406-Heartless doll

 After leaving the palace Wenzel was in, we headed south through the traffic of the Mei-Gu Shinto Forceronal Reef and arrived at its gates.

 There was a garden ahead of us, and a luxurious roofless mansion loomed up behind it.


 Zesia asks Ennesone, who is next to her.

''Yeah. I don't know if there's a real one here, but...''

Hmm, lots of roofless mansions. How am I supposed to find the real one?

 Eleonor looked at me as if he was going to throw me a round.

'For now, we have to see things. I wish I could have seen it from the outside, but unfortunately, the magic eye is prevented from working in this divine realm.

 In a corner of my mind, the memory of Sasha that I remembered from my conversation with Wenzel began to play in the corner of my mind.
 I'll forward it to Eleonor and the others.

''Wow, what a sudden image came to mind!

He's remembering again. Just watch him.

 As he said it, he opened the garden gate and I walked in without hesitation.
 Eleonor and the others followed from behind.

 I was lightly wary of my surroundings, but I didn't see any threats and arrived at the front of the mansion without incident.
 When the door was opened, there was a creak and an old-fashioned sound.

''Hey, it's dark, huh?''

 There was no roof, but the upper floor blocked the light, and the ground floor of the mansion was dimly lit.

''I'm going to........!

 Zesia drew the Holy Sword of Light Enhale from the magic circle and lit up the mansion.

 The room is eerily clean.
 There is a staircase at the end of the straight red carpet that leads to a mezzanine floor.
 There are statues of knights on both sides of the carpet and a number of paintings hanging on the walls.

 There is no sign of people.

 The floor, the statues, and the stairway railings are shining as if they were polished, although if the house was never used, it would be covered with dust.

 I don't believe that the guardian gods are cleaning the house.
 As a result of the sanctuary, it is probably not as dirty as it is on earth.

Let's go.

 I walk out on the carpet.

'Come to think of it, what does a mindless doll look like?'

 Eleonor held up his index finger and nodded his head.

''........Is this.......this.......?''

 Zecia illuminates the statue with her enhaire.
 She bravely turns her magical eye to it.

'It's just a statue.'

 Ennesone said as he twitched the wings of his head.

''It was just a........statue.......''

 Zecia's shoulders slumped.

'Hmm. Ennezone, do you know what a mindless doll looks like and what its magic is?

'I think it was a normal doll but I've never seen it and its appearance isn't constant, it could change... I don't know much about Ennesone either, except that he's a doll with no heart...'

 The wings of Ennesone's head spring up, as if discouraged.
 Thoughtfully, Zesia turns around and stands in front of her.

''It's okay.........! Enne........Zecia will find you.......!

 She clenched her fists tightly as if to encourage him.

''Don't get depressed.........no.......leave it to me........!

 Then Ennesone smiled happily.

'Come to think of it, I've always wondered if a mindless doll is still mindless, right? But don't dolls usually have no heart?

 Eleonor says in a lighthearted tone.

''Well yes. But they're not just dolls, they're mindless dolls.......because that's what the Ennesone order says.......''

 Ennesone mutters thoughtfully.

'What does that mean?'

 Slowly she shook her head.

''I don't know.......I'm sorry.......''

I understand..........

 When Zesia uttered that, Ennesone looked at her in surprise.


"Zecia....I always think...! Anybody who tries to make me drink a glass of freshly grated grass called "juice" is not going to be very helpful. ...!

Well, if that's the case, does that mean I'm a cold puppet with a cold personality?

 Eleanor looked into Zesia's face in a frightened manner, and her round eyes stared back at her.

'Or perhaps there is a point in daring to state explicitly that you have no heart.

What do you mean by that?

 As if to escape her gaze, Eleonor came back to us.
 Zesia is staring at her from behind.

'A doll without a heart, in other words, a doll that has something other than a heart. Or it could be that she was originally a doll with a heart.

Oh, yeah, yeah, I think I might have figured it out.

 Eleonor smiles at me. It's easy to imagine that he doesn't really understand.

 We finished climbing the stairs and arrived at the mezzanine floor.
 Right in front of me was a large double-ended door.

''It says something.........written on it.......!

 Zecia illuminated the door with an enhancer.
 There was a notice on it.

 Eleonor looks down at the words on it.

'Err? "This room is designed to keep everyone out but the mind...

 --This room can repel all but the mind.

 --If the unworthy enters the room, her abortion will proceed.

 --She cannot leave this place.

 --A soul-less doll cannot live anywhere but in a house without a roof over her head.

 --Put your heart into it. Put your heart into that doll.

 --so that she can live outside.

 After reading the whole thing, Eleonor held up his hands in a tone that said he was done.

'Wow, I don't get it at all, eh?

