396-Birth of Del Zogade

 A memory from the distant past--

 A dark, gloomy darkness hangs in the air.
 It is the heart of darkness that seems to condense the destruction, the depths of the < Sun of Ruin> Surge Eldnave.

 I saw the shadows of two men and two women.

''Is that the delzogade the Demon King was talking about?

 That's what the girl from the God of Destruction asked the Demon King.

 <Outside the Sun of Ruin, the sky was covered in darkness.

 This is not night.
 It was the black skies, an airspace that was inaccessible to life on earth.

 Floating there was the Demon King's Castle Delzogade.

 The whole thing is diamond-shaped. The top half of the castle is an ordinary castle, but the bottom half has a number of gun gates and a fixed magic circle, it is just like a flying fortress.

''It's just a vessel. You can't use it as a fortress or a three-dimensional magic circle without the essential contents. At best, it will cover the gates of the divine world and keep the divine race in check.

 The lower part of the delzogade is constructed to cover the gates of the divine world.

 When the gods descend from the azure skies of the gods to the earth, they often pass through that gate floating on the black skies.
 The demon king had set up an anti-magic and magical barrier to the gate of the divine world, preventing the gods from entering the earth.

 However, this is not the only entrance, and if the gods race has a powerful magic power, they will not be able to get through it.

''So? Do you want that castle to be my new body?

 The Demon King nodded.

''Once that vessel is filled with your root and divine body, your magic contract with me will be signed. I will twist the order of the God of Destruction and turn the Sun of Destruction Sergeeldnave into a magic that destroys reason, the Rational Annihilation Sword (Venuzdnoa). With it, I will completely deprive this world of the order of destruction you possess.

Hmm. Yeah. A castle, a castle. A castle, huh?

 Averniu turned his gaze vaguely to Delzogade floating on the black sky.
 He has a face that looks somewhat unenthusiastic.

''Can a demon king fall in love with a castle?''

 'What do you mean?' asked the God of Destruction.

'Well. I don't have any experience with this.

 The Demon King replied.

 Staring at him, Averniu smiled.

I know. I have to say yes to Averniew, the God of Destruction, in order to turn him into a castle. I don't own everything yet," he said.

Hmm. I thought you got the whole thing?

 Twisting his head, the Demon King asks with his gaze.

 <After exchanging the and , the Demon King played many games with Averniu and took away her body's, its possession one by one.

''There's still one more thing left in your heart.

 Smiling gracefully, Averniu said.

''Let's have one last match. If the Demon King wins, he'll be yours, body and soul. If you want to turn it into a castle, do what you want.''

 Turning his gaze to the God of Destruction, the Demon King leisurely opens his mouth.

''State your method of victory.''

Give me love.

 Perhaps thinking beforehand, the God of Destruction immediately said.

''The Demon King would make fun of me for being in love with him, right?

I didn't mean to make fun of you.

But you're right. But I don't know if it's true love. I don't even know if this feeling is real or not, because I don't know. I don't know, because I don't know. I've never seen a real love in my life.

 Averniu says in a tone of voice, but somewhat happily, "So that's what the game is about.

So that's what the game is about. Show me your true love.

Well. True love. Why, that's not easy for me to do.

Yeah? If you can't, fine.

 Turning on his heel, Averniu walked across the dark ground.

''In exchange, give me your heart, Demon King. If you give me your heart instead of giving me my heart, I'll be willing to be Delzogade if you give me your heart.''

 She ticks her steps with a bouncy gait and turns her face to the Demon King.

'Don't you think it's okay to be in love?'

 Anos met Averniu's gaze straight away and stared back.

''It doesn't matter if it's fake.''

 She says.

'If you're the only one in my world, I love you more than anything else in the world.

 Anos looks at her, calmly.

 Averniu drops her gaze, as if embarrassed, as if she's not used to making eye contact.

''Hey, say something...''

 She turned over and muttered.

 If the Demon King remained silent, she looked upwards at his face, as if to say that she couldn't bear the silence anymore.


'Don't be so trivial as to say it's good to be fake.

 The Demon King loosely walks towards her.

'I thought you wanted to see it? Where this world is laughing at you. I told you I'd grant your wish.

 Averniu gave him a curious look and gave Anos a questioning look.

'Averniu. You wanted to roam the earth like a demon or a human, instead of fulfilling the order of this world as a god, didn't you? He would have loved to see with his own eyes the shape of the flowers, the grandeur of the mountains, the joy and the happiness.

I know. That's why you say we can look at it to our heart's content after it becomes a castle, right?


 Clearly, the Demon King said, "I'm going to reincarnate you as a demon.

