395-A castle floating in dreams and memories

 The underground dungeon of Delzogade.
 We were advancing through the corridor, which was faintly lit by magic torches hanging on the wall.

 Sasha is in the lead. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

''I thought it was around here...''

 Muttering words in a tongue-tied tone for what seemed like the umpteenth time already, Sasha wandered through the dungeon, lost and unsure.

''Ah. There it is!

 Sasha runs straight to see what she's found.


 At the moment Misha called out to her as if she were worried, she collided with the wall at the end of the street with a bang.

 Sasha questioned the wall about the meaning of her existence.
 Eleonor looked into Sasha's face as she stared in front of her eyes with tears in her eyes.

'By the way, Sasha-chan, what did you find?


 Sasha asks back, wondering why.

"'There it is,' he said?

 Sasha holds her head down.

"...I am the God of Destruction...

Yeah, I know.

"The god of destruction is subject to the order of destruction.

What do you mean?

"...I hit my head and it destroyed my memory...


 Eleonor chuckles in annoyance.

'I found.........!

 Zecia jumped up and down with a twitch.
 Everyone turned to look at her and she pointed to a corner of the wall, her chest heaving.

 There was a small inscription on it.

 --When I'm reborn as a demon race, I'll surely come to see you.

 --I'm sure that if you look at this magic eye, you'll notice me.

 --You're not going to be able to get your hands on any of them.

 --You're not going to be able to get away with it.

 --I'm sure I'll remember this feeling for sure.

Is it a love letter?

 When Eleonor said mischievously, Sasha peeked out her canine teeth as her face turned bright red.

'Tsk, no, no, no! It's not like that!

''But, see, Averniu was in love with the Demon King, so a love letter wouldn't be wrong, right?

 More and more, Sasha's face turns vermillion and she starts to run abruptly.

''No, it's not--ahhhh...!

 With a bang she hit the wall again.

''Well Sasha, are you okay?''

'It's just a doodle it doesn't have any deep meaning it's just a mindless thing you can't look at it...'

 Sasha is muttering like that while pressing her face against the wall.

''Even if you say so, Sasha-chan has dragged me here...''

"Well Eleonor's bullying Eleonor is bullying the God of Destruction, bullying the God of Destruction, bullying the God of Destruction, you're not going to hold a grudge against me for destroying things, are you? Isn't that right?

'Oh, okay, I get it, I get it. Sometimes you just want to write pranks at random, don't you? Yeah, yeah, there is.

 Saying in a light tone, Eleonor quieted Sasha.

'But I didn't want to be seen, why did Averniu leave such a scribble...?

 Eleonor twists his head, staring curiously at the words engraved on the wall.

'There was no shame in it?'

 Misha said.

'I suppose. The gods lack emotion. The gods of destruction have developed a heart, but not as much as demons and humans. In addition, they were in love with each other and therefore had no shame.

 When I say this, Sasha glares at me with resentment.

"Don't worry about it, Sasha. A past life is a past life. Don't get stuck in the past of the God of Destruction, you just need to live in the present.

I'm alive!

So be it.

 Then Sasha pointed at me.

"You are insensitive, demon king!

 For a moment, the underground dungeon fell silent.

'Ho. I did. Insensitivity. Oh, I see.

...What is it? You can't threaten me like that. An insensitivity is an insensitivity!

I don't blame you. I don't think I have any sense of righteousness, either. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been called the Demon King of Tyranny, no matter how much I believed in it.


 Sasha stares at me.

'It's not! It's not like that! The Demon King is insensitive, but he's a good insensitive!


 Eleonor twists his head as if he doesn't understand the meaning.

''What does ... good insensitivity ... mean ...?''

 Zesia had questions pasted into both eyes.


 Turning to look at her, Misha stared and thought, then said

'Anos is innocent.'

 I roll my eyes.

'Kuh. Kukku, kuhahahahahahaha. Don't make me laugh, Misha. If I'm innocent, there's nothing in the world but innocence.

I think so.

 Misha says, with straight eyes.

'Sasha too,'

You think good insensitivity means innocence?

 I glance at Sasha and she glares back up at me.

'I just felt a little cringey because Anos is so innocent.

Hmm. That's one way to put it. Well, I'm not denying your thoughts, but aren't you exaggerating a bit too much?


 She answered immediately without hesitation and I felt like I was being punched in the face.
 Maybe it's because of her innocence that she can see that in my heart.

 But, well, innocence.
 It's a masterpiece.

It's a bit frustrating, but if Misha says so, I'll take it.

 When I told her that, she nodded her head and smiled.

''Uh ... what? It's not fair, all Misha. My insensitivity is not reciprocated.

Sasha, Sasha, what are you trying to give me?

 Eleonor sounded surprised.

'Haha. 'No matter. That's good, Sasha. If you will give me that, I will be grateful.

 Quickly, Sasha's face lit up and she pointed at me.

'Good insensitivity!'

 She spins forward and starts walking again.

'Onward, let's go. I feel like I've written a lot more--ohhhh....

 With a bang, Sasha hits the wall again.

'What were you doing earlier, Sasha-chan, what are you doing?

It's a clash..........!

 Eleanor and Zesia say.

'If so, Sasha, do you want to go beyond this?'


 Misha nodded her head.

