380-Overlapping magic eyes

 After finishing the meal, Mom started to clean up the mess, while Dad and Ijeth went back to the workshop to train in blacksmithing.

 The voice that had sounded for a moment earlier could no longer be heard.
 The ringing in my ears has ceased.

 It's probably an application of the "thought communication" method, but even my evil eye couldn't catch the voice that was blown away from where it was coming from.

 It resonated directly to my roots. It was like that.

 My heart was pounding, pounding, pounding.
 The magic power that comes from the source of my life shook me violently.

Well, what should we do now?

 Eleonor said.

'I wonder if Sasha's drunkenness will make her remember when she was Averniu?

 She holds up her index finger and asks me a question.

'That seems like the surest thing to do at the moment. Do you want to try a few more drinks?'

 When I look at Sasha, she says, "What?" and averts her gaze, a little embarrassed.

 I draw a magic circle on the spot to create a drink.


 Misha spoke up.

 They all looked at her curiously.
 Still, Misha turned her magic eye on me.

''Your magic power is different than usual.


 Eleonor looks into my abyss with his evil eye.

''........it's true. Or rather, Anos-kun, aren't you getting a little stronger again?

It's just a by-product of taking Graham's source into account. I'm just a byproduct of the source of Graham's power to destroy emptiness.

Wow, you're still keeping secrets.

 Eleonor says in a droll tone.
 However, she immediately raised a question.

''Uh..............but what about it, Misha?''

It's not good to be strong.

 Misha says nonchalantly.

'Hmm? Why? If you're strong enough, you could easily beat the bad guys to death!

"Zecia........wants to be strong too........!

 With a snap of his hand, Zesia makes a big statement.

'Because the abyss of Anos' magic is probably beyond the limits of what this world can tolerate.

 Eleonor looks at me with a stunned expression.

''The stronger you get, the more you have to suppress your power, that's all.

 Misha says matter-of-factly.

'I don't want the world to be destroyed by the overflowing magic.

 Hmm. Great work.
 Misha's magic eye has grown a lot.

 From the time I met her, her qualities were uncommon, but even compared to that time, she was able to look into the depths of all things.

''I've become too strong, and I can't keep my strength in check.

 She asked as she looked into my mind.


 I nodded at the question.

"There's more magic in there than I expected. It's a little hard to control, but you get used to it.

'When I was underground, my roots were a mess.

 <I overcame the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ash Cannons (Egil Groene Angdroa) and thanks to that, my root source is now in turmoil.

 It took some time for me to overcome the annihilation and for my roots to settle into a new form.
 There wasn't much of a reprieve in the ground.

This time it's calmed down.

 Kokoro Misha nodded.

'The root is a beautiful shape.'

 She said quietly.

'And yet I'm more unstable than I was then.

 Huh. I'm surprised you can see that far.

It's like you've suddenly grown taller. You can reach places you couldn't before and break them inadvertently.

 The magic power is suppressed and antagonized by the magic power.
 When the total amount of power changes, it's hard to maintain that consistency.

 For now, I can't completely suppress it, and I have no choice but to accept the magic power that's about to overflow at my own source.

 As a result, I have to bear a little bit of a wound.
 That's why the ringing in my ears has been going on lately.

 I'm not sure about that voice, though.

You can't afford to be too strong.

I'll help you again.

That certainly helped you before, but things are different this time.

 Misha nodded.

'I've reshaped my former distorted roots.

 She said without hesitation.

'This time, I'll assist you in keeping your magic in check.

You think I'm gonna hold back my power?


 I answer immediately, and Misha doesn't look away, staring into my abyss.
 'You don't seem to be trying to pull it off.

'Don't believe me?'

 I huffed at the question.

'I'll leave it to you.'

 Misha looked at Eleonor with a happy expression on her face.

'Help me,'

Of course I do.

Zecia will... help... you...

 She clenched her fists firmly and showed her enthusiasm.

'To Anos' room,'

 With that, Misha walks out.
 We went upstairs and moved to my room.

'Have a seat,'

 Misha points to the bed.
 She walks over and I sit on it.

 Misha walks over and sits upright on the bed.
 She touches my head with her hand and slowly rolls me down on my back, softly levitating my body with her .

 As it is, my head rests on Misha's lap.

'Deep in Anos'

 In a soft voice, she says.

'Let me see.'

 The anti-magic of the root source is released and exposed to the spot.


 Eleonor jumped onto the bed with a bang and put his face close to my body.
 The magic power was concentrated in his magical eye, and it was emitting light.

I know it's a hell of a lot of magic, but I have no idea what's going on.

 With Eleonor's magical eye, even if I were to release the anti-magic, it would still not be able to look into the depths of my roots.

