403-Ennesone's mystery

 The air in the room was filled with questions.
 Sasha's expression turned grim and thoughtful, and Misha blinked, then nodded her head.

 Eleonor was the first to open his mouth.

''What do you mean, you can't destroy the Abortion God if Enne-chan can't be born because of the Abortion God's order?''

 It is a plausible question.

''I don't know, but that's what Ennesone's memory says. The abortion god Anderck must not be destroyed...''

 With a look that seemed to search his memory, Ennesone replied.

''Does that mean that ... Anderque can be persuaded? Like a really good God or something?

 When Sasha said it, Wenzel had a distressed look on his face.

''The abortion god Anderck is a god race that is loyal to its own order. Unlike me and Militia, he has no intention of going against it........

But Wenzel thinks he can convince you, right?

 For a moment, Wenzel fumbled for an answer.
 The ideal and the reality seemed to rival each other within her.

''I know that if Anderk wakes up to his own emotions, that would be the best thing for him. But we must not get caught up in that. The first priority is to create Ennestraum. Please, may the world be a little kinder to you.

 As if to show his resolve, Wenzel, the god of birth, said.

'That's what Militia and I wish for,'

Hmm, I'm not getting it, then? Why did Militia say we shouldn't destroy the abortion gods?

 Eleonor tilts his index finger and head at the same time, and Eleonor looks curious.

Perhaps Militia was concerned about me. "Perhaps Militia is concerned for me, as she has a sister, she must have understood that I have to deal with Anderck.

 Letting out a small breath, she said ruefully.

'But Anderk, unlike Militia's sister, Averniu, she doesn't listen.

 Militia wanted to avoid destroying her friend's sister, or so she thought.
 Well, it's possible, but is that really all there is to it?

 Ennesone's memory is not certain.
 It's possible that he had other intentions and told them not to destroy the Abortion God.

''No matter how much of a tyrannical demon king he is, he can't awaken the emotions of the divine race, can he?

What? Then I've already tried that. You're good at it.

 In an astonished manner, Wenzel opens his mouth and rolls his eyes.

'.........to awaken Anderk's emotions?

Just to wake you up. Might we try something a little rough?

 Cynically, Wenzel nodded.

'If we don't have to destroy it, we can only hope.

'Hmm. If you're saying that Militia was expecting me to do that, then it's easy to say.

 Misha turns to me and opens his mouth.

'Can't you be certain?'

That's what I'm talking about.

'But once Anderk's emotions are awakened, he won't have to fight, will he? The less the order is destroyed as much as possible, the less messy things seem to be...

 I turned my gaze loosely to Sasha who said that.


'I do not know if I will defy the order when my emotions are awakened. Even Nowusgaria was the last to be afraid in my presence. But you didn't seem to have changed your mind.

 Shifting my gaze to Wenzel, I continued my words.

''However, there's still a chance that Anderuc could become an ally. It's best not to force Wenzel out of this cage right now. We'll wait for the God of Abortion without making a scene. When he appears, Wenzel, you must first try to persuade him. The key to the Gods' resistance to order is love and kindness. No one is more likely to awaken that than you, my sister.


Don't get too comfortable. Otherwise, I'll take care of it.

 In the unlikely event that I have to destroy it, I can't let Wenzel do it.

"When will the Abortion God return here?

'I don't know. I don't think we'll have to wait that long, perhaps two or three days.

 That's a reprieve.

So what do we do now? While you're at it, do you want to find the stone slab that Averniu scrawled on?

 Sasha suggests.

'No. We'll find out first if there really is an abortion god's order that keeps Ensone from being born. That may be something we can manage if we screw it up.

'You're being outrageous again...'

'Oh but you might really screw it up, Anos, you know.

 Sasha and Eleonor give me a half-hearted look.
 Passing it off lightly, I ask Wenzel.

'What other reasons could there be for Ennesone not being born?

There's only one thing left to do. She has been deprived of what she needed to be born.

 Wenzel replies.

'Hmm. I've already heard that. A mindless doll, a vessel without magic, a spirit without a body.

 She nodded.

'They say it's here somewhere in the city, do you have any idea where it is?

The mindless dolls are kept in roofless mansions, the magicless vessels are laid out in shops without doors, and the disembodied spirits are buried in graveyards without grave markers.

 Speaking of which, I saw some strange buildings on the way here.

Did the abortion gods get to you before you knew that much and couldn't touch it?