"I'll turn you into a demon.

 For a moment, the God of Destruction had a puzzled expression on his face.

''But that's not...''

 'There is no way you can do it,' her face tells me.

'As I mentioned earlier, the order of the god of destruction who has become a delzogade has been transformed into a magic that destroys reason. I will use the Sword of Reason Destruction (Venuzdnoa) to unleash your commandments. Order and consciousness will be divided and you will be free to walk the Dirheid with your feet and gaze upon the world with your magical eye.

...without being trapped in the order of destruction?

 Averniu asked, half stunned.
 The Demon King nodded indeed.

"I don't know love as well as you do. I can't give you real love, but I can give you hope.

 Anos draws the magic circle of the contract.

It's a covenant to take my heart. But I cannot give you peace. I can't give you all of my heart and true love, but I can give you half of it. Now forgive me.

 Averniu extends her thin fingertips to the and gently destroys it.

 Slightly, the Demon King's gaze shows surprise.
 The girl of the God of Destruction smiled softly.

''I don't need a contract. Instead, give me a promise.

Promises are easily made and broken.

So it's okay. The more fragile and fragile it is, the better. I want to protect it carefully so that it doesn't break, and I want to look at it carefully so that I don't destroy it. You may think it's silly.

 The God of Destruction narrowed his eyes and said with just a bit of nervousness in his voice.

''My Demon Lord,''

...hmm. I don't see the point.

I am reborn as a demon, right? So you'll have to be my Demon King.

 Anos gave a questioning look to see if he couldn't read Averniu's intentions.

''If the Demon King doesn't know, it's just as well. When I am reborn, come and see me. I'll be able to see you when I'm reborn, and we can spend our days in peace. We'll learn about love and teach each other and teach each other in our dreamy, fun everyday lives.

 The Demon King's expression softened as he thought of an ideal he hadn't yet seen.

'A good dream. Peace is still a long way off, though.

Will you promise me?

 The demon king nodded.

"I will make it happen.

Well, I guess the Demon King is going to win.

 As she uttered that, Averniu spread out her hands.
 Unexpectedly, her divine body began to glow.

''I still haven't explained it. The reincarnation from the god race to the demon race is not a simple matter. If you reincarnate, you won't be able to remember. Not only that--''

Whatever happens, you'll take care of it, right?

 The Demon King answered her question in a light tone immediately.

''Of course.''

 Then the God of Destruction gave him a satisfied look.

''Then it's fine. You've been with me all this way. You really wanted to take away the order of the God of Destruction even sooner.''

 Her divine body glowed, and then gray particles rose up in the < Sun of Doom>.

 It headed towards the Demon King's Castle Delzogade floating on the black skies and connected many magic lines.
 It is trying to move its divine body, its roots, into a giant vessel.

''Hey, my Demon King.''

 She said with a doomed look in her eyes.

I didn't want to be in despair, always.

 His voice is as if he is spitting out his sorrow.

"I've had enough of being orderly and staring at destruction. But whenever I open my eyes, I always see the moment of destruction.

 Drops of tears dripped onto the dark earth and then flashed.

Something reproaches me. Destroy it, destroy it, destroy it. Destroy it, destroy it, destroy it, destroy it," the other me pleads again and again. But this is not me. I want to think it's not me. I'm sure it is.

 As if in hope, she says

'In this sky of destruction, where everything is breaking, you alone have looked straight into my God's eyes.

 The girl burst into tears, looking so thin and weak that it was hard to believe she was a god of destruction.

'You didn't break me. I felt as if I knew myself for the first time. I felt like I knew myself for the first time, the real me.

 With tears welling up in her eyes, she spun the words with trembling lips.

'The world is not laughing. I've always thought so.

 'But,' she murmurs, 'you showed me hope.

'You've shown me hope. Maybe there is a different answer. When I'm reborn, I will look for it. I may have no memory of it, but I'm sure I'll find it.

 The God of Destruction smiled with his tearful red demon eyes.

Thank you. I was just in love with love, you laughed.

 Following the magic line, her divine body and root source disappeared with the light.

''Still, this was an irreplaceable thought you gave me, so...''

 The gray particles traveled through the magic lines all at once to Delzogade.
 The black skies, deeper than the darkness, were illuminated by the radiance she emitted, and it was as bright as midday.

 Averniu vanished completely from before the Demon King's eyes, and the order of destruction that assaulted him disappeared without a trace.

 A voice sounded.

 --If there is a future for this--.

 Averniu's voice.
 Like a twinkle and a blink, it echoes.

 -- if this little love, if this little love is leading to a real love...

 The sky of destruction is painted with hope.

 --I want to see what happens next.