia himself, the husband of Missa's father, Reno, and the right-hand man of the Demon King who once fought the heroic canon to the death.

''Huh? Singh, didn't you say you had work to do today?

Yes. I've got information on the Demon King about the bowman, but I've got a bit of a chestnut - no, I've got things done in three seconds.

 Staring in Ray's direction, he said with a cold expression on his face.

''This is the first guest my daughter has brought with her. As the patriarch, I must entertain her with all sincerity.''