401-Mother and child of god

 The chains released by the bondage god Wesnera snaked around like a living thing, half of them blocking our escape and the other half closing in on us.


 He dipped his arms into the two magic circles and dyed his hands black.
 The two chains that were coming towards me were lightly cut off in both directions.

 A moment later - countless small chains emerged from the cut marks and wrapped around both my arms.


 I tried to pull my arms down, but the chains only extend from Wesnera's body, and they can't be drawn together.

 So it's free to expand and contract.

''You're so persistent!

 Eleonor and the others avoided the chains of the initial attack, but the chains are again following in the direction they avoided. Their speed isn't much, but their guidance is accurate.

 Eleonor drew four magic circles - earth, water, fire, wind, and wind - and turned them into a ward, blocking the chains of the bondage god.
 However, the chains began to wrap around the warding itself in a circle.

'Wow, he's trying to bind the entire ward!


 Sasha glares at the chains of the bondage gods entangled in the four genus ward seal (De Igeria) with the Devil's Eye of Doom.

 It shatters into pieces and countless pieces of metal fly off.
 However, from the shards, a small chain still emerged and bound the ward protecting them again.

 With a creak, the <4 genus ward seal (de Igeria)> creaked, slightly reducing the scope of the ward.

''Ice Crystal.''

 Misha uses the Devil's Eye of Creation to change a small chain into a crystal of ice.

 The chains of the god of bondage, as expected of a bondage god, could not produce new chains once they were changed into something else, and crystals fluttered down around them.

'That's useless! You'll never be free in front of me........!

 The bondage god, Wesnera, sends an increased voice flying.

 At the same time, the iron bars of the bondage prison flew in and began to surround Misha and the others.
 With a clatter and a clatter, the iron bars that covered the top, bottom, left and right like a wall, formed an awkward prison.

''We're trapped.........!

 While carrying Ennesone on her back to protect her, Zesia looked at the surrounding prisons.

 Every time the bars piled up, the magic power increased, and countless red chains were ejected from that prison cell.
 Misha gazed at the red chains that wrapped around the with the , however, she was unable to recreate them.

''It doesn't work........''

 Misha puts more magic power into her magic eye.
 The silvery white glow concentrates on her eyes.

''The red chain of bondage is the power to bind magic.

 From the cage at the back, Wenzel, the God of Birth, spoke up.

''With half-hearted magic, the moment you touch the chains, you will be bound and will not be able to take effect.


 Sasha reached out and Misha grabbed it.
 They each drew a semicircle magic circle.

 <If they became Aisha in the Separation Fusion Reincarnation (Dino Dixess), they would be able to escape from there.


 As I spoke, they interrupted the exercise of magic.

'It's only magic that binds you, after all. You may loosen up there and watch.

Hmm, but it's going to hurt if the dejeria is crushed, huh?

 Eleanor holds up her index finger and says.

'What, I'll get it done by then.

 He unleashed an origin magic from his bound hands.
 The jet-black lightning bolt traced the chain while making a thunderous sound with a bang, and shot through the bondage god Wesnera.

 He staggered for a moment, but Wesnella stepped back and bore it.
 Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Wenzel, the god of birth, biting his lower lip with a somber expression.

''Haha. Now what do we do? As long as you keep me bound, you will never be able to avoid the Demon Black Thunderer.

 I turn my gaze to Wenzel, the god of birth.

'Why don't you let her go before she perishes?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, not like that. I am the order of bondage no one can be free in front of me and my mama will always be there for me my mama, my mama, my Mom..........

 <Even though her own anti-magic was torn to shreds by the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd) and she continued to be bathed in the black current, Wesnera shouted high and low.

''I will bind you here, forever! It's mine!!!


 That's the moment Eleanor spoke up.

 The bars of the bondage prison now pile up around me.
 Far more than the ones aimed at Eleonor and the others, constructing an awkward and huge cage.

 Once the cage is completed, the red chains released from the four corners of the cage wrap around the chains that make the  Immediately afterwards, the jet black lightning bolt did not move forward, but stopped unnaturally at the place where the red chains were wrapped around it.

''Don't touch the chains! That child is the bondage god who controls restraint and stagnation. All things are bound by the chains of order and forced to stagnate!

 Wenzel said, and Wesnella, the god of bondage, gave her a cheeky smile.

'Mum's right. There's nothing I can't tie up.'

Hmm. Well, let's tie this up too.

 He drew ten magic circles in front of him and shot out the , the .

 The red chains that snaked from the cage of the bondage god coiled around the jet-black sun, which turned a tail of light and shot out with great vigor, restraining it.

'You see. No one can be free in front of me. No one can escape from me. Warding, lightning, fire, or anything else I can bind. Isn't that great?

It's not surprising.

What's the matter with you? Okay, but you can't go home now. You're going to stay here with us for the rest of your life. You'll be very busy and your mother will be happy.

 Kettle and bondage god Wesnera laughs.

'Wesnera. I do not wish to do that. Let them go.'

 Wenzel says chidingly, and the bondage god turns to her.

'Why? You want to be here, right? You said you wanted me to keep her tied to me, that she's my mom.

'Sweetie, you need to be calm and listen to me. You should be able to do that by now.

Of course I'm listening. I'm a good girl. I'll make sure you're happy.

 'Ketaketaketa,' he laughed again.

'Hmm. You seem to love your mother, Wesnella.

Of course I do. No one loves your mother more than I do. That's why I tie her up like this so that she can be there all the time.

 With the hands of the black Bevsud, he rips off the chain and destroys it with the demon's eye.

Childish love. If you truly love your mother, it's time you separated yourself from your parents.

 I stepped out across the cage to the bondage god on the other side of it.

