381-Sky of destruction

 The age of myths--

 It was a noble battle one day.

 When the demon soldiers set their sights on the sun in a desperate attempt to reclaim the sky of Dirheid, which had been under their control, without sacrificing anything.

 The blue sky was covered with dark clouds of destruction.

' Prepare to sweep.

 The demon soldier's voice echoed.

"Yes, sir. Deploy the magic circle. Deployment of Gate 1 to Gate 10 complete.

Deployment of Gate 11 to Gate 20 completed.

"Deployment of guns 21 to 30 and 100th guns complete!

 Far away from the ground, flying in the sky, is the flying castle ship Zelidhavenus, created by the magic of Ibis.

 It was a huge fortress that took 100 years for the creator Faris Noyn, a rare user of creative magic, to complete.

 In front of the castle, the gates of the magicians' batteries were deployed one after another.

''The second wave is coming!

 After a few moments of delay to the warning voice, Nuttily, a dark-colored shadow appeared.

 Countless shadows of winged angels emerged around the flying castle ship Zelidheavenus.

 Exz de Raffan, the guardian god of destruction.
 He is the god who guards the order of destruction, but it is rare for so many individuals to appear on earth at the same time.

 Two reasons.
 This sky was the closest to the entrance to the divine realm.

 The other is that the flying castle ship Zeridhavenus, which Faris drives, has a tyrannical demon king on board.
 That ship was approaching the greatest order of destruction in the world, the god of destruction, Averniu.

"I forgive you for disturbing the order.

 The angels of the shadow spread their wings.


 A shimmering shimmer of shadow loomed.
 With a thunderous sound, the upper part of the flying castle ship Zelidovenus shattered.

 Although it was quickly restored with the automatic repair magic that was provided, the God of Destruction's Domios bared its fangs one after the other, shattering Zelidhavenus.

 The sound of violent explosions resounded in the sky, enough to shake even the ground.

''Gu, goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...!

Hey, Cap'n, no more hits!

 <The elites of the demon race couldn't help but scream due to the concentrated fire of the Divine Destruction and Crushing (Domios).
 However, the man at the helm of the ship in the wheelhouse said, "It's beautiful.

It's beautiful. As expected of the gods of destruction. The masterpiece of my soul, the flying castle ship Zelidhavenus, was crushed so beautifully.

 With a witch's eye flashing, Faris says

Faris says, "The refined ones are beautiful. The guardian deities of order are already brilliant just by being there. But--

 The rare creator smiled elegantly.

He smiled elegantly and said: "There are pictures that can only be painted when they are destroyed. Zelidhavenus is the best work of my life. The beauty of nature, full of mystery - even the gods are not to be trifled with.

 <Continuing to be hit by the , the flying castle ship collapses in tatters as the magical restoration cannot keep up.

 However, even so, Zelidheavenus still flies with strength.
 By throwing off the weight of armor, it accelerated rapidly.

'Come on, soar, Zelidhavenus. ''Soar, Zelidheavenus, into the sky.

Yes, sir. You guys, that's the captain's seal of approval. Let's fly!


 Due to Farris's
 As if it was an arrow of light, the flying castle ship flew through the sky, leaving the shadow angels that had surrounded it behind in the blink of an eye.

''Break through the third and fourth lines!

Target supplementation. We're entering visible airspace!

 One of the demon clan members raised his voice.
 In the direction of Zeridhavenus' progress, the shadow of the sun, miserable and huge, could be seen.

''Ahead, 80000 distance. Surge Eldnave!


 Faris muttered in admiration.

 Instantly, the shadow of the sun, which was pitch black, began to color the sky with an even darker, more devastating darkness.

We've confirmed the mutation of the Surgieldnave. It's expected to take about three minutes for it to fully manifest.

'Now, the finale is finally upon us. Approaching zero range by black sunlight. Beautiful flight, Zelidhavenus.

Copy that!

 Zelidheavenus charged towards the Sun of Ruin, which emitted a powerful magic power.

''The fifth line is coming!

 Standing in front of them were once again the angels of shadows, the guardian gods of destruction, Eguz de Raffan and the others.

