394-The Death Hypothesis

 The eerie voice that echoed from deep within the root cause moved away and eventually the noise died away.

'Cuckuckoo, was that voice Graham's leftover?'

 Holding the staff in both hands, the Cutthroat King twisted his mouth in amusement.
 He must have looked into my abyss with the Heavenly Father God's divine eye and heard the resounding voice.

''No, no, but. As far as I can see, the root of that man's emptiness is still being destroyed by the root of the Demon King. He can destroy even nothingness, isn't he a demon king? The bottomless abyss, the unfathomable power, not even the Heavenly Father's God's eye can see everything about you.

 He dunked his cane and said.

"Tyranny, tyranny, tyranny, not tyranny! Even in the presence of the god of world order, you will always reign as a tyrant.

 Kakkakka, the Cutthroat King laughed happily.
 It's not about the Demon King's unfathomable power. I'm sure you know that by now.

You can't get away with it. What do you mean by your voice echoing at the root of your being, tyrannical demon king?

Well. So far, all I know is that this guy is related to the gods.

 Militia, God of Creation, Averniu, God of Destruction, and Per Pedro, God of War. All that thing spoke to me was about God.

'Or maybe it was the one who ordered the armies of the order to march in.


 The Cutthroat King lifted his lips in a terribly happy manner, perhaps smelling the danger.

''In other words. So the owner of that voice is the king of the gods' side? Kakkakkah, oh, isn't that absolutely fantastic!

 Spreading his hands wide, Erdmeade said with an exaggerated gesture.

''With the Demon King having violated the order so many times, what a surprise, finally, even the ruler of the divine world has no choice but to show up!

I don't know yet. I'm sure the gods didn't have a king in the first place. Even Militia, the creator god who created the world, is not in a position to give orders to other gods. Even the Heavenly Father God, Nausgaria, was just a cog in the wheel of order, an order that creates order.

 The divine race merely establishes the order of this world and does not have a ruler like the demons and humans.
 Each one of them only acts according to their own order.

''It's true that Nausgaria has never tried to speak of a divine king, either.

Hmm, so you're the recently born king? What about after we destroy Nowsgaria or something?

 Eleonor says.

'Hmm. I suppose it's possible, but for all that, you still sound like you've known about the God of Destruction for a long time. And so has Militia.'

'It's a royal order, so what do you know about the other gods?'

 Misha expressed this thought.
 Does that mean we are born with information about other gods?

 That's not to say that there isn't one, but what do you think?

If there's an order that never came into being, it must affect the world in some way. This is especially true if he is the King of God and the ruler of the order. Wouldn't it seem, for example, that Erdmaed, with his Heavenly Father's order, would be able to sense it?

 The Cutthroat King shrugged greatly.
 It would mean that he couldn't feel any influence on the Heavenly Father's order.

''Then how about the fact that neither the Heavenly Father nor the Creator God knew about it?

 Eldmead says.

"The creator of the world and the father of order don't know it. It only makes sense, but is he really the ruler?

 Even if so, I don't think they are an influential tribe of gods.

What if the king of the God Race has deprived the Creator and the Heavenly Father of their memories?

Hmm. What's that for?

"Kakkakkah, it's a fool's errand, a fool's errand, isn't it? Of course, it was to prevent the enemy of the dreaded gods, the tyrannical demon king, Anos Voldigord, from discovering our true identity!

 Nowsgaria, Perpendro, and the gods, they all hate me for disturbing their order.
 That's not impossible.

"If you didn't want me to know who you were, why are you telling me now?

 Eldmead answered my question with amusement.

'So you're in a situation where you're forced to reveal yourself, aren't you?

Are you trying to get rid of me?

 Grinning, Eldmead laughs.

'This Fierce Death King thinks that Graham knew the king of that divine race, didn't he?

 I have a pretty good idea of what you're going to say.

"Hmm. And because you knew this, you said that you were going to modify the selective judges and give birth to the Almighty Splendor Eques?

'Yes, yes, that's right. Graham had tried to hide the king of the god race from Omma. He also had the mad god Aganzon on his side. I wouldn't be surprised if he was using the god-tribe to hatch a disturbing plan.

So you were in league with the king of that god family.

 He pointed the tip of his wand at me and said.

"That's right.

 The Cutthroat King walks out with his staff again, clinking the floor with a steady thump.

''Once I give birth to the Eques, everything the king of the divine race does appears to be the work of Eques. The king of the God Race tried to hunt down the tyrannical demon king while using Graham and Eques as a cover. Of course, Graham was Graham, and he wanted to use or outsmart the king of the divine race.

Graham's loss to me threw off that plan, huh?