''...Childish? Where do you think I am being childish? Because she wants to be with me, right? You wanted me to protect you...!

 I snickered at those words.

'You have to put your delusions to rest.'

 One by one, long chains appeared at each of the four corners of the cage, which constructed a magic circle.

''What the hell, you! Don't you dare stand up in front of me! I'm going to tie you up so you'll never have a lick in your mouth again!

 When the bondage god Wesnera emitted an enormous amount of magical power, red, blue, yellow and green chains flew out of the magic circle respectively.

 <When I tried to stare at it with the Devil's Eye of Doom, the red chain swelled up enormously and covered my vision.
 In the next moment, the four chains were wrapped around my body.

''Hoho, you won't be able to escape now. The red chain binds your magic, the blue chain binds your body, the yellow chain binds your five senses, and the green chain binds your thoughts. <If you're bound to the bondage cage and chain rope prison, you can't use magic, walk, see, or even think properly!

 <The chains of the bondage cage chain rope prison (Egerz Engdämmerä) bind me tightly.
 My senses are bound, I can't see, I can't even feel its touch.

 There is a way out.

 But I'm not sure if my thoughts are bound by the green chains, or if I can't get to some of the escape methods I know exist.

"You are now my wind-up dolls. You're going to live in this prison with me and your mother, chatting away happily. Oh, of course, I'll make sure that you can only hear my voice. Otherwise, you won't be able to talk to me.

 I heard a drawn-out laugh, "Ketaketaketaketak.

''If you're going to talk like a bigot and apologize, I'll let you off the hook for a bit longer.

Hmm. It's a powerful force, but it's not easy to bind freedom in one word. No matter how powerful they are, if you don't know the thought that binds you, it won't work.

What do you mean? Is it a sore loser?

Don't you get it?

 He utters a word to the victorious bondage god.

'I say there are things that are not tied up.

 I opened my mouth and let out a gut-wrenching voice.

 He laughed at that.

'What's that? You're just opening your mouth like an idiot, and what -- haha....

 His body shook violently and blood gushed out of his entire body.

''You're deaf for a god race. You can't seem to hear a voice in this register.''


 The words that cannot be heard by ordinary people are released in a mass of supersonic waves and shake his body violently.

"I wish I knew!

 Deploying a magical barrier, he prevents sound vibrations.

'See. It's not that I have unbound thoughts, it's just that I didn't bind them because I couldn't get out of it anyway. Bad idea goooooooooo...!

 The magical barrier was shattered and Wesnera was bouncing away.

'I didn't say there was only one thing I didn't bind.

 He put his hands on the floor and while trying to stagger up, he turned his astonished expression to me.

''No....no....no way...how could he be strong enough to pop me...'' ...It's not magic.......not a voice.......it can't be done like this.......blah blah blah blah!

 It bounces off again and Wesnella rolls across the floor.

'You don't understand. Well, let me give you a hint.

 He holds up three fingers and shows them to the bondage god.


Three seconds. Three seconds or less, and I'm free to move it in and out of my body.

"...................from your body? Three seconds...?

 Wesnera gasped, and then gave him such a stupid look.

'You've noticed. That's my root.

 Wesnera immediately stood up and ran out to get away from me.

''No........no.......no......no......no......no......such an orderly...! No matter how many times he takes out his own root source from his body within three seconds, much less beat me up...! 

 In an instant, I took a bodily hit from the root of my body, and Wesnera popped up again, back near the cage.

 He staggered up and stared at me.

 All right, I know you're not just some guy! Well, let's try it again. Three seconds after you tie up the source, you're not going to get away with anything you can't tie up yourself I'm the god of bondage I don't want anything that can't be tied up.

 Wesnera's eyes widen.

 The that binds me has cracked.


The game is over.

 Red, blue, yellow, green, and four chains bound me, but I stepped out leisurely.

''How........should I be able to walk........''

Did you think you could bind my freedom just by binding my body and my magic?

 He grabbed the iron cage in front of him with both hands.
 Putting my magic power into it, I bent it languidly.


 He makes an escape move, turns his back to me and starts running - just before he does, I'm holding his wrist.


Did you ever think that I couldn't perceive you because I bound your senses?

 <Against the order of bondage, he broke the chains of the bondage cage and chain-law prison by the hand of Bevsed, against the order of bondage with the evil eye of the Purple Eye.

'Then, this time--'

 An enormous amount of magical power rises from all over the bondage god's body.

''--I'll tie you up so tightly that you'll never be able to move!

 Red, blue, yellow and green chains extend from the magic circle of chains again.

 There are more of them than before. Those countless
 I grab only one of them - the red chain - with my bare hands and duck the other chains.

"There's nothing you can't bind, right? Then you will have to follow that order.

 With a wave of his arm, he forcibly manipulates the red chains that bind his magical power and binds the rest of the chains of the .

 In this way, the chain of red, blue, yellow and green all become one, and conversely, Wesnera's body is bound.

''Wha...! Wait.....wait....!

 The chains of the "bondage cage chain-rope prison" (Egerz Engdämmerä) that he created for himself are wrapped around him and his body is bound. In this way, I made the bondage god Wesnera curl up in the blink of an eye.

It's a good idea to have a good time. ...let go........let go.......!

 Wesnera wields her magic power, but the four-colored chains of the restrain her and prevent her from moving.

 The red chains bind your magic, the blue chains bind your body, the yellow chains bind your five senses, and the green chains bind your thoughts.

 You don't seem to know how to get out of it.
 I looked down at the man who was rolling around like a caterpillar and said, "I'm used to being tied up.

'You're used to being tied up, but is this the first time you've been tied up?