''Go kasanu,''

 With an eerie voice, a shadowy shimmer flickered in the airspace.

 All at once, the that was deployed simultaneously created a wall to block the path to the .

 It's a boundary filled with destruction.

Draw it. Let us show you the beauty of our flames, our gods!

That's it! <Gio-Glaze, sweep and destroy!

 A jet-black sun emerges from the painted 100 gun gates.

The beautiful music of the fire.

Let go!

 <The Jail Flame Annihilation Cannons (Geo-Grays) are simultaneously swept toward the divine Bursting Crushing (Domios) boundary.

 The jet-black sun collided with the shimmering warding and exploded one by one.
 The sky was dyed in black flames.

''Oh yeah, a path has been made. A bridge to that sun that burns fiercely.''

Don't tell me you're going in there, captain?

 One of my men gulped.
 Faris peeked out a beautiful smile.

'Be beautiful.'

Okay, understood! Did you hear that, you bastards! <The area where the Hellfire Annihilation Cannon (Gio-Glaze) is blasting away, the impact of the Divine Destruction Bombardment (Domios) is minimal. Continue sweeping and ramming!

 Zelidhavenus accelerates and simultaneously sweeps the
 <The , which is exploding one after another within the boundaries of the , creates a path for them. It was just like Faris said, a bridge of fire.

 The flying castle ship Zelidhavenus plunges into the middle of the black flames.

 <Even though the , the black flames directly burn Zelidhevenus.

 The already half-destroyed flying castle ship was engulfed in flames, and it continued to collapse more and more.

''Cross over. Cross the path of the rugged flame that was cast over the sky of destruction. My dearest beauty!

 While being burned by the flames, the flying castle ship runs through the sky.

 The ship is pushing towards the black sun of shadows, and the body of the ship is just a few steps away from reaching--
 However, right after that, Zelidheavenus suddenly slowed down.

''This is...! No way...!

This is Sergeant Kokuyo of Sarge Eldnave!

Idiot! It's not even fully manifested yet!

 Faris gazes at the shadow sun with his demonic eyes.

 A thunderous sound rang out and the flying castle ship shook violently.

 Before they knew it, the black sun-clad God of Destruction, Exz de Raffan, surrounded the flying castle ship.

 The angels of the shadows nailed their arrows to their divine bows.

 The arrowhead used as the arrowhead for the black sun shot out simultaneously, easily breaking through the firm anti-magic of the flying castle ship Zelidovenus and piercing countless holes in the ship's body.

''Shh, the repair is ineffective!

'How brilliant. Under the black sun of Surgieldnave, the Guardian God of Destruction increases his beauty. This is the beauty of nature.

 Faris analyzed the situation so.

 The black sun arrows rained down and pierced down on the flying castle ship as if it was raining down on the flying castle ship, and instead of going any further, it looked like it was about to crash at any moment.

''Guh, guh, guh, guh.......!

"We just broke through the lower part of the castle! They've dropped me!

Hey, Captain! As expected, no more...!

We're going to die for nothing! Retreat once...!

 Even if they tapped into the magic power with through group magic, they were barely able to prevent Zelidheavenus from crashing at the earliest.

 That ship's body was now about to be destroyed without a trace and scattered in the sky.

''Hmm. Thank you for your efforts, Faris.

 A voice echoed in the wheelhouse of the flying castle ship Zelidhavenus.

 Those words, which made even the strongest demons who challenged the gods feel awe, even brought silence to the chaotic wheelhouse.

 Behind them, sitting on a throne, the man sitting on the throne was the Demon King of Tyranny, Anos Voldigord.
 Beside him, his right hand man, Sin Reglia, was kneeling at his side.

''You should be proud of yourselves. You have done your part well enough.

 As Anos stood up, Singh followed behind him.

 But Faris stood in his way, blocking his steps.

''Your Majesty, His Majesty the Demon King, has instructed me to stop writing?

 Shin's gaze turns grim at that advance.

''Your Majesty has told me to carry you to that < Sun of Ruin>. In order to corrupt the God of Destruction at the heart of Surgieldnave, it is necessary to preserve its magical power.

