404-Memories of the creative god

 It was shortly after I left the palace.

''Well then, what shall we do?''

 Sasha says, turning her gaze to Wenzel, who is in the cage.
 I watched the scene through Misha's magical eyes.

'For now, we have to do something about this bondage god, right? If we leave her tied up, she'll be suspicious when the abortion gods come back...

 Sasha looks down at Wesnella, the god of bondage, who is wrapped in chains and lying on the floor.

'Do you want to hide it somewhere?'

 Misha asks.

'It's the only way...? But would it be suspicious if I couldn't see you?

'The abortion god Anderk will not be coming back today. Could you leave him like this for a little while longer?

 As he said this, Wenzel, the god of birth, reached through the gap in the cage.
 As magic emanates from her fingertips, the god of bondage softly floats up and is drawn in front of the bars.

 She gently strokes Wesnella's head.
 Because her five senses are bound, there should be little to no feeling, but Wesnella looks at her with a slight expression of relief.

 When Sasha turned her gaze to Misha, she nodded her head in a dignified manner.

'All right. Just a little more.

'I'm sorry. This boy is actually a very sweet and good boy. I know you won't believe me, but...

"I believe,

 Misha said in an indifferent tone.
 She was lacking in emotional movement, but she could certainly see the gentle color in the depths of her eyes.

 Softly, Wenzel let her cheeks relax.

'Did you say Misha? That sort of thing sounds like Militia.''

 Snap and Misha blinks.

'Do they look alike?'

Yes. Very well. It doesn't seem to be accompanied by the order of the Creator God, but perhaps you are a militia, as Averniu remembers.

 Sasha and Misha looked at each other.


That's exactly how I felt when I found out he was a god of destruction.

 They turn to Wenzel again.

'What was he like?'

 Wenzel looked distantly at Misha's question as he thought about the past.

'She was a soft-spoken, gentle god. She often saw the earth from the divine world.

The God Realm is even further away from here, right? Once you walk through the gates of the divine realm, there are different dimensions. Can the divine race see the earth from a place like that?

 Sasha asks curiously.

'Militia is the Creator. She created this world and is order. The earth, the azure sky and the depths of the earth are like her garden. If only Militia, God of Creation, wished to do so, her divine eye would spread throughout the world.

Is that why Misha has the magic eye?

 Sasha said, as if suddenly aware of what was going on.
 Misha nodded her head.

'It doesn't look like that much.'

 Hmmm, Sasha puts a hand to her head and thinks about it.

'Well maybe you're like me, you've left order in there somewhere, right? Even Wenzel can't sense the magic of the Creator God, and , Misha can't use it...

 Snap and Misha blinked twice.

'If I were Militia,'

 Unlike Sasha, who has regained her memories of the God of Destruction, Misha doesn't recall anything, if not everything. It's only natural that she can't feel anything real.

''That's right ... we haven't been able to confirm it yet ...''

 Sasha thought for a moment and then looked up as if he was relieved.

''Oh, I'm sorry. What was it.........?

 Sasha said awkwardly.
 Wenzel smiled serenely and opened his mouth again.

'Militia had the God's Eye to see well. But because of this, she knows more than anyone else that the world is cruel. I remember the image of her standing in the azure sky of the gods, staring at the earth, with an expression that seemed to stifle her mind.

 Wenzel must have been watching over her like that.
 It was as if her love for Militia could be felt from every word she said.

'For a long time, she has been watching over the world. Her role as the order of creation, her role as the order of creation was mostly over with the creation of this world, and she could do little more than watch. I asked her once, "Why do you keep looking at the world so much? Why do you keep looking at the world so much?

What did you say?

 Misha asks.

'We have created a world that is not kind, Militia said.

 Misha turned her head to see if there was something in her words that she could feel.

'We gods, the order of this world is like a flowing river. It may divert its waters along the way, but the main stream never changes, much less is it so gentle that it can be dammed up.

 Wenzel said, with a sad look in his eyes.

'Still, she ... Militia wished ... She hoped that a gentle world would be created. And so, in this world that was created, humans and demons, as well as other races, fought and hurt each other. Even among humans and demons, the seeds of the quarrel have never disappeared. The world has always been a hellish place of warfare, a place where blood and screams cannot be endured.

