402-Birth god

 With a rattling sound, the bars and chains that covered the surroundings of Eleonor and the others collapsed.

 The bondage god Wesnera was bound in the , which must have dampened his magic power and made it impossible for him to maintain his magic.

''Hmm, I'm finally free!''

 <Releasing the Four Genera Warding Seal (De Igeria), Eleonor stretches out gingerly with a sense of freedom.

''Hm. Apparently, that one is special.

 I look at the magical cage that holds Wenzel in place.
 Even though the bondage god's magic power has weakened to this point, it has not crumbled and remains a solid protection.

 He doesn't want to let the God of Birth out, even if it's not a good idea.

''Sister Zesia.....................Can you take me over there?''

"You're in charge.........and Zecia.......is your sister........

 Carrying Ennesone on her back, Zesia runs to Wenzel.

'Ah, hey, Zecia, you can't go without permission. There could still be some bad guys hiding out there.

 Eleonor panicked and went after her.

''No ... no ... no ... no ... you're my mum ... I'll protect you ...''

 At my feet, Wesnera mutters deliriously.
 Her five senses are bound, so she won't be able to see or hear properly at the earliest.

 With those chains in hand, dragging the bondage god to the floor, I head to the magical cage at the back.
 As I get closer, I see various murals there.

 Are they indicative of things related to the god race?
 There was a lot of stuff that didn't make sense at first glance.

'I'm here to help you, Wenzel.

 Ennesone said at the back of Zecia, who had just barely approached the bars of the cage.

''I've brought the Demon King Anos, Zesia's sister and Eleonor with me.''

 Wenzel also stood by the bars.
 She reached through the gap and gently stroked Ennesone's head.

''You really are a child who has no choice. I told you not to come and save me because the abortion gods would find me.

 With a soft tone, the god said.


 Ennesone apologizes, his head wings fluttering.

'But Ennesone couldn't wait. I knew I had to do it quickly.'

You want to be born early, don't you?

 Once again gently stroking Ennesone's head, Wenzel, the god of birth, turned his gaze to me.

''It's the first time we've met, Demon King Anos. I am Wenzel, the God of Birth, one of the order called the Four Juri Shishin.

 Smiling softly, Wenzel greeted me so.

''This is the first time I've heard of the four gods of the tree?

I am the god of order, the fundamental principle of the source of life, and these are called the Four Guardian Gods. I am the god who governs the order of birth and nurtures the birth of all living beings.

 The governor of the order, eh? That's another great god.
 If there are four gods of trees, then there must be three more gods.

An orderly order, similar to Militia?

 Slowly, Wenzel shook his head.

'To say it's close would be an understatement. However, Militia is the god responsible for the creation of the world, and the God of Birth cannot give birth to the world. The Four Jury Gods essentially sit in the azure of the gods, in the depths of the sky, and are responsible for keeping the trunk of the world unnamed by men.

''Hmm. Not only is this place not profound, but we haven't even entered the azure skies of the gods yet?

 Wenzel nodded quietly when I let him include what was going on out of the blue, and he nodded quietly.

'I've been waiting for you,'

 Calmly, she smiles at me.

'I have heard that the Demon King of Tyranny will eventually come to the azure skies of the gods. I have decided to wait here at the Force Ronal Reef to meet you before the other Four Tree God,

Who told you that?

This is Militia. She's the only friend I have.

 So it's just like Averniu's graffiti.

'I don't remember mentioning to Militia that I was going to the azure of the gods. It's sort of half a coincidence that she came here today, but how did she know that?

I don't know much about it. I'll walk you through it.

 Wenzel glanced at Ennesone and continued to speak.

'This child, Ennesone, is the new order that Militia has entrusted to me. By the authority of Wenzel, the god of birth, he must have wished her to be born.

Hmm. You can't make a judgment because you couldn't talk to Militia directly?

 Wenzel gave a somber look and nodded his head.

'I believe this child has told you that this is the order of the day to make this world kinder. Unfortunately, I have no way of being certain, other than what this child has told me.

 She paused her words and took a quick breath.
 Then, with another divine look on her face, she continued her explanation.

'Demon King Anos. After your reincarnation, Militia remained on earth. I, just like in the plain, in the azure of the gods, in their depths. The Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen), which you risked your life for, separated us from each other.

''Indeed, it's a wall that is immensely effective against the divine race. Especially the one that barred the gates of the divine world. However, I don't think Militia's power is insurmountable.

"If she had only crossed over, she could have returned to the azure skies of the gods. But with the creation of Ennesone, she couldn't do that.

 Wenzel speaks in a calm tone of voice.

'Her will and her actions were against her own order, the Creator God. Militia could not resist the order of creation and her body refused to cross the wall.

 An act in defiance of the Creator's order, eh?

 <If it weren't for the wall of Benno Yevhen, I might have been able to return to the God Realm while fighting my own order.

 The irony is that Militia, who was trying to create a new order, was confronted by a wall I had built.

She didn't give up, she sent only Ennesone to this land.

 Stroking Ennesone, the God of Birth says

'This child is not yet born, he is a born order. I thought it was a message from Militia that she wanted this child to be born by my authority.

 Like a kind mother, Wenzel looked at Ennesone.

