407-A vessel without magical power, a spiritual spirit without a body

 He left the roofless mansion and walked through the comings and goings of the Forthronal Reef.

'Hmm. Sounds more like a shop without a door than a cemetery without a tombstone, doesn't it?

 When asked, Ennesone replied, ''Ah, yes.......''

 I saw the doorless shop right after my visit to Meinong Shinto.
 I turn my feet there for now.

But I'm Ennesone's father? I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get it right or not.

 I'm sure Militia is involved, but now, what's the story behind it?

I'd have a hard time believing it myself if you said that.

 Eleonor lines up next to me.
 Then Zecia stops dead in her tracks.


 When Eleonor turned around, she had a flash of lightning on her face.

''Enne's dad ... Anos ... Enne ... is ... Zesia's sister. .........!

 Clenching both fists tightly, Zesia's eyes sparkle.

''.........Anos.......wants to be Zesia's.......dad.......!

Wow, what a great leap there is...!

 Eleanor began to wrack her brain with a look on her face, like how to explain it.

'Well, Zesia was born with magic. If I had to say that he was a father, would Heavenly Father be the closest to it?

 Immediately, Zesia became teary-eyed as if she was shocked.

''Nausgaria........I don't want to.......!

 She shakes her hair in the air and swings her body from side to side, appealing to the rejection with her whole body.

''I don't like that either...''

 Eleonor says with a wry smile.
 We started walking down the street again.

“But the question remains unanswered. It's entirely possible that I, two thousand years ago, joined forces with Militia to create a new order in the world, for the sake of peace.

 I continued to say to Ennesone, who gave me a questioning look.

'It was only after I was reincarnated that Militia sent Ennesone to this place. Therefore, Militia was blocked by the and could not meet Wenzel, the God of Birth, in person.

 As if to show his agreement, Ennesone nodded his head in agreement.

''But if I had cooperated with Militia, all I had to do was take you to the God of Birth before I built the wall that divides the world into four parts. I don't remember, but if I knew what was going on, I don't think it would have turned out so dumb.

''Ah, come to think of it, that's right. Normally, Militia created Enne-chan after Anos-kun's reincarnation, right?

 Eleonor raises his voice, as if he just realized it.

 Ennesone was created after I was reincarnated.
 In other words, I shouldn't have been directly involved in her birth.

 Then the wings of her head flapped and Ennesone said without fear.

Did Militia say that?

 Ennsone sits still and ponders.

''.........maybe.......because I have a feeling that Ennsone's order......says so........''

'Hmm. That's strange to hear again.

 Militia would have known that the order of Ennesone could not be created properly. Is that why she left a message like this?

 Or maybe it's just that you want me to do something about it.

Ah. There it is, the shop with no door.

 We stop.

 The store has a sign with a coffin on it.
 We look around, but there's no entrance anywhere in the building.

 There doesn't seem to be any mistake in the shop without a door, however, there's not even a window, let alone a vent.

''I can't........get in.......!

 And then Zecia thumps on the wall.
 Ennesone also imitates her, standing next to her and tapping on the wall, but he doesn't seem to find anything in particular.

'Is there a hint hidden somewhere?

 Eleonor turns to me with a question in his eyes.

'Aye, we've found it,'

Wow, you're still fast as always. That's the devil in you.

 If I took off the store's sign on the wall, there was a notice on the back side of the store similar to the one before.

''Um, what is it, 'This store sells vessels for the price of conforming magic.''

 --This store sells vessels for the price of conforming magic.

 --If the thief practices in the room, her abortion will proceed.

 --She wants to get out of here.

 --Vessels without magic cannot live except in a shop with no doors.

 --Fill it with magic. Magic to that vessel.

 --so that she can live outside.

"That's pretty much the same as it says in the House Without a Roof, huh?

 Ennesone and Zesia looked up at me.

'What should we do?'

'........Zesia's magic power.......would you like to pay for it.......?

 It's a stretch, judging by the signs, but it's not out of the question.
 It's worth waiting to see what happens.

Let's give it a try.

 Nodding her head, Zecia ran her hand over the doorless wall of the shop.

'I'm going to try it with my sister Zesia.'

