398-Dream child

 We were walking loosely towards the depths of Delzogade.

 The walls here and there were inscribed with graffiti from Averniu, and Sasha, who was busily shifting her gaze to it, suddenly turned her head to the back of the passage.

 She stared at the front of her eyes.

''........Hey, Anos. I have a very deja vu feeling ahead.

 She turns to me and says.

'What's in it?'

The gates of the gods.

 I blinked and Misha looked up at me.

''What about the
It should be gone by now, like the rest of the wall.

Hmm, so you're saying that this is the only way the Gods ever came to earth?

 Tilting his index finger and head, Eleonor asks.

'I don't know before I was reincarnated, but I don't think you've passed through here since. Well, I'm not going to go out of my way to jump into my bosom.

"Per Pedro, God of War, is it? Did you use God's door like that guy did?

 I nodded at Sasha's question.

''There are plenty of other ways to get there. I'm sure you'll find that the gate to the divine world beyond is the most convenient way for the divine race to use it. It must have been very inconvenient for them to be blocked up.

 The divine door that Per Pedro had tried to use also took some time to open.
 With the delzogade set up on this black sky, he would have been able to restrain the divine race from descending to earth to some extent.


 Sasha holds her head in her hands as she tries to remember the memory.
 She has a somewhat serious look on her face.

'I think I wrote something near the gate of the God Realm...'

Does it matter?

 Misha asks nonchalantly.

''Well ... yeah ... maybe ... but ... it's very, very important ... I feel like ...''

'Hmm. That's what I'm wondering.

 We just passed through the passage and arrived at an open area.

 The room was spherical, and the Delzogade's three-dimensional magic circle was activated.
 Black particles filled the place, and in the center, a huge, godlike, shining gate floated in the air.

 The dazzling light emitted from the gate with beatings rages with the darkness emitted by the delzogade, causing sparks to fly violently.

''It's here. This is the gate of the divine world...

 Turning to Sasha, I asked.

'Where did you draw?'

 She looks around the room with a slightly troubled expression.

There's nowhere to write.

 Misha said.

 The room was painted with countless magic circles and the walls were covered with magical shadows.
 There was nowhere to be found that could be graffiti.

''As I recall, um...''

 Sasha looks at me and averts her gaze, looking bummed out.

'What's wrong?'

"...I think I wrote it in an attempt to annoy Anos...I'm sure he'll want to look for it when he finds other graffiti in an obscure place...

You're a hard man to blame.

Nah, I don't want to hear about something that happened 2,000 years ago! He was God!

 I don't understand.

"I don't blame you," he says. We have a pretty good idea, thanks to you.

 I head straight for the gates of the divine world and walk on.
 The path ahead of me was broken, but I continued to head into the hollow and stepped out.

 Then, black particles began to gather, creating a bridge of shadows.
 It led to the gate of the divine realm in the center of the room.

'Of all the things in this Delzogade, the Gate of the Divine Realm is the only one that is not under my control. It would be a good place to hide it.

 We crossed the Bridge of Shadows and came to the gate of the Divine Realm.

''Hmm, there's no particular graffiti on the gate either, okay?

 From behind his back, Eleonor says.
 Next to her, Zecia is looking hard at her, but still can't seem to find the graffiti.

'Well, Sasha. If you want to embarrass me, where would you write on this gate?

'Oh, I see. Sasha-chan just doesn't remember, but she's an Averniu, so she should be able to come up with the same thing if she thinks about it.

 The gazes of the Eleanor and the others focus on Sasha.

'Um, can you listen to me without getting angry? Maybe, just maybe....

 Sasha said, looking terribly awkward as she prefaced that.

'I wonder if it's behind the gate...?'

Wow. Sasha, you're terrible to write this on the back of the gate that Anos-kun laid down his life to block with the Benno Yevhen.

 As if in a frightened mood, Eleonor raises his hands and looks up.

 Looking at Sasha, I say.

'So I have to open the gate I don't want to open to get to the graffiti?

 Misha blinks and looks at her with a snap.


'Uh ... my gaze hurts, it hurts ...'

 As she says this, Sasha blocks our gaze with both arms.

''Well, it's certainly not like the gods are going to swoop in right now when we open this, though it's a cute little prank.

Well, you should've just said so...

 I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one.

 I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what I'm talking about.

 I pushed hard and a pure white light leaked out from inside and the double-ended gate was opened.

 At the back, I could see a passage with a white stone pavement.
 There were no walls, no ceiling, and its cobblestones floated in the black sky, extending endlessly into the distance.

''Wow, what a magical space!''

 With Eleanor's words in our ears, we stepped out onto the white stone pavement and looked back at the Gate of the Divine World again.

 As I was about to close it with my hand to see the other side of the gate, Sasha called out as if in a panic.

''Wait, wait, are you sure it's safe to close it?

Don't you remember? Don't worry. You won't be locked up.

 Slowly, he closed the gates of the divine realm from the inside.
 Then, he exposed the gate with a single glance.



 Sasha makes a puzzled sound.

'I can't find it anywhere, eh?'

 As Eleonor spoke up, Misha pointed to the top of the gate.


 In that spot she indicated, a round hole was left open.
 On the other side, there was a stone tablet in the same spot, with a magic circle painted on it.

''The gates of the divine world are symmetrical. Only there, it's asymmetrical.

Someone must have taken it away.

 Sasha's expression turned grim.

'Who's who?'

There's nothing but God in there.

''Well, then, does that mean that Averniu wrote graffiti on the stone tablet that was originally there and now someone from the God Race has taken it?''

 Eleonor said, and Sasha wondered.

'Why would you do that...?'

I know.

 A voice rang out.
 Sasha turned around abruptly.

 A little girl was standing on the white cobblestone pavement where no one was there a moment ago.

 She is about six or seven years old in appearance.
 She was dressed in a costume often worn by the divine race.

 She has pale pink hair and pretty wings on her head.
 The area around her navel glowed vaguely, and a magic line appeared from there.

 The end of that line didn't seem to lead anywhere.

 And the first one to shout was Zesia.

''.........Zesia's sister...........!

 Zecia points to the girl and appeals to her with a happy expression.


 The girl said in a thin, transparent voice.

''--that's the name for my body.

 She said that and smiled smugly.
 Although she moved her mouth, she didn't speak, and her words resounded directly into her head like a .

 While Sasha readied herself to be wary, she exchanged a sideways glance with Misha.
 With a tense face, Eleonor took a breath.


 The only one, completely unguarded, was Zesia complimenting the girl's name.

'Thank you.'

 Slightly, Ennesone laughs.

'Follow me. Ennesaone has been waiting for you. I've been waiting for you for a long time. I've been waiting here for you all to come.

 Flipping around, Ennesone ran down the white cobblestones.

''........I'll follow.......!

 Zecia jubilantly goes after the kid.

"Eh, wait, wait, Zecia, wait! We're in the divine realm ahead........ Don't follow a girl you don't know.

 Eleonor panicked and chased after Zesia.

''It's........Zesia's......sister.......! It's my mommy's.......child.......!

Oh, come on, it was a dream. I can't remember having a baby.

An illegitimate child...?

There's no way I can hide it. Come on, wait, Zecia!

 Eleonor desperately chases after Zesia, who is innocently chasing after Ennesone.

''What are we going to do...?''

 Sasha asks.

'What? The azure skies of the gods are yet to come. Let's go.

 With that, I followed the three of them, along with Sasha and the others.