397-Orderly mind

 <The thought communication (leaks) ceases and the images of the past disappear from my head.

 I turn my attention to my vision and see Sasha lying face down in front of me.
 I asked with my gaze if this is all the memories I remembered, but she only became more and more downcast.

'What are you embarrassed about?'

 When she asks, her face turns bright red and she moves her mouth with a giggle.

''........I understand........!

 Zesia happily rubbed Sasha's face.
 With a proud smile on her face, she said.

''.........of the small pond.........fish.......?

Who are the carp?

 As if he had come to himself, Sasha shoved him hard.

''........I was.......pissed off......''

 Suddenly, Zesia's shoulders slump.
 Misha pats her head and reminds her that he's not mad at her.

'And you're coy in a way.

 Eleonor held up a finger and made such a follow up.

'Hmm. Sasha. Are the thoughts of two thousand years ago still fresh in your mind?

Eh ... hmmm ... that seems to be the case ...?

Is it any different now?

 Again Sasha looks down with an embarrassed expression and looks up at me.

''The difference is... well... um, so...''

'The past I see now is one I don't remember. But, or perhaps I thought I might have taken your words lightly at the time.

What do you think?

 I asked seriously and she looked straight into my eyes.

'You're going to say this here?'

 Sasha glanced at Eleonor and Misha, who were all around her.

''.......I see. So you can't say this in public.......

 So that means--

No, no...

 Sasha excuses herself, as if in a hurry.

'What do you mean it's not?'

So I'm going to tell you...

 Squeezing her lips into a tight knot, Sasha inhaled a sigh, and with a bright red face, Sasha let determination dwell in her eyes. Then she opened her mouth without fear.

''I'm not going to change...''

 With a nervous look on her face, squeezing her trembling hands together, Sasha threw the words straight at me.

It's not a matter of time before you get a chance to see the world. Even though I was reincarnated and my memories were gone, I had the same feelings again.

 Sasha said, in what was a great confession for once in her life.

'I had the same love again.

It's not about love.

 Sasha looked at me with puzzlement.
 She was so dumbfounded that she couldn't even blink, she just continued to look at me.


"Ha ha. No, no, Sasha. I'm not going to be so tactful as to ask you if you have found true love now that you are no longer the god of destruction. Love is a secret. I can't tell you that even if I did.


 Kaa, Sasha's face was stained with shame.
 She shouted with all the momentum she could muster.

''Why are you saying such sensible things only at times like this!

I've learned a thing or two about this time period. I'm learning about love just as I remember it from 2,000 years ago, which I just saw.

 Once again, Sasha didn't know what to say, and she just moved her mouth with a grunt.

I am.........it is........

 Zesia says in a whisper.
 Such words don't seem to be falling on Sasha's ears right now.

"You can't think straight, can you? Shall I sober you up?

That's okay! I'm so sober now!

 Misha and Eleonor look at each other.

'That will wake you up no matter how much you've been drinking.

 Eleonor overheard, and Misha nodded his head.

'The other one.'

... one more thing... one more thing... oh, is it about that...?

Yeah, that one.

I mean, that's the one... that's the one...

That's it.

Well that's... so, um... so... wow, I know, I know, I know...

 You don't understand.
 You seem strangely upset and unconcerned about this.

 He's a bit confused by his memories from two thousand years ago.

You said you were going to appeal to me many times. Destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy everything.


 Sasha raises her voice, as if she's finally realized it.

'Are the thoughts of that time still with you?

 Sasha closes her eyes quietly. She softly opened her mouth as she let her own mind become aware of her own mind.

'....no. I'm not going to be able to say that I'm not the only one. Since I was born as a demon........

 After Sasha's words, Eleonor said.

'Isn't that because Sasha-chan was a god of destruction? You know, the gods used to say, "You know, we're going to do this, this, this, this, this order.

'The order of the God of Destruction that Sasha possessed has become this delzogade, but all of its consciousness is in Sasha's possession. She may lose her memories, but all of her mind is the consciousness of Averniu, God of Destruction.

Does this mean that the order of the God of Destruction had an effect on my mind at that time?

 Sasha asks.