 Even if the cover is gone, I don't think it will change your goal of destroying me.
 The gods are notoriously inflexible.

"Kakkakkah, this is getting quite smelly! If the king of the divine race, if there is a ruler of order, it wouldn't be a matter of just looking at the enemy. That guy could have the authority to give orders to the gods!

 Stopping, the Cutthroat King said.

''That means there's a chance of a traitor.

 Releasing his hand from his staff and spinning it around in the air, he continued.

'Averniu, the God of Destruction, Militia, the Creation God, Nafta, the Future God, and Arcana, the Delegate, would be the candidates. As an order, they are most likely to side with the divine race, regardless of their intentions. The most--

 With a snap, the staff stopped, and the tip of it pointed at the Cutthroat King.

''The most likely candidate is me, the one who usurped the Heavenly Father's order!

It's only a theory.

 I kicked him off, and he said, "Really? He says, ''Well, as for the Cutthroat King, even if he doesn't exist, he'll still betray you pleasantly if he gets the chance.

 Well, as for the Cutthroat King, even if there is no King of the God Race, he will betray you with pleasure if he has the chance.

You have to listen to your words halfheartedly. "I have to listen to what you have to say half the time.

'You think I'm trying to betray you by pretending that the king of the gods exists? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, I never thought of doing anything that big.

 Eldmead whispers as he falters.
 Even if he really wanted to betray you, he would say this, and even if he didn't, he would say this.

 He's an inedible man.
 He'll have to settle the score when the time comes.

But if you think about it that way, doesn't that also explain why Militia has stolen your memory? Hmm?

'You have a point. It's possible that a will other than Militia intervened.

 As of now, Militia has no reason to take Averniu's memories away from me.

 If someone, not just the king of the gods, could interfere with the power of the Creator God, it would make sense.

 My father, Celis Voldigord, heard the will of my father, Militia, and tried to take that memory away from me. She intervened at that moment and even took away a memory she did not intend to take away.

 It would make sense if Militia found out about it later and left a hint of the memories to Sousei.

''........We're going to fight Militia......?''

 Misha mumbles in a whisper.

'Not if the Cutthroat King's hypothesis is true.

 If the drunken Sasha's words are true, Misha is the reincarnation of a creator god.

 There will be anxiety.

"Don't worry. You'll be under my command, no matter what. Unless, of course, you want out.

 Thinly, Misha smiled and said without any hesitation.

'I will be with Anos, even if the root cause is destroyed.

Good answer.

 Then I laugh back at her.

"Well. Well, let's get going. I'll get to the bottom of it, but it's all a bit silly. I'll get to the bottom of it and turn it into a funny story.

 We stepped out and walked into the underground dungeon.

"Oh, eldmead. You don't have to come. Join Melhayth in leading the search for the God's Gate.

What can you do when you're in a dungeon?

''Walking the dog is fine, but if you're a teacher at the Demon King's Academy, you should at least take care of your students who come to study with you.

 'Kakkakkah,' laughed Erdmeade, 'I can't read it, I can't read it.

'Unreadable, unreadable, as if I couldn't read it. 'You can't read, you can't read, you can't read as if you can't read, because the order you give to the Cutthroat King in this situation is to educate him. 'What do you think? Do you want to leave your forces here for fear of not being able to come back sooner if you enter the underground dungeon? Or is there something in the back here that you don't want me to see?

Well, Naya has been waiting a long time for this.

 For a moment, Erdmeade rolls his eyes.
 Then a terribly amused smile peeks out.

'You mean insignificant! Good, good. Now that's what I call a tyrannical demon king! You've always lived up to my expectations!

 He stopped in his tracks, his shoulders shaking with laughter.

'Yeah, sometimes an army of order, those things are pretty dangerous.

 That's what the Cutthroat King said to my back.

It's a masterpiece," he said, "that the goal is not the demon king, but to spread warfare throughout the world. It's hard to defend against an enemy that's coming at you when you can kick it off, but it's hard to defend the world when it's coming at you.

 As he said it, Erdomed spun on his heel.

If the army of order marches into the world, if there is a traitor under your command, the war will spread in the blink of an eye. In the face of the deaths of so many people and the deaths of his men, what kind of power would the Demon King show then? Even just thinking about it makes my heart skip a beat.........!

 Erdmeade's heart leaps as he struggles to breathe.

'Kaka we have to make every effort to make sure that doesn't happen. 'Hey, nonconformist,'

 I turn around and he points his face over his back with his cane.

Don't look so scared. I'm just kidding.

 With that, the Cutthroat King returned to the entrance of the underground dungeon.

''No, no, what will happen in the future? ''Ken'non, sword swallow, sword swallow.''