''The magic that is about to overflow into nature is dammed up by the magic Anos is controlling.

 Misha explained that.
 Of course, it's not as simple as talking about it.

 There are magical forces that try to go out, magical forces that circulate inside, magical forces that are hidden deep inside, and so on, and even if you just categorize them broadly, there are more than 100 streams of power, and they are constantly intermingling and changing.

''........I don't understand it at all, but is it okay?

 Misha nodded.

'Make a pseudo-root source as close as possible to Anos's root source.

I got it. Anos, I'm sorry to get you wet.

 Magic letters drifted around Eleonor, and holy water flooded out of it.

 In order not to involve me or Misha, the water did not represent a sphere as usual, but unfolded along her body.

'I'm going to touch you,'

 Gently, Eleonor's hand touches my chest.
 He wants to use his Eleonor magic as close to the source as possible.

"You may pierce it if you wish.

Shit, you can't do that. There's no anti-magic, and I can do it from here.

 A magic circle was drawn and a pseudo-root source appeared inside my body.
 But in the blink of an eye, it began to diminish in power.

'As hard as possible. If you're near Anos's root source, you'll perish quickly.''


 <The light of the Sanctuary (Ask) gathers in Eleonor.
 Zecia raised her hand cheerfully.

"....Zecia is... what do you want...?

Cheer for them.

 Zesia nodded and said.

''Good luck..........! Good luck..........!

 With Zecia's support, the light of the slightly increases in brightness.

''........it worked!

 Zecia asks with a happy look on her face.

'Yeah, yeah, keep it up,'

 Zecia waved her hands wide with a face full of strength and began to cheer her on.

''Good luck..........! Good luck..........!

Hmm, that's the best you can do. Maybe three days, tops.

I'm fine.

 Misha's magical eye of creation floats and looks inside me.
 Then, with the power of her magical eye, the pseudo-roots created by Eleonor are recreated.

Anos's magic power is so vast that it's a complicated procedure to control it in detail.

 Even if you can control the power to a degree less than a ten-thousandth of a degree, as long as the source is too strong, it won't be able to control the magic power to the finest degree.

 To put it simply, when ten thousand units of power are about to overflow from the source, I cannot create ten thousand units of power as it is.

 The ten thousand and ten thousand cancel each other out, and the remaining ten thousand is used to suppress it.

 Misha is right, the procedure is a bit complicated.

 It's fine if it's just one or two, but when the number is so great, it's less risky to accept some of them at the root.

 There's no harm in leaking out a small amount of power, but there's also the risk of a breakthrough and an overflow of greater power.

''I created an auxiliary root source that undertakes fine magic control.

 Misha strokes my abyss with her gaze, bringing the auxiliary root source closer to my root source.

 It literally assists my magic power as it works to offset the weaker forces.
 It adds and subtracts small magical forces, or becomes a bulwark of leaking power.

 As Eleonor said earlier, though, the auxiliary root source itself will be exposed to the power of destruction by my root source and will eventually disappear.

 It's just a matter of learning to control this power before then.


Hmm. That was pretty good. Big deal.


 Misha smiles happily.

'I'll tweak the auxiliary roots a bit more.

Well, Misha, don't I have to do something?

 Sasha, who had been out of the mosquito net, stood alone and away from the bed, turning her disapproving face towards me.

 Misha nodded her head, as if annoyed.


I'm a god of destruction anyway. He can only destroy things.

 Sasha says, like a spoiled child.

'I'm just weaker than Anos, so I can't be of any use to him--'

 Sasha closed her mouth as she started to say it.


 Misha asks, but she's silent.
 It's as if she's trying to remember something.


 Slowly, Sasha walks over to me and pulls her face to mine, her face to mine.
 With a waver, her golden hair hangs down and tickles the tip of her nose.

 The floats in her eyes.

''I could do it. Maybe.........me too.

 The magic eye of the doomed eye is staring at me, and a magic circle appears in my eyes on its own.
 It was the Devil's Eye of Ruin.

Hmm. What did you do, Sasha?

"Through Anos's Magical Eye of Doom, I will destroy the forces rampaging within the source of Anos.

 Sasha's stared at my roots, peering into the abyss.

 Just as she spoke, the magic power stagnated and the power that had been raging was naturally destroyed, and the flow that had been stagnant became smooth.

''........I may have remembered.......umm, I remember......''

 Sasha says, as if buoyed by the heat.

'A little bit,'

The past?

 Nodding, she blinked and drew the magic circle of .

'Look. "Look inside my head. Averniu's thoughts are here.

 Her demon eyes were glowing blue-white.
 It was just like the Sousei Era.

 <Through the communication of my thoughts, images from the past come back to me.