399-Nha Palace

 A young Ennesone runs over the white cobblestones, floating in the air.
 Just behind her, Zesia chased after her, followed by Eleonor. A short distance away, me and Misha and the others were running after her.

 Soon, I could see the end of the cobblestones wrapped in pure white light.
 Even if you look into your eyes, you won't be able to see what's behind the light.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find out what's going on.

 The pure white light is coming right in front of us.

''Hey, this is going to be okay, right? You don't think you'll be able to go home?

 Sasha said, sounding flustered.

'Haha. Haha, don't worry. Even if we cross billions of dimensions and reach the farthest depths of the God Realm, we will not be unable to return.

In fact, I'm worried about you.

 Sasha plunged in hard, in her usual fashion.
 I guess she's totally sobered up.

''Zecia has already gone, so we have to go!

 Eleonor said and followed Zesia.
 As it was, we too ran through the cobblestones and jumped into the pure white light.

 The landscape quickly changed as if it were being repainted with paint, and what appeared in my vision was a city.

 Unfamiliar buildings lined the streets, and a large palace could be seen in the distance.

''Hmm? It's kind of a strange city. The buildings over there don't have roofs.

 Out of Eleanor's line of sight was a large Western-style house.
 It was opulent, but yet it had no roof.

It's true. There's no entrance to the shop over there, right...?

 Sasha curiously pointed to the shops in the street.
 There were signs for a knick-knack shop, a bookstore, a weapons store, and an inn, but among them was a shop without a door.

 There was no sign of people in the area.
 Of course, there is no way anyone other than the god race is here, so it's not surprising.

''The Sun.''

 Misha looked up above her head and said while blocking the light with her hand.

''........What is that.......?''

That's great.

 Sasha and Eleonor raise their voices and stare at the heavens.

 It's a vast ocean.
 The rippling surface of the water stretches out like the sky, and behind it is indeed a shadow that looks like the sun.

'The sky is the sea, another strange place, isn't it?'

...That gate of the divine world is connected to this other world, right...?

 Sasha spills the words as if to confirm.

'Welcome, Zesia, Eleonor. And Anos, the Demon King.

 Ennesone turned to me and said welcomingly.
 The little wings on the girl's head moved with a fassa.

''This is Gakyu Shinto, the Force Ronal Reef.''

 In a young voice, she tells him.

''It's one of the divine realms that leads to the azure skies of the gods.''

''Hmm. I've heard there's a chasm between the gates of the divine world and the azure skies of the gods, is that what this city is?

''Yes. There's another gate to the divine realm in the depths of this divine city. It's connected to the azure heavens of the gods, right?

 Was it called the Mei-Gu divine City of Forthronal Reef?
 If it was just beyond the gates of the divine world, you would know it, but I don't remember hearing about it.

 Have you forgotten it? Or was it created after my reincarnation?


 Zecia happily called out the name.
 Then, mindlessly, the little girl also smiled happily.

''........Ennesone.......Zesia, did you call me......?''

'Yes. Ennesone called out for Zetia in her dream.'

I'll call you back.

 With a bouncy smile, Zesia approached Ennesone.
 Then he took her hands and shook them up and down.

'I called Zesia and Eleonor. Then there's Anos, the Demon King. I wanted you all to be brought here, to this divine city.''

 Ennesone explained.

''Zesia ... is ... brought ... a great boy ... .........!

 Zecia throws out her chest as if she is proud of it.

''.........Ennesone......is Zesia's sister.......?

 Softly, Ennesone smiled.


'.........Zesia is.......your sister.......!

 Holding both of Ennesone's hands, her eyes sparkling, Zesia turned to look at us.

'Hmm, can I ask you something? I don't remember giving birth to you, so what does that mean?

 Eleonor has a question on his face as he holds up his index finger.

''Oh, and while you're at it, can you tell me about the graffiti of Averniu that was behind the gates of the God Realm?

 Sasha asks.

'I'm sorry. Neither of us can answer that question yet.'

 Ennesone said with a distressed look on his face.

''Well what do you mean by that?''

You said you knew, didn't you...?

 Eleonor said curiously, and Sasha flicked a suspicious glance at him.


 As if frightened, Ennesone turned over.
 Then Zesia held out her hands as if to protect her.


"Oh, Zecia......... I'm not trying to bully you...?

 Eleonor approaches to take it away, but Zesia squeezes the winged head in a hug, as if to say she won't give him Ennesone.


 Eleonor chuckles, annoyed.

'Don't worry, Zesia. There's no way I'm going to mess with your sister.'



 Then Zecia smiles, relieved.

'Will you ask Ennesone about the situation? She'd be more likely to talk to my sister.

 Zesia nodded with a proud smile and looked into Ennesone's face.

''Ennesone.......can you.......tell Zesia.......?

 Then she nodded dully.

'Ennesone isn't born yet.

 Zesia asks curiously.

 Silently, Ennesone shakes his head.
 The wings of her head twitch.

'I don't know. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Ennesone is unstable. She is not yet born. It's a new order to be born.

 Misha blinks at those words.

''So, Ennesone, you're a god race?''

 Eleonor asked, and she nodded.

'Ennesone is still a being before he becomes a god. A root fetus, an unborn, root baby. That's what Ennesone is now.'