'Or perhaps there really was another one. 'A mind called order,'


 Misha said.
 The conclusion was too abrupt for him to understand.

'The god race follows order. Most of them are like puppets who have no mind and only carry out their own order. Whether it's the Heavenly Father God, Nausgaria, or the War God, Perpedro.

 Kokku Misha nodded.

'But rarely are there any heartfelt goddesses, such as Militia, Averniu and Nafta. They are often torn between order and heart. The difference between them is a little questionable. I'm sure they are very different from demons and humans in terms of their hearts.

What difference does it make?

 Misha asked.

'I know it's only hypothetical, but--'

 I prefaced my explanation with that.

The gods have a heart of order and a heart of very little humanity. The more love and kindness they have, the less orderly their hearts become. But most gods cannot develop love and kindness. In other words, there are gods that have love and kindness and gods that do not.

 Kokoro Misha nodded and said.

'A God who only has a mind as an order and a second mind - a human mind?

That's right. And perhaps the gods are, by nature, the only ones with a mind of order.

 Eleonor had a question on his face.

'Hmmm, why is that?'

...because I might be Militia?

 I nodded at Misha's words.

''Militia said that the divine race is inherently incapable of reincarnating into the demon race. She used the Rational Destruction Sword on Averniu. But there shouldn't have been a chance to use it on Militia. If she had reincarnated as Misha, it could be because she had a human heart at the root.

 Militia noticed it, I guess.
 That's a bit of a guess.

But what does that mean? Are you saying you're an agent, like Arcana?

I don't know yet. I ask you, Sasha. 'The other you,' you said two thousand years ago, 'the other you,' but was it really you?

 Sasha couldn't answer my question.
 An uncomfortable silence covered the place.

The god of war said that I instilled unwanted commandments, but it is possible that it was someone else who instilled them. The commandment of order in Averniu and Militia.

Well wait a minute. Then what? Do you mean to say that someone created the god race?

 Sasha asks.

'Well. 'But then, it is fitting that some of the gods have a human heart and even go against their own order. If you say it's perfectly orderly, then it can't be.

'What god race doesn't have a human heart?'

 Misha asks, "This is only a prediction, but the gods were originally men.

'This is just a prediction, but the gods were originally men.

Wow that's a surprise...

 Eleonor emits a nervous surprise.

'They may be human, or demonic, or even a race that has died out at the earliest. The power of order has been implanted in them, and then their hearts have perished, and their roots have become gods. But only the strong heart, with its love and kindness, was not utterly destroyed.

That's Militia, Averniu and little Nafta.

 Eleonor says.

'Mostly, though, it's just a bunch of nonsense at the moment.

 But I'm not going to laugh and say that this is just a fantasy.
 Or it could be that the memories I lost had evidence to support this hypothesis.

 It's no wonder that seeing Averniu's memories over and over again brought back my thoughts, and thus brought this idea to mind.

'Let's go,'

 I headed for the lower part of the connected delzogade and started walking.

'I mean, where are we going?'

 Sasha asks as she stands beside me.

'I'm sure Averniu has left some graffiti down the road. It will bring back memories. 'Besides,'

 I trudge off and look at the little girl as she happily passes me.

'There's also the thing about Zecia's dreams,'

'Oh, come to think of it, what's that all about? You're saying that Zesia... or rather, Eleonor is related to Delzogade, right?

Or the gods.

 Sasha twisted her head.

'Ahead is the gate of the divine realm that leads to the azure skies of the gods. You might as well come there.

 As I walked down the aisle, I saw the words engraved on the wall again.

 --Well, come to think of it, it seems that Militia has a divine friend.

 --Birth God. They say they are similar.

 --I wonder if the order of birth and the order of creation are similar?

 --I wonder if I would have made friends if I had met the gods of order who looked like me?

 It's a tedious task, really just graffiti.
 Beyond that, similar letters are inscribed, and Sasha looks at each one of them, grunting and grunting as she tries to recall the memories.

 All sorts of things about the god race are scattered around me.

 Militia, the God of Creation.
 Averniu, the god of destruction.
 Eleanor and Zesia's sister.

 A mysterious voice that echoes deep in the roots.

 I had a feeling that if I could gather them all up, I would be able to understand something about this world.