405-Heavenly Father God and Creation God

 It's a memory of her in the distance.

 It was midnight in the moonlight.

 The Lake of St. Mary's, the guardian of the royal capital, Gailladite.
 A man was walking on the lake where the holy water gushes out.

 He had golden hair and fiery red magical eyes.
 That divine race with wings of light on its back is called the order that begets order, the Heavenly Father God Nausgaria.

''Obey me. Obey, O Holy Water. The Word of God is absolute.

 When Nausgaria stepped on the surface of the water, a large ripple spread across the lake.
 As if to avoid his feet, the lake swirled and created a deep hollow.

 Into the hole, the Heavenly Father descended, floating down into it.
 Eventually, as the bottom of the lake approached, Nausgaria turned his gaze to it and said.

'Obey, O earth. The Word of God is absolute.

 Gosh, gosh, gosh, gosh, the earth rumbled and the ground transformed to give way.
 As a swirling hole was constructed, Nowusgaria dove into it.

 Downward and downward, he gradually began to see the vague lights.

 Without a sound, the Heavenly Father God descended to the ground.
 There was a large amount of water spheres made of holy water - holy water spheres floating in the area.

 Nausgaria turns his gaze to the single largest water sphere in the middle of it.

'Embryo, echo. Now a new order is born here.

 When a low, stern voice sounded, the inside of the holy water sphere was filled with a faint light.
 In the center, there was a small ball of light.

 The root source.

 The root of the one who was once a human being. There, by the power of the holy water and the order of the Heavenly Father God, a mighty magical power was poured into it, releasing unimaginable power.

'With the authority of God the Heavenly Father, live with hatred, O man, I give you the name of a new magical order. <"I give you the name of a new magical order, O Heavenly Father, who lives with hatred. With two minds, two powers, you shall destroy the Demon King and his children.

 A three-dimensional magic circle was drawn on the surrounding holy water sphere, and a magic line connected to its source.
 A great deal of magical power was poured into it and the central holy water sphere twinkled like a star.

 Before long, that ball of pale light - the source of Jelga - was divided into two parts.

''Hate the Demon King, hate the Demon Race. Hold a grudge against the non-conformists who have fallen outside the bounds of this world, and never allow them to exist for all eternity. This is the law of the world. This is the reason of the world. That is, the magical order of Jelga.

 Slightly, Nowusgaria smiles.

Thus, the womb of Eleonor nurtures life. God's alter ego, a pseudo-root, a mindless soldier of slaughter, is the Zecia, the puppet of the law.

 The Heavenly Father God's wings of light spread out, drawing a golden magic circle on the holy water ball.

''Destroy the tyrannical demon king. Destroy the demon king of tyranny, the demon tribe of Dirhade. Destroy all the vessels in which he is reborn, and let his roots roam forever. The word of God is--

 As the golden magic circle is covered, more magic circles are piled on top of each other, creating a spherical, three-dimensional magic circle.

 The golden particles begin to drift up to the sky.

 Nowusgaria held up her hands ostentatiously.

''-- Absolutely!

That's not true.

 A white and silver light poured down from far away.
 Like a divine blade being swung down, the golden sphere magic circle was sliced in half.

 The Heavenly Father God stared in front of me.
 Fluttering, fluttering, a piece of snow and moonflower landed there.

 Before I knew it, the Artiel Tonoa was shining in the sky.

"God is not absolute.

 The one who emitted a tranquil voice and descended there with Snow Moon Flower was the girl with the long silver hair, Militia, the God of Creation.

 She turned her eyes straight to Nausgaria.


 The Heavenly Father God let out a dry laugh.
 It was somehow devoid of emotion and just sounded inorganic.

''You created the world, O God of Creation. You obeyed the order and succeeded in separating the demon king's body from its roots. You enlisted Anos Voldigord, pretended to take sides, and reincarnated the Demon King.

 Slowly, Nowusgaria approached Militia.

''God's plan is absolute. <With the two magics, Jelga and Eleonor, the fate of the unfit who were out of line was once again set inside the order.

Before your reincarnation, you thought you could destroy the Demon King.

 Nausgaria peered at him with a wry smile.

'Not just the Heavenly Father God, but every order has decided that.

It was a mistake.

 Quietly, Militia said.

'Are you--do you mean to say that the order of the Creator God can't defeat the Demon King this way?

 She shook her head from side to side.

''Neither the Demon Race Abuse (Jelga) nor the Root Mother Womb (Eleonor) are kind. This order that only hurts someone else is wrong.


 Letting out another dry laugh, the Heavenly Father said.

'God does not make mistakes.'

Do you think it's right?

 Militia asked in an inanimate voice, but sadly, "Do you not know what the two magics will produce?

'Can't you see what the two magics will produce?

"It is reason and order that is born, and tomorrow the world will begin to turn right. And tomorrow the world will begin to turn right again. The providence of God is absolute.

 Quietly, she shook her head in denial.