 She looked at me.

'I know that this mindless doll or whatever it is that's likely to be in the room.

 I say, and I run my hand over to the double doors and open them.

 In the center of the room, there is a single chair.
 There was a pure white doll sitting there.

 It wasn't wearing any clothes and was hardly an elaborate piece of work.
 Even a shoddy magic doll would be a little closer to people.

''This time........this time.......it's a mindless doll.......!

 Zesia takes Enne's hand.

'Enne I'm going........!


 They held hands and stepped into the room.


 <If I make them float as if I were to hold them back with , Xecia and Ennesone's feet skipped through the air.

"There's something there........!

 Eleonor turns his magic eye forward.
 Behind the white doll in the chair - in the darkness, I could see an eerie glowing eye.

 It was also countless.


 The doll's mouth moves with a clatter.

'....Kokoro, mussels...no...'

 Just as the white doll said these words, a rustling, rustling sound of wings fluttered out of the darkness.

 From the back of the room, a black monster bird with a huge beak and sharp claws appeared.
 They float around the white doll and glare at you.

 As if to brace himself, he squeezed the wings of his head tightly and said to Ennesone. 

''........we have to run away once.......''


 With a high-pitched squeal, the abortion guard god Veneze Lavelle attacked us all at once.


 The moment Ennesone shouted that, the monstrous bird that flew like an arrow was swallowed by the darkness and flew off.

 She was stunned, her mouth half open.

''There's no need for that, Ennesone.

 <Four Realm Wall (Benno Yevhen). The black aurora borealis stretched out in front of them and the rushing gods disappeared altogether.

"Then cast a net over the vermin.


 Ennesone said with a gasp.

I shouldn't do that........!

 At the same time as the words were spoken, the beak of a monstrous bird that flew like an arrow from the darkness pierced the white doll sitting on the chair.

''Ah.........! Ha, we've got to get out of here! If you don't--

 One after another, the guardian gods rammed into the white doll and pecked at it as if they were trying to devour it.

It's not a good idea to have a good time.

 Embracing her body, Ennesone's expression twisted in pain.
 Then Zesia squeezed her hands together.

''Enne.......it's okay.......''


 The guard gods in the form of monstrous birds let out a high-pitched cry.
 It was truly a cry of despair.

''Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd).''

 Jet-black lightning shot through the monstrous birds that latched onto the bait and destroyed them in an instant.
 Countless black feathers fluttered through the air and with a rustling sound, the guardian god fell to the floor.

''Eh.........? Ah............

 Ennesone rolls her eyes.
 Out of the corner of her eye, there was an intact white doll and me standing beside it.

''You see, Enne........your sister.......is right.......!

 As if to boast, Zecia throws out her chest with an ehemism.

''Lies........I was next to you just now.......when were you there.......?

'Enne it's.........'

 To Ennesone, who turned his head wings upside down as if he was surprised, Zesia explained in a slightly taller tone.

Zesir, I know you want to play the sissy, but it's not accompanied by substance!

 Eleonor advises in a whisper.
 Zesia nods persistently and tells Ennesone.

''Demon King........so.......! There is no logic........no logic.......!

 Eleonor nodded his head, hmmm.
 However, Ennesone's expression lit up.

''Amazing........Demon King is amazing.......!





 Zecia and Ennesone look at each other and laugh at each other, "Tyranny" and "Tyranny".
 It's a rambling conversation, but I guess they're at an age where everything is fun.

 It's a smiling thing.


 Gently, Ennesone stared at me. The magic line that stretched like the tail of the navel exuded a vague, faint light.

''........What.......could it be.......?''

 The wings of Ennesone's head flapped and fluttered.
 She shook her head from side to side.

''.........Ummm, I still don't understand......''

Well shall we take a look at it?

 Zecia points to the doll in the chair.


 Ennesone and Zesia run towards us.
 Eleonor followed from behind.

''Hmm. But--''

 I look down at the doll in the chair.

'Apparently, that sign wasn't warning me about the abortion watchdog god.

 The white doll is melting.
 Even after destroying the Banjin, it shows no signs of stopping, and its melting is advancing by the minute.

 Half of my right arm was about to disappear at any moment.

''Ah.........we have to stop this quickly.......

 Ennesone, who ran to the side of the doll, raised his voice.

''How.........do you want me to.......?

"...I don't know...I don't know...but if I let it go, it'll be gone...

 Ennesone says in a stumped tone.

''.........What should I do.......? You can't erase this. It's very important to Ennezione...!

 The wings of her head flapped and fluttered as if in a hurry.

'Don't be so hasty. Come.'

 I walk out and head back to the entrance of the room.

'Well, Anos, what are you going to do? Hey, shouldn't we stop time with