That's part of it, but even my God's eye can't tell which one is the real one.

You mean, there's more than one?

'Yes. There are a number of roofless mansions in this Force Ronal Reef, but there are always mindless dolls among them. The same goes for vessels without magic power and disembodied soul spirits. It's difficult to distinguish between them because they all appear to be identical in terms of the wavelengths of magic power they emit and so on.

 So while looking for the real thing, the abortion gods got to me and put me in this cage.

''........even Ennesone doesn't know which one is the real one.......''

 The city is the embodiment of Ennesone's order.
 In other words, being deprived of what she needed to be born was tantamount to her order being distorted.

 If she could be born by her own hand, she would have been born long ago.

 If she could be born, she would have been born by now, and since she cannot be born, she can only be born with the help of others.

"Besides, there's an abortion goddess over there...

Hmm. That's all I need to know. We'll get those three together. Misha, Sasha.

 Misha blinked and Sasha looked at me as she peeked out.

'You guys stay here. You know what to do, don't you?

 Misha nodded his head.

You're asking me to keep an eye on Wenzel to make sure the abortion gods don't find out.

 Sasha said.

'Worse, we can buy ourselves some time until I get here.

''But, Demon King Anos. Even if they are conflicting orders, the divine race will not destroy the divine race.

 Wenzel says.

'Under normal circumstances. 'Not when the birth of Ennesone is so close,' says Wenzel. When they weigh the loss of the Birth God and the birth of Ennesone, they will have to choose the less disruptive option.

 I turned my demonic eye to the God of Birth and looked at the magic power that flooded from it.

''You still continue to use your authority to birth Ennesone, don't you?

Yes, sir.

'Then if you perish now, Ennesone will not be born. Even if you succeed in awakening the emotions of an abortionist, it may not be for the better. It could even lead to acts of violence.

 After thinking for a moment, Wenzel opened his mouth again.

Alright. Well, then, me, Zecia and Anos are going to do our best to bring Enne into the world.

 When Eleonor says that, Zesia shows her enthusiasm.

'Enne........let Zecia and the others........! The demon king's army is........undefeated.......

"Yeah. Thanks, sis.

 Ennesone held onto Zesia's back tightly.
 A moment later, she started running furiously.

''.........Zesia.......is going.......! Sister.........!

Oh, come on, Zecia!

 Eleonor hurriedly followed after him.

'Demon King Anos, just one more thing.

 As I was about to turn on my heel, Wenzel said.

'If you decide to destroy the Abortion God, then give birth to Ennesone as soon as possible, before she is destroyed and a day has passed.

Oh. Why?

'Abortion and nativity are a back and front order. If the abortion order disappears, the alignment will break down and the world will tilt towards the nativity. If the order of abortion becomes too strong, Ennesone may be born in an unwanted way.

 When one cog in the wheel is out of whack, the whole thing is disrupted.
 It's a complicated thing, the order that the gods possess.

All right. Well, one day is all it takes.

And thank you for that Wesnella.

 I look at the bondage god who has been dragging me on a chain so far.

'What are you talking about?'

The boy adored me and I was so concerned for him that he didn't let me destroy him, didn't I? I thought I might be unhappy.

 Carrying a smile, the God of Birth said.

''I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bother you. Wesnera is still like a baby, she's too possessive. I'm sure she'll grow up to be a good girl...''

 Well, although a bit distorted, what the bondage god had was undoubtedly his love for his mother.
 This would be a god race that could go against its own order.

"What, I found the right chains. It was just easier to bind than to destroy.

 Slightly, Wenzel let out a laugh.

''Demon King Anos. After all, you're exactly what Militia said you were.

 Then, as if in prayer, she said.

'I am sure you will give birth to the gentle order that Militia wished for, Ennesone.

Wenzel. Come to think of it, I forgot to ask you something.

What is this?

 I point to Sasha.

'There Sasha is the reincarnation of Averniu, the god of destruction. And from what she remembers, Misha could be the reincarnation of Militia.

 He takes the finger he had been pointing at Sasha and now points it at Misha.

'Do you know what it is?'

 Wenzel stared at Misha with a divine eye.
 After a moment, she shook her head from side to side.

'I do not feel the order of the Creator God. Without it, I would not be able to discern it either.'

Yeah. Oh, well.

 I turned on my heel and said over my back.

'If you have time, tell her a story about Militia. It might remind you of something.