Do not talk too much, Farris. If you refuse to accept my gratitude, I shall be forced to cut off your head.

 Anos controlled Singh with his hands as he released a sharp killing blow.

 Faris met the demon king's gaze head on.

''Are you going to die?''

'With all due respect, Your Majesty. There is no way for a creator like me to live in these war-torn times. I did not want to paint flames in the sky, not ice sculptures on the sea, not castle ships for war, but just to run paint on a single campus.

 Faris held a brush in his hand and filled it with magic.

'The beautiful peace you seek is my only way of life.

 Xelidheavenus shook violently under the Black Yang's arrow.

''The power section is hit! A fixed magic circle has a loss rate of 68%! I can't hold on any longer!

 A scream went up.

''In order to raise Zelidheavenus to this airspace, many demon soldiers were burned by that black sun. All in order to make His Majesty reach the God of Destruction in perfect condition.

 Faris said with a soft expression.

'The conflict will end, won't it? After the fall of the God of Destruction, there will be a world of peace, won't there?

I'm not afraid to say it.

 The creator laughed.

'Sit down, please. And please command us to do so. Let us paint a picture of peace in this sky of destruction.

 Singh turned on his heel and showed his back.
 The demon king sat on his throne again.

'Take me with you, Faris. Your ship is the most beautiful ship in the sky, the Dillhade.

Let's take a look at it.

 Wielding a brush, Faris drew a magic circle.

"Beautiful, demon king's men! What is our purpose?

 A demon answered Faris' question.

"I am here to take you to the Sun of Doom...!

'Our people have died out, perished and disappeared in the midst of this warfare, at the hands of men, spirits and gods. The source of all this, the order of destruction, is the ominous sun that shines in that sky, Sergeeldnave.

 As if to inspire his men, Faris said.

─ Then what is there to fear? By corrupting it, we can save the lives of those we could not save then. That tragic parting will not be repeated by our beloved children.

 Everyone in the wheelhouse belched at the voice.

''His Majesty the Beautiful Demon King has ordered us to carry you there. His Majesty the Beautiful Demon King has ordered us to carry him over there. If that's the case, why wouldn't we be able to draw it?


For the longing of our demons!

For the sake of peace.

Let's go, shake it off, shake it off, shake it off!

 The flying castle ship Zelidhavenus is surrounded by a huge magic circle.


 Zelidhavenus spread his enormous wings.
 It created a new look for its castle ship through the 'Creative Art Architecture (Astrastella)' of collective magic.

 Without change, angels of the shadow shoot out arrows of the black sun.
 All of them hit the flying castle ship and destroyed it, but in time Zelidovenus was able to restore it.

 No, it is made anew.

 A castle ship destroyed by a black sun arrow cannot be fixed.
 Therefore, every time it is attacked, Farris creates and gives birth to a new form of castle ship.

 In a time of warfare, Faris Noyn still dreamed of being an artist, and that's why he used his own creative magic.

'Alright, Sergeieldnave, soon to be fully revealed!

The guardians are blocking the path ahead. We can't get around in time!

 Faris said.

'Be beautiful,'

Okay, understood! I'm going to charge!

 Zelidheavenus plunged into the shadowy angels blocking the front of the room without a care in the world.

 As well as kicking out Eggs de Laffan, the guardian god of destruction, the influence of that order was also destroyed, and the
''Gu, ooohhhh!

 Even though the ship's hull was battered, Zelidheavenus still turned the bow of the ship into a blade and pried open the wall of shadows.


 The were shot at once from the remaining gun gates, leaving a slight gap.
 Beyond that, the could be seen.


 With a thud, the flying castle ship shook violently and stalled.

 The Astrastella technique of creative art architecture was completely destroyed by the Eggs de Laffan's obsession.

 They could no longer create a new castle.
 Without wings, Zelidhavenus was consumed by the flames of destruction and fell.

 A voice rang out.

"Your Majesty. What's left to do...

Well done.

 Anos, the Demon King, was floating in the sky.

