400-Bondage God and God of Captivity


 I asked as I lined up with Ennesone running in front of me.

'Who is this Wenzel you were talking about earlier?'

 With a flap of his head wings, Ennesone turned to me.

'It's Wenzel, the god of birth, the order of life and birth. Ennesone wasn't really supposed to be born. But thanks to Wenzel's use of the power of the god of birth, I was able to become a born-again order.

'Huh? The God of Birth sounds familiar from somewhere...?

 Eleonor turned his gaze upward as if he were searching for a memory.
 Then Sasha said.

'He's a friend of Militia's. It was written in the graffiti of Delzogade, and somehow, I think it was.'

Oh, that's the one. I saw it when I came in.

 Eleonor holds up his index finger.

'What kind of god is Wenzel?'

 Misha asked, and Ennesone said.

'Wenzel is very kind. 'Wenzel is always protecting Ennesone and helping her try to be born. Wenzel told me that Ennesone is a precious custodian from Militia and that she is my own precious child.'

 Snap and Misha blinks twice.

'Is Wenzel also Ennesone's mother?'

 Smiling, Ennesone laughed and nodded happily.

'Ennesone is a hard life to be born. Militia gave me the order of creation and Wenzel gave me the order of birth. So Ennesone's mama isn't alone.'

Oh, that's it. That's it. I got it.

 Eleanor opens her mouth as she finally gets the point across.

'So the fact that Enne-chan is Zesia's sister is just a dream you showed me to bring Zesia here?

 To Eleonor, who seemed relieved, Zesia had a despairing look on her face.

''........Enne's mom.......isn't Zesia's mom......?''

 Zesia says in a voice that sounds like she's about to cry.

''........Enne.......isn't she......Zesia's sister? Lie....?

 Then Ennesone laughed.

'Don't worry, Ennesone is also Eleonor's child. So I have three mothers.'

That's Zecia's sister.


 When she replied, Zesia smiled happily.

 Eleonor sneaked over to Ennezone's side and softly whispered in her ear.

'Enne-chan, what's really going on?'

''I'm still not quite sure. But since only Eleonor and Zecia were the only ones who heard Ennesone's voice outside I thought... well I hope so...'' ...

Hmm, I see...? What does that mean? Do you think it only reaches your mother?

 Ennesone turned over and puffed up the wings of his head.

''........I don't understand.......I'm sorry......''

 Then, before she knew it, Zesia was next to Eleonor, staring at her intently.

''What........are you talking about.......?''

Nah, it's nothing. Speaking of which, Enne's mother said she had to go help Wenzel, what happened to her?

 Turning his face away from Zesia's suspicion, Eleonor changes the subject.

'Wenzel got caught trying to help Ennesone.

 She peeks at the dark expression on her face and says

'Hmm. Who are you?

The gods hate Ennesone. That's why the Anderks came. Wenzel said that the Anderks want to destroy Ennesone before he's born.

Are you in this Megalithic City?

Yeah. The abortion god Anderk will look for an opportunity to destroy Ennesone. Wenzel fought the Anderks to protect Ennesone. But he lost and is now trapped in that palace.

 Ennesone paused.
 There was a large palace in the corner of her eye.

'The Abortion God is not alone. He has the abortion guard god and then the bondage god, Wesnera, on his side. Wesnera's authority has created a prison of bondage in that palace. And that's how she locked up Wenzel, the god of birth.

 Ennesone turned and looked at me.

'Ennesone's power can't break the bondage prison. Even the bondage gods are no match for me, so I've been hiding for a long time. Please, Demon King Anos, save Wenzel. Wenzel is necessary for Ennezone to be born.

 With an earnest expression, Ennesone appeals to me.

 The order before birth means that she is also a divine race.
 However, she has an abundance of emotions that makes it hard to believe so.

''Of course, if Wenzel is a friend of Militia's, I can't leave her behind.

 When he said that, Ennesone's expression fell as if he was relieved.

''However, it is rare for the divine race to fight with each other. If one of them is destroyed, the integrity of the order will be destroyed. Even if the order is in conflict with each other, they do not naturally attack each other directly.

 Two thousand years ago, there was no attempt to see God and God fighting each other.
 All orders were interfering with each other, but they were simply performing their roles in a bland manner.

''Does that mean that Ennesone is an order that the gods don't want to create at all costs?

 Sasha said as she thought about it.

In other words, if you give birth to Enne-chan, the world will be closer to peace, won't it? Maybe there won't be any more crazy god clans attacking Dirheid!

 Eleonor said in a fluent tone of voice.

'I hope so,'

 I turn my gaze to the palace in front of me and start walking again.
 Seeing this, Ennesone and the others follow behind me.

 Eventually, we come to the entrance of the palace.

'This is a bondage prison, right?'

 When Sasha said, Misha turned his demon eyes to the inside of the palace still.

''The entire palace is tinged with a strong magical power. It belongs to the divine race.''

 Gulping and spitting, Sasha looked at me.

''Well what are we going to do?''

As I said before, orders rarely harm each other. As I said before, orders rarely harm each other. That's probably why the abortion god Anderk only captured the birth god Wenzel instead of destroying him. Even if you go a little wild, Wenzel will never be in danger.

...er, I mean?

You can go in the front door with open arms.

''I thought........''

 I laughed at Sasha, who looked like she had a bad premonition about it, and stepped out into the palace without hesitation.