 Sasha gently squeezes Misha's hand, which trembles slightly.

'Not looking away was probably the only redemption she could have made. Sharing someone else's grief was the only punishment for herself for creating hell.

"Militia said that...?

 Wenzel shook his head from side to side at Misha's question.

'I did not say so. But I can assure you with certainty that she was a very, very kind God. She was a very, very kind God.

 She wouldn't say it, Militia.

 She would keep blaming herself for not even being qualified to speak of such things.
 I don't know how many thousands or tens of thousands or hundreds of millions of years.

 Ever since the creation, she had made no excuses, she had simply looked at the world.

Militia continued to look at the cold, cruel world, but one day, though, she found a vague hope.

 Staring into Wenzel's eyes, Misha opens her mouth.


 Clearly, the God of Birth nodded.

''Yes, that's right. A tyrannical demon king who is powerful enough to defeat a god. The Demon King Anos, the authority of unreasonableness that overturned the order. He could be called a natural enemy to the gods, but to Militia, he was a faint, tiny ray of light.

 Wenzel says, as if recalling those days.

'Militia once told me that she thought she was resented, and she told me once that she thought she was resented. In fact, Anos, the Demon King, would not have been able to forgive the Creator God. To him, you are nothing more than a plaything for his life. She would have had no excuse for it either. Perhaps she thought it would be best if the gods were destroyed and the Demon King created a new world.

 That's what Militia might think.

'So Militia acted as if she had never seen earth, and just descended before the Demon King as an order of the Creator God.

"....Anos didn't destroy it...

 Wenzel nodded his head at Misha's words.

'Narrated,' said Militia. She was as expressionless as usual, nonchalant, but very happy. A faint glimmer of light must have certainly illuminated her in the darkness. Eventually, the Demon King offered to help Militia with the peace.

Is that the wall that divides the world into four?

''Yes. Humans, demons, spirits, and even gods were separated by a wall built by the Demon King. And so, the long, long chain of conflict finally stopped at this time. Now, for the first time, truly for the first time, after the birth of the world and many nights, an incredible peace has come to earth.

 Wenzel says in a feverish tone.
 It must have been something she had been waiting for.

 On the other hand, when Sasha heard that, her mouth was open as if she was astonished.

'...Wait a minute. Then what? Are you saying that until a mere two thousand years ago, humans and demons have been fighting each other for the entirety of time?

'There have been lulls in conflict as one species has perished and the number of life has dwindled. But the day has not come when the potential for fire has ceased. From our point of view, this world now stands in the midst of an unnatural miracle.

 Sasha trails off, stunned.

'Well I thought it was amazing I thought it was amazing but what the hell is it that we've been at peace since the beginning of the world? ....? I can't even find the words to describe it...

It's like Anos.

 Sasha returns a dismissive smile at Misha's words.

''That's it...''

'Perhaps, though, Militia thought that this peace was not yet complete. Therefore, I believe she created Ennesone.

 Misha blinked and asked Wenzel.

'Consistency of order?'

'Yes. In order to bring peace, Demon King Anos took away the order of the God of Destruction. As I said before, the world is in the midst of an unnatural miracle. This peace is based on a dangerous balance that could collapse at any moment. Therefore, one more step must be taken to put this world in order in order for true peace to be found.

 Wenzel stared at Misha and smiled gently at her.

'Militia would never pretend to let someone else take care of the world and only look at her from a distance. Another step. If you were Militia, I'm sure you'd still be fighting to grab it now that you've lost your memories.

 Misha was still and thoughtful.
 But she nodded her head as if she didn't understand.

 Wenzel was watching the situation with a warm expression on her face.
 But suddenly she turns a serious look at them and opens her mouth.

''I'll have to explain to both of you what's going on.


 Sasha interrupts Wenzel mid-sentence and says

'I think I remember...'

 Her eyes were beginning to glow with a blue light like a founding star.
 Perhaps it was triggered by the current conversation, or the memories of the God of Destruction, Averniu, were about to be revived.


 Calling me through a magic wire, Sasha sent me memories of the past through a thought transmission (leaks)...