 He had crossed the wall of the Watchtower Gods of Destruction and was already at the side of Sarge Eldnave.
 A moment later, through the slight gap that Zelidhavenus had pried open, he jumped through it faster than anything else.

'Faris, I will grant your wish.

 With his back to the crashing Zelidhavenus, Anos headed straight for .
 Shin was following behind him.

'My Lord.'

 Shin speaks out sharply.

 The huge shadow reverses and a dark-colored sun-wheel appears there.

 The < Sun of Ruin> Surgieldnave, which confronts all things in equal measure with death and destruction, begins to emit a cold radiance.

"As you wish.

 A magic circle was drawn on Shin's body and his body mutated.
 Once the light of darkness covered his body, its contours became limp and distorted.

 The darkness, which gradually condenses, begins to take the form of a certain figure.

 The blade glistening on one side only, the sword's straightened body, the sword's hilt is rugged, without a sword's edge.
 It was a single swing of a magical sword.

The Shin-Satsuki Kyokens, Shin Reglia.

  Surgieldnave releases the light of destruction, the black sun.
 The sky was enveloped in darkness, and a hint of destruction covered the ground.

 As if to slice through it, the God Killer Evil Sword flashed.
 In a single breath, Anos' sword flash carved into the darkness is the mark of a magic circle.

''Murderous Blade Mad Slayer God-Killing Samadhi (Gordra Egoronoia).''

 A flash...

 The divine-killing vicious sword swung down towards the magic circle of sword flashes, cutting the approaching black sun in half and dispelling the darkness.

 Surge Eldonave begins to return to the shadows again, as he hides himself.

''I won't let you escape.''

 Flying through the sky and plunging into the < Sun of Ruin>, Anos stabbed the magic sword in his hand into the shadow of the huge sun wheel.

 The order of destruction raged with a giggling giggling giggling.
 Anos let go of the blade and grabbed the slight wound and pried it open.

 Inside is a deep darkness.
 Even with Anos' magic eye, he couldn't see an inch ahead.

 If you throw yourself into that place filled with destruction, everything will be destroyed in the blink of an eye.
 Hence, it was necessary to ascend to this point in perfect form.

 Without hesitation, he jumped into it.

 With his demonic eye tinted with annihilation purple, Anos aimed at the depths while blocking the order of destruction that was attacking to destroy it.

 The further he goes, the more he loses his sense of up and down, and the deeper the darkness becomes.
 However, there was no way to hide the powerful magic at the center, and Anos was heading there.

 Suddenly, he heard something.

 A faint voice.

 It seemed to be the sound of someone crying.

 The deeper he approached, the louder and more clearly outlined the voice became.

 And so, Anos reached it.

 Sitting in the depths of the darkness was a terrifyingly powerful magical force.
 A power that seemed to condense the destruction of this world was emanating from it.

 Despite its ridiculous destructive power, what was floating in the center of the darkness was a small human figure. It was even darker than the darkness, a pitch black shadow.

 As the demon king got even closer, the shadow flipped over and it turned into a single girl.
 Her long hair was dyed gold and she was drifting fluffily through the darkness.

 I thought I heard a cry again.

 The girl cowered still, burying her face in the knees she held, trembling.
 When Anos approached her, she didn't even look at him.

'Say your name,'

 I don't know if you can hear me, after all, the girl remains downcast.

 Anos reaches out and touches her chin.
 Then, he loosely lifted it up.

 The girl's divine eye (eye) and the demon king's demon eye (eye) crossed.


 The power of destruction overflowed from his divine eye.
 The vicious magic power attacked Anos furiously as if it was raging.

''Do you want to have a stare down?''

 He met the fanged gaze of doom with a straight face and glared at it, destroying it.

 The girl rolls her eyes.

'Let me ask you. What is your name?

 A moment of silence.
 Then a voice rang out.


 She uttered nonchalantly.
 The answer, as Anos had expected.

'The order that governs destruction. I am Averniu, the god of destruction.'

 Averniu asks Anos, with a magic circle in his red eyes, as if he were crying and swollen.

'Who are you?'