 Instantly, the slimy air caresses my skin.
 Perhaps due to the order of the bondage gods, my body complains of a weight, as if it were chained to my entire body.


 With a bang, Ennezone breaks her knees.


 Zesia looked into Ennesone's face with concern.
 She put her hands on the floor, dripping with greasy sweat, and repeated her ragged breathing.

 Her meager magical power would not be able to resist this bondage prison.

'Let me carry you.'

 When I try to reach out to her, Zecia rolls up her sleeves and clenches her fists constantly, showing off her two arms.


What are you doing, huh?

 Sasha says curiously.

'Hmmm, maybe he's just showing off his muscles,'

 Sasha looked more and more quizzical at Eleonor's answer.

'Muscles, the two arms?'

"Puyo Puyo.

 Misha let out her frank opinion.


 I push my two pudgy arms very far apart, and Zesia looks at me with a look of true urgency.
 She wants to show her sister the good side of things. It's a cute thing.

'Hmm. Good. You'll be in charge of Ennestraum. Make sure he stays safe.


 Saying that in a tall tone, Zesia crouched down in front of Ennesone and appealed to him to get on his back.

''..............Is it okay?''

Sister.........that's why........

 Slowly, Ennesone rides on Zesia's back.

 As for the muscles, Zesia isn't much about the muscles yet, but with magic power, she strengthens them much more and puts up a small magical ward to protect Ennesone.

 Then, with her on his back, he walked off at a brisk pace.
 Eleonor looks at the two of them with a smile.

''Giggle, she's totally acting like a big sister!

No....no...no pretensions...!

 Puffing out her cheeks, Zecia looked back at him in disapproval.

'Yeah, yeah, I know. Zecia's a great big sister, you know.

 Nodding his head, Zesia moved forward again.

 Inside the palace, there were multiple layers of iron bars that constructed a maze of paths.

 We proceeded deeper and deeper into that maze of iron bars.
 After a while, Ennesone said at Zesia's back.


 A little embarrassed, Ennesone shrinks the wings of her head.

''........Can I call you sister Zesia, if I want to.......?''

 Then Zesia shook her head from side to side, buzzing.

''Eh? What, I can't...?

Sister Zecia........I recommend........!

 She was fiercely appealing for the name she wanted to be called.

 At Ennesone's words, Zesia started skipping while giving a piggyback ride.

 It's smiling.

'Hmmm, when Enne is born, you'll have to make her our baby or Zesia will be spoiled.

 Hmm. I can see that.

"With 10,000 people, one more person won't make a difference.

If you say that, Anos will make you responsible for Enne-chan, too.

 With a teasing smile, Eleonor pokes my cheek from my back.


 I stop in my tracks.

'Hmm? Has the Demon King finally lost his nerve? How rare is that?

 As I said it, I held my body in my arms as Eleonor tried to get in front of me.


I do take responsibility for what I say.

 She shuffled her chin, urging him to turn his attention forward.

 She stared curiously ahead with her magical eye.
 In the back of it, an exceptionally sturdy-looking magical cage can be seen.

 Inside is a strange woman sitting inside.

 She is wearing an unusual outfit that looks like a long cloth loosely wrapped around her body. She has long, straight hair and a light green divine eye. The white skin was radiant with a divine glow.

 He must be a god race.


 When Ennesone raised her voice, the divine race noticed us.
 She made a huffy expression. 

''Near........I'll go.......''

 Zesia ran to the magic cage with great vigor.

'Wenzel, I'll help you now.'


 Wenzel said, as if in a panic.

'You must not come, Ennesone. There's a bondage god here...!''

 It was the same time as those words--

 The chains that extended from the ceiling writhed like a living thing and attacked Zesia and Ennesone.

''Leave it to me.......please.....

 Zesia pulls out the Holy Sword of Light, Enhale, and slashes down at its chains.

 A high-pitched gurgling sound can be heard, but the chain remains unbroken as it spirals around Zecia and Ennesone.

 As if, it is a tornado of chains.

 Zecia thrusts out an en-hale, but it gets caught in a tornado of chains.


 The sound of a collision rang out and the holy sword detached from her hand and flew away with great force.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more to say about it.

 But just before that moment, it came to a stop.

Hm. Are you the god of bondage?

 I grabbed my chain as I randomly stuck my hand into the tornado.

'....Yeah. I'm Wesnera, the bondage god........

 The moment the voice is uttered, magic power is released from the chain and tries to wrap around my arm.
 When I lightly hit the floor with it, a thumping sound is heard and dust rises.

 The chain wriggles with a clattering metallic sound, and it takes on a human shape.
 The wind is blowing and the dust is being blown away, but there is a man wearing chains all over his body standing there.

 You can feel a strong magic power suitable for the gods.

Then, Wesnera. I have to talk to Wenzel, the god of birth. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it happen.


 Wesnella frowned.

'Let Wenzel go and you will be let off the hook. If you don't release Wenzel, your order will be in jeopardy and Wenzel will be out of here anyway. I don't need to think about which is more beneficial.

 After a moment's pause, he chuckled.

'.........no......no......of course not......that's no good......!

 At the same time as the words were spoken, particles of magical power rose from the bondage gods and Misha and the others were ready for battle.

'Because Mommy is mine. You'll be here with me all the time! My mom, my mom, my mom--

 Countless chains began to extend from Wesnera's body, heading in all directions.
 The next moment, it struck furiously.

''My mommy is not allowed to go anywhere........!