382-How to go around memories


 In her own room, Sasha muttered.
 Her magic eye, which had been glowing pale white, returned to its original blue.

 <The image of the past that had been transmitted via the thought transmission (leaks) suddenly disappeared, and the face of the girl who was looking at me was all that was there.

''Well that's strange.....It seemed like I could remember more.

 Sasha twists her head and grunts.
 But she can't seem to remember any more than that.

'But that was it, wasn't it? Isn't this what Anos did to Averniu back then?

 <With the Devil's Eye of Ruin floating, Sasha looks into my evil eye.

 Through her gaze, the magical power of her annihilation reaches the depths of my body.
 Sasha's doomsday magic eye interferes strongly with the source, and the overflowing power is destroying itself.

 Of course, there's no way Sasha's current power can shave off my magic power, but the fact that it's weakened somewhat makes it a little easier to control.

It's not as if they are too powerful to control, unlike me. There is a realm of order governed by the gods that is beyond their control.

Hmm, what does that mean?

 Eleonor asks.
 I explained, as I loosely raised myself up.

'The Heavenly Father God, for example, is an order that begets order. He may be able to give birth to as little as a guard god of his own volition, but it's not as if he can give birth to other gods of order at will. If you do that, it's easy to disrupt the order.

Couldn't Averniu control the order of destruction?

 Misha asks.

'That's what I mean. 'Most of the god-tribe perceive the uncontrollable order as their own will, but perhaps Averniu was different.'

 Just now, with that past that Sasha had shown him, Averniu was crying.
 Was it because he was worried about being an order of destruction himself?

 I can't be sure of that one yet, but if she's Sasha, it's not strange if she's Sasha.

Don't you remember what that was, Anos?

'I don't remember ever having a proper conversation with Averniu. It's a memory I've lost.

 Militia may have created memories to take away and make sense of, but now, what was the purpose?

 After all, it seems that there was no reason for Militia to take that memory away from him.
 At least, for now.

''.......I'd like to know the rest of the story.......''

 Misha peers at Sasha's muttering face.

'What's wrong, Misha?'

 Curiously, Sasha looks back at Misha's face.

'Have you sobered up?'

'What? Oh, yeah ... come to think of it, I'm starting to wake up a little bit ... I don't know, I'm having trouble remembering what I've been doing since I left the house, did I say anything weird?

 Misha pondered, a little troubled.
 Then she said.

'It was kind of Averniu-ish.'

Hmm. So you really got your memory back with the help of alcohol...? How is that possible?

 Sasha seemed unconcerned.

'But, Sasha, you actually reminded me of something.

 Eleonor says.

''Well after you drink, you usually forget... why do you remember...?''

 Sasha is asking herself this question.

"It is not only the power of alcohol. The other day you destroyed the power of annihilation from my roots with the magical eye of destruction. Didn't that act awaken the feelings of the old Abelnyu?

 Sasha ponders.
 Then Eleonor snaps one finger up.

'Then there it is. Averniu's treasured memories and the similarities between them and the memories you see and do, don't they remind you of that?

'And that's what Militia said about retracing your thoughts and recalling your memories.

 Sasha holds her head in her hands.

'Hmm. So, with that, what do we do now? And we don't know what those memories are in the first place.

I mean, it's the quickest way to go.

 Standing up, I draw a magic circle.
 I put my hand in the center of it and take out the bottle of wine I just generated.

 I pour the drink into the glass I created.


I feel like I'm doing something wrong, drinking all day long.

 Picking up the glass, Sasha gulped down the wine with a gulp.
 With a lopsided expression, she said.

'Another drink.'

Don't drink too much.

 I pour you a glass of wine.

Oh, well, goodbye. Maybe the more you drink, the more you'll remember me.

 Misha nods her head curiously.

'Hmmm, who's looking at that?'

Sasha and Averniu are half of it?

 Eleonor and Misha shot each other a questioning look.

 Then, Zesia raised her hand in a big one and said with a proud smile on her face, ''It's Sasha Bellew.

''Sasha Bellew........is.......!

 After swigging down the wine again with a gulp, Sasha put her hand to her head.


Sasha, does this remind you of anything?

I'm starting to get a headache.

 With a wobbly gait, Sasha holds out the glass to me.

'In the meantime, I'll have a drink to help me heal.

You've gone from being a f*cking Sasha Bellew to being a drunkard!

 It's not going to work out so well.

 For now, Sasha's glass should be filled with the Demon King's Wine.
 She drank it happily.

''Hey, can I go outside?''


 Sasha left the room with a wobbly gait and headed down the stairs.
 I follow her and we leave the house.

 We walk through the streets of Mid-Hays, watching Sasha as she walks around aimlessly.

''Hmm, I don't feel like I'm going to accidentally reach the memories of Averniew at all if I keep walking around without thinking about it.

 Eleonor said, and Zesia clenched both fists.

Oh. What'd you come up with?

I will use magic to accidentally reach back to your memories.

"Zecia is a smart girl. It's your turn, Anos!

 Eleonor says jokingly.
 Misha nods her head and looks up at me.

'Do you have one?'

If only Sasha could remember.

 There is no such convenient magic that can be traced back to a memory, even though the memory isn't even clear.

''...But yes, there is. It's not direct, but if it's close enough, it might be possible.''

 I grabbed Sasha's hand as she stumbled and nearly fell in the empty traffic and said, "Sasha.

"Sasha, Sasha. I'm going to go see Reno now, okay?

Great Spirit Reno...?

 Averniu's thoughts mixed with Averniu's, and Sasha's face turned sullen.

 However, she immediately smiled happily.

''Yeah, good. It's been a while.''

 I draw a magic circle of .

"Oh, I see. It's a genie. Does this mean I'm going to ask Reno-chan if there's anything like a memory spirit?

 Eleonor said, as if an idea had occurred to him.

'The ability of spirits to be swayed by rumour and lore is a mystery. There may be a spirit that can help us trace back to Sasha's memories.'

 Even if there was a genie that could revive them, it would not bring back my memories or Sasha's.
 So, if it was possible to return them, I would have used my Evi magic to return them.

 However, if it is a spirit that makes it easier to find what you're looking for, or that makes you lucky, then it might be able to help you.

Let's go.

 We all held hands and used the
 Our vision turned white, and we came to a land on the outskirts of Mid-Haze.

 It was a place of natural abundance, overflowing with trees and lush with plants and flowers, and at the back was a large tree the size of a house.
 It was a mansion that the great spirit Reno had built in Mid-Hays.

 Reno, Shin, and Misa live there.
 From time to time, she seems to return to Ahartheln, but right now I can feel her magic here.

'There's someone here,'

 Misha pointed in the direction of a large tree mansion.

 There was a pair of men and women there.

 One was a neutral-looking boy with white hair and light blue eyes.
 The other was a girl with habitual chestnut hair.

 Whoever they were, they were Ray and Misa.
 The two of them are gazing at Misa's home, that large tree mansion.

'I'm a little nervous,'

'Duh, it's okay! Your father said he had to work today, so your mother is the only one here.

 Misa said as she tried to break Ray's tension.

'And besides, your mother is on my side. It's just a cup of tea. If something goes wrong, I'll take care of it. You can take it easy, Ray-san, it's totally fine.

 Ray huffs and smiles briskly.

'It's reassuring,'

 After saying this, Ray walked with Mass into the big tree mansion.

 Sasha leaned forward and looked at the scene, then looked back at me with a start.