''I gave Enneasone all I could. And so the order of Ennesone was sprouted, and this Mei-Gong divine city of Forthronal Reef was born.

Hmmm, why did you try to give birth to Enne-chan and you ended up with a city?

 Eleonor floats the question.

'Like the earth of traces held by the trace gods and the limited world of Nafta, this city is the embodiment of Ennesone's order.

 At my words, Wenzel nodded.

'The Demon King Anos is right. But even with the order of the Birth God, Ennesone was still a root fetus and could not be born.


It could be for any number of reasons.

 With that preamble, Wenzel continued his explanation again.

'First of all, Ennesone's birth is against the existing order. To the order of this birth god of mine, which is none other than the order of this birth god of mine. Therefore, I would not be able to give birth to this child in its entirety.

 'A being contrary to the order of birth, the god of birth cannot, by his authority, give birth to a being who is contrary to the order of birth, is it?

'But Militia tried to create the Ennesian order in order to make the world kinder, didn't she? It seems a bit contradictory that that would be against the order of the God of Birth.

 Sasha says.

'Oh, sure, you're right. The order of the god of birth doesn't seem to be as dangerous as Averniu's, so what's the deal there?'

 Eleonor asks the God of Birth.

'It is the god of birth who controls the birth of life and the source of life. It is due to the order of Wenzel, the god of birth, that living things conceive their children in the womb.

"...and being contrary to it is starting to feel like a bad order, isn't it?

 When Eleonor questioned, Ennesone looked down at her sadly.
 Zesia turned around and stared at Eleonor.


That's not what I'm talking about. It's not about Enne-chan, it's about your order. You know, the God of Destruction is a terrible, disgusting order, but Sasha, if you don't get drunk, you're not a threat to anyone.

One word too many...

 Sasha's white gaze pierces Eleonor.

 A small hand is raised and Misha opens her mouth.

'Was it really Militia who created Ennesone?

 Militia and Wenzel were unable to meet, separated by a wall.

 It is conceivable that someone trying to deceive Militia could have sent Ennesone to deceive Wenzel.

'Ennesone was created and delivered to this land by Artyrtnore. Other than Militia, there is no other divine race that can do that.

 Arcana can be used, but, well, she can't draw enough power from her agency to change the order.
 Nor do I think she'll be able to do it.

'So let me get this straight. Ennesone is an order to make the world a kinder place while going against the order of the god of birth?

''Ummm ... what does that mean? I have no idea what kind of order it is...?

 Sasha said, scratching her head as she said this.

'Oh well. There are plenty of possibilities now that I've thought about it. What other reason could there be for Ennesone not to be born?'

'Anderk, the abortion god. The abortion order is trying to interfere with Ennesone's birth and cause her to be stillborn. And that makes Ennesone an unwanted life for this world.

Hmm. Is the role of an abortion god to deter the birth of anything that disturbs the order of the world?

 Wenzel nodded at my question.

'That's right,'

'But that's odd, isn't it? Aren't the abortion god Anderk and the nativity god Wenzel opposites? 

 After a moment's pause, Wenzel said.

'Indeed, I am of an order that conflicts with Anderk...?

'The birth of Ennesone is contrary to both the order of the Abortion God and the order of the Birth God. What is it that is contrary to the two conflicting orders?

 Silence comes there for a few seconds.

'.........I don't know....... Or perhaps Ennesone is unwelcome by all possible orders........or, as it were, this world itself abhors her birth.......

 Militia couldn't come to the land because the order of the Creator God refused to allow Ennesone to be born. That's not necessarily a mistake.

'Are you saying that the birth of Ennesone must be avoided rather than me, whom the gods call a misfit?


 Order and order are intimately intertwined with each other.
 Just as there is no destruction without creation, there is no abortion without birth.

 All order, so to speak, is meant to keep the world in circulation.
 It would make sense if it was Enneone who disrupted that circulation.

 However, when you think about it, it seems strange.

 Do the divine races, each with its own order and its own consciousness, act as if they are one order in the whole?

'I'm not sure if it has anything to do with it, but Ennesone can only be born with imperfections. There is something she is missing. I am sure Militia knew what it was. And perhaps--

Ennesone himself must know that, right?

 Wenzel nodded.

'It was also Ennesone who knew that you would eventually head for the azure skies of the gods. That would be the word Militia entrusted to you. If she could be born, even if imperfectly, I am sure she would remember Militia's message in full.

'Then the story is simple. All you have to do is create Ennesone, find out what's missing, and bring her into perfect order. Then the world will be kinder than it is now.

 I reach for the magic cage.

"Stay back. I'm gonna break the cage.


 Wenzel shook his head quietly from side to side.

'If you stay here, the abortion god Anderk will come again. I will try to talk to her again and persuade her.

Is that something we can discuss?

I don't know about that. Still, I am her sister. If Anderck awakens to the feeling of disobedience to order, I should be able to give birth to Ennesone without destroying her...

 On the flip side, the abortion gods have no emotion-like feelings.

What if I can't convince you?

 With a look of determination on his face, the God of Birth says

''Well there is no choice then.


 It was Ennesone who raised her voice.
 If I looked at her, she said in a serious tone of voice.

''.........Because, Militia said that the Abortion God must not be destroyed......''