'Oh, yes. Is that why your roots are so petty?

 She stared into her magical eyes and peered into the depths of Ennesone's abyss.


 Misha asks.

'Yeah, it's tiny,'

 Eleonor can see the root source directly.

 Although he doesn't have as much power as Misha when it comes to seeing magic power, he can probably measure the size of the root source directly, which is usually only analogous to the magic power.

''Ennesone is an ally of Zesia and Eleonor. It's an order created by Militia, the creator god, with a wish for this world to be kind.''

 Ennesone said distressingly.

'But it's not complete yet. I can't remember. Ennesone was made for the world, but I can't remember what kind of order I'm in.'

Because you're the root fetus?

Yeah. Yes, because the Creator is not inherently a god of order. Ennesone was robbed of his birth by another god.

Hmm, what do you mean, you got robbed of your birth?

 Eleonor asks.

'....they took away what I needed to be born...'

 Ennesone replied.

''It must be somewhere in this city, but Ennesone can't find it with his own strength. That's why I showed Zesia a dream and called her here.''

Hmm. Why is it that it was Zesia who showed you the dream?

'Because the only people who could reach Ennesone's power were Zesia and Eleonor.

 Then Zesia said happily.

''........because she's my sister.......''


 Ennesone said with a smile too.

'Oh, so maybe that was it? I didn't think you'd believe me if I showed you my dream, so you showed it to Zesia?

 Awkwardly, Ennesone looked down.


"...bullying...is not...allowed...

 Zethia glares at Eleonor as she protects Ennesone.

'Err, yi, I'm not picking on you. I'm not that much of a demon, okay?

"....It's a lie........! I'll always feed Zecia.......grass........!

 Zecia's words were filled with years of resentment.

You see, that's because you need to eat your vegetables to grow up. Right?

 Jitto and Zesia are looking at Eleonor, who is trying to take it away, with suspicion.

 While the three of them were exchanging smiles, a was sent from Sasha.

''.........It doesn't look like a bad divine race, but can we trust them easily? This is the territory of the god race, right? We're almost at the God Realm...''

"If it's true that Militia created the world for the sake of the world, I can't just dismiss it. "If it's true that Militia created the world for the sake of the world, we can't just dismiss it, but it's also likely that other gods are preventing the birth of order.

 Yes, he responds with .

'But could it be that the other gods are trying to trap Anos? Could it be that he's trying to create an order that will destroy the Demon King again, like he did with Avos Dilhevia?

'Well, there's no chance I'm going to let my enemy give birth to myself. It's not as if Ennesone and Militia don't have a connection.

'Connection? Is there such a thing?

"A drunken Sasha waits for Eleonor and Zecia at the Delzogade.

 Misha came into the conversation.

'What? Hmmm........come to think of it.......I remember that happening.......''

 Sasha twists her head.
 She was drunk, so her memory was probably poor.

'Zecia saw Ennesone in a dream and came to that place with Eleonor. If you remembered something from Averniu's thoughts at that time, it could be something that Militia told you.

"...that's likely, but what should I do?

 Then, looking at us, Ennesone said anxiously.

''........I knew it, they wouldn't believe you.......?

 Zecia shook her head from side to side with great vigor.

''....I believe........Enne is Zesia's sister.......!

 Zesia takes both of Ennezone's hands and squeezes them.

Um, Zecia? Don't take it too easy, okay? There are some things I can do and some things I can't do, okay?

No....is it...?

 Zecia appeals to you with a sad expression.

........I mean no, you know, I don't even understand the idea of giving birth to a goddess at all.

"I want my sister....I want....to be born....

Even if you say so, it's not my decision to make, so...? I mean, I don't even know if I can live...?

 Eleonor looks at me in annoyance.

'Well, we'll figure it out after we give birth for now.

'Wow! That sounds like a bad parenting comment, Anos.

 Eleonor sounded surprised.
 Zesia squeezed Ennesone with a happy expression.

''I did.........! I'm very good at........begging.......and I'm your sister.......!

 And so on and so forth," she quipped.

'But, Ennesone, if you are the order of the world to be kind to it, I would love to have you born, but do you have a memory of what was taken from you?

"Mindless Dolls.

 With a serious expression, Ennesone said.

''A vessel without magic power.''

 Very, very important to tell them.

"Disembodied Spirit Spiritual Spirit

 She broke off and continued again.

'With all three of these things in place, Ennesone will be born in an imperfect state.'

Oh. That's another strange story. What does it take to be born perfect?

 Slowly she shook her head from side to side.

'Ennesione can only be born in an imperfect state. That's Providence, that's the order.'


 An order created by Militia to make the world kinder.
 So even if it had been created, the order would have been imperfect.

 So on the other hand, if you try to make the world kind, it will be imperfect.

 I'm curious to know what you mean by that.

Well. Ennesaone, can you give me a clue as to how to find these three things?

''There's a lot of stuff that's hard to explain to Ennesone but I'm sure Wenzel can explain it well. I have to go help Wenzel first.

 Saying, Ennesone runs off abruptly.

'Follow me.'

Wait.....! If you run too fast.......it's dangerous.......!

 Zesia quickly followed her and grabbed her hand.
 Ennesone turned around and laughed.

 The two of them held hands and ran through the unpopulated Mei-Gu divine City of Forthronal Reef--