 Flapping his head wings, Ennesone says with a smile.

''It's like this........!

 Zesia gathered the magic into her palm and sent it into the interior of the building.
 Ennesone lined up next to Zesia and put his hand on the wall as he watched. As he did so, he sent his magic power into the interior of the store in the same way.

''Nothing's going to happen?''

 Eleonor twisted his head.
 'To the casual observer, nothing seems to be happening.

'Keep going.

 Then he moved to the wall, a short distance away from Zecia and the others.
 I raised my hand and lightly slammed my fist against it.

 A loud sound resounds, and a hole is made in the wall of the store.

But you can't destroy it, can you?

I'm just taking a look around.

 I looked inside the store.
 There were glittering eyes in the darkness.


 With a high-pitched cry, several monstrous birds spread their wings.

 Thrusting out their huge beaks, they wiped out the abortion guard gods that flew like arrows with their . With a scream, the black monster bird fell to the ground with a flop.

 It was a little unresponsive for a guard god.
 Well, it looks like there are a few of them, though.

 While checking to see if all the abortion watchdogs have been silenced, I look at the store.

''Hmm. So that's the vessel without magic power.

 There was a glass coffin in the center of the store.
 It was highly transparent, and one could see through it, but it contained nothing.

''........Zesia.......would you like to pay for it......?''

"Ennezione will do her best...

 Furthermore, the two of them focused their magic power.

 The magic power sent into the store from the wall and headed for the glass coffin once it was drawn in. However, the moment it touched there, it was played as if it was rejected.

''I guess it's still like the signboard says, you have to conform.

 If you look, the glass coffin is beginning to melt.
 As soon as Zesia and Ennesone stopped sending in magic power, the melted part of the coffin was restored again.

''So now we have to find a compatible magic power?''

It's pretty predictable.

 Eleonor bleeped his index finger out with a question in his eyes.

'Which one are you talking about?'

A mindless doll. It was made of magic.

 <As I repair the broken wall with my Ibis magic, I reply.

"All that's left is a cemetery with no tombstones.

 If you look at Ennesone, the wings of his head move in a flash.

'I know where it is. It's this way.'

 Ennesone starts to run.
 She reaches behind her and grabs it, and Zesia lines up next to her.

 They turn off the road and continue down an alleyway, and halfway down the street, the cobblestones disappear and they emerge into a dense forest.

 As I walked through the trees, I could hear a high-pitched cry coming from the darkness of the forest.
 We set up a net around the wall to prevent them from attacking us.

 Soon we arrive at an open area.

 The soil is wide open.
 There was grass, but it was not very long and easy to walk on.
 There was a large stone monument in the center.

 Ennezione ran up to it and turned to me.

'It's here.'

 There is nothing else in the surrounding area that could be a landmark other than that stone monument.
 Perhaps it's because we've passed through the forest, but there doesn't seem to be any sign of the guardian god attacking us.

 Standing in front of the monument, I look down at it.

 --This cemetery is waiting for the awakening bodies.

 --If the grave robbers appear, her abortion will proceed.

 --She is about to awaken.

 --A disembodied spirit cannot live outside the cemetery.

 --Give me the vessel. The vessel of the spirit spirit.

 --Give her the vessel so that she can live outside.

........Well, is the body that awakens the vessel of the spirit spirit spirit? Could it be that the vessel is a........?

 Eleonor looked at me as if he had a bad feeling about this.

'A vessel without magic, I suppose.'

 In other words, a glass coffin left in a shop with no doors.

'Hmm? Hmm, wait a minute. Because in order to get a mindless doll out of the mansion, you need a mind, and wasn't that a spirit spirit spirit with no body?


''Its spirit spirit spirit is in this graveyard. But you need a non-magical vessel to take it with you, right?


'But didn't I say it takes a mindless doll to get a vessel without magic power?

 Eleonor confirms this to me, showing his confusion.

'That's right,'

"...Then what do I do...? I have a feeling there's nothing we can do about this...?

 I smiled wryly at Eleonor, who seemed at a loss for words.

'So that's the answer. That's the answer," he said, "there's nothing you can do about it. That's why Ennesone called you here.