'I showed you that at some point. Here's the thing.

 Stepping out, I rammed my body into the wall.
 If I continued to step in, a zugong sound could be heard and the wall would be destroyed.

'Uh, Anos-kun? What's that doing?

Hidden passages.

I have no idea what you're talking about!

 As I said this, Eleonor followed behind me as I broke through with a zugogogoggle.
 Soon, I'm through the wall, leading to another passage.


 Misha points to it.
 The walls of the corridor are inscribed with various graffiti.

 --What will I do when I'm reborn?

 --I knew it. You're drinking.
   The gods can't get drunk, so we'll get plenty drunk.

 --I'll lie awake a lot and enjoy cozying up in bed.

 --And I'll make lots of friends.
   And I'll make lots of friends.

 --I'm sure the Demon King isn't used to peace and quiet.
   It can't be helped, I'll help you.

 --Speaking of which, this is the Demon King.
   Do you think they'll find us?

 --It's empty if you can't see what you've been scribbling.

There's a lot of stuff on there that doesn't make any sense.

 Eleonor says as he continues down the aisle, his eyes reflecting the words engraved on the wall.

'Is this the first time you've seen it, Anos, too?'

 I nodded at Misha's question.

'It seems to be a mechanism that only when the underground dungeon is formed into this shape, the engraved letters become one and can be read. In any other shape, they would have been nothing more than scratches.

 There are no magic tricks, so you won't notice it so much even if you see it with your demon eyes.
 It's just like Sasha said, it's just a prank.

What do you remember, Sasha?

"...hmmm....I remember....I think I can remember...?

 Muttering to himself, Sasha walked onward, giddily shifting his gaze to the many prank scribbles on the wall.


 Again, they arrived at the end of the passage.

'It's a dead end,'

 On the wall beside it, there's a scrawl of mischief engraved as ever.

 --Hey, Demon King.

 --I have one last thing to say.

 --Thank you.

 --I hope that no matter how you are reborn and how things end up.
   I'm going to tell you this.



 Eleonor looks at the wall.
 But there was no continuation of the writing anywhere.

 The prank writing had been cut off.

'There's no continuation?'

 With a fingertip to his chin, Eleonor wonders.

'Is it another hidden passage?'

...it's not a hidden passage...!

 Zesia said with a twinkle in her eyes.

''Zecia........I know.......!

'Hmm? How does Zecia know this?

I saw... in... a dream! It's Zecia's sister's.......dream........!

 She squeezes her hands tightly together as if she is bursting with anticipation.

'Oh, I see. What happens when it's Zesia's dream?

 In a playful tone, Eleonor asks gently.
 Then Zesia pointed above her head.

''The rest of the story ... is in the sky ...! 

'I see. But this castle is delzogade, so it might not be quite the dream Zesia had.


 At my words, Eleonor turns to me.

'The sister that Zecia says she met in her dream may be real.


 I draw a magic circle on the spot.

 Black particles rise up through the dungeon and magic letters are drawn everywhere.
 The delzogade as a three-dimensional magic circle is about to appear.


 Goh, goh, goh, goh, goh, goh, a heavy sound resounds, and the delzogade shakes violently.

 <As if the magic of the had been activated, it seemed as if the front of my eyes had been dyed pure white for a moment, but in the next moment, the other side of the wall, which had been a dead end, had turned into the sky.

''The sky.........!

 Zesia says happily.

'Has it shifted?'

''Ah. I left an alternate Demon King's Castle in Midhays and flew Delzogade into the sky. Right where this should be.

 If you extend your fingertips and send magic power to the delzogade, you'll head up into the sky and the castle will accelerate.

 Even for the demons from two thousand years ago, this is a place that cannot be reached in flesh and blood. The castle is heading in a straight line to the faraway sky that the flying castle ship Zelidhavenus had finally reached in the past.

 Breaking through the clouds and passing through the blue sky, the vision soon turned black.

''This place is called the black sky.

 Misha and the others gasped at the scene in front of them.
 The stars were shining brightly.

 They continue onward through that black sky.
 Eventually, when the speed slowed down, a building made of the same material as delzogade could be seen out of the corner of your eye.

'What is that?'

Lower part of Derzogade. There is a gate to the divine realm that leads to the azure skies of the gods at that spot. Two thousand years ago, I left the deepest part of the Delzogade in the sky to seal it with the Benno Yevhen.

 That way, the will be kept longer and will be a check on the divine race even after the wall disappears.

 Misha turns to me.

''The rest of the graffiti?''

It must be in there.

 Slowly the delzogade begins its descent, docking the underground dungeon part of the dungeon we're in with the huge structure floating on the black sky.

 A number of walls flicker before our eyes, and then the demon king's castle's descent comes to a halt.
 When the black particles disappear, the end of the passage appears.

''Hmm. That's it.

 I point to the wall.

 --They're laughing at you.

 --And even though the world isn't laughing at you.
   I was laughing, for sure.

 --You just have to remember that.

Demon Lord..........

 Seeing the scribble, Sasha muttered to herself.


 She stared at the wall with pale eyes, as if her two thoughts and memories, Averniu and Sasha, were mixing together.

'I must have written it that day.

 <She used a leaks to send us images from the past, and she said.

"You made me a promise, back then.