'It is not order that is born, but sorrow. Tragedy, not reason. The order that produces tears is not right.'

'There is no sorrow in God. It's just order, to keep this world the way it should be. Sorrow is not God's fault; it is the fate of the little ones.

 With sad eyes, Militia looks at Nausgaria.

''I'm sorry I didn't give you a gentle birth...''

 The God of Creation blinks twice.
 The first time, his eyes turn silvery white; the second time, he turns into the Moon of Creation, Artyrtnore.

Gentle Order.

 Spilling small words, Militia gently stared at the root source that was inside the holy water sphere.
 One of them, clad in white and silver moonlight, slowly walked out of the holy water sphere.

 The fluffy ball of light moved to Militia and then settled into her hands.

''Oh, I see. 'I understand. You've already lost your mind.

You're the one who's crazy.

 'Haha,' said the Heavenly Father, laughing at Militia's words.

'Shall I rescue you? The creator, the demon king of tyranny has disturbed and distorted your order. Receive the power of the Heavenly Father and return to your original form.

 Nausgaria's magical eyes glowed red, and he let two flames rise up in his hands, white and gold.

'Be judged by the twin flames of the gods.

 A moment later, white and silver and golden flames enveloped Militia.


"Ice crystals.

 Militia took one look and in the blink of an eye, the flames around her froze and shattered into pieces.

''Judgment will be rendered at the Divine Sword Lord Uiye.

 Countless flames rose up around Nausgaria, and one after another, they transformed into the golden divine sword Lord Yuie.

''Distorted by the Demon King, the foolish order, the Creator God Militia. I pity you. With this divine blade, I shall avenge the heart of the mad God.

 The countless Lord Yuet, which were ejected vigorously and attacked from front, back, left, right, and up and down, were in full view, and Militia let a white and silver light shimmer from her eyes.


 Blink once.

 At that moment, Lord Yueye's direction of travel changed, causing the blades to intersect with each other.
 With a crunch, crunch, all of the divine swords intersected at a single point and were soon surrounded by light.

''Ice World.''

 A small glass sphere emerged from the light.
 It was as if it were a magical model, with a world of ice with snow falling on the inside constructed.

 Light spread out, and snow and moonflowers danced around like a blizzard.


 Nausgaria's body was being sucked into that small model of the ice world.
 Even though I tried to resist, even if I tried to wield the Heavenly Father God's magic, the suction was only slightly slowed down.

''Stay quiet there for a while.


 Despite having his lower body all but sucked in, Nausgaria opened his right hand to show it.
 There was one of the two roots that had just been divided into two parts.

 It must have been grabbed from the Holy Water Sphere during the battle.

''The order of the Demon Race Abuse (Jelga) is in this hand. And you can't create the Eleonor womb by yourself. That is the only difference between being slow and being fast. This world cannot function properly if the order that gives birth to order is confined to this place forever. You know that, too.

 As his body was sucked in further, barely showing only his face and hands, Nausgaria said triumphantly.

'The Demon King will perish. The world will not change. The divine order is absolute.'

 Into the world of the glass ball, Nausgaria was completely engulfed.
 Militia didn't even look at it, but gently held the faintly glowing root in her hand to her chest.

'He's right. I can't help you.

 A silvery white light shines down on the God of Creation from Artiel Tonoa in the night sky.
 As if lured by it, she floats to the sky with a wavering motion.

'But let her be born as gently as possible.

 <In the Divine Eye of Source Creation, Militia gently gazes at the root of the source.
 A new source was created and merged into it, as if the half-split source was supplemented.

'Two thousand years, I hope you will wait. For surely someone will come to free you from that tragedy.

 Gently, Militia let go of its root source.

 It drew a magic circle of the Eleonor womb and erected a dazzling pillar of light up and down. Most things are invisible even to those with superior magic eyes, it is the light of order.

 Its radiance is reminiscent of the pillars that support heaven and earth.

 The surroundings of Militia, which emerged into the sky, were soon to become a pitch black sky.
 It was a place called the black sky where life cannot reach.

 In front of me, the lower part of the Demon King's Castle Delzogade was floating in front of me.


 A snow and moon flower danced in Militia's palm, and it turned into a small sphere - a founding star Erial.
 As if passing her memories to her sister, she released that Founding Star to Delzogade.

'I will grant your wish. Until the end, we couldn't meet, but my heart was always with you.

 Slowly, with a pale white light, Erial dissolves into delzogade.

'In time, the world will lose its order and be swallowed up by chaos. It's a beginning. A gentle - beginning. I hope it is.

 As he tells his sister, the Creator God tells her.

'Once again you will fall in love, and you will remember. I will leave you hope and ennezione here. You will find it with the Demon King. And then--

 In a serene voice, Militia whispers softly.

''One day, when peace comes, remember. I was fighting here.'

 Gently, Militia touches her fingers to the outer wall of the Demon King's Castle and